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laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 January 2013 at 3:48am | IP Logged
interesting, loved arnav-aman convo finally he aman confessed about his love for anjali.
great, double engagement - arshi and payash 

Sweta... Goldie

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Posted: 13 January 2013 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
Awhhh the conversation between arnav and aman was really sweet... Thanks for the pm can't wait for the next oart :)

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-SanjanaSobti- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 January 2013 at 10:40pm | IP Logged
curiously waiting for part B
shanthiva Senior Member

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Posted: 19 January 2013 at 7:00am | IP Logged
Chapter 29 B : Aman's confession to ANjali(contd) :

In Hospital : 

Aman is almost fine only the pain is little unbearable. Doctor advises him to take rest and continue medicines. He tells arnav that aman can be discharged by 9pm. Akash calls arnav in the evening and tells that the dress is almost ready. However lavanya is still unaware of it. Arnav instructs to keep the security on high alert since he does not want anyone to ruin the day. He asks to keep khushi out of the store room if not she will be shocked.He confirms the same to aman. Khushi calls arnav.

Arnav : Hey khushi.. Missing me.

Khushi : Arnav.. How is aman. Arnav i am really scared i know u should be worried as well and now this, i mean aman got injured just cuz of me., and well i am really missing u arnav and also nervous. OMG arnav i forgot to go check the clothes again.

Arnav (panics) : Hey hey the costume is more important than me.

He signals aman to msg akash since khushi is insisting to go & check the dresses. Aman msgs akash the same while arnav continues to distract khushi.

Khushi : Not like that.. But still..U have given me this opportunity & i should not spoil ur name like how i did it in lucknow.

Arnav :Khushi … I know u wont do anything.Wish i could see u now..

Aman shouts : Yea khushi someone is really missing you tooo much...

Khushi hears this and blushes.

Khushi : Ok let me come to hospital and meet aman. I could not speak to him .

Arnav relaxes and tells her to come to hospital. Khushi tells akash the same goes to hospital.

AMan : Hey khushi.. Well how are you? By the way did you come to see me or ur loverboy..

Khushi blushes and arnav glares at aman.

Khuhsi : Well aman i came to see u only.. and anyway i should see arnav lifelong.. so for a change thought of seeing u.

Arnav :THis is not fair khushi.. U r flirting with my hone-wale jeejaji...

Khushi : WHat.. OMG arnav.. u mean aman confessed his love to anjaliji.

Aman : Well er..No khushi..i just told ASR. Actually i want anjali to give some time.And since we met lawyer today, should wait for divorce and then i should tell her and make her understand that i love her for what she is, i dont want her to think other way round.

Khushi : Right aman, u r right. Anajliji deserves a wonderful person who loves her for what she is and i am sure aman u will keep her happy. Who will with full willingness with put their head in lion's den and get roared by the great ASR...

Aman and khushi started laughing and arnav just glares at them and then starts laughing. Aman is shocked to see ASR laughing.

Aman : ASR what a magic. Thank u khushi.. cuz of u ASR is laughing. ASR laughing is good for health.

Arnav composes himself and goes to get coffee for khushi.

Khushi : Ok aman so now that ur boss is gone, tell me did u give any hint for anjali. Did u see how she was when she came here. Hugging u & crying.. Hmm aag dono taraf barabar lagi hai.. Anyway if incase u want any help tell me.

Payal & maami enter the room..

Payal : No no amanji please dont take any help from her. Do what ur heart tells she is a sankadevi as buaji calls her. SHe will ruin ur plan.

Khushi : Jiji.. THis is not fair..

Manoramma : hello hi bye bye.. WHy fear when maami izz here. Aman bituwa any help dont hesitate to ask me..

Arnav: Yea aman sure maami will help u instead of khushi.

Khushi : Arnav this is not fair, first jiji and now u.

Aranv: Y did u forget how u messed my show in lucknow.

Khushi : Hmm no but i did ask sorry and u also punish.. 

she stopped her sentence halfway realising what she was going to tell and turned red. Arnav raises an eyebrow seeing her turning red and just smirks at her.

Maami : Arnav bituwa what doctor tell? WHen he is going to discharge aman bituwa.. Someone is very eager to welcome him home.

Payal : Well amanji..that is true someone is very eager to welcome u home.

Aman : Well er..I think i will be fine i will go home.

Khuhsi : No way amnaji.. How can u be so ruthless like ASR.. No wonder he is turning all people around him like him. I thought u are not his type. How can u break the heart of anjaliji..

