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laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 December 2011
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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 6:28am | IP Logged
beautiful update loved both the chapters shanthi
today we got a double treat after a gap, worth this wait.

Priyyanka IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 October 2009
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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 8:06am | IP Logged
LOved both the updates
Muskaan_87 Goldie

Joined: 12 June 2012
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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
awsome update:)
so sweet full of love, care!
waiting 4 next update:)
Sweta... Goldie

Joined: 06 June 2012
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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 3:58pm | IP Logged
Awhhh amazing arnav taking care of khushi and the raiziadas desperate to et khushi and Payal as their bahus lol! Love he end when arnav was like I love you dammit and e hug in the hospital was amazing :) thanks for the pm can't wait for the next oart :) 
Sona257 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 March 2012
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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 4:00pm | IP Logged
loved the update.. love the way how the family support each other and how possessive arnav is about khushi.. can't wait for more arshi scenes <3.. Thxx for the pm dear <3
Vithagan2304 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 24 January 2012
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Posted: 18 December 2012 at 11:15pm | IP Logged
loved d update:) happy to see a strong anjali:)
shanthiva Senior Member

Joined: 19 November 2010
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Posted: 20 December 2012 at 7:45am | IP Logged
Chapter 25 : Arnav's Surprise & Final Preparations :  

Soon the raizada's & Guptas returned to delhi with khushi. Days went by. Khushi was more engrossed in her work.. Finally it was just 2 days for the next fashion show held by the AR Corp. Akash, Khushi, Aman, Arnav, lavanya were really busy with the final arrangements. Arnav  secretly designs a beautiful red dress keeping khushi in his mind. He wanted her to wear it on the D-day.
The raizaadas thought of having the engagement on the same day after the fashion show. So silently unknown to khushi the arrangements for the engagements was also made. Arnav & aman were aware of it. Arnav has finally completed his surprise for khushi & wanted her to wear it for him to check if the fittings are correct. So he takes the dress with him to RM. He calls khushi to his room, this was usual event in RM as they knew that khushi was very dedicated to her work. Naani, Anjali, Maami were really very happy to see the old khushi back. Khushi comes to his room with some files for final discussion & sees arnav sitting in poolside. She goes there and sits on the chair.

Khushi : Arnav can u please check this final please.

Arnav just places his index finger on her lips and asks her to keep quiet. He slowly pulls a gift box and hands it to her. She questions from her eyes asking what is it.

Arnav: Khushi this is the a surprise for u and i would be happy if u wear this for me today & on fashion show. This is a small gift from me for what u have done.

Khushi is too shocked to react. She slowly nods and moves to the bathroom to change. Once inside the bathroom she opens the gift box and is surprised to see a red gown. She was surprised and shyh cuz she had never worn such dresses and this was her first time she was going to wear it, but still she decided to wear it just for her arnav's sake. She changed into the dress which arnav gave her. Arnav meanwhile closed the door of his room and was sitting on his recliner waiting for khushi. Khushi wore the dress and came out of the bathroom feeling shy. Arnav saw her and got up and was totally mesmerised seeing her beauty & slowly started moving towards her. He extended his hand gesturing khushi to hold him. Khushi slowly placed her hand into his and arnav pulled her with a force that she flew into his arms colliding with his hard chest. Arnav immediately hugged her so that she does not move back. Khushi could feel his hot breathe on her neck and she too hugged him.

Arnav : Khushi u really look very beautiful in this dress. I designed this dress keeping u in mind. Did u like it.

Khushi : Arnav this dress was designed by u? I liked it but i was scared wearing it since i was not used wearing such dresses. Thanks arnav.

Arnav slowly pulls back from the hug and looks into her eyes silently asking permission. She reads his eyes and cups his face with her soft palm and slowly kisses his eyes one at a time, then his right cheek, then left and then looks at his lips and then in his eyes. Arnav cups her face and kisses her lips slowly, this slow kiss then turned into a passionate kiss. Khushi wraps her hand around his nape and pulls him closer.They pull back after some feeling short of air.

Khushi : Arnav i think i should get changed now.

Arnav :Yes khushi and take proper rest.

Khushi : Arnav by the way i came here to show u some files.

Aranv :Khushi i will check them dont worry. u go take rest and if u need anything please let me know.

Khushi goes to washroom and gets changed and then kisses arnav and hugs him and moves out of his room. Arnav is so lost in her that it took some time for him to come back to his senses and then takes the file and starts going through it.

The next morning all gather in the dining area and they wait for arnav. However arnav is busy on phone with aman talking to him regarding the fashion show and also dealing with shyam and is little upset and angry.He comes down and sits in his seat waiting for breakfast. All come and get seated and HP starts serving breakfast. Arnav disconnects the call and then starts having breakfast.

Naani : Kya huva chottey? U r so upset and angry.

Arnav :Nothing naani, he assures her that he will tell the matter later and then sees anjali.

Anjali understands it.

Actually anjali received a call from aman very early this morning telling that shyam escaped from the jail. She dint want to tell it to anybody, she was scared of khushi's safety but then she knew that arnav can go to any extent to protect her and  the family.

Anjali : Whats the matter chottey? U have started hiding things from me now. Shyam has escaped from jail right?

All are shocked hearing this. Naani sees her face and then aranv. Khushi goes stiff hearing this and an unknown fear engulfs her. Payal notices this.

Payal : What happen khushi, have ur breakfast and then u need to go to office as well.

