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Muskaan_87 Goldie

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Posted: 09 December 2012 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
really lovely update:)
waiting 4 next update:)

sathyaish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 December 2012 at 2:46pm | IP Logged
atlast shyam is behind bars:) jus loved d update:)
Sweta... Goldie

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Posted: 09 December 2012 at 5:10pm | IP Logged
Omg anther attack on her, lol Mami saved khushi how sweet :) and then when arnav was like u ok and she's like I already got a headache and your shouting isn't helping lol so sweet :) and the whole thing where khushi was being selfless by telling arnav Shyam was anjalis husband and it was a misunderstanding and anjali cleared the air was nice :) really good Uodate :) thanks for the pm can't wait for the next oart :)
shanthiva Senior Member

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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 12:06am | IP Logged
Chapter 23 : Night at hospital

Payal takes care of khushi, gives her the medicine and doctor comes & checks her and comfirms that she can be discharged tomorrow. Khushi sleeps due to medicine effect. It was evening. Arnav instructs aman regarding shyam, to process the divorce documents and also the papers for Mittal deal and asks and also meet anjali for further details since he will be in hospital. Arnav then has his tea and tells his family that he will go to hospital. He tells akash that her parents are in RM. He tells that he will stay in hospital. Initially payal also insists but then aranv assures her that someone has to be with her parents. They tell that khushi can be discharged tomorrow.Arnav is happy hearing this. Payal and akash leave to Sheesh Mahal . Khushi gets up and sees arnav sitting in the sofa having his tea and checking mails on his mobile.

Khushi : Good evening arnav.

Arnav: Hi khushi.. good evening. How are you feeling now.

Khushi : Better. Aranv when can i go home i am really getting bored and again cuz of me ur designs are pending.

Arnav: Relax khushi.. Its not the time to take stress. As u said u r bored. If u take stress like this then i am sure i will ask doctor to keep u here for next 2-3 days. Do u want this. No rite so take rest as much as u can cuz once when u start working trust me i will never  give time for u to breathe.

Khushi : Hmm tatz true. So now i can enjoy to the max rite...

Doctor comes and checks and tell that she can be discharged tomorrow.Khushi is happy and smiles at arnav. Arnav relaxes that she is finally going to come home.Arnav informs the same to naani, his Di & khushi's family.

Khushi : Arnav i am really bored and tired of sleeping. So tell me how is ur wrk going on. Did u arrange the documents for Mr. Mittal deal.

Arnav comes to her and sits on the bed and holds her hand.

Arnav : Khushi relax.u need not worry about all this. just take good rest.And khushi i am sorry. I never knew that shyam will turn out to be so violent.

Khushi : Arnav its ok. How is anjaliji. i am sure she needs u with her arnav. She must have been shattered. I am sorry arnav.

Arnav places his finger on her lips nodding a no. He slowly careses her cheeks.

Khuhsi : Arnav...

Arnav : Yes khushi..

Arnav runs his thumb on her lips.Khushi starts breathing heavily.Arnav slowly kisses her on her forehead and on the wound, dropping slow kisses on her eyes, cheeks, and then slowly kisses her lips.

Khushi : Arnav please..

Arnav :Please what khushi. Please dont stop me today.I almost thought i lost you today.

And starts kissing her again.Khushi is unable to control more she hugs him. They stay hugging each other for some time and then arnav realises that she needs rest so with great difficulty pulls away from her.

Arnav : Khushi, please take rest.

They have dinner and gives her the medicine and then he makes her to lie down and then covers her with the blanket.Soon she drifts to sleep. He moves to the couch and sleeps.


Naani, maami , khushi's family are sitting in anjali's room. Anajli was crying thinking about what shyam had done. They consoled her and then she went to sleep.

Naani : What happen to my daughter. Whom did she hurt. That shyam..He cheated her.

Manoramma : Haa saasuma.. hamari anjali betiya.. But saasuma i am happy that she has strong family to support her and she is out of that bad person's hands. He also cheated our arnav bituwa by taking too much money.

Buaji : Hai re nandhakishore.. I am so sorry for what happened.

Naani : No no infact we should be sorry since we dint know the true colors of shyam and cuz of which khushi betiya is suffering.

Payal & akash reach sheesh mahal. the servants told that all are in anjali's room. They head towards anjali's room.

Garima : Payaliya how is khushi.

Akash : Khuhsiji is fine now. We can bring her tomorrow and she needs rest.

Baabuji : Come lets go otu.. Let anjali betiya rest for some time.

The entire family go out to the living room. Naani, manoramma are worried about what guptas will think reagarding the relationship now. Naani thinks she will speak to akash and arnav before speaking with guptas. Buaji, & baabuji sees naani's tension and thinks they will speak with each other and then will speak to arnav.