Aman just blushes and didn't know what to say.. Seeing his condition all start laughing. In the meanwhile khushi gets a call. SHe excuses herself and attends the call. Arnav follows her.

Khushi : Hello who is this.

Caller: Hello madam just want to tell u that dont fly high with the success you are going to get. I will make sure that ASR throws u out of his company and life. u cheap girl. Just move away from him if not i will ruin the show like how something is ruined which u are unaware.

The caller disconnects the call. Khushi sits on the bench outside the room. Arnav sees the change in her face and rushes to her.

Arnav : Khushi Khushi what happened? WHo was it.. Speak up dammit.

Khushi : Arnav i dont know who is it, the person told that i should leave AR and u if not  she will ruin the show like how she ruined something which i am unaware. WHat is ruined arnav. Do u know it.

Arnav : Khu.. Khushi.. no i dont know forget it na. Some crazy people, u know right i am ASR and i have rivals and this is someone. so dont worry.

He slowly hugs her and takes her phone to get the number. He breaks the hug and goes inside the room. Akash calls arnav and tells that everything is set for tomorrow. In the meantime doctor arrives and gets the discharge papers. Arnav informs akash about aman's discharge. He comes to hospital from AR. Akash calls home and informs everybody about aman's discharge. Anjali is on cloud nine. She happily starts the preparation for aman's arrival. All are happy seeing her smiling.Akash, arnav, aman, khushi,payal & maami leave the hospital.


Anjali is very happy.

Anjali : Naani amanji has got discharged, we will make him stay here till he recovers fully. HP..HP please make sure the spare guest room is ready.

Naani : Anjali betiya.. CAlm down why are you running like this.

Then anjali realised what she was doing and turns to see naani & guptas smiling at her. Arnav along with aman, akash, payal,khushi  & maami come to RM. HP opens the door. When they were about to enter naani stopped aman from entering and they see anjali getting pooja thali. Khushi sees anjali full of smiles and she pressed arnav's hand asking him to look at his Di. Arnav saw his Di happy smiling in front of him. Maami took the taal from anjali and did the welcome of aman into RM. Though aman felt little uncomfortable since it was his boss's family but dint dare to tell anything. Arnav read aman's face expressions and said

Arnav: Aman relax.. I know what u are thinking but u need to have someone to take of u in this situation. U cant be all alone when ur family is not here. ANd dont worry i know how u can compensate this gratitude which my family is giving to u now.

Anjali : Chotte stop it. U are really too  much. Amanji dont worry about him. He may be ASR ur boss but it is only in his office, here in RM decisions are made by naani, maami & me. And u chotte (pointing a finger at arnav) dont u dare say a word now. Now help me to the guest room and let him take rest.

To say aman was shocked would be understandment he has always seen ASR barking orders to others without giving a chance for other to talk but here the tables had turned. Here his Di was giving him the orders and the great ASR was quiet.

Arnav: (shocked) : Di u are unbelievable. U know what you are proving that u are a raizaada.

Anjali : Chotte that is cuz i am born as a raizaada.. holding her chin up..

All smiled seeing the sight between anjali & arnav. Arnav & akash helped aman to settle into the guest room. Aman was planning to tell anjali about his feelings to anjali. Arnav sensed that aman was lost in his thoughts and then thought of speaking to him.

Arnav : Ok aman out with what u are thinking.

Aman : uh? ASR i was just.. just..

Arnav: Unbelievable. Speak up aman what is it..

Aman : I was thinking that i should speak to anjali.

Khushi who had entered the guest room with fruits & juice said : Wonderful idea amanji. Wiat i will give u ideas what u can do.

Arnav( panic & shouts) : NO.. I mean no khushi.. I think aman can handle this situation by himself.

Khushi : Arnav this is not fair. Anyway forget him amanji. Well what u can do is go to terrace and decorate it with flowers and then prepare a table for two for dinner. Anyway i will give u a poem, read it to anjaliji and say that u love her & go on ur knees and say i love u anjali.. Wow wonderful just like how it happens in films.

Arnav & aman looked at each other and then at khushi and they burst into laughter. Hearing this anjali came. Khushi had her hands on her hips with a perfect 'O' formed and was glaring at arnav for making fun of her idea.

Anjali : Are what happend, why u both are laughing so much, tell me the reason and khushi y  are u so angry.

Arnav :Di.. (still laughing ) Di u should have heard what khushi told aman. OMG khushi it only happens in films not in real life..

