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Posted: 25 February 2013 at 3:37am | IP Logged
Chapter 30 B : The Fashion Event...

Arnav wakes up the next morning at 6: 00 AM and goes to meet aman. Aman was awake and he was just getting out of the bed.

Arnav :Good morning aman. HOw are you.

Aman : Oh Hi I mean good morning ASR. Fine but still having pain.

Arnav: Well that bas***d, i swear i will show him who i am. He will surely face ASR now.

Aman : Relax ASR. Well i just getting up to go to washroom and freshen up.

Arnav: Well do u want any help..

To say aman was shocked would be an understatement.

Aman : Huh? N..No no i mean no ASR i will be fine...

Arnav :Ok then aman take care and see u soon for breakfast..

Arnav leaves his room and goes to meet his love khushi... On the way to her room he meets Di & Naani.

Arnav: GM Di, GD Naani.

Naani : GM Arnav Bituwa.

Anjali  :GM Chotte.. Seems like someone is on cloud nine naani..

Naani : Ha anjali, today is a very good day , chotte's fashion show & also khushi bitiya will be officially his..

Arnav : Di, naani please stop. anyway i am going to see khushi, we need to go to office and check the materials and and also to keep her away from surprise.

Anajli : Why dont you tell that u want to spend sometime with her alone before officially declaring her as ur fiance.

Aman : THatz true anjali. Well havent seen this side of ASR..

Arnav : Aman if ur forgetting then let me tell u that i am ur boss.

Anajli : Only boss chotte, nothing else

Arnav raises his eyebrow and smiled at anjali.Nani looks at all the 3 in confusion but decides to ask later. Arnav enters Khushi's room and sees her sleeping peacefully.He slowly slips into the bed and hugs her and places a small soft kiss on her forehead. Khushi smiles in her sleep and comes more close to arnav and hugs him more and drifts into deep sleep again. Arnav just watches her and stay still but then after sometime he regains his conscious and comes out of his dreamland and starts waking up khushi.

Arnav : Khushi, Khushi dear.. Wake up we need to go to office and then venue sweetheart.

Khushi (irritated and turning) : Arnav...

Arnav chuckles at her and then slowly starts kissing her again on her forehead, eyes nose, cheeks. Khushi gets disturbed and opens her eyes and sees arnav.

Khushi : Arnav, good morning, why are u hell bent on waking me up, i was having a sweet dream and u spoilt it. 

And pouts her lips. Arnav caresses her cheeks and slowly pecks her lips and tells her to get ready. Khushi dint argue much, she got up hugged arnav and went to bathroom and came out getting ready wearing a pink anarkali dress.Arnav sees her with wet hair and khushi wiping her wet hair. Arnav moved towards her and hugged her from behind. Khushi placed her hand above his which was on her waist. After sometime arnav started kisses her nape, slowly turned her and then cupped her face and looked into her eyes, his eyes speaking unsaid words, unconditional love for khushi. Khushi cupped his face and slowly kissed his eyes one by one and his cheeks and slowly kissed his lips. After few minutes she moved back only to be pulled by aranv in an urgent kiss tightening his arms around her waist and deepen the kiss. He slowly bit her lips asking her to part and pushed her to the nearest wall and pulled her dupatta and threw it. He started moving towards her neck slowly kissing her pulse. Khushi lost control and holds aranv arms for support in fear of falling down by the sweet torture arnav was giving her.

Khushi : Ar.. Arnav...

Arnav : Shhh Khushi please.. Dont stop me.. I need this..

He slowly opens the dori of the dress and pushes one side of the dress down from the shoulder and bites her shoulder. Khushi gasps and turn to him trying to stop him but arnav holds her hand and pins her to the wall and holds her hands. Khushi already lost control and now she started breathing heavily.

Khuhis: Ar.. Arnav pleas let me go.. Please stop it...

Arnav: Please khushi, please dont stop me today..

