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laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 December 2011
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Posted: 19 October 2012 at 10:39pm | IP Logged
just saw the chapter 6, read it it is awesome, i didnt knew it is already updated
please continue soon, it is damn interesting.

Raadhiyaaa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 October 2012 at 11:30pm | IP Logged
wao its so beautiful yar pls give a pm
hemakalai Goldie

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Posted: 20 October 2012 at 10:23am | IP Logged
hi shanthiva ur story smoothly going story y ur not give regular and quick update i love to read plz give update if u can
shanthiva Senior Member

Joined: 19 November 2010
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Posted: 21 October 2012 at 6:41am | IP Logged
Chapter 7 : Journey to Delhi with ASR...

After a lot of tossing & turning both arnav & khushi tried to get some sleep. But the day seems to come up early. A new bright day for khushi...
Khushi opened her eyes and then remembered that today would be her last day with her family in Lucknow. She was in tears thinking how she would leave them in few hours and go to delhi for job.
Garima came inside her room along with Buaji, Payal & Babuji. Garima had told everything to babuji and he was happy that his bitiya is going to work for such a big firm.

Babuji : Are Khushi got up so early.. Actually arnav had called. He told he will be arriving to pick u up @ 8 AM.

Khushi : Babuji i dont know why i accepted this job but at the same time its really a good opportunity for me to gain expereince. But then how can i leave you people here. I will really miss you people. 
And she hugs her father and starts crying.
Garima come near her and starts consoling her. Payal and buaji hugs khushi and now all start crying.

Payal : Enough khushi. dnt cry and now get ready. Aranvji will be here any time. And dont worry i will pack your clothes.

Khushi : See buaji payal is so happy that she is already on her toes to throw me out of this house.

Buaji : Hai re nandha kishore. Aisi baath nahi hai titaliya. Hum sab tumse bahaut pyaar karthe hai. Jab tum delhi pahunchogi tho apne sanak ko thoda kam karo. Vo log itne bade hai aur tum unki ghar mai rehene jaa rahi ho, Tho tum apni paagalpan ko thoda kam karo. Baath samjhi ke nahi sankadevi.

garima : Aap ne bhikul teek kaha hai jiji. I am really worried how they will manage her.

Khushi opens her mouth in O shaped and turns towards her babuji.

Babuji : Enough now stop it. Dont tease her any more.. Chal khushi. go & get ready and come to have breakfast.

They all leave her and payal moves towards the cupboard to start packing clothes and khushi moves to the bathroom.

At Sheesh Mahal :

Aranv gets up and gets ready. He is done with packing and comes down towards the family to inform them.

Aranv : Naani actually i will be leaving now. If there is anything else akash call me.

Naani : Are chotte have your breakfast and then leave na.

Maami :  Hello hi bye bye ka baath hai arnav bituwa aaj tum itne subah subah Khushi se milne jaa rahe ho  vo bhi bina kuch khaye.

Anajli : Ha maami see how chotte has become. Now he doesnt need us. Since he has found khushi.

Aranv : Di please. Not now. I am already late and i need to pick her up and then leave for the airport for our flight. And will see you soon in delhi.

Anjali : dont worry chotte. take care of yourself as well as khushi.

Aranv says good bye to everyone and moves out to his car and heads towards Khushi's house.
Khushi in  the meantime is out of ther bathroom wearing a simple lavander colr chudhidar and her hair left open.Payal is done with packing her stuff.Khushi is just lost in some thoughts that she does not hear her phone buzzing.

Payal : Are khushi where are you lost? See ur phone is buzzing. and moves out of the room to help garima.

Khushi sees her phone and sees the caller name flashing Aranv and picks up the call.

Khushi : Hello Arnav good morning.

Hearning her sweet voice arnav is dumb folded.Khushi stares again to her phone to check if the call is disconnected.

Khushi : Hello Aranv are u on call?

Aranv : Y.. Yes Khushi.. I am on my way i will reach ur house in another 10mins. So are you ready?

Khushi : Yes Arnav. Actually i was waiting for u.

Aranv smirks..

Arnav : Really khushi.. So fast u started waiting for me.. Thatz nice.

Khushi : Arnav nothing like that. It was you who told me to be ready and you will be coming to pick me up @ 8 so more than me people here are ready to thrown me out. What to do?

Arnav : Its not like that khushi, they will also miss u. dont worry abt it, once when this show is done then u can take a break and come back to meet ur family.

Khushi : Really Aranv.. Is it possible.. Thank you so much aranv. In the meantime buaji starts calling her from kitchen.

Buaji : Are Oh Sankadevi... where are you.. Come out fast and have your breakfast. Aranav bauwa will be coming anytime.. Dont delay more.

Khushi : Ok Aranv i will go, buaji is calling me. 
And she ends the call.
Aranv reaches GH.He moves towards the door and rings the bell. Payal opens the door and greets Aranv. Arnav enters the house.

Garima : Are come Arnav Bauwa... Have you breakfast with Khushi. 

