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Posted: 14 May 2013 at 1:12am | IP Logged

Chapter 32 : Fuming in anger...

The next day all of them join in the prayer hall and then head towards the dinning table for breakfast. Breakfast was a jolly affair with teasing the newly engaged couple. Payal & khushi having a competition on who is blushing to the maximum. Anjali decided to speak to arnav before he leaves to office.

Anjali : Chotte wo wo i actually wanted to speak to you before you leave for office.

There was pin drop silence on the table.

Arnav: What happened Di and looks at aman who shifts in his chair feeling ASR eyes on him.

Anjali : Infact i want to speak to you all.. Since so many bad things happened in our lives, i want all of us to forget it and be happy from now on since both of my brothers have got their love in their life. As for me is concerned i want to forget shyam and move on. I want to divert myself into something to forget everything. So i want to join the NGO and start helping and doing social service and want to be a councellor for all those women who are affected like me so that they can be strong and come up in life instead of being blamed for no mistake of theirs. I want to divorce shyam chotte as soon as possible. Please try to speed up the process. And aunty, buaji, uncle i am really sorry for what happened to khushi cuz of him, i never thought that he would stoop so low. But now i am happy since khushi has chotte with her and if chotte is happy then i am happy. Please lets forget it and move on.

All were shocked hearing anjali. Naani, maami, maamaji, guptas, were just looking at her and silently tears rolled down their cheeks thinking how can someone so pure could be cheated.

Naani (got up from her seat) : Anjali bitya... Hey bhagwan why is this happening to me, first my daughter, son-in-law, now my anjali bitiya... Y am i still alive to see so much pain.

Manoramma : Saasuma.. Please dont cry all will be fine. Anjali bititya is fine saasuma. She will get her share of happiness soon. DM cannot be so hard on her.

Arnav: Naani please dont cry and infact i want to talk to you all regarding one important matter. Its about abotu..

Naani, maami, mamaji guptas stare at arnav.

Manaoramma : Hey... What happens arnav bituwa.. THe ASR thinking to speak...

Arnav: Wo maami, naani..maamaji.. Wo wo..

Khushi sees aman and then anjali and understands and then thinks it might be true. She then looks at arnav who nods his head.

Khushi then looks at anjali and just smiles at her who inturn blushes. Suddenly khushi stands up screaming.

Khushi :  Are wah... Di i am so happy for you...

Garima : Khushi kya huva.. R u gone mad.. Jiji you used to call her correctly.. Sankadevi.

Khushi : Amma, u are not understanding what i am trying to tell you. Am i guessing right Di.

Payal : Khushi watz wrong with you. stop these riddles and tell us what are you thinking.

Arnav: Actually Naani, maami.. but was cut by khushi.

Khushi : Arnav how many times will keep repeating the same thing.. Cant you go beyond naani, maami, maamaji... well let me complete the sentence for you then.. God alone knows how the world calls you ASR... who cant even complete one sentence. Naaniji, maamiji, maamaji actually di is in love with someone. So after she is free from shyam she would like to re-marry that person and stay happy.

Buaji (screaming and hitting her head with her palms) : Hai re nandakishore.. Aye sankadevi what has gotten into you.. have you gone mad that you are blabbering whatever comes from ur mouth.

Shashi : Khushi wat are you saying bitiya... Please keep quiet..

Buaji, garima, shashi share a scared look amoing themselves and then look at naani who looks too shocked to even utter a word.

Arnav: Yes naani, aman likes Di and wants to marry her and give her all the happiness which she deserves.

Aman who was sipping the tea choked and had a fitting cough.. Khushi rushes to him and pats his back smiling at him.

Arnav: Come on aman speak up damit it..

Aman : Ye...Yes.. ASR i mean arnav i mean...

Khushi : Arnav is this the way you treat ur would-be-brother-in-law... I know u might be ASR but that is outside this house, He may be ur Right hand thatz in ur office not inside this house.

