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Sry for late post... Without any further delay... i am posting the next post...

shanthiva Senior Member

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Chapter 5 : Visit to SHEESH Mahal

THe next day khushi wakes up and sits on her bed thinking what happened yesterday night. How Arnav kissed her and her heart rate started increasing. Her chain of thoughts were broen by payal & Buaji's voice.

Buaji : Are O Sankadevi. Still you are on bed. Dont you want to get ready and go to sheesh mahal to show sarees to Naaniji & Anjaliji.

Payal : Ha Khushi, Anjaliji has already called twice. Now get up and get ready fast, since akashji has already arranged a car for us to pick us.

Khushi : Ok Jiji.. give me two minutes.

Khushi rushes into her bathroom with lightning speed and after 20mins comes out wearing a red colour chudhidar.
Payal checks the sarees which she had chosen to show to naaniji.

garima : Payal why dont you take some more expensive sarees from your shop. I doubt whether they will like such simple sarees.

Payal : dont worry amma. Akashji told na that naaniji like simple designs. I hope they will like it, if still no go then i will take them to the shop.

In the mean time the car arrives and there is a knock at the door. Buaji opens the door and sees the driver.He tells them that he was sent by akash.

Buaji : Payal see the car has arrived.

Payal comes near the door with 2 bundles full of sarees. The driver helps her to carry it and keeps it in the car.

Payal : Khushi where r u?The car has come. What is taking you such a long time.

Khushi : Are Jiji coming dont worry i wont be late.

She was about to go out when her phone rang. Unknown number .
She picks the call.

Khushi : Hello who is this?

Person : Someone whom you know.

Khushi : Dekhiye whoever you are, how did u get my number.

Person : It is very easy for me to get your number dear. Without even raising my hand i can also get you.

Khushi shocked to hear such words and opens her mouth in perfect O shape and cuts the call.

Payal : What happen Khushi?

Khushi : Nothing jiji come lets go.


Arnav is in his cabin thinking about previous night and his conversation with khushi which he had just now. Arnav gets a call from Aman from delhi office.

Aman : ASR there is a need for new designer here in delhi for the upcoming celebration of AR sucess.

Arnav thought for a while and then spoke.

Arnav : Aman i have found a girl suitable for this position but anyway i still dont know if she would agree. Anyway why dont you such speak to her regarding this and let me know you opinion on this.

Aman was shocked to hear ASR for the 1st time asking his opinion. ASR was a man who made his own decisions but then was now very keen in knowing about the girl which his boss was talking.

Aman : Ok ASR. Please let me know her details so that i can contact her.

Arnav : Ok Aman i will send you the details and hangs the call.

Aranv call Akash since he was at home.

Akash : Ha bhai tell me. U called me.

Arnav could hear loud laughs of his sister and other in the hall.

Arnav : Akash who is at home. So much of noice that i cant even hear you.

Akash : Actually bhai i forgot to tell you, Di had invited payal and khushi to home to show the sarees. So they are here and we all are having nice fun here.

Aranv : Akash there is a neeed for new designer in delhi office and aman just called me. I though of asking khushi since you had already proposed her for the job. Could you please pass the phone to her.

Akash : Khushiji , Bhai wants to talk to you  and gives her the phone.

Khushi : Hello.

Arnav : Hi Khushi. This is Arnav here. Actually can you come down to my office right now since i might need your help.

Khushi surprised, its just 2 days back that they have met and he is asking her help.

Khushi : But i dont know where you office is and right now i am with Jiji. how can i come to your office.

Arnav : Dont worry akash will arrange the car for you, please pass the phone to akash.

Akash : Ha Bhai. Tell me

Aranv : Akash speak to khushi alone and then arrange a car for her so that she can come to my officie.

Akash : Ok Bhai. bye.

Akash : Khushiji, i want to actually talk to you regarding what i asked you yesterday.

Anjali : What happend akash? You are sounding little tensed.

Akash : Ha Di actually there is a need for new desinger in delhi office and since khushiji has completed her graduation in fashion designing, i had suggested her to work with us.

Anjali : Are Wah Akash that really a good news. Khushi working with us in AR.Congrats Khushi.

Akash : But Di she has not yet told her decision to us.

Khushi : Akashiji its really nice for this offer but how can i come leaving my family here and there is no one in delhi whom i know.