And then she introduces Shashi to him and he greets him.

Shashi : Welcome beta.. I came to know that khushi spoilt ur fashion show. I am Sorry.

Aranv : Its ok uncle it was just a mistake. Khushi if your done with packing then i can load ur luggage in car. 

He calls the driver to load her luggage in the car. Meanwhile all of them have breakfast.

Aranv : Aunty, Uncle its getting late. We will have to leave.

Khushi all the while is sad and now when she heard this tears started flowing down her cheeks.

Payal : Khushi No.. Dont cry.. U are not going to another country, just delhi rite and also we will call you daily.

Khsuhi : I know Jiji why u are telling this so that u can sleep peacefully on the bed alone right without my disturbance.

Payal hugs her and starts crying, Seeing them Garima and Buaji starts Crying.

Shashi : Enough dear.. Dont worry if possible i will come to meet u in delhi. Now u shld leave as its getting late.

Finally after crying and consoling khushi moves out of the house. Arnav is waiting for her near the car. Khushi reaches the car along with her family and her neighbours who wishes her happy journey and sits in the car and they start off to the airport.

Khushi is still crying thinking about her parents and arnav feels little bad since he knows the pain of missing his parents but then he tries to console khushi.

Aranv : Khushi no need to worry hardly 3more weeks and then u can take a break from the work and come to meet ur parents.If u need i can also arrang tickets for them to come to delhi to meet you. I cannot see you crying so please stop crying. Tell me what if i do you will change your mood.

Hearing this khushi sees arnav and gives a slight smile.

Khushi : Really aranv. Arnav can you tell me what time is our flight? Will you do anything to see me happy?

Arnav : Ofcourse Khushi. And we have 3 hrs to board our flight to delhi.

Khushi : Then can you please get me Jalebi & golgappe. I will really miss the Golgappe from lucknow.

Aranv is shocked hearing this. and then thinks what is this girl. She wants to eat golgappe & jalebi to change her mood. He asks the driver to take to the hotel to fulfill her wish. but Khushi being Khushi screams telling taht she does not want to have it in hotel and asks whether he can take her to the place where she always used to have golgappe with her family. Aranv says yes and then they drive off to a small chat shop.

Khushi immediately gets down from the car & moves towards the shop, giving a broad smile to the shopkeeper & asks him to give her golgappe. She calls arnav, initially he is reluctant but then seeing her enjoying the golgappe he also have 2-3 golgappe.
Then she moves to sweet shop & orders jalebi. Arnav tells that he is diabetic and she requests the shopkeeper to prepare sugar-free jalebi for him

After having golgappe & Jalebi they start their journey to the airport. They reach the airport and then take the luggage and make their way towards the boarding terminal.They then board the flight. Khushi is little tensed since its her first time. The announcement is made for take off. Khushi starts chanting Devi Maiyaa's name closing her eys tightly.Arnav sees her and gives a smile.

Aranv : Khushi if you are scared then you can  hold my hand.

That was it. Khushi immediately grabbed his hand and pressed it feeling scared. Arnav felt her soft palms on his hand trembling. Finally the flight took off from Lucknow..

Aranv : Khushi relax... The flight has taken off.

Khushi opens her eyes and thanks her devi maiyaa.
The airhostess comes and offers some juice. Khushi takes the juice and then relaxes. She is still holding arnav's hand and then finally she sees arnav staring at her hand and then releases it and blushes.The rest of the journey is quite.

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laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 December 2011
Posts: 10155

Posted: 21 October 2012 at 6:54am | IP Logged

Dear shanti,

read the update it is awesome, arhi cute and adroable as always. please update soon the next chapter thanks for the pm
shanthiva Senior Member

Joined: 19 November 2010
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Posted: 21 October 2012 at 8:23am | IP Logged
Chapter 8 : First Day in Delhi...

The flight lands in Delhi airport. Arnav & Khushi collect their luggage and come out of the airport. They are welcomed by Aman. Arnav introduces Khushi to aman and gives the instructions to aman and heads towards the car.They reach Shanthivan.

Khushi is surprised seeing the house.She is too shocked to even take a step forward.Aranv realises that khushi is still in the lounge and walks back to her.

Aranv : Are you planning to stay here outside?

Khushi : Huh? arnav is this your house i mean its really beautiful. this garden and the rose plants. I am really amased that a person like you have garden in ur home.

Aranv :My mom used to love gardening so even i spend my free time gardening. Now come on lets go inside.

The Door is opened by  HP.

Arnav : HP this is Khushi and she will be staying here from today. Make the guest room ready for her.

HP : Ji Bhaiya. Namaste Khushiji.

Khushi : Namaste HP Ji..

Aranv : Get ready and come for lunch.

Arnav heads towards his room and khushi is guided by HP to the guest room.
Khushi goes to the guest room and then heads to the shower. After half an hour she gets ready adn comes to kitchen. She sees HP preparing poori. She joins him to help him but initially HP refuses then later on she convinces him and they both start cooking. In the mean time arnav gets ready and makes few calls to aman and comes down only to see khushi happily cooking and talikng to HP as if they were lost friends who have met recently.Khushi sees aranv and goes to him.

