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pokemonian Goldie

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 8:10am | IP Logged
superb update yaar
so lav is gone case now

..Gunjan.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 10:39am | IP Logged
Awesome and lovely update
Sweta... Goldie

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 6:27pm | IP Logged
Omg amazing Uodate loved that she told arnav what lavanya said to her... Great and then when they consoled each other was sweet and when she was like arnav I love you sooo perfect:) thanks for the pm can't wait for the next oart :)
shanthiva Senior Member

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 9:35pm | IP Logged

Hello friends...

I will be going on vacation on this saturday.. I will be returning only on 4th Jan... I will try to post the update if possible but i cannot assure you. Hence i will post as many posts as possible before i go on vacation...

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shanthiva Senior Member

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Posted: 26 December 2012 at 3:35am | IP Logged
Chapter 27 : Damage Control :

Arnav wakes up early morning and gets ready and informs HP that he will have the breakfast in the office since he has some meetings to do and asks to inform DI, naani. On the way he calls aman, aman tells him that he is waiting for him in the office. Arnav is pleased seeing his enthusiasm towards AR.He reaches office and aman meets him in his cabin.

Aman : Good morning sir. Sir i have checked the venue details and everything is perfect, i have arranged special security around the venue since i dint want to take any chance as shyam has escaped from jail and he might try to hurt u & ur family.

To say arnav was shocked would be an understatement.He was beyond words to thanks aman for taking care of the security without his orders.

Aranv : Thank you aman, i just dont know how i will handle that person if he tries to do anything with my family.

Aman : Dont worry ASR nothing will happen to ur family nor khushiji. I want you to re-check everything for ur satisfaction. I have also spoken to the lawyer regarding the divorce of anjali.. i mean anjali madam and handed the paper to him along with her signature and also the FIR report with all the charges as mentioned by anjali madam.

Arnav : Thank aman. U can call her anjali. Do u like her?

Aman was shocked hearing this, but then he dint know what to answer since ASR was asking about his lovely sister who underwent such a pain cuz of her husband, and now ASR was asking him this Q. However arnav was watching aman's expressions and confusion thinking what to answer.

Arnav: Aman u dont need to get scared to know my reactions.Just tell me do u like her.

Aman (in a scared tone) : Y..Yes ASR..., i mean no sir i mean...

Arnav: Aman!!!!

Aman : I mean yes ASR.. She is too beautiful and harmless. I am sorry for what happened in her life but still she deserves a person who will give her the love and care she needs.

Arnav : Hmmm... So u like her and u will do anything to keep her happy.

Aman : Yes ASR...

Arnav: Great aman. Then i will handle you one job and i know you will do it with faithfully.

Aman : What is it ASR?

Arnav: As you know the show is tomorrow, plus my engagement. Hence there will lot of media and a lot of Q's asked about shyam and his absence and regarding his arrest and also they will pull khushi into it. No wonder khushi was upset cuz of lavanya.She could not handle lavanya then how can i expect her to handle the media.

Aman : WHat happen to khushiji? I mean what did lavanya tell her.

Arnav: SHe told khushi that how did she trap shyam and now she is trapping me to gain success.

Aman : I knew it, i knew something was cooking in lavanya's mind and the way she used to talk to her. I hope she does not cause any damage to the show since she is the show-stopper and the dress was designed by khushiji. But sir i dont know y lavanya was in the store-room yesterday, i mean the peon saw her coming out of the store room after khushiji left.

Arnav thought for sometime and dialled the security footage of yesterday. Security comes and hands him a CD and leaves. Arnav and aman start watching the events, they also see lavanya accusing khushi and from then she is upset. They see lavanya having an evil smirk before entering the store room.Aman and arnav make their way to the store room.


HP informed naani and anjali and the guptas that arnav bhaiyya has left early and they understand that it is cuz of the fashion show held tomorrow. All so the aarti and have their breakfast. Khushi gets ready and comes to AR along with akash.


Arnav & aman enter the storeroom. They both start checking the clothes.However aman goes to see the showstopper dress and is shocked to see his condition.

Aman : Sir...

Arnav comes near aman and sees the dress completely destroyed. He knows this is the work of lavanya.He decides to teach her a lesson.

