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laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 December 2011
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Posted: 04 November 2012 at 4:10am | IP Logged
dear  like button not working want to be the first one to comment and like, but only could comment as first loved the update, hope arnav teaches a lesson to lavanya

Sweta... Goldie

Joined: 06 June 2012
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Posted: 04 November 2012 at 2:58pm | IP Logged
Nice Uodate :) oh ooh la is gunner be in so much trouble tut tut tut loved the concern arnav had for her :) thanks for the pm :)
falak9090 Senior Member

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Posted: 05 November 2012 at 4:05am | IP Logged
Amazing ,update and pm me 
shanthiva Senior Member

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 5:40am | IP Logged
Chapter 13 : Next aggressive attack

It was almost morning 6 am when arnav woke up due to the sun rays hitting his face. He opens his eyes and sees khushi still sleeping and then he remembers that he is in her room.and also remembers the incident which happened to her yesterday. He decides he will spill the truth from lavanya mouth. HP comes and keeps the tray of coffee and tea in the room. Arnav moves to his room closing the door behind to get ready to office.Shyam sees this and slowly enters the room and sees khushi still sleeping. He goes near her and tries to touch her when suddenly the door opens and shyam is shocked to see aranv standing at the door. ( Arnav saw shyam going towards khushi's room and thus he returns back trying to  know what is shyam upto.)

Shyam : Saale-saab u here i mean i came to check how is khushiji?

Arnav: Oh dont bother jijaji she is fine. After all i am Arnav Singh Raizaada and i know how to take care of our guests.

Shyam : sure sure I will take ur leave and aren't you going to office today.

Aranv: Yes Jijaji but i need to be here as well. Now if you can excuse us.

Saying this he enters the room & sits near khushi trying to wake her up. Khushi opens her eyes slowly and sees shyam in her room. She gets scared seeing him and then sees arnav .Shyam moves out of the room.

Arnav: Khushi relax slowly.. Get up & have ur tea. Then get fresh up and have ur breakfast. How are you?

Khushi : Arnav i am fine now. Actually i dont know how the door got locked.

Arnav :Its ok khushi it was a cheap act of lavanya.Be careful with her.

Khushi : What is ur jijaji doing in my room?

Arnav: I saw him entering your room so i came immediately. Now get ready i will wait for youthen i will go to office and you take rest for today. And remember dont be alone be with any one of the family member.

Khushi : no no arnav.. I will come to office today.

Arnav ;Khushi you take rest today and you can do the designs at home itself.

Khushi nods and goes to take bath. Arnav moves to his room gets ready and comes to dinning table. Khushi meanwhile is ready & is with already at the dinning table.Arnav comes down and the door bell rings. HP opens the door and call arnav. Arnav takes the courier and moves towards the dinning table.

Anjali : Khushi how are you? Today you dont go to office i will tell chotte and you take rest today.

Naani : Yes Khushi betiya anjali is correct.

Manoramma : I too agree with you saasuma.

Khushi : Yes naaniji, maamiji and anjaliji. I am not going to office today.

Arnav : Khushi take this. Its for you.

He gives her a box. All are eager to know what chotte has given to khushi. Khushi reluctanly takes the gift and opens it to find a mobile.

Anjali : Are wah chotte kya baat hai never you gifted me anything like this before. See naani.

Manoramma : Hello Hi bye bye.. Kya baath hai arnav bituwa.. Gift for khushi..

Naani : Ha chotte.. Never you have gifted anyone till now.

Akash : Yes naani.. Not even on my b'day.

Aranv : Come on guys whats big deal.. Khushi doesnt have a mobile.So i purchased it and gave it. And since she need to work so she will be needing it. Now if we are done with this interrogation can we have breakfast and leave for office akash. Khushi will be at home she will be working from home. Di please be with her.

Khushi : Aranv thank you so much.

Akash : Bhai did u find how the door got locked in office.

Aranv: Its cheap act of lavanya akash.