Anjali wakes up, the servant comes and tells this. Payal rushes to her room and slowly brings her down to the living room.Anjali assures all that she is fine and also asks sorry to khushi's family.After some talk they head for dinner and then all head to their respective room. Naani informs she would like to speak with her family. Manoramma, akash, anjali meet in naani's room.

Naani : I known what happened cannot be changed but now that arnav & akash's rishta have been decided with khushi & payal, and this incident have left us on shame.

Anjali starts crying thinking what will be the decision of guptas.

Manoramma: U r right saasuma. I dont know what will happen now. Will they agree for this marriagewa or will our boys remain only bachelorewa and no marriagewa..Hello hi bye bye.

Anajli : I think we will speak to chottey regarding this and then speak to khushi's & payal's parents.

Akash : Di please dont stress urself and di i am sorry, i found out that shyam was cheating on us but neither me &  bhai had the courage to tell u.

Anajali : Its ok akash, and i am fine. I myself had doubt on him. ANd from now on lets not speak about that person. He is out of my life.infact out of our life.

All are happy and they retire to their respective rooms.

In the guest room :

The guptas meet in baabuji's room.

Baabuji : I know what has happened is not good but i am glad that arnav was there with khushi. He confirmed that he will be with our bitiya always. I can see the love and possesivess for khushi in his eyes.

Payal : Ha amma, baabuji, buaji. I spoke to aranv.I could also feel the same possieveness for khushi. i am sure he will keep her happy.

Garima: That is true. See even now he went against his jeejaji just to protect khushi. Who will do this.

Buaji : Hai re nandhakishore, humari titaliya is very lucky to have a guy like arnav bituwa. I am also feeling sad for anjali bitiya. She is too innocent and good.

Garima : Haa jiji.I hope she finds a good person who loves her for what she is and not for the sake of money.

Saying this they retire to respective rooms to sleep.

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abika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 12:33am | IP Logged
wow loved the update
samia19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 12:38am | IP Logged
shanthiva Senior Member

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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 2:24am | IP Logged
Chapter 24 : Talk b/w raizaada & guptas

In Hospital :

Arnav wakes up and sees khuhsi still in sleep. He goes to bathroom &  gets fresh .The nurse comes and tells him that doctor has checked her and she can be discharged. She asks arnav to go meet the doctor and finish the formalities. Arnav moves out to meet the doctor.

In the meantime khushi gets up and sees nurse. She asks about arnav who tells khushi that he is with the doctor finishing the formality of discharge. Khushi is happy hearing this. Khushi gets ready with the help of nurse. Arnav and the doctor come to the room.

Doctor :Good morning khuhsi ..How are you?

Khushi : Good morning doctor. i am fine.

Doctor : Good but that doesnt mean that you no need rest. the wounds are still fresh. U need to take care and take rest and dont stress.

Arnav slowly helps khushi getting up.He thanks the doctor and slowly takes her to his vehicle.
Arnav calls akash and tells that khushi is discharged and they will reach home soon. Akash informs this to his family. All are very happy and then they start the preparation for welcoming khushi. Anjali is very happy knowing that khushi is fine. Seeing this all are happy.

Arnav reached sheesh mahal.All the family members very at the doorstep to welcome khushi.. Seeing this khushi could not control her tears. She got down of the car and ran and threw herself in the arms of her baabuji, then amma, payal & then buaji. The raizaadas & guptas welcomed her.  Arnav makes her sit in the living room. He goes to his room to get freshen up and comes down. Payal helps khushi to get freshen up. They have the breakfast. Arnav gives her the medicines and payal helps her to sleep in the guest room, the guptas are in guest room with kushi. Naani tells aranv that she wanted to speak to him.

Naani : Chotte i am worried what will be shashiji's decision after what happened to khushi. Is sad that something like this happened to her but lucky that u saved her from shyam

Anjali : Naani, i will speak to them & ask sorry for what shyam did to her.

Arnav :  Di i understand what happen was not good. I know i can speak to them. But now its not only me, even akash & payal's relationship is involved.

Akash : Bhai, naani,payal was sure hurt but then she knows how much u love khushiji, so i am sure she will be there as our support.

Maami : Yes arnav bituwa..Lets give them some time. Good that nothing major happened to khushi. That shyam, how can he be so cruel and how he cheated our anjali bitiya. Bitiya are you ok.

Arnav :Ha Di R u ok? I was shocked by the statement u gave to police. I have asked aman to contact u for further details.

Anjali : Dont worry abt me chotte, maami. I am fine. My relationship was fine but then when he started cheating then i lost all hopes in our relationship. Chotte, akash, now since u both are going to enter into family, please always speak to clear any doubts or misunderstandings. Dont keep them within u. Chotte especially u. U dont speak what u feel. And please reduce ur anger. I know y u r like this, but only we can see that behind the ruthless ASR is our arnav, our chotte. Right naani.

Naani : Ha anjali betiya. U r right. Hamara chotte.