Aranv leaves her hand , cups her face and and kisses her lips again, he then moves his one hand behind her and slowly opens the zip of the dress, thatz when khushi opened her eyes and pushes arnav and runs into the bathroom leaving shocked arnav behind.

Arnav composes himself and goes out of the room. Here khushi locks herself inside the bathroom and calms hersel. She again gets ready and comes down for breakfast.All the family members are seated in the dinning table and were waiting for khushi.

Naani : GM khushi betiya.. All the best for you day ahead, Wish god gives you all success.

Khushi : THank u naani.

All wish them and after breakfast. akash & aman leave to check the venue , while khushi and arnav leav to AR.


Khushi and arnav enter AR. Arnav goes to his cabin and khushi goes to store room. While going lavanya blocks her way.

Lavanya : Khushi what are you doing here? And by the way do you know what have you done, my dress is spoiled and now what am i going to wear for the show. But madam is so much involved in seducing ASR that he does not even know the damage this stupid girl has caused. You once created problem in lucknow, but that somehow ASR forgave you. But now what you have done is such a huge loss to ASR. U broke his trust and now what clever you are, u are trying to enter his family, u cheap girl.

By then the remaining staff gather to witness the fight.

Khushi : What are you saying lavanya, mind ur words. I love arnav and he loves me. Regarding the dress let me check out what has happened and i am sure aranv will be with me and i have not broken his trust.

Lavanya : Really, fine go check for urself. And u are a cheap girl, if u had not entered into his family then his brother-in-law would have not left anjali. Just cuz of u she is suffering... Adn you are now  (was cut of by arnav)

Arnav had come down to check with the dress and thatz when their heard the verbal fight between lavanya and khushi. Khushi was in tears now hearing what lavanya said and all the pain which shyam gave flashing in her mind.

ASR (shouts): Lavanya... What the hell are you talking, mind you words before you speak with my fiance. I pay you to work not to discuss about my family. And who the hell gave you the right to speak about my family,. Who are you, you are none but just a model and another employee of AR, so better stay in ur limits. And you all  get back to ur work, I hope you all know the venue for the evening, be their on time and

Saying this arnav pulls khushi with him and enters the store room and locks it behind him.He pushes khushi to the door and places his lips on her kissing her with full of anger and frustration.
Khushi was shocked by this sudden act but then she slowly understands the need for this kiss and gives in hugging him and kissing him with passion. Slowly aranv realised that he was kissing khushi with anger slows down and starts kissing her with passion. Arnav slowly moves towards her neck adn further down to her cleavage and gives small bites and also soothens it.

Khushi moves her head back to give more access to arnav. Arnav lifts her takes her to table places her on top of it ,removes his coat, tie and comes on top of her. Khushi tries to protest but arnav nods his head in no and khushi just keeps quiet. He again kisses her on her forehead, eyes, cheeks, lips. After sometime arnav feels something wet on his cheek, he opens his eyes to see tears on khushi's cheek, he immediately gets down.Arnav somehow controls his breathing and then turns to khushi who is now sitting on the table but still tears flowing from her eyes.

Aranv : Khushi, i... i iam sorry, what i did was not correct since all this is new to you adn you dont want to cross ur limits. I am sorry khushi..

Khushi : No arnav i totally understand u, i trust you more that myself. Even i want you same as how much you want me. I was just thinking about what lavanya told.M sorry arnav.

Arnav :Khushi khushi relax, just dont bother for unwanted people. and please dont spoil ur day and its a big day ahead for us and for AR.

Arnav then cups her face wipes her tears and kisses her forehead and then they start checking the materials which needs to be taken to the venue. Khushi sees her dress and gets shocked but aranv diverts her mind telling there is a surprise for her and will come to know in the evening.Day passes by. Akash & aman come to AR post lunch adn all the four start off to the venue.