Anjali : How disgusting. Chotte i still dont understand why are you still keeping her in your office.

Arnav: Soon you will find out Di.

Naani winks at anjali and she clears her throat.

Anjali : Chotte can you come home early today?

Arnav: Please Di dont tell me that you and naani have set up somethng again for me to see a girl.

Khushi is shocked hearing this.

Khushi : Is it true Di.. Who is coming Di?

Manoramma : Its usual here khushi. Bachelorwa hello hi aur marraiagewa Bye bye.
Arnav bituwa please clear the line for akash as well.

Arnav: Stop it maami i am not holding akash. He can get married anytime. Why wait for me. anywways guys i am done and Di its a bad Idea & i am not coming home early.

Anjali : Shyam atleast you tell him something. He will never tell no to you.

Shyam : Anjali its his opinion about marriage. How can we force him.

Aranv: Thanks Jijaji.

Akash and arnav gets up and leaves to office.

Anjali : Its only me, naani & maami worried about chotte. Neither akash nor you are bothered.

She gets angry and goes from there.Shyam follow here. Khushi,naani & manoramma returns to her room.Naani gives her the medicine.They check her designs and praise her. They tell her to take rest and move out of the room.


Arnav enters the office and sees lavanya.Meanwhile lavanya is happy that khushi is not to be seen. She doesn't know that arnav already knows that truth behind khushi getting locked up in store room.

Arnav: Lavanya in my cabin NOW.

Lavanya rushes to his cabin.

Arnav :Lavanya what is this.

He play the video footage and lavanya is shocked seeing the footage and now regrets.

La : ASR i.. i mean i just wanted to …. arnav cuts her off

Aranv :How can you be so un-professional. Do u even have any idea how she was when we came here. Answer me Dammit.. Why did you do this.

La: Dont call me un-professional. Its was because of khushi i could not wear the dress which you designed in lucknow. Now that small town girl is here as the head designer for your upcoming project and she is going to dictate me what i should wear and choose color. No way ASR.

Arnav: Then fine lavany. you wont be the show stopper of this show. If this is what you want go ahead.

Lavanya is shocked and moves out of the cabin fuming.

At RM :

Khushi sleeps for some time. She then wakes up and gets freshen up and starts working. She gets a call.She wonders whose call is this and then picks up.

Khushi : Hello who is this?

Aranv: Khushi its me arnav. How are you now.Actually khushi i need you designs for a meeting.I will send the driver can u send the designs to him.

Khushi : Sure arnav sorry i will start working now. I just slept due to those medications.

Arnav: Its ok khushi. Take care and ends the call.

After sometime the driver comes and khushi hands the designs to him. Naani calls her for lunch.

Naani : Khushi actually we are planning to go to sath-sang in the evening.Will you come.

Khushi : No nanniji actually i need to finish some more designs. I would surely join later.

Anjali : No problem khushi. Will you manage alone till chotte comes.Anyway our plan of making him meet the girl has flopped. So we thought of going to sath-sang.

Khushi : Its ok ajaliji. I will be fine.

Shyam hears the entire conversation and is very happy now.All start getting ready with the preparation for sath-sang. Shyam tell that he wont be able to join since some of his clients will vist him.

All of them have tea and leave for sath-sang, Khushi is in her room doing the design.Shyam enters the room and locks the room. Khushi ishocked to see him in his room.

Khushi : Shyam what are you doing here? Get out of this room.

She slowly dials aranv's number and keeps the phone under the pillow.Arnav on the other hand is busy in a meeting sees khushi calling him. He thinks for a sec and excuses himself and goes out of the conference room and picks the call and gets shock of his life.

Shyam : Khushiji dont get scared of me. I will not do anything to you if u co-operate with me. Khushiji i have told you that i want to marry you.

Khushi : Are you gone mad. How can you cheat on anjaliji. Get out now.

Shyam : Come on khushiji no one is hear to hear ur screams today. Who will you call...