Naani : Khushi Bitya anyway we are all going to delhi day after tomorrow so why dont you come and stay with us. We can even speak to your parents if you wnat.

Khushi exchanges her look with payal.

Payal : Naaniji can i speak to khushi for a sec.

Naaniji : Sure.

Payal and Khushi gets up and goes out of the Mahal into the lawn.

Payal : Khushi this is a good opportunity for you. Since now you have completed your studies and looking for job, and fro  my knowledge AR is the best company where you can gain experience and also learn new things.

Khushi : I know Jiji. but what will Amma,Buaji and Baabuji say.

Payal : Dont worry Khushi i will speak to them and please dont miss this chance.

They enter the Mahal. In the mean time Anjali, Maami and Naani selects most of the sarees which payal had got for them.

Anjali : What have you decided Khushi?

Khushi : Anjaliji i need to speak to my Buaji, amma. I dont mind working in AR.

Anjali : Ye huie na baat. Dont worry khushiji. We will speak to you r parents.

Naaniji : Anjali bitya call them for lunch tomorrow. so that we can also meet them and speak to them sicne we will be leaving to delhi day after tomorrow.

Anjali nods and calls Khushi's homw. Akash arranges a car for khushi so that she can reach AR office.

At AR Office:

Khushi enters the office alone with akash.Akash gets a phone call and he instructs khushi to go bhai's cabin.
Khushi takes small steps towards the stairs which leads to Arnav's cabin. She climbs the stairs and finally reaches the cabin and hears Arnav screaming at someone on top of his voice and starts getting scared for coming to his office at wrong time. She knocks the door. Arnav turns around and then disconnects the call.He was mesmerized seeing khushi in red dress and her beauty.

Aranv : Khushi come in. And tries to control his anger.

khushi :Sorry i think i came at the wrong time.

Arnav : No its ok. give me 5 mins and make your self comfortable.

He gets up from his chair and goes to his private washroom. In the meantime akash come to his cabin with 3 mugs. 1 black coffee for ASR and the other two mugs of tea for himself and khushi.

Akash : Where is Bhai khushiji?

Khushi points to the door where he went.

Akash : I think bhai needs some time to control his anger, that why he is in his washroom.

Khushi : I have never seen a person shouting like this on top of his voice. I was initially scared to enter the cabin but then i had to.

Akash : Hey relax Khushi Bhai gets angry very fast when things doesnt come his way or the way he wanted. But then only Di can control his anger. He is little tensed regarding the new designer post which is very much needed in AR office Delhi. Since we would be celebrating the success of AR design.

Now khushi understood why it was so important for askah to ask her to join AR and also why arnav was screaming to the person on top of his voice. Her chain of thoughts were broken with the click of washroom door.
Arnav entered his cabin and saw akash with a broad smile and a tensed khushi.

Arnav: I am sorry khushi.I dint mean to scare you.

Khushi ; Its ok aranv i understand. And i am ready to join AR. But i need time to speak to my parents.Infact Anjaliji has invited Amma,Baabuji & Buaji to Mahal for lunch tomorrow. But again i need to see what they have to tell.

Arnav : Thatz great. I will speak to them them.

Akash almost chocked his tea when he heard this  and gave a surprised look to aranv

Arnav : What? Y are you starring me like this.

Akash : Bhai is it you? I mean the great Arnav Singh Raizaada is going to speak to khushi's parents to get her to join AR delhi office. I cant believe this. I mean ASR nevers approaches anyone himself. he just raises his finger and things get done. But now OMG i cant believe this. I need to tell this to DI,. Hats Off to you Khuhsiji.

Akash get up and leaves the cabin to inform this to DI.

Arnav: Why is he acting so wiered?

Khushi : Arnav why did you call me here? Anything important.

Arnav heard akash screaming that he is leaving to mahal. Arnav shouted that he will drop khushi to home. Aranv gets up and closes the door and pulls the curtains to close the glass windows. Khushi is fully tensed seeing this behaviour of Aranv and her heart start beating fast again.

Khushi : Ar.. Arnav what is this? Why did you close the door and curtains.

Arnav turns around and gives a smirk and slowly walks towards khushi. Khushi in the meantime gets up from the chair and starts moving backwards until she hits the wall.