Maami : Anjali bitiya izz this trues?

Anajli : Yes maami.. Aman saved me from that evil person who tried to kill me, he then proposed me but i was in dilema but then i am also a human being, i also want to get happines in my life. What mistake did i do? I loved him with all my life and he just cheated me and the words he spoke...Chee i feel ashamed that i married a person like him. If you all agree then... she trailed off silently crying..

Manaohar : Ma if anjali bitiya is happy with this then i am with her and arnav bituwa.

He comes near her and hugs her silently crying for all the pain she and arnav had gone through in their life.

Naani :  Aman bituwa, i am happy and know that you will take care of anjali bitiya. Let all get solved then we can arrange for 3 weddings.

Akash, payal, garima, buaji, shashi, arnav hugged aman & anjali feeling happy for her and silently praying DM that she should get all the happiness in her life.

ARnav: Oh by the way there is a party in the hotel today.. Naani will you all come.

Naani : No chotte you all go i will stay at home and plan for the upcoming 3 weddings, i need to speak to pandit also.

With that arnav, akash and ama left to office. Khushi stay with Di and payal chatting and teasing Di.

At AR :

Well the entire atmosphere was dense since someone was fuming in  anger & it looked like that person would burn everyone.

The ride to AR office was filled with  lot of teasing done by akash & arnav to aman who did not stop taking revenge in teasing their boss which of course would happen once in lifetime.,

Aman, akash & arnav enter the AR. But their tracks were stopped seeing the person  and instantly there was a change in air and the range started building in arnav. Akash looked at arnav and aman knowing very well the volcano could erupt at any time.

Arnav (screaming on top of his voice) : Security.. Security...

Security guard : Ye..Yes ...Sir

Arnav: Who the hell left her inside? What were you doing?

Lavanya: Come on ASR dont be so rude on him.. He dint know what happened and thought that i am still working here... Well let it be.. But can you tell me what is this... With that she throws the newspaper on the floor which had the pictures of the previous day event and their engagement news & photo.

Thatz it arnav forgot where he was and took dangerous steps towards lavanya.. Before arnav could grab her akash and aman interrupted.

Akash : Well lavanya what has that got to do with you.. Its our personal matter and you are just a staff here so behave.

Aman : You have already created enough damage here lavanya so please dont create more damage here..

Lavanya(laughing & clapping hands) : Look who is talking... A person who knows ASR's sister is married and is facing problem with her husband but then started liking her and went ahead to protect her...

Arnav : Lavanya... But then someone clapping their hands behind them interrupted him, all of them turned towards the door to see who it was and what they saw shocked arnav, akash and aman most.


At RM :

After aman, akash, arnav left for office, the elders called pandit and informed him to come home.Payal, anjali & khushi were in anjali's room and were teasing her. After some time they heard the door bell. HP opened the door and lead the lawyer who was handling anjali's divorce case into the living room.

Lawyer : Hello madam, i came to meet anjali madam regarding her divorce case.. The hearing is next wednesday.

Naani broke down hear this but then composed herself and asked HP to take him to anjali's room.

The lawyer went to her room and spoke for some time regarding the case and its hearing. They also wanted some clarifications from arnav, so payal, khushi, anjali along with lawyer left for AR..

When  they entered AR they heard arnav shouting and lavanya accusing aman, they saw arnav making his move towards her and to stop him from doing something anjali interrupted him.

--------------------------------end of flashback-------------------------------


Akash/Arnav: Di...

Aman : Anjali

Payal & khushi were burning in anger for what they heard from lavanya.

Anjali : Well said lavanya... I need to appreciate you guts to speak infront of ASR.. But dont forget i am also ASR that is Anjali Singh Raizada... Now i will answer you doubts.

Lavanya : Wo.. Madam..Wo...

Khushi : Are what happened Lavanya? WHy u started stammering... COme up open your mouth and speak..

