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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 2:00am | IP Logged
nice update

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v.nice update :)
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so will you be writing everything on the blog now? nothing on I-F?
shanthiva Senior Member

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Chapter 34 : Couples Outing Part C :

Akash & Payal Table :

Akash led payal to the table. He pulled the chair close to her and caught hold of her hand and thought for a while to tell what he was thinking.

Payal : Akash what happened. Something is bothering you. Tell me. I am here to listen.

Akash : Payal i am sorry, whatever happen with khushi, i know by telling sorry nothing will change if something major had happened. But still bhai was there to protect her from that devil. I ...i dont know how could he cheat Di like this payal. After all they went through in their life, Betryal, loss of business,, thrown out of their own house. I, i know payal how bhai struggled to come to this position. That Shyam was so nice and helped us a lot, He came into our life when we were totally broken. At Least i had my parents, but bhai, he was always close to his mom. He used to follow his father like godfather. All his skills of handling business reminds me of him. I was small but still i remember some of the sweet memories which i spent with them. Bhai must have broken facing again betrayal that too from a person whom he respected as his brother. I am sorry payal, but i am sure bhai will do anything to keep khushi safe.

Payal : Akash, there is no need to ask sorry, i know the damage is not more but then i can see how much khushi is happy being with arnavji. I am happy that she has such a person in her life who loves her and is ready to do anything. He went against his Jijaji to protect her. I only hope they are happy like this always and also anjaliji. I am sure she would have gone through a lot and again one more betrayal that too from a person whom u all trusted. I am sure amanji will keep her happy and she deserves a person who loves her for what she is and not for what is has.

Akash : THanks payal, i am sure aman will keep Di happy but i still cant believe that that shyam tried to kill Di. How can he payal, was all talks, promises fake.

Payal : Akash now no one can change what has happened, but now we can be careful and be prepared in future. Anjaliji's happiness is our main motto now. I will do anything to see the smile on her face. Its a promise to u akash. She is also my sister just like khushi. Actually akash i wanted to ask something. How about we go to some outing taking a break. So that anjaliji's mind also will get diverted.

Akash : Well payal its a good idea but then we have to be here for the divorce hearing and i am sure we will win the case, but still lets wait and then we will go and celebrate.

Payal  :Hmm  thatz also true. Ok then we will wait for the hearing and then we will decide where to go.

Akash slowly gets up and makes payal get up and hugs her. Payal initially feels shy but then understands that he needs this hug. She hugs him back. He breaks the hug after sometime and cups her face. Payal understand what is going to happen next and blushing trying to come out of his hold, but then akash holds her face firmly telling his intentions. He looks into her eyes asking for permission. Payal gives the permission, Akash kisses her on her forehead, eyes, cheeks and finally capture her lips. After sometime they break the kiss due to lack of oxygen.

They order their lunch and have their lunch speaking about their life.

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shanthiva Senior Member

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Posted: 12 July 2013 at 12:19am | IP Logged

Chapter 34 : Couples Outing Part D

After lunch all of them gathered in the main hall where love seats  were arranged. There was a projector and a screen. All of them settled in the sofa. Anjali was having a permanent smile on her face trying to guess what is the surprise planned by her chotte. Seeing her smile all of them looked at each other and swore that they would do anything to keep that smile intact on her face. Aman and anjali settled in a seat, then akash and payal took their seat and then arnan and khushi took their seat.

Anjali : Chotte enough now please tell me what is the surprise please chotte..

Arnav:  Relax Di.And guys be comfortable, i am not ASR i am just arnav now and winks at aman.

Arnav takes the remote, dims the light and settles himself next to khushi and pulls her towards him. Initially she was too shy but then she adjusted her close to arnav and arnav on the projector. It was the childhood pictures and video of arnav and khushi along with their parents.

Anjali was too shocked to react, she just looks at arnav and smiles. They all watch the videos talking and telling aman, khushi and payal about their childhood. Payal & khushi are shocked to see the love between the siblings and silently make a promise that they would always be with anjali and arnav and give their maximum support. Aman was shocked to see the naughty arnav.

The video also has arnav's mother gathering things for her bahu. Seeing this khushi was in tears knowing that how much her mother-in-law loved arnav. After 3 hours they leave the hotel and drive home to get ready for the engagement party.

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Srilathalolla IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 July 2013 at 12:52am | IP Logged
yay I am the first one PartyDancing.wowv Amazing update
shanthiva Senior Member

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Posted: 18 July 2013 at 12:27am | IP Logged
Chapter 35 : Falling in desire : 

After their outing all the 3 couples reach RM. The Guptas , Naani, Maami and maamaji were shocked and happy to see anjali smiling and also so see her in Anarkali dress. Anjali sees them and walks fast to go to naani and hug her. suddenly her feet gets caught in the carpet and almost falls. All of them sees this before arnav could run to her aman runs to her and holds her steadying her and giving a angry glare.

