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shanthiva Senior Member

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Posted: 04 June 2013 at 7:37am | IP Logged

Chapter 34 : Couples Outing Part A

Arnav went with aman & akash to the meeting and cancelled the rest of the meeting.. Meanwhile anjali, payal & khushi were in boardroom waiting for their partners and having small chit chat..It was almost 12:00 PM still no sign of arnav, akash & aman. Now the girls were really getting frustrated and thought of going out to check what is taking them so long... But what they didn't know was the meeting was over long time and they were making special arrangements for their respective lady love...  Aman came to them and informed them to get changed and handed them 3 packets... The 3 girls went to the executive top most floor in the building where a pentahouse was there and got changed.. Meanwhile aman, akash & arnav changed into casuals and were waiting for them to arrive.

All the 3 girls were given a anarkali dress the colors matching to their partners. Khushi wore a red anarkali, payal in blue and anjali in lavender dress... The girls came to the office and what they saw was shocking.. Aman, Arnav & akash in jeans & t-shirts with jackets... Looking tooo handsome... Same goes with the boys they were too rooted in their spot to see them looking stunning..

Arnav: Di... u really look beautiful di.. I want you to wear such dresses very often.

He hugged her so did akash.. The 3 couples settled in arnav's SUV and started their destination.

Anjali : Chotte, akash, aman what is the plan.. Tell me u 3 are looking handsome..

Payal & khushi : Ooo...Is it Di.. Are all the 3 looking handsome or someone specially looking handsome... Tell na di..

Anjlai started blushing.. Akash & arnav exchanged a glance with each other silently promising that they will make sure that their Di is happy hereafter in her life...

Aman : Well that is a surprise so sry we cant tell it...

After about half an hour ride they first reached a hotel where they had made booking for their special lunch... Arnav parked his SUV in the parking and soon all of them came out and headed towards the hotel..

Manager : Welcome sir.. Welcome Madam..

Arnav: Thank u ..Well this is Anjali & Aman.. Akahs & Payal , and this is Khushi..

Manager : Sir the arrangements have been made, this way please..

Payal  :What arrangements...

Anjali : Chotte anything special for ur Di.. or for khushi...

Arnav: Di u r always special and this is a small guesture to keep u happy hope u like it Di..

Anjali (cupping his face) : Chotte i am happy that u r happy with the person whom u love and i am happy since i have got such wonderful brothers and bhabhi's who love me and who are ready to do anything to bring smile on my face and i am happy since i have got a person who loves me with my disability..

Aman : Anjali...

Akash, arnav,payal, khushi : Di...

Anajli : Ok ok sry now come lets go and let me see what is the surprise my brothers have made...

They were led to a separate room where tables for 2 each was arranged on one corner of the room,each having some privacy as they were covered with curtains. There was a sofa and a screen and the entire room was decorated with flowers.. The 3 couples entered the room and stood shocked seeing the sight in front of them.. Especially anjali.

Anjali : Cho..Chotte this is this is .. with that she hugged him and started crying..

Arnav :Di please.. This is all i can do.. Now come on dont spoil it and lets enjoy it.. Ok guys carry on and lets meet after lunch and Di there is a small surprise for u...

Aman led anjali to one of the table, same goes with akash & payal , arnav & khushi.

Aman & Anjali Table  :

Aman led anjali to their table.. He holds her hand and settles her in her seat.

Aman : Anjali r u happy... Hope i am not pushing u too much into this.. but dont worry lets take it slow. Its nt that i wont be there tomorrow that we need to rush with all the things..

Anjali : Aman please .. dont ever say that.. I.. i i cant bear anything happening to you.. I was the same with shyam but he mistook it as my weakness yes i did love him but from the time i came to know he is cheating on me i hated him.. Do you know what i went through when u  u were shot..i i just with that she hugged him and started crying..

Aman was hitting himself mentally for making her remind of the horrible past and making her cry. He instantly hugged her and kept patting her head and consoling her. She hugged him more and then slowly her cries stopped. Aman moved little back and looked into her eyes.She instantly understood what he wanted to convey but then was scared to take a step ahead. Aman slowly wiped her tears and looked into her eyes and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. Anjali closed her eyes feeling the warmth of his lips on her forehead.

Anajli (self-thought) : Even though shyam has kissed me but i never felt so much warmth in his kiss. Here amna is ready to give me and is ready to do anything to see my smile. Am i still worthy for him. Will i be able to give him all the love he deserves. I do deserve to be loved. Whatever it is i will love him and will give him all the love i have.