Shyam slowly moves towards khushi and khushi starts moving back till she hits her back against the wall.Shyam has trapped her now. On the other hand arnav is shocked to hear this and immediately rushes out of his office towards the car.

Shyam slowly moves his hands on her cheeks but she pushes him and tries to go out but all in vain. He just pulls her and she falls on the bed and shyam once again traps her below him.

Shyam : Khushiji i dont want to do anything wrong with you if you co-operate and get married to me. I dont like forcing myself in you.

Khushi is struggling under him.Khushi gets angry and slaps shyam. He gets angry and pulls her duppatta and throws it somewhere.She is too shocked by his actions. She slaps him again. Now shyam gets wild and slaps her twice and tears her sleeves and forcefully claims her lips and she is too shocked to react.He then bites her lips. And blood oozes. He then slaps her.

Aranv is driving too fast to reach RM and also is still on phone hearing the conversation.

Shyam : This is the initial treatment khushiji I dont want to be rude with you. I hope next time you will never protest me again.

Saying this he moves out of her room leaving behind shocked khushi. Arnav enters the RM and runs to the guest room. He is shocked to see the condition of khushi.
He immediately goes near her and sees her swollen lips and torn sleeves of her dress.
He touches her and calls her name.Khushi thinks its shyam again touching her and she starts moving back.

Arnav: Khushi Khushi look its me arnav.

But khushi is still in shock that she doenst not hear anything and start protesting. Arnav slaps her to bring her out of the shock, Khushi sees arnav and then realises its him and throws herself in his arms crying.

arnav: Shh. Shh Khushi nothing see i am here. Did jijaji do something.

Khushi tell him what all happened. In the mean time the ladies return from sath-sang and go to guest room. They enter the room and all are shocked to see the image in front of their eyes.

Naani : Chotte

anjali : Chotte

Manoramma :Aranv Bituwa.

They break the hug and arnav asks them to come in. Naani, Manoramma & anjali enter the room and are shocked to see khushi's swollen lips and torn sleeves and marks on her cheeks.

Anjali : Khushi what is all this? Who did this. chotte when did you come.

Naani :Khushi betiya tell me what happened.

Manaoramma : Hello Hi bye bye.. Tellz us whatz happened. Dont be in silent mode.

Khushi sees aranv and then starts crying. Aranv tells them about shyam and his doubts
All are initially shocked but then anjali tells that she also has doubt on shyam which shocks khushi & arnav. Arnav tell that he was in meeting when he received khushi;s call and shyam is the person who did this to her.

Anjali : Naani i trust chotte Shyam is acting weird these days.He tells that he is busy with clients and he has drawn lot of cash from my account.

Naani : What are you telling anjali betiya?

Anjali : Ha naani its true. Khushi i am so sorry.

Khushi hugs anjali and starts crying.Anjali,Naani and manoramma consoles khushi.
All leave , arnav is with khushi,

Arnav: I am so sorry khushi. I wish i should have known his evil act. I am sorry for not protecting you.

Khushi : Its ok arnav. How come you have not noticed this side of shyam. Arnav i dont think i can handle any more. I just want to go back. Look what he did today. If he crosses his limits then i wont be alive.I am sorry aranv i dont wanna stay here.

Arnav: Khushi i will take care of him. You dont worry.I will be with you always and will protect you.

Saying this he moves out of the room asking her to change her clothes take rest for sometime and then later join for dinner.

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laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 December 2011
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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 6:14am | IP Logged
nice update loved it thanks for the pm

samia19 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 28 January 2012
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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 6:46am | IP Logged
nice update, thanks for the pm
hemakalai Goldie

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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 7:08am | IP Logged
continue soon when they will realise his feelings yaar
Sweta... Goldie

Joined: 06 June 2012
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Posted: 08 November 2012 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
Loved that everyone knows shyams truth now :) lovely Uodate :) thanks for the pm can't wait for the next part :)

Edited by Sweta... - 08 November 2012 at 12:02pm

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