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..Gunjan.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 February 2013 at 7:42am | IP Logged
Awesome update
Continue soon
mika17 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 March 2013 at 5:23pm | IP Logged
Amazin update, cant wait for da fashion show
-SanjanaSobti- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 March 2013 at 6:05am | IP Logged
awesome update.. continue soon
Muskaan_87 Goldie

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Posted: 12 March 2013 at 3:26pm | IP Logged
nice update:)
totally sweet:)
shanthiva Senior Member

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Chapter 30 C : The success and engagement.

Arnav, Akash, Aman & khushi reach the venue. Arnav checks the venue decorations along with akash, while aman and khushi check the dresses. The models have already arrived and were in the green room. Khushi enters the room and greets all the models along with aman. THe dresses where already transported to the venue along with some of the staff members. It was almost 4 in the evening. Arnav instructs aman to get the dress for khushi and also tells him to ask the models to start getting ready. Aman meets khushi and asks her to meet arnav in his room alloted for him and he askes the models to start getting ready. Khushi hands over the dress to models and goes to meet arnav.

In Arnav's Room :

Khushi knocks the room door and arnav opens it for her and asks her to come in and lock the door. She does the same. Arnav then gives her a packet and asks her to wear it. Khushi is slightly confused but still agrees. She enters the bathroom and opens the package only to get shocked. It was a red colored bridal dress inside there was a note written.

    Hi khushi,

I know you might be surprised but i designed this dress for you and i wanted to see you in this dress. I hope you like it. Please do wear it for me.

Your love,


After reading the note khushi just rushes out of the bathroom and runs into arnav's arms hugging him and crying. Due to this sudden impact arnav looses balance and moves back and hits the wall.

Khushi : I i liked the dress arnav. How could you love me so much when i caused so much pain to u and your family.

Arnav: Shh...Khushi thank u for liking it. Please dont blame yourself as it is a big day for me and for you. Please wear it for me and get ready. I am eager to see you in this. Shall i help you in this.

Khushi breaks the hug and removes her dupatta and places it on the chair and nods a no and moves to the bathroom. In the mean time arnav gets his clothes and is changing it. After some time khushi comes out wrapping the dupatta around her as she was not able to tie the dori.

Arnav: What happened khushi. Is anything wrong?

Khushi : Err. No i mean arnav can you please send someone so that they can help me… i mean..

Arnav: What happen khushi you can tell me.

Khushi: Actually arnav i am not able to tie my dori of choli so will you please...

Khushi was cut by arnav placing his hand on her shoulder slowly removes the dupatta, initially khushi nods a no but arnav removes her hand and removes the dupatta and places it on the chair. He then slowly turns her, now her back is exposed to him and he runs a finger down her back to take the dori which is at the end above the hip.

Khushi starts breathing heavily by his touches and leans back. Arnav moves his hand around the midriff and holds her around the waist and tightens the grip and kisses her shoulder and nape. Khushi looses her control and turn to him and hugs him. Arnav slowly ties the dori and hugs her.

He then cups her face and starts kissing her lips slowly and then breaks the kiss and asks khushi to get ready and leaves the room.

Arnav reaches the backstage and meets family and gupta's and aman.

Naani : Chotte, the rings are with us. Once when the show is finished then we will have the engagement cermony.

Aman : Dont worry naaniji, the arrangements have been made for both the engagement.

Akash blush hearing this where as anjali, naani and maami giggle seeing him blush.

In the middle lavanya comes there.

Lavanya : ASR omg what are we going to do now. The showstopper is missing. What i am going to wear?

Lavanya was going on but neither aman, nor akash nor arnav were bothered to hear. Seeing this lavanya became quiet.

Arnav : Relax lavanya, whats the need to get so much hyper. I will find a way out and you please dont stress urself as u are the showstopper now go to ur allocated room and just relax, i will come and meet you.

Lavanya leaves from there with a satisfied smile. Arnav turns to aman.

Arnav: Aman are the papers ready which i asked you?

Anjali : WHat is this chotte her dress is spoiled and all 3 of u are so normal, the show is going to begin in an hour and

Akash cuts anjali : Di just relax, we know what we are doing and now please go refresh urself and get ready and dont worry and wait for the surprise.