She hugged him and pressing herself into him. Aman then kissed her eye, cheeks and stopped. Anjali felt the loss of warmth and opened her eyes to see aman looking at her lips and then at her eyes. Anajli broke the hug and with one hand she touched his face, eyes, nose. Aman was shocked to see this gesture of anjali but was happy that she was trying to make him happy. He thought for a second and took her hand in his and kissed her fingers and settled her back in her seat.

Aman : Are you ok?

Anjali : Yes aman i am fine..  So tell me aman u must be knowing what chotte has planned rite.. Tell me what is the surprise.

Aman : Well er.. er anjali its actually a surprise.. I cant go against ASR... So sry i cant tell you u just need to wait...

Anjali (making sad face) : So you wont tell me.. Thatz really bad.. But still its ok.. I will wait for it. I am really happy for chotte aman. After mumma, pappa he was so lost.. But i had to take up the responsibility of him. He alsways was close to mumma. But after her death he started staying aloof. He may be the ruthless ASR to the world but i know behind that angry, ruthless ASR there is my chotte who has a soft heart and still crave for love.. I am happy aman. I am really happy that khushi is with arnav. Now i can tell mumma that i have kept my promise and have given chotte his love, his life. Now i dont want anything else in my life. I have you..  Does your mom know about us. Will she accept me with my disability. Tell me about urself aman, i dont know anything about u.

They order their lunch after having the starters and aman tells about his family, his mother, brother and a sister.

Aman : Well my sister knows, i am going to meet them in person and tell my mom. If possible i will ask ASR's permission and then take u with me. Let this matter get settled first.

Anjali : Wow Aman.. So loving family..Wish i had mamma & pappa today with me. I really miss them alot. More than me chotte misses mamma a lot.

She starts telling aman about her parents, how her chaachaji and dad's business partners cheated them. How his dad commited suicide and their mother followed him leaving behind their children. How chotte was and now how he has become ruthless and now she can see her chotte returning how he was before when they used to live with their parents, and this is cuz of khushi.Aman now understands the anger behind ASR,

Aman : Dont worry anjali i am sure ASR will soon return back to normal and i will make sure he and you both get all the happiness which u both deserve.

The Waiter comes and serves the food and they have their food and chatting and laughing.

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Posted: 05 June 2013 at 6:16pm | IP Logged
Awhhh loving the progression of arnav and khushis relationship really cute :) thanks for the pm can wait for the next part :)
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Posted: 14 June 2013 at 7:23am | IP Logged

Hello friends.. I will be posting this FF and my other FF on my blog. If incase u need my blog link please PM me with ur e-mail address.

Edited by shanthiva - 14 June 2013 at 7:45am

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Posted: 16 June 2013 at 5:38am | IP Logged
I have got some PM's so i will be giving access to them. I am also writing some SS. My Blog is finally Completed. So i will finally PM the full blog link to only whom i have got the list.

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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 1:21am | IP Logged

Chapter 34 : Couples Outing Part B

At Arnav & Khushi's Table :

Arnav led khushi to the table but before that he pulled her into a tight hug which she reciprocated.

Arnav : Finally Di is going to out of the clutches of that shyam. I am happy khushi. Will mumma pappa be happy with me. Did i miss any where in taking care of Di.

Khushi : Arnav. ur mumma, pappa will be very proud of u. Infact i am really proud of u. They will be really happy to see how their son is taking care of his Di in their absence. No arnav u did not miss any thing in making Di happy. Whatever happened it is for good. At Least you got to know the real face of shyam.  I promise u aranv just like my jiji, i will love, protect and fight with anybody for ur Di. Its my promise to u arnav.

Arnav breaks the hug and sees khushi's face for some time. Khushi cups his face and places a soft kiss on his forehead telling him silently that she will be there with him and he is not alone. Arnav cups her face and then kisses her on her lips and khushi holds his arms tightly so that she doesnt fall down. After some time they broke apart due to lack of oxygen. Arnav slowly led her to the table. They ordered for their lunch and were waiting for their order.

Khushi : Arnav i am so happy for Di and Jiji.I am sure aman will love her for what she is. I am bit sad cuz all this happened because of me. If i was not there then Di would have been happy with Shya.. But was cut off by arnav.

Arnav : Shut up khushi dont ever take that person's name in front of me. How dare he try to hurt u and more over Di. I know he was not like this but then is money everything in a person's life. Only if i had done a background check Di would not be facing all this. It was my fault that i believed such a person even after knowing what my Chaachaji did, but that time he came as a saviour and we were in need of someone. But i never thought in my wildest dreams that he will turn out to be same like my chaacha.