Arnav : Aman i will start designing the dress and dont tell a word to anyone especially khushi, she will become upset and start blaming herself. I know we dont have much time and you somehow keep khushi busy and once when lavanya comes ask her to meet me and be ready with her termination letter. And keep khushi away from the store room.

Aman : Ok ASR.

They leave the store room and at the sametime akash,khushi enter AR. They see arnav & aman coming out from store room and go towards them.

Akash : Good morning bhai, good morning aman.

Khushi : Good morning amanji.

Aman : Good morning sir,good morning khushiji.

Akash : Bhai how come so early to office, re-checking everything is it.

Arnav: Yea akash, join me in my cabin and khushi i want you to work with aman with the rest of the stuffs.

Arnav looks at aman and aman nods his head understanding what needs to be done.Akash sees this but then decides to ask him in his cabin.Arnav & akash move towards his cabin.

In arnav's cabin :

Akash : What happend bhai? U look little tensed.

Arnav shows the CD and also tells what he saw in the storeroom and how the dress designed by khushi is destroyed. Akash was shocked and also tensed since only 1 day was left for the show.

Akash : Bhai what are we going to do now.I mean khushiji's dress.

Arnav: As you know after the show it will be my engagement i am planning to design a dress for her and she will be my show stopper.

Akash : Wow bhai thatz a wonderful idea but then will it be ready so fast.

Arnav :I dont know akash but i will have to do it. Ok now let me start designing and once when it is done u make sure the dress is ready by today itself, select the material. I will check it once when the design is ready and tell the production team to be alert and no one mistake.

Akash nods and leaves from there to inform this disaster to the production team. Meanwhile lavanya enter the office.She sees khushi working with aman and is still happy, she frowns. THen she thinks that maybe she has not yet gone to the storeroom.Aman sees lavanya and gets angry & calls her.

Aman : Lavanya...ASR wants to meet you immediately.

LAvanya : Hello khushi, how are you i hope you are fine..

Khushi : Yes lavanyaji i am fine. Why i should not be fine is it.

Aman cuts there conversation and tells : Lavanya its better to go to ASR now.

Lavanya wonders what has happened that aman looks so tensed and angry.But does n ot bother much and makes her way towards ASR's cabin. Lavanya knocks the cabin door and arnav asks the person to come in.

Lavanya :Good morning ASR..

Arnav: Good morning lavanya.. Seems like you are truely happy and excited.

Lavanya : Of course ASR, afterall tomorrow is the show and well this will make AR reach to new heights and i am sure you will be more happy since all your hard work has got you fruitful results.

Arnav: Yes lavanya you are right. I was looking forward for this show.Infact i have another surprise along with this show.

Lavanya : Oh really wow what is it ASR, i mean you can tell me.

Arnav: Sure lavanya but i have made some changes in the show,hence i cannot tell you.

Lavanya : Ok.. then let me make a move ASR.. Will check with the other details with aman.

Arnav: Sure...

Lavanya tries to move out but then she sees the design papers.

Lavanya: ASR you are designing something, anything special.

Arnav :Hmmm i told you right its a surprise, and now can u please leave me alone.

Lavanya : Sure ASR.

Lavanya leaves the cabin and arnav starts his design again. Aman gets a call from the lawyer stating to meet him and anjali. He leaves khushi and walks towards ASR cabin.

Aman : Sir the lawyer has called He wants to meet me and anjali.

Arnav: Hmmm ok.. take Di with you and be careful since shyam is out. And also check with DCP about his whereabouts. i will arrange my men to search for him.

Aman : Ok ASR then i will leave and khushiji is in my cabin and i have kept her busy with my stuff so i dont think she will think about going to storeroom until evening.

Arnav :Great.. Thanks aman.

Aman leaves from there to RM to meet anjali. Lavanya sees khushi so engrossed in her work.

Lavanya :Khushi what are you doing in aman's cabin.

Khushi : Aman sir has gone out so he has given me some work of his so i am doing it.

Lavanya :So did u check all the costumes, make sure you check them since u might not know how the fashion show of AR is as it is ur first time but ASR is not going to spare you if anything goes wrong this time. Dont do any mistake like how u did in lucknow and ruin it.

Saying this she throws a disgusting look to khushi and moves to her cabin.Aman reaches RM. HP opens the door.

Aman : Anjali hai.. mai unse milne aaya hue.