The family leaves from there. One of the staff members comes with the package and gives it to arnav.

Arnav :Akash this is for you and payal. After the show please give it to payal. I hope she likes it.

Akash was shocked, he just hugs arnav and leaves from their to get ready.

Aman : Wow ASR,that was a good way of ignoring lavanya ha. But now i only hope that she does not meet khushi. Anyway ASR i will leave now to check on the models, just check on khushi.

Arnav come to the room and is mesmerised seeing her. She is wearing the red bridal dress with jewellery and her hair in a small bun and the dupatta neatly draped on her head and covering her right side across her chest. The other end tugged on the lehenga. Arnav slowly moves towards her. Khushi sees him and smiles. Arnav raises her onto her feet and places a sweet kiss on her forehead.

Khushi : Arnav i am scared.

Arnav :Dont worry khushi. I am with you.

Khushi : By the way what is the reason you designed this dress anything special.

Arnav: Hmm now please dont panic, Its the dress which i designed keeping you in mind since this is going to be worn by the showstopper which i err actually you.

Khushi grasps and widens her eyes. Arnav thought that her eyes will pop out of the sockets.

Khushi : Ar.. Ar..Arnav wh .. what do. you.. mean me .. a showstopper... Hey Devimaiyaa.

Arnav : Khushi Khushi relax. please dont freak out. Please i know u can do it. Please khushi.

Khushi : Arnav u shld have told me atleast and is this ur surprise.. What will i do i have not practised to walk and i am not a professional model., Wait a minute, where is lavanya, She was supposed to be the showstopper rite then why me arnav? Please i dont think i can do it. Please..

Arnav sealed her lips with his making her stop. After he felt she has relaxed he moved back and made her sit on the chair and sat in front of her.

Arnav : I know you are freaked out but just relax. I want you to just walk Just think i am waiting for you at the end of the stage and you are walking towards me to reach me. Please khushi. Am i expecting too much from you.

Khushi sees arnav for few seconds and closes her eyes  & takes a deep breathe.

Khushi : Ok arnav i am ready to do this. Just that i am little nervous walking infront of so many people. But when you will be with me i will do anything for you. Be always with me

Saying this she cups his face and places a soft, gentle kiss on his forehead.

Arnav : Sure khushi, i will always be with you till my last breathe. Just walk to till the end of the stage, pose for the camera and i will join you.

Just then aman comes and tells its time for the show to begin. Arnav asks khushi to relax and goes out and meets his business associates and finally the show is about to begin.

Aman enters the stage and welcomes everybody, the media flashing their cameras to get exclusive picture of the AR collections. AMan asks arnav to join the stage. Arnav walks on the stage and once again welcomes all of them and then the show starts with the models exhibiting the collections of khushi. All were stunned seeing the work of khushi. Lavanya heard this and comes out to see the show has begun and no sign of ASR, nor Aman, nor akash. She sees ASR standing and goes to him.

Lavanya : ASR what...

ASR : Lavanya there is a surprise for you join the audience please.

Saying this ASR moves to khushi's room and lavanya fumes and moves to take a seat in the audience. Arnav comes out with khushi. All the time khushi is holding arnav's hands tightly and she is too nervous. Arnav cups her face and looks into her eyes. Slowly khushi reads the silent message which his eyes were telling her and she takes a deep breathe and pray to devi maiyaa and nods her head to arnav. Once when the last model completes her walk aman mankes an announcement.

Aman : Now ladies and gentlemen please hold ur breathe for the most exclusive collection of AR designed by the CEO himself Mr. Arnav Singh Raizaada, and please welcome the showstopper of the evening.

Arnav leads khushi to the stage entrance and from there she takes the lead. TO say all were shocked would be an understatement. Khushi walks the ramp as if she is walking to her mandap to join her groom waiting for her. All were stunned with her walk and expression which matches a perfect bride. The gupta's were too shocked to see khushi walking on the ramp. Shashi has tears in his eyes seeing his daughter walking just like a bride. The raizada's are too happy. Khushi reaches the end of the stage and poses shyly to the camera, aman makes the announcement for ASR to join the stage. All the models also join the stage. Lavanya was too shocked to see khushi being showstopper and in the dress which ASR designed. Arnav reaches khushi and holds her hand.