Khushi : Ok Ok Sorry arnav. Ok now lets forget it and tell me what is the surprise u have arranged. Is it only for Di or for all of us.

Arnav : Hmmm Sorry to disappoint you khushi, i know so many things were happening and i dint plan a surprise for u, but right now i just want Di to be happy. We have been through tough time and again her life is going back to the same when my parents died.

Khushi  :Arnav i know how much u love Di i was just asking u. Moreover i am happy that u have thought about Di. Cuz right now she needs u, she needs her brothers who can do anything to keep her happy. She needs amanji who was ready to lay his life for her. U know why i am happy cuz Di is happy, which makes u happy. I promise arnav n future both of us will keep Di as our first priority. No matter what situation arises. Promise me arnav. I know u will always keep Di as ur first priority but then now that u will be sharing ur love between Di & me i dont want her to feel insecure. Promise me arnav.

To say arnav was shocked would be understatement. He was shocked to see khushi who was so selfless and innocent and so understanding. He almost had tears in his eyes seeing such a person after a long time.

Arnav : Khushi.. Khushi i dont know what to say. How can you be so selfless sweetheart.

Khushi : Arnav what is there to get emotional, see same like how Jiji is to me, Di is to u. Infact she is like ur mother.So when i can go to any extent to get smile on my Jiji's face, same way u also can go to any extent right. And now that i and Jiji are a part of ur family so we should also think about Di.

Arnav : U know khushi, i am sure mamma & pappa would be very happy seeing u.I am sure they would have loved u a lot. More that me also.

The waiter came with their order and they had their lunch discussing about his parents and his struggles.

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..Gunjan.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 June 2013 at 1:53am | IP Logged
lovely update
really khushi is being so selfless
awesome and sweet
continue soon Smile

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Posted: 01 July 2013 at 8:07pm | IP Logged
so will you be writing everything on the blog now? nothing on I-F?
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Chapter 34 : Couples Outing Part C :

Akash & Payal Table :

Akash led payal to the table. He pulled the chair close to her and caught hold of her hand and thought for a while to tell what he was thinking.

Payal : Akash what happened. Something is bothering you. Tell me. I am here to listen.

Akash : Payal i am sorry, whatever happen with khushi, i know by telling sorry nothing will change if something major had happened. But still bhai was there to protect her from that devil. I ...i dont know how could he cheat Di like this payal. After all they went through in their life, Betryal, loss of business,, thrown out of their own house. I, i know payal how bhai struggled to come to this position. That Shyam was so nice and helped us a lot, He came into our life when we were totally broken. At Least i had my parents, but bhai, he was always close to his mom. He used to follow his father like godfather. All his skills of handling business reminds me of him. I was small but still i remember some of the sweet memories which i spent with them. Bhai must have broken facing again betrayal that too from a person whom he respected as his brother. I am sorry payal, but i am sure bhai will do anything to keep khushi safe.

Payal : Akash, there is no need to ask sorry, i know the damage is not more but then i can see how much khushi is happy being with arnavji. I am happy that she has such a person in her life who loves her and is ready to do anything. He went against his Jijaji to protect her. I only hope they are happy like this always and also anjaliji. I am sure she would have gone through a lot and again one more betrayal that too from a person whom u all trusted. I am sure amanji will keep her happy and she deserves a person who loves her for what she is and not for what is has.

Akash : THanks payal, i am sure aman will keep Di happy but i still cant believe that that shyam tried to kill Di. How can he payal, was all talks, promises fake.

Payal : Akash now no one can change what has happened, but now we can be careful and be prepared in future. Anjaliji's happiness is our main motto now. I will do anything to see the smile on her face. Its a promise to u akash. She is also my sister just like khushi. Actually akash i wanted to ask something. How about we go to some outing taking a break. So that anjaliji's mind also will get diverted.

Akash : Well payal its a good idea but then we have to be here for the divorce hearing and i am sure we will win the case, but still lets wait and then we will go and celebrate.

Payal  :Hmm  thatz also true. Ok then we will wait for the hearing and then we will decide where to go.

Akash slowly gets up and makes payal get up and hugs her. Payal initially feels shy but then understands that he needs this hug. She hugs him back. He breaks the hug after sometime and cups her face. Payal understand what is going to happen next and blushing trying to come out of his hold, but then akash holds her face firmly telling his intentions. He looks into her eyes asking for permission. Payal gives the permission, Akash kisses her on her forehead, eyes, cheeks and finally capture her lips. After sometime they break the kiss due to lack of oxygen.

They order their lunch and have their lunch speaking about their life.

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