Lavanya lost her control and slapped khushi for speaking to her in that tone... This is it was the limit for arnav. before he could do something to her payal came forward and slapped her hard on her face twice and pushed her on to the floor,

Payal (Screaming in anger) : Who the hell are you to slap khushi.. You cheap girl.. What the hell is your problem...

Lavanya(getting up) How dare you bitch.. U and ur sister are no less.. I was supposed to be the shop stopper but then ASR made her the shopstopper. SHe has always been crossing my line from lucknow. SHe spoiled the show there, i thought ASR will ruin her life but then he gave her a job her and i had to wear the clothes designed by her.. By her a small town girl. SHe created so much problem in his family and now she has to audicity to take ASR from me..

Anjali was too shocked to hear all this. She moved forward and slapped her again.   

Anjali : Arnav i want this female out of this office NOW.. ANd Lavanya mind my words never turn into this office. I will not spare anyone who points a finger to my family and my bhabis. And regarding me & aman its our personal matter and no other than my family(turning to other employees) is supposed to question me or him Do you get it. Arnav i want her job to be terminated and she should beg for her life. You being just an employee here have the audicity to question my life. Arnav, Aman get her termination letter NOW. ANd you (turning towards security) make sure she is thrown out of this office once she is handed her termination letter.

Security just nods his head seeing for the first time in his life anjali madam so similar as his boss.

Akash, aman and arnav are equally shocked. Anajli Di who was always smiling, bubly and never get angry was spitting fire from her eyes.. They were so rooted on their spot to even think anything.

Anjali : Aman what are you waiting for? Get her termination letter now and meet me in the Boardroom along with akash & arnav.. Security see to it that she is just permitted in to sit in the sofa there and she does not roam anywhere in the office or you will soon join her losing your job. Arnav, akash aman we will be waiting for you in the boardroom, the lawyer and me want to discuss something. So finish this mess and meet us there.

Saying this she, payal, khushi & lawyer head towards the boardroom leaving behind fuming lavanya, shocked and stunned employees and arnav, akash & arnav.

After few minutes all come back from their shocked state..

Arnav: Aman get the paper which i asked you to prepare.

Aman moves to his cabin and gets a file. Arnav signs it and throws the file on lavanya's face.

Arnav: Take the letter and get the hell out of here. Akash, aman contact all our clients and this news of Lavanya being terminated should be posted to them, make sure she does not get any job in future. Till now i was keeping quiet lavanya cuz i knew how talented you were, but when you started you cheap tricks on khushi i just warned you but then what you did today you broke all my patiences to tolerate you.. Security throw her out and make sure she doesn't step here again.. (Turning to his employee) : Anybody who supports her or has any contact with her can follow her now or in future if i came to know about it.. Now everyone get back to work.

All dismiss from there and lavanya takes the file and leaves from there. Aman, Akash & Arnav move towards the boardroom thinking what is waiting for them now

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Vithagan2304 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 May 2013 at 2:11am | IP Logged
amazing update, lav has d audicity to slap khushi:(
loved ths new avatar of anjali:)

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..Gunjan.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2013 at 3:54am | IP Logged
Awesome update
How dare lavanya slap khushi
I love this anjali's new avtar
Payal slapped lavanya...good she deserves this and much more
Continue soon

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nishaipkkdian Goldie

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Posted: 14 May 2013 at 4:42am | IP Logged
Amazing. I hate Lavanya. How dare she to slap Kushi? I am gld Payal and Anjali slapped her. I like this Anjali.

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dva2vra IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 May 2013 at 7:00am | IP Logged
la ki bachi tero to mein

loved anjali

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khanmadiha Groupbie

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awesome updateThumbs Up
Srilathalolla IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2013 at 8:51am | IP Logged
Wow nice update after a long time. 
GaayaThangavelu Senior Member

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Posted: 14 May 2013 at 8:57am | IP Logged
OMG Anjali becomes ASR to...
Superb update...
lived it so much...

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