Arnav : THank you ladies and gentlemen. Well this is my collection and exclusively designed for khushi. The rest of the designs for the models were designed by Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta. Well ladies and gentlemen the show is not yet over. Light snacks are being served, Please make urself comfortable and join us for the next biggest surprise. Thank you.

All the people give a standing ovation and disperse to have snacks thinking about the surprise. HOwever lavanya just throws a disgusting look to khushi and moves from there.

Arnav reaches akash along with aman and signals aman to take payal and khushi to the room along. He then tells his family members about the plan. He also tells that he has arranged a small party the next day in a hotel for his business associates since alcohol is not allowed in RM.

Shashi : Arnav beta, i am really proud of you. May god give you all success.

Garima : Ha bituwa. Sada kush raho.

Arnav : Thanks uncle aunty. Khushi does not know about the engagement so let it be a surprise.

Aunty i have designed a dress for payal as well i have given it to akash, if incase you all like it along with payal, she can wear it for the engagement.

Shashi, garima had tears in their eyes. Akash comes near them adn tells that he has given the packet to payal. Now the all move to meet khushi and payal.

Once when they enter the room they see khushi hugging payal and smiling. She then sees shashi and runs to hug him.

Buaji : Hai re nandhakishore, i dint know that you have this much talent in you khushi. I thought u will again spoil this show cuz u are always sankadevi.

Khushi : Buaji!!!

Payal : Nahi buaji, no more, i am so happy khushi and really i just forgot to breathe seeing you in that dress.

Arnav : Err.. Payal and khushi can you please get ready, there is another surprise waiting.

Payal's dress was similar to the red dress which arnav had designed but for payal he chose sky blue since akash likes sky blue color. Arnav gives the dress to khushi.

Anjali : Ok now my would-be bhabi's please open ur packets and show me what has my chotte designed.

Khushi opens the packet and takes out the red dress and blushes thinking of that day. Payal opens the packet and finds blue color similar dress.

Anjali : Are wah chotte u designed payal's dress as well keeping in mind akash's color of choice.

Now tell me payal did you like.

Payal (Blushing) : Yes Di.

Anjali : Oye Hoie... Both my bhabi;s blushing. Ok now all of go out let me get them ready for the surprise.

Aman,arnav, akash, maama and shashi move out to another to help arnav and akash. Arnnav changes into a black suit with white shirt and a red tie, and akash wears a blue suit, white shirt and blue tie.

In the meantime all the guest had started gathering the the same place and was shocked to see the change in the environment. The entire stage was changed into a small mantap.Aman comes to the stage and announces to get ready for another surprise.

The raizaada ladies lead payal and khushi to the backstage and wait for the arnav and akash.Arnav and akash come out and stand beside the ladies and wait for aman's announcement.

Aman : So ladies and gentlemen please welcome once again to the engagement of Mr Aranv Singh Raizaada and Mr Akash Singh Raizaada. Khushi and payal were too shocked to move. Understanding their situation arnav and akash leads them to the stage along with the family members. The media, business associate, all were shocked.

Aranv : Thank you ladies and gentlemen. Now i would like to introduce my family and also our in-laws.

Arnav introduces his family, and akash introduces gutpa's along with khushi and payal. The engagement cermony begins and both arnav & akash exchange the rings with khushi and payal.

Akash announces the engagement party which is to be held tomorrow at XYZ hotel. The entire family pose for the photos and bid good bye and the family returns to RM.

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..Gunjan.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 March 2013 at 8:53am | IP Logged
Super awesome
I had a big smile reading this update
OMG now finally they are engaged and the show was sucessful
Update soon please

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-SanjanaSobti- IF-Rockerz

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super awesome..
just loved it..
do continue soon..

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