With that all come and hug arnav. Arnav was too happy that his Di was out of the clutches of that shyam and she is happy that he was entering into relationship with khushi. He made a silent promise to his mom that he will do anything to keep Di happy.

It was afternoon, Anajli went to meet the guptas and also call them for lunch. In the meantime aman had come to meet her regarding the details of her divorce. Aman was sad that someone could hurt anjali so much because she was very caring to all of them and never even in wild dreams would hurt anyone.

They all had their lunch and were sitting in the living room when arnav signalled naani to start the topic, while he,akash,payal & khushi went to his room. Anjali took aman to her room to discuss the proceedings.

In Living Room :

Naani : Shashiji i wanted to speak to you, but then what happened to khushi betiya we are really shameful and dont know what to tell.

Maami : We are sorry for what happen to khushi betiya, we ourselves didn't know that man was so cheap.

The guptas were shocked to hear this. And it was diificult to see all of them are sad to see what happened to khushi.

Shashi : Deivayaniji, i am really sorry for what happen to anjali. But i am grateful that arnav was there to save khushi. We could not have imagined if something happened to her & we are grateful that he saved our khushi without making our heads bow down in shame.

Garima & buaji silently started crying thinking what would have happened if aranv had come in time.

Buaji : Hai re nadhakishore.. We are really thankful to you. I hope anjali gets someone good who would love her for what she is.

Maami : Hello hi bye bye.. Dont worry when arnav bitwa is there. He lovs khushi so much that no evil eye will come close to touch her. Now what ever happened lets forget it. All i want is only one thing. Khushi & Payal coming to our house as our daughter-in-law.

Naani : Ha shashiji.Now shyam is out of our life. And now what we want is khushi & payal bitya to come into our lives and fill it with happiness.

Garima : What else can we say. They entire family has gone against their daamadji just for our bitiya's sake.

Shashi : Yes deivayaniji, garima is right. I am happy that my daughters have got such a nice family as their in-laws. Lets meet the panditji and fix the date for roka.

After hearing this maami was almost jumping in happiness. She ran to kitchen to get some sweet.

In Anjali's Room :

Anjali walked into her room followed by aman. Aman was angry and sad that shyam had cheated and hurted anjali. Anjali sat on the bed and aman sat on the chair opposite to her,

Aman : Mam'am are you alright?

Anjali : Amanji u can call me anjali. Yes i am fine. I was just thinking how can a man stoop so low, hurting khushi. What was my mistake in it. I believed in him but then all he wanted was only my money.

Aman : I am sorry abt it, but then u need to stop thinking abt that person who does not deserve u nor ur love. I am sure for ur kind heart u will get a person who will understand u and love with more than anything in this world. He will get the stars just to see one smile on ur face.

Hearing this anjali started crying. Aman dint know what to do. He initially hesitated but slowly kept his hand on her shoulder comforting her. Anjali dint know what to do.She threw herself into his arms and started crying. Aman was shocked to see her like this but then slowly he comforted her telling her that all will go well. After few minutes anjali composed herself and drew back from his arms. Aman said that he will always be there for her support. He said that they will meet the lawyer once they reach delhi and she needs to be strong to win this case, since shyam will play again with her feelings. Anjali felt relieved by what aman said to her. Aman left after sometime.

In Arnav's Room :

Arnav, akash, payal & khushi entered arnav's room. Khushi & payal sat on the recliner while arnav & akash sat on the bed.

Akash : Khushiji how are u now. I am so sorry for what happened. That shyam, bhai we should see to it that he deserves more for hurting Di & khushiji.

Arnav :Yes akash, do u think after what he did i will leave him so easily. He has always seen me as arnav, now he will face the ASR.

Payal & khushi were shocked to see both the brothers being in anger, as if they will burn the entire world.

Payal : Arnavji, akashiji, please calm down, how can u even think of destroying ur own jeejaji. I know what he did to anjaliji & khushi was not good but then he is ur family. Think about anjaliji. wont she be hurt.

Khushi : Yes Jiji ur right. Think about anjali ji.

Arnav :No payal, khushi , how could u even think i can leave him so easily. He hurt my Di, he was cheating her on my back. If he would have cheated or stolen my money i would have left it but then he hurted her and then he tried to force himself on u... And u think i will keep quiet. I love u dammit & its my duty to protect u.

Khushi started blushing when aranv said i love u infront of his brother & her sister. On the other hand akash was too shocked to react that arnav has actually confessed his love to her infront of him & payal.Payal looked at the man infront of him, his eyes clearly telling that he loved khushi & will do anything to protect her. she was happy for khushi.

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..Gunjan.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 December 2012 at 3:31am | IP Logged
Awesome Updates
I loved how Arnav cared for Khushi and how he said I love in front of his brother and would be bhabhi / sister in law .
And Anjali and aman are coming close nice how he comforted her .
and it's good that both families don't have any objections .

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