Aranv : I think i have told you that you are still to be punished Khushi for spoiling my show.

Khushi : I think you already punished me yesterday. 
And then covers her mouth wiht her hand realizing what she said and what she meant. Aranv gave a small smile and again started approaching her. arnav stood in front of her with his hands on either sides of the wall and she is trapped b/w him and the wall.

Khushi : Arnav i need to go home. Jiji will be waiting for me.

Arnav : Akash will drop her home.And you are not going until you get punished.

He slowing bends his face down and khushi came to know his next actions.

Khushi : Arnav this is not good. I mean i said i am sorry for spoiling your show but this is not the way to punish me. I also agreed to work with you and still you are.. But was cut off by arnav since he had placed his finger on her lips. Khushi was now trembling in fear and their proximity.

Arnav : Do you think i will take advantage of you? I just wanted to know when i near you why does it affect you. As far as the job is concern, i came to know all about you the 1st day itself and that is why i wanted you to work with me.

Khushi : How come you know about me. Does that mean it was you who called me today morning.

Arnav : You are clever khushi. Yes it was me who called you since i wanted to hear your voice.

Arnav raises his hand to her cheeks and touches the softness of her skin.

Khushi : Arnav please i need to go. Please stop this. 
and holds his hand.They share a eye lock.
Arnav grabs her from her waist and pulls her closer. Khushi looses her balance and holds arnav.

Khushi : why are you behaving like this? This is not good and starts struggling.Arnav hears his phone ring and them comes to know what he was doing with khushi. Arnav leaves her and turns around. 
I am sorry khushi. I am really sorry. I think its time that we go home. Naaniji will be waiting. I will drop you home.

He goes near the table and picks his phone rings and answers the call

Arnav : Ha di i am actually returning home. I will drop khushi to her home.

Anjali : Are nahi nahi chotte. Come home with khushi. We can have lunch together and then you can drop her home.

Arnav : Ok Di
and disconnects the call and then turns to see khushi.

Arnav : I am sorry khushi. Di wants us to in Mahal for lunch. I will wait for you in the outside.

He opens the door and leaves,leaving perplexed khushi behind.

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Aphrodite88 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 October 2012 at 8:40am | IP Logged
Nice!do continue soon!
Sweta... Goldie

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Posted: 13 October 2012 at 9:13am | IP Logged
Just found this post and read all the updates... It's awesome hahaha from the starting at sheesh mahal, lol very lovely they're love story developing, bless khushi she can't contro, herself hahahah cheeky arnav! Plz accept buddy request and pm me when you uodate :)
venkata IF-Dazzler

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Nice one plz continue
laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 October 2012 at 10:18am | IP Logged
very nice story read all the 5 parts in one go.
it is very interesting. please continue soon

(just one suggestion, please edit the heading just add  ARHI FF "before the words LOVE-HATE RELATIONSHIP, because readers may think it is a post not a story) then you will get more readers and comment.  
shanthiva Senior Member

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Chapter 6 : Khushi's Decision :

Arnav goes to the parking area and waiting infront of the office for khushi. Khushi comes out of the office and enters the car and they drive back to sheesh mahal silently.
Khushi avoids looking at arnav and keeps seeing outside the window.

Arnav: Khushi are you still angry?

Khushi : No arnav i am just confused by your behaviour towards me. The other day on the event you were so angry and what has happened that you have changed so soft towards me these days.

Arnav stops the car at the roadside and turns towards khushi.

Arnav :Hey khushi relax there is nothing like that. See i have undergone so many hardships to bring up this company without anybody's help. The fashion show was my Dad's dream but he could not fulfill it. Hence i was just upset and frustrated that the show was spoilt. But then i knew it was not your fault. It was cuz of lavanya.
And now i want you to help me in the upcoming project. That is why i was frustrated today when you came to my office. When it comes to work and business i dont care a damn for anything and i dont want to comprimise, This is the lesson i learnt from my dad.
This world is filled with ruthless people adn they just wait for an opportunity to pull you down. I took up this company when i was 20yrs and from then i struggled a lot to reach it to this heights. After i am Arnav Singh Raizaada and i get what i want. And my behaviour towards you will not change. I may be ruthless to the world but not to my family and afterall you are the head designer of AR and talented.