Anjali : (confused) : WHat happened ? WHat did khushi tell..

Khushi : Arnav stop it right NOW or else , slow tears started to form in her eyes with that she turned her face and stormed out of the room.

Aman : Oops tough time ASR... All the best.. with that he started laughing again.

Arnav winks at aman and goes out in search of khushi. but then turns back and raises his thumbs up and closes the door behind him.

Anjali : Amanji what happened? Y is khushi so angry and y u and chotte where laughing.

Aman holds anjali's hands and makes her sit.

Aman : Anjali are u alright. I am sorry i dint know what happened. Did he hurt u? I knew ASR would come to save u.

Tears started forming in her eyes. Aman looked at her still holding her hand and nodded his head in no indicating not to cry. Anjali wipes her tears.

Anjali : I know amanji chotte will come, but i was shocked with what he told, how could he. I hate him, i hate him more than the love i had for that disgusting person. Cuz of me khushi suffered.

Aman : Anjali i know u are hurt but now there is no way all will turn back to normal. I can suggest u only one thing, move ahead in ur life. Leave back ur past.. I know it is not so easy but u need to work on it cuz i can see how much pain ASR has when he sees u crying or in pain, but that one smile on ur face brings smile on ASR's face. Move on anjali and i know for ur sweetheart u will get a person who will love u from the bottom of his heart and will keep u always happy.

Anajli (with sad smile) : Do u really think amanji.. Well...

Aman : Yes anjali i am sure, ok tell me when u were going to get married what was ur thought of husband i mean what he should be.

Anajli : Well amanji, i wanted a man who can read my silence and understand me without me saying any words. I wanted a man who would love me for what i am.

Aman : I see... Well anjali i can see that u want to move on but something is stopping u. Dont tell me no nothing, cuz i can read ur eyes.

Anjali was shocked she tried pulling back her hand from aman but aman pressed her hand slightly looking directly into her eyes. Anjali could see strange volumes his eyes were speaking but she was confused,scared.

Aman : Anjali i want to give u all the happiness u deserve.I started liking u anjali and i cant see ur tears. I have always seen u as a strong person just like ASR but when i met u in lucknow i was shattered seeing u broken. I wanted to take away all ur pain but then i knew it was not possible since u are ASR's sister. But then when u told about divorce and trusted me, i thought why not give it a try. I started falling for u anjali. I dont want you to think that i am taking this decision seeing ur current condition or feeling pity on u. But i have always admired u. I wish once all this mess is cleared u will be with me always forever. I will make sure you get all the happiness which u deserve anjali. I love you anjali, i want to marry you.

Anjali hears everything silently trying to process what aman had said then finally  lone tear made its way down towards the cheeks, aman immediately wipes the tear and looks at anjali. Anjali slowly withdraws her hand from aman and stands and goes near the window seeing the dark night outside. Aman gets out of the bed and goes and stands near anjali giving her some time to say something.after few minutes which seemed to be ages for aman anjali turns towards aman and comes closer to him.

Anjali : Amanji i dont know what to tell or do. I mean i do like u but not in this situation, i am already a used person and a girl who comes in ur life should have a clear history, not someone like you. When i saw you getting shot for my sake from shyam i felt as if i lost my life.Do u love me so much that u dint think twice to take that bullet to protect me.

Aman : (holds her hand) : Anjali.. first of all what matters to me is that i love you thats it. And why should i think to save you, since you are the most beautiful and wonderful person anybody would crave for in their life. So will u do me the honors of being with me forever.

Anjali nods her head and hugs aman and starts crying, aman consoles her. she hugs him tightly and then she felt something liquid on her cheeks, she lifted her face and saw blood was oozing. She jerks back and starts panic and immediately goes to take the first aid box and makes aman sit on the bed and cleans the wound and applies bandage.

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..Gunjan.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2013 at 8:28am | IP Logged
Awesome update
Feeling happy for Anjali hope there is no more problems to come between them
Khushi and Arnav were also cute.
Loved it !
spunk22 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 January 2013 at 1:25pm | IP Logged
update soon
Reader_Hobby Goldie

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Posted: 19 January 2013 at 6:02pm | IP Logged
Hope you are doing well ... Smile
I love the relationship shared between Arnav and Aman. I'm pretty sure that he is comfortable with the latter having known him for awhile, but also admires his honesty. Brave of Aman LOL
Lovely updates.
mika17 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 January 2013 at 5:24am | IP Logged
wow awesome update can't wait to c wat hppns at da fashion show

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