Arnav: Nothing like that Di.i dint want u to be more upset and also khushi.

Anjali : Chottey i am not that weak like mama. I know i am emotional but what happened to mamma. seeing this i made myself strong.I may become weak at time but not to that extent of forgiving or repenting what shyam did and curse me. Enough chottey, u & me have faced so much in our life. This is another test for us and i am sure we will pass this test also as long as u are there with me. Kyu naani am i right?

All have tears in there eyes hearing anjali. Arnav goes to her and hugs her and starts crying.

Anjali ( Carressing his back ) : Enough chottey. Keep quiet. Everything will be alright. now u r not alone i am there with u.

Akash : Yes bhai we all are there with u.Dont worry.

Mannoramma :Aur nahi tho ka, this time that shyamwa should phace me before coming to u anjali bitiya.

The guptas are happy hearing this and they also tell that they will give their best to support them.
Then all have breakfast. Arnav, akash & khushi leave for office.

At AR Corp :

Aranv, Akash, Khushi enter the office. Aman follow them into ASR's cabin. He discusses regarding the venue, the preparations and regarding shyam.

Aman : ASR, the inspector who is handling the case wants to meet u and anjali madam. And i have also asked for extra protection since we will have our show and i dont want anything to go wrong for all our efforts.

Arnav : Thanks aman. By the way did u inform Di. How did she come to know.

Aman : Well ASR i am sorry but i thought let me inform her just for her safety. I am sure she is a strong person, instead of getting the shock if incase shyam tries to meet her, i thought better let her know first that he has escaped so that she can deal with him in full force that being shattered again.

Aranv was dumbfolded hearing this. Aman being an emplolyee thinks so much high about his Di  whereas shyam being BIL hurted her and broke her trust. Arnav was just starring at aman & aman thought arnav is going to yell at him for telling anjali.

Arnav :Thanks Aman i really dont know how to thank u for what u r doing.U know when Di told me today morning i was shocked but then when i saw the confidence she had in herself made me relax. Thanks aman.

Aman : ASR.. Its ok.. U r my boss and i know even if it is ur family i have a wonderful boss who yells at me but at the same time helps me when i am in need of a friend. Anything for u & anjali... i mean anjali ma'am.

Arnav notices this, he initially gets shock but then composes and decides to see where it goes. Aman moves out the cabin.Khushi comes near arnav.

Khushi : Aranv did u notice something in aman, i mean the way he addressed anjaliji.

Arnav :Yes khushi.R u thinking what i am thinking. Lets see. What destiny has written for my DI. I will be the most happiest person if Di gets a person who loves her for what she is. She is very caring khushi. Ok now lets get back to work, & please let me know if ur feeling tired or u want to take a break since we are on the edge of the show.

Khushi : Ok arnav, dont worry i will take care. I will leave now to check on the dresses.

Arnav nods and khushi moves out of the cabin to check on the dresses. On the way to store room she meets lavanya.

Lavanya : Hello Miss Khushi.. How are you? I never thought that u will be coming to office after what happened to u. But u shameless girl looks like it has not affected u in anyway. U have easily tried to trap ASR's BIL then when ASR came to know about it, u finally trapped him. Wow Congrats khushi.I never knew that u had this quality in u. So cheap ha. Just to attain success u tried trapping ASR. Wonderful...

Saying this she just moves from there giving disgusted look @ khushi. Khushi on the other hand is shattered hearing such a thing from lavanya. What happened was not because of her. Shyam was the one who did the mistake and here she was being blamed.She controls her tears and runs to store room & locks herself in the room. She got herself into work to forget what lavanya said. It was lunchtime and arnav was waiting for khushi, but khushi was nowhere to be seen, then he remembered that she was in store room, he asked aman to ask khushi to come to his cabin. But to his surprise khushi told aman that she had her lunch & busy this time. Aranv felt little strange but then thought that she must be hungry and too engrossed in work so she had her lunch. He too had his lunch and started his meeting with aman & akash.

Khushi completed her checking with all the dresses and also the show stopper dress and came out of the store room. She went out of AR to go to temple. Lavanya saw her moving out of AR and she had a evil smirk on her face and headed towards the store room.

In Store Room :

LAvanya reached the store room & closed the door behind her. She made her way to check all the dresses and finally found the show stopper dress.

Lavnya : So sad khushi, i never wanted to do this to ASR but then u give me no option to me.I wanted to be ASR fiance but then i think he has fallen into ur trap. Now i will make him realise how wrong he was allowing u to design the show and the next minute you'll be out of AR & ASR's life. I know i am taking a stake on my job but its for a good cause baby.

With that lavanya destroys the show stopper dress and quietly moves out of the store room. After the meeting arnav asks aman to send khushi to his cabin but aman tells that khushi has already left. Arnav gets confused and he heads towards RM. Khushi reaches the temple and prays to DM that all should go well in the show since it was her first project with AR and knowing the previous success of AR, she was little scared where something will go wrong. After praying she sits in the temple thinking what lavanya told her. She just pushes her thoughts and thinks how her relationship with aranv had progressed.She then starts heading towards RM.
Arnav reaches home and asks for khushi, HP tells that she has come home yet. He asks HP to get coffee and moves to his room thinking maybe she has gone for shopping & decides to wait for her to return.

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Priyyanka IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 December 2012 at 8:35am | IP Logged
Something tells me that because lavanya destroyed the showstopper's dress, Khushi'll step into the showstopper's shoes wearing the dress Arnav designed  LOL

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