Khushi was surprised hearing arnav talking his mind out and keeps starring at him He potrayed a different picture very much different from what she saw him little while ago in his cabin.

Arnav: What!!! Enough khushi dont keep starring at me like this. Anyway lets go Di will be wiating for us.

AT Sheesh Mahal :

Naani speaks to buaji and invites them to mahal for lunch.Amma, Buaji arrive at mahal and are shocked to see the mahal.

Garima : Jiji dont know why they have called us here. I only hope Khushi has not done anything wrong again.

buaji : Hai re nandhakishore!!!! Ab ka bataye garima.. Is sankadevi ki sanak badthi hi jaa rahi hai. Come lets go and see.

They reach the door of the mahal and ring the bell. Maami comes and opens the door.

Maami : Hello hi bye bye!!!! Whoe izz you?

Garima : Namaste hum khushi ki amma hai aur yeh Khushi ki buaji hai.Hume Deivayaniji ne bula hai.

Maami : Hello hi bye bye!!! Okiezzz comezz in.

She lead both of them to the leaving room.

Buaji : Garima yeh log tho bahut bade log lagthe hai..

Garima : Haan jiji...

Naani come along with anjali from her room hearing the door bell.They see buaji and garima.

Maami : Saasuma this is Khushi's mother & buaji. And this is My MIL and anjali bitiya.

Naani : Namaste.

Garima & Buaji : Namaste. Hum garima hai khushi ki amma and yeh humari jiji hai.

Buaji : Hai re nandhakishore.. Ab humari sankadevi matlab Khushi  ne ka kaand kiye ho ke aap hume is tarah yahan bulaye.

Anjali : Are nahi nahi buaji, aap chinta math kijiye. khushi ne kuch nahi kiya hai. We just called you for lunch,

They all move to the living room where payal and akash were present.
Payal sees her amma and buaji and goes to them.

Payal : Amma, buaji aap log aagaye. Baabuji kaha hai..

Garima : Are payal where is khushi? Aur baabuji apne dost se milne gaye hai.

Anjali : She has gone to  chotte's office.they will be arrving any moment for lunch

Naani : We liked these sarees very much.

Garima : thank you so much. I thought you might not like since these are simple designs.

Naani : Nahi nahi garimaji, hume simple design hi pasand hai.

Aranv& Khushi reaches the mahal and they enter the mahal. Khushi sees her amma & buaji and runs towards them.

Khushi : Amma, Buaji aap log aagaye.

Aranv smiless and them and tell that he will join them in some time and walks towards his room.Buaji decides to tease khushi, so she acts to become angry at khushi, Khushi sees the sudden change in buaji's face and gets worried.

Khushi : buaji kya huva? aap hume aise kyu dekh rahe hai?

Buaji : Hai re nandhakishore. Ab ka bataye. ab tum kya kaandh kiye ho.

Khushi is confused adn wonders what has she done. Then she thinks may be they know abt the job offer.

Khushi : Buaji hume kuch nahi kiya.

Payal : buaji bas bhi kijiye, Khushi dnt get tensed buaji is just teasing you.

The servant comes and tell the lunch is ready. Naani asks everybody to join for lunch.

Naani : anjali betiya can u please call chotte for lunch.

Anjali : Jee naani and tries to move.

Khushi : Its of Anjaliji, i will go call him. Let me know which way i should go to his room.

Anjali tells her the way and heads towards the dinning area. Khushi reaches arnav's room & knows the door.
Since the door was not locked she jsut enters in when she did not get any response. At the same time Arnav comes out of the bathroom wrapped in towel and another towel drying his hair. Khushi sees aranv and is just rooted at the spot.
Aranv turns around and sees khushi rooted at the place.

Aranv : What the!!! Khushi wat are you doing here.

Khushi is so shocked that she doesnt hear anything and is just starring at arnav.
Aranv smirks and moves towards her and closes the door behind her and comes and stands infront of her and jerks her calling her name and tehn holds her hand. Then khushi realises that she is arnav's room and starts blushing seeing him in this condition.

Khushi : Ar.. arn..Aranv actually naa.. naani has called you for lunch. Anjaliji was going to come but then i told her that i will call you so i came here.

Aranv : Ok...are you teeling th truth or just couldnt stay without me.