Aman : Anjali cant you be careful. What is the need to run like this. What if u had fallen? Anyway naaniji, maamiji and maamaji are not going to run anywhere.

Arnav: Di.. Be careful Di..

Anjali : Sorry chotte Sorry Amanji..

Arnav: Di dont say sorry be careful.

They come to the living room and settle down. Anjali tells them about the lunch outing and also the surprise arnav had planned for her. After hearing this naani and maami could not control their tears and come and hug arnav and anjali. The guptas were happy seeing anjali smiling, arnav hands the CD to naani and asks her to see the photos and videos. He tells they can enjoy the evening when all of them will go to attend the party. All of them move to their rooms to take some rest. As usual arnav pulls khushi with him to his room. Anjali moves  to aman's room to check his wound and give him the medicines.

Aman's Room : 

Aman removes T-shirt and the wound was little bleeding, Anjali enters the room and is shocked to see the wound bleeding. She goes to her room and gets the required things and enters Aman's room.

Aman : Anjali... What are you doing here. Go take rest.

Anjali : Amanji your wound is bleeding, so let me clean it and then i will go and take rest till then will you quiet and sit here. 

Aman gives up and sits on the bed. Anjali pulls a chair near the bed and keeps the first aid box on table and slowly starts cleaning the wound. She is so much involved in cleaning it without causing any pain to him that she fails to notice aman staring at her. 

Aman : Anjali u r just like my mother, she also used to take care of me like this and my sisi tho, she would keep the entire house on her head if i get hurt. I really miss them. When we go to lucknow i will take you to my place. It is a small moderate house but then u can stay in sheesh mahal i will bring them there to meet u.

Anjali : Amanji!!! What are you saying? They are elder to me. And what is that u said small house, well this house is big but i lost all happiness in my life. Me and chotte lost our parents and when we came to live with naani we were in small moderate house, then chotte started studying and working and only few years back when he started AR we built this house and he purchased sheesh mahal. We were born with silver spoon but then life took us to a path where we had nothing left, we were thrown out of our house and we struggled for food . It was then i realised this is all life is. Then naani, maami & maamaji came and took us with them. I have seen the hard life and seen chotte suffering. You might be thinking even after shyam's betrayal how come i am strong. I am not strong amanji. I am really not strong. But i had to be strong for my chotte. He was very much attached to mumma. After mumma's death he went into a shell and i had to bring him out of the shell. I had to suppress my  sorrows just for him. And that has made me strong. You know what broke or hurt me the most, when shyam told i am characterless and he hurt a person whom chotte loved. I could not bear that because it was because of khushi chotte started opening up his feelings. I am really thankful to khushiji. For his happiness i am ready to go against even my husband.

Unknown to them there were people who were listening to this conversation. Arnav was pulling khuhsi to his room, then he remembered about aman , which made him turn to the guest room. Later seeing arnav & khushi outside guest room. Naani, maami, maamaji and akash came there. The guptas saw them and also joined them.

Aman : I am really proud of u anjali. I am really proud to say i was an employee of AR and is working under ASR - Arnav Singh Raizaada. I promise u anjali i will do anything to see him happy. And his happiness lies with u. When u r happy automatically he is happy. I will Lay me life to make u happy.

Anjali : Amanji please dont say this. I know the pain of loosing the loved ones. I came out of the shell when i lost my parents just cuz of chotte. Now also i am trying to be happy cuz of my family. If i loose you i wont be alive. U have thought me what life is and what true love is. Please dont say this again..

Saying this she hugs him and starts crying. Aman slowly hugs her and consoles her. He then sees someone standing near the door and turns his head to see the guptas and raizaada's standing. He immediately breaks the hug. Anjali senses this and looks at him and then at the door. She quickly wipes her tears.

Anjali : Chotte, naaniji wo mai wo mai i saw his wound bleeding so came to dress it. 

Arnav just runs to her and hugs her tighly. He start crying. All of them enter the room and slowly cry seeing such a beautiful person had to undergo so much in their life.

Buaji : Hai re nandhakishore... Anjali bitiya i will pray to nandhaklishore to give you all happiness in this world. My poor bitiya with that she hugs anjali and arnav.

Garima , payal , khushi hug naani and maamiji. Shashi hugs maamaji and consoles him.Akash moves towards aman and hugs him thanking him for being there for anjali.Arnav breaks the hug and wipes her tears and anjali wipes chottes tears.