Khushi : Aranv actually can i make a call to amma. I wanted to speak to her.

Aranv dials her house number and gives the phone to her.Buaji picks the call.

Buaji : Hello Kaun hai Nandhakishore?

Khushi : Buaji its me ur sankadevi. and she starting crying.

Buaji : Are titaliya.. How are you/ Did you land safely and where are you now. And she starts calling garima & Shashi

Khushi : I am fine buaji. Just missing you all. I have reached their house and buaji is really a very big house. Now  we are going to have lunch. So i thought let me call you.

Garima : Khushi, we all are fine here. Take care and dont do anything wrong there.Here speak to ur dad.

shashi : Khushi i know you will start crying now. but just remenmber take care of ur health and do ur best their and help arnav in his job.

Khushi : Ji Babuji. Where is payal.

Shashi : She is gone out. I will ask her to call her when she comes back.

Aranav :Khushi lunch is ready.

Khushi : Ok Babuji take care of ur health. I am going to have lunch now.

And cuts the call. She sits on the sofa and starts crying.

aranv : Khushi . dont worry its just a matter of 3 weeks then i can arrange a trip to lucknow or i can also bring them here. Now cheer up & come lets have lunch and we have very short time so we need to start working from tomorrow.

They have their lunch. Then aranv takes khushi and shows the house.They enter his room.khushi immediately runs to the french windows seeing the inbuilt swimming pool surrounded with garden.

khushi : Wow Aranv this place is really beautiful

Aranv : This is the place i spend when i am angry or when i miss my parents. Taking care of these plants has become my hobby. I feel i am with my mom when i am here.

Khushi : Hmmm.. can i sit her for some tinme.. its really nice place.

Aranv : Sure..

Aranv gets his laptop and then starts working. Khushi starts taking to the plants and arnav admires her. Arnav gets a call from lavanya

Arnav : Yes Lavanya tell me.

Lavanya : ASR are you in delhi. We need to discuss regarding the new designer for upcoming show.

Aranv : Lavanya i have already selected the right candidate. Infact she will be joining us from tomorrow.

Lavanya : Ok ASR. are you coming to office today?

Aranv : No lavanya. I will come tomorrow to office.

Lavanya : Ok bye ASR.

Aranv is almost done with checking his mail and now is just relaxing thinking about the show.Its almost tea time so HP comes to give tea to aranv & Khushi.

Aranv : So khushi i hope now you are comfortable here.If incase you want something tell HP he will do the needful.

Khushi : No aranv i am fine just that i am missing my family. By the way when is anjaliji returning. I miss them also.

Aranv : They will be returning tomorrow. Khushi you will be joining AR from tomorrow. And you can start you work after the meeting adn formal introduction to the employee. Lavanya wiil be with you incase you need any help. Ofcourse Aman,me & Akash will also be there.

Khushi : Lavanya? I mean i thought she will be angry with me. You know what i mean. I mean we never had any formal talk as such and she was really annoyed the other day in Sheesh Mahal.

Aranv : Its alright khushi she is rude at times but good from heart.

Few hour passes on and they speak a lot knowing each other. Khushi notices that apart from what other call him ASR being angry young man, he too has a soft side Arnav inside him. Khushi now is comfortable with aranv.

Khushi : Aranav tell me about your parents.

Hearing this aranv goes back to rigid face and then just tries to avoid this topic.Khushi decides that its better not to ask him more and make me mad so she keeps quiet and thinks that she will ask naaniji or anjaliji.

The move to the living room since it was almost dinner time.The diner was quiet. THey hardly spoke anything. It was time to retire into their respective rooms.

Khushi : Aranav is there a way i can sleep in the living room instead of guest room. Actually i am scared of sleeping alone.

Aranv : Oh ok in that case you can take my room. I will sleep on the recliner and you can you the bed.I would not mind.

Khushi is shocked to hear this and at the same time starts thinking she & arnav in his room. no way.

Khushi : N..No no Arnav its ok that not needed i will sleep in guest room itself.

Aranv :Are you sure khushi?

Khushi : Yes aranv.

Aranv : If incase you need anything just come to my room.Gudnight.

Khushi : Yea Sure.. Good night

They move towards their respective room and try to sleep. While Khushi is just thinking of her new job role in her life and prays to her Devi Maiyaa to give her the strength to keep up the standards of AR and doses off to sleep waiting for the new bright day.

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laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 December 2011
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Posted: 21 October 2012 at 8:36am | IP Logged
thanks shanti, for giving back-to-back two updates  in a row today.
waiting the updates post dussehra. enjoy navrathri.

Raadhiyaaa IF-Rockerz

Joined: 07 February 2012
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Posted: 21 October 2012 at 9:13am | IP Logged
update soon...its beautiful

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