Saying this he starts moving his hand on her cheeks. Khushi starts breathing heavily by his touch on her skin.Arnav notices this.

Khushi : Ar... Arnav we should go down. 

She starts moving towards the door, But arnav places his hand on both the side of the door trapping khushi. Khushi turns to face aranv.
Aranv quickly places a kiss on her cheeks and opens the door for khushi and khushi runs downstairs.
Aranv closes the door again & moves towards his closet to get ready for lunch.

Dinning Table :

Khushi runs towards the dinning area and gets settled. All look at her shocked.She is breathing hard.

Buaji : Are Sankadevi ka huva.. Y are you breathing so heavily and runnign like as if you have seen a ghost.

Khushi ; Not..Nothing buaji.

All settle down &  arnav comes & sees khushi blushing heavily.

Naani : garimaji, Madhumathiji.. Actually i wanted to ask you something from you. It is regarding khushi.

Buaji & garima sees khushi and asks her what is the issue. by the time khushi and payal tries to reply aranv starts his conversation.

Aranv: Actually aunty as you know i have an office in delhi. I need a good designer for delhi office for the upcomming fashion event. Since i got to know that khushi has completed her graduation in fashion i wanted her to join my company and help me in designing my upcoming project.

Garima & Buaji started choking their food when they heard this.
Payal gives them water and they drink it.

Naani : Aap ko koie aitheraaz nahi hai tho kya hum khushi ko apne saath le ja sakthe hai so that she can work in chotte's office.

Anajli : Ji Buaji, aap khushi ke baare mai chinta math ki jiye. Agar aap maan gaye tho hum khushi ko hamare ghar mai hi rakhenge.

Garima : I really dont know what to tell. Its left upto her to decide.

Payal : Of course amma khushi has decided to go since this is a good chance to gain experience and excel well in her profession. but she was scared abotu us.

Buaji : Ye titaliya.. Tum ka kahath ho... tum delhi jaana chahat ho...

Khushi : Haan buaji, i wanted to go and work, but i cant leave without you
and her eyes gets welled up.Garima cups her face and tells her not to worry and she can come here anytime.Garima & buaji giver her a green signal.

Akash : Thatz gr8 khushiji... So now you are officially belong to AR... Welcome to AR Khushiji..

Khsuhi is happy that her mother has agreed & then sees arnav smiling. Lunch is done and they move to the living room. Arnav decides to talk to khushi.

Aranv : Khushi we will be leaving to delhi tomorrow so that we can start our work.
Akash you can come with the family members day-after tomorrow.Aunty can i take khushi with me so that i can speak to her reagarding her role.

Garima nods her head and then khushi follows aranv to his room.

Naani : akash bituwa why dont oyu show payal the mahal.

Akahs is very ahppy hearing this. He get up immediately leaving every one shocked and then leads payal to show the mahal.

Arna & khushi reach the room and as usual arnav closes the door making khushi nervous. He sees her playing with her dupatta adn comes near her and holds her hand.

Arnav : Khushi relax. dont worry i wont punish you again.

Khushi : Arnav!!!!

Arnav makes khushi sit on the bed and then moves to his closet to take the file.

Aranv : So miss Khushi what have you decided about this deal... Working with AR..

Khushi : Arnav now that my mom has given her opinion i would join you in AR delhi for you upcoming show.

Arnav hands her the file. He calls aman to book two tickets for him & khushi and tells aman that khushi will be joining them from tomorrow.

Aranv :Khushi this ur appointment letter with some clauses. You can read it and then sign them. And be ready tomorrow at 8 AM. I will pick you up and then we can head towards delhi.
So Miss Khushi welcome to AR.. and he puts his hand forwards smiling.. Khushi stands up and shakes her hand with aranv saying thank you...

Finally the guptas reach home from sheesh mahal.
They have the dinner and khushi tires to sleep but she is not getting sleep. She just keeps tossing & turning on her bed.
On the other side Arnav is just waiting for tomorrow so that he can take khushi with him to delhi.

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Sweta... Goldie

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Posted: 14 October 2012 at 4:25am | IP Logged
Hahahahaha lol khushi just keeps getting punished hahahah! So sweet! Lol she's nervous and shy, and he's excited, more romance now how she going Delhi with them! :) thanks for the pm can't wait for the next part :)

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