Arnav : Di.. Di.. I missed mumma it is true but i am happy that u did not leave me like mumma after shyam's betrayal. Thank u Di. After mumma it was u who was my mumma. Thank u so much Di. I promise Di i will do anything to keep u happy. Even if i have to take u to temple and sit in long poojas. I will do that also Di... But just for you Di.

Anjali : Chotte I.. I am so happy that for me you are ready to change your belief that is more than enough for me chotte. I dont want anything else. I have a wonderful family and loving bhabhi's and a person who loves me. I dont want anything else chotte. Just leave the past chotte and enjoy ur present and future. U have got a wonderful person as your life partner, be happy and keep her happy. And please reduce your temper. Cuz u dont know what u do when u get angry chotte. Please...

Arnav : Di u dont need to request me. Just order me i will do that. I will try to reduce my anger Di..

Shashi : Arnav, Devyaniji i think i must have done something good in my life to get such a loving family for my daughters. A brother who is ready to go to any extent to keep his sister happy. A sister who went against her own husband just for her brother's happiness. A family who loves them so much. What else can i ask god. I am really happy to be a part of this family. 

He folds his hands with gratitude, but arnav and akash pulls his hand down and nod their head in no.They ask aman to take rest and tells other to take rest and they will leave for the party at 6 PM. He moves out to his room to take some rest.

Arnav's Room : 

Arnav moves to his room and changes into his track pant and t-shirt. Khushi enters his room and locks the door. She runs to arnav and hugs in crying. Arnav is shocked to see khushi and then hugs her consoling her. He moves to the bed and lie down pulling her on top of him. Khushi still hugs him and refuses to break the hug. After sometime she composes herself and looks up to arnav who was waiting for her to say what is in her mind. She just cups his face and kisses him.

Arnav was shocked to react but then he hugs her tight and deepens the kiss. After sometime they break the kiss due to lack of oxygen. She lie down next to him and controls her breathing. Arnav turns towards her and hugs her. 

Khushi : I am happy arnav, i am really happy to be a part of this family. I can see that happiness in baabuji's face. He still had fear in getting me & jiji married here after what happen with shyam, but then seeing Di supporting u he gained confidence that u will never hurt me. I want to be with u aranv. I want to kiss u, love u, make love to u , live with u , be mother of ur child, see them growing, see our love growing and tell them our story. Kiss me arnav, please kiss me.

Arnav breaks the hug and sees her. He thought he was dreaming but then when khushi opened her eyes and gave him the needed permission. He slowly kisses her forehead, eyes, cheeks, and then kisses her lips. Khushi hugs him and pulls him  over her. He removes the dupatta and deepens the kiss. He slowly moves down and kisses her shoulder.he turns her and removes the dori of the dress and opens the zip of the dress and kisses her again on her lips. He slowly slips his hand on her back to feel her bare back. Khushi shivers when she feels his rough cold hand. He pushes the dress from the shoulder and kisses her on her shoulder. Khushi opens her eyes to see the her shoulder bare and the dress just above her b****t.

Khushi : Ar... Arnav please stop it.. It is not right.

Arnav :Please khushi i want to see u. Please khushi... I promise i wont cross my limits. But i want to see u and feel u. Please khushi. 

Khushi :  Arnav.. Its not that i dont want you but it is not right before marriage. Please arnav understand. I want u as much u want me.please arnav.

Arnav: Khushi dont you trust me. I wont do anything without ur permission, i dnt know the more you come near me i loose myself. Please khushi just once, i want to see you and feel you. I wont ask again i promise.

Khushi signs and agrees. Arnav gets up and moves to the closet and gives her the night dress which he had given her. She takes it and moves to bathroom to change. She comes out wearing it. Arnav closes the poolside door and closes the curtains. He checks whether the door is locked and turns to see khushi standing in the middle of the room. He slowly moves towards her and hugs her. She hugs him back. He breaks the hug and kisses her pouring all his love. She matches him and kisses him back. Sh breaks the kiss and turns the other side. He hugs her from the back and moves her hair on one shoulder and slowly kisses her shoulder and her back. She moves forward unable to bear his torture. He picks her and places her on the bed. He leans over her and kisses her again. Khushi puts her hand inside his t-shirt feeling his tonned body.His muscles ripple under her touch He breaks the kiss..

Arnav: Kh.. Khushi... I i i want u badly khushi.. 

Khushi : I love u arnav.. I too want u... 

Arnav : I .. i want to feel u khushi.. Can i?

Khushi : I turst u arnav.. I am urs today.. 

That was all he needed, he hugs her and places wet kisses on her neck, shoulder pushing the strap down. Khushi tries to remove his t-shirt. He gets up and removes his t-shirt and again starts his sweet torture. Khushi is first hesitant to touch him bare chest but then he pulls her hand and makes her touch him.

He moves down and starts kissing her on her toes, knees and moves top to her waist. He kisses her on her belly button simultaneously moving the dress top. Khushi gasps when she feels his cold hands on her thighs. 

Khushi : Ar.. Arnav... Wh...What are you doing... 

Arnav: Feeling u khushi... I want to feel each and every part of ur body. Dont stop me love.. Please sweetheart.

Khushi: Arnav i know what u want but ur torturing me like this. 

Arnav : So u like what i am doing..  Are you comfortable khushi. Am i forcing something on u? Tell me khushi i will stop it.

Khushi sits and makes arnav sit beside her. 

Khushi : Arnav u know why i agree to what ever you tell cuz i trust you. I know you will not cross ur limits. I thought u liked me when u first saw me and then u kissed me in the name of punishment. But i like you. I dint know who u were but then i liked ur confidence. U forgave me even though i spoilt ur success show. I liked when u made me agree to work me you. When i came here even though we were alone u dint take any advantage of us being alone. U made me comfortable.  U always came to save me from shyam, even though he was ur jeejaji, u and Di supported me. I am really grateful for what u all did to me.

She slowly stands in front of him.. Slow silent tears makings its way to her cheeks. Arnav sees this and gets up and moves towards her but then what khushi said and did next made him stand rooted in his spot without moving and inch.

Khushi : I love u arnav. I love u a lot.. I am urs only urs.. I dont have anything to give which can match ur status but i can give only one thing to u, i can give myself to u. The most precious gift of a girl which can be given to her husband, and i have started believing that u are my husband.

Saying this she slips her night dress and stands in front of him in her innerware. Slow tears still flowing down her cheek, her eyes closed scared to see what arnav might think of her.

After sometime arnav comes back to reality and sees khushi standing infront of him offering herself. He rushes to her and hugs her. Khushi hugs him with all her strength.

Arnav: I love u khushi.. I love u a lot.. Today my love and respect for u has increased.I love u so much dear. 

Khushi : Arnav till now i have not asked u anything. Can i ask u something. Will u do it for me please.

Arnav: Tell me khushi. What u want. I will get that to u.

Khushi : Promise me arnav that by what i ask u will not judge me. U will not blame me that i am responsible for Di's broken marriage. That i am responsible for shyam's behaviour. Promise me arnav.

Arnav :Khuhsi my love for u and decision to marry u was not after i saw shyam's behaviour towards u but it was much before that. The day u fell into my arms, I liked ur lively form, always smiling and keeping others happy. The way u kept asking about ASR without knowing that it was me. And then without any hesitation asking sorry, though it was just a mistake. I was hurt when i found shyam's intentions towards u. But then when i heard u supporting Di my respect towards u increased sweetheart. But when he hurt u i lost myself. It was as if i was going into my past. Dad hurting mumma and she crying slowly and bearing everything just for me and Di. Tell me what u want khushi.

Khushi breaks the hug and moves towards the bed and lie down pulling him on top of her and hugs him.

Khushi : Make me urs arnav. Remove all the touch of shyam and touch me the way u want so i can remember only ur touches. Will u do this? Please arnav.

Arnav breaks the hug and looks at her shocked. 

Arnav : Khushi.. What are u telling? I know i want to make love to u but this is not right. I want to feel u but what u did now is more, any girl would not do this khuhsi. I love u khushi. I promise u i will not cross my limits. now go change ur dress.

Khushi : No arnav, please. I want to feel u and i want u to remove shyam's touch. Please arnav. Will u do this ? I promise i will not ask this again please arnav, please please.

He kisses her and deepens the kiss. His hands roam all over her body and he kisses her body worshiping her beauty making her forget everything. Soon arnav starts loosing his senses. He decides he should stop before its too late. He gets up , makes khushi stand and wraps the quilt around her and leads her to bathroom.

Khushi hugs him and moves to the bathroom and comes out wearing the dress. Arnav is standing near the french window controlling his desire. Khushi comes out and hugs him from behind. 

Arnav: Love you khushi. Thank u. Now go sleep for sometime. I will wake u up at 5, we need to leave here by 6.

Khushi : Love u too arnav. I am sorry if i have forced something on u. Take rest and thank u arnav. I love u. 

Saying this she kisses him on his lips and moves out of his room.

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wow me first . Wow what a control Arnav has and my respect for him has increased awesome update 

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