HP : Jee aman bhaiyya, wo apne kamre mai hai.

Aman enters the house and greets naani, maami and tells that he has come to meet anjali regarding the divorce case. Naani starts crying thinking about anjali. Maami consoles her. HP leads him to anjali's room.

In Anjali's Room :

Anjali was sitting on the bed seeing her wedding album and a lone drop of tear falls on her cheeks. Aman had just stood near the door watching her. Anjali felt like she was being watched by someone. She thought it might be naani or maami, so she wiped her tear since she did not want to show them that she was broken and turned towards the door to see who it was, & what she made her heart skip a beat and made her throat dry. Aman was standing near the door and was watching every action of anjali.He saw her wiping her tear in the fear of being caught.He saw her seeing him and there was a small light in her eyes seeing him. This made him sure that he will give her all the happiness which she deserved.

Anjali : Amanji.. Come.. what a surprise. I mean is chotte alright? Morning he did not have his breakfast and left early. I knew if was cuz of the fashion show.

Aman : Anjali breathe. Well ur chotte is might ASR and nothing can come near him. I came here to discuss something else and now get ready we will be going out now.

Anajli (confused) : Out, i mean where? I have to tell naani, maami and also chotte as u know from the time shyam has escaped chotte doesn't leave me to go to temple as well.

Aman : Anjali dont worry i have spoken to ASR, it was he who asked me to take you so now will you please... I will wait for u in the hall.

Anjali nods and goes to get ready.Anjali was happy that aman was with her, she didn't understand what she felt but it was different feeling. She brushes off her thoughts and gets ready and comes to the hall.

Naani : Anjali betiya be careful. Shall we also come.

Manoramma :  Yes yes saasuma we also follows anjali..

Anjali : Naani, maami, dont worry i will be safe, amanji has spoken to chotte and dont worry i will be careful.

Aman : Dont worry naaniji, maamiji i will take care of her. She will be safe.I wont let anything come near her.

Naani & maami are little convinced hearing this. Aman and anjali leave. Aman calls Arnav.


Arnav is working on the design and its almost complete. His cell rings and sees aman's name flashing. He panics little and picks up the call

Arnav : Hello aman what happen any problem. Should i come.

Aman : No  ASR, i just called you to tell that i am leaving RM with anjali.

He hands the phone to anjali.

Anjali : Chotte i am going with aman, chotte if u dont mind can i go to temple please please.

Arnav: Di please you need to be careful rather than roaming to temple. Dont worry ur devi maiyaa wont become upset without seeing you in temple.

Anjali : Chotte... Please dont speak like this, please chotte i will just pray fast and then come home fast.. U cant do so much for me..

She tells this in a sad tone and arnav melts for this. Anjali on the other hand knew this will work turns towards aman who is shaking his head seeing anjali's tactics to get her work done from the great ASR.

Arnav :Ok Di.. But be careful, let me speak to aman.

Anjali hands the phone to aman and is soo happy.

Aman : Yes ASR.

Arnav: Aman Di wants to got to temple, please be with her and take her and get her to office after her meeting with devi maiyaa.

Aman : Ok ASR see you soon.

Aman ends the call.

Aman : So now i know why ASR is so frustrated at times in office and why i am the target for his anger. So this is the way you get your work done from the great ASR...

Anjali : He might be the ASR for the world but for me he is my chotte. After ma & pa it was only him for me who stood by my side and also fought with this world for me. So its my duty to support him and show him the correct path.I know he is at times frustrated but he is my chotte and will do anything for my sake.

Aman : Ok... Come lets leave now we are getting late.

Arnav starts working and calls akash telling the designs are completed. Khushi comes to arnavs cabin, arnav sees this and quickly hides the designs. Akash comes to see khushi in arnav's cabin sitting on the sofa, he takes a file from the shelf and in that context he gestures arnav to keep the design paper in the file.

Arnav understands this and keeps the paper in the file and aksh starts speaking with khushi asking about how is she feeling. She is too engrossed in describing her first experience that she does not notice arnav placing the paper in the file and akash taking the file. Akash excuses himself goes to the production team to give the design so that they can start working.

Khushi : Arnav where is amanji? Its been quite some time he has left. He gave me some work and i have completed it. I think let me go check the dresses again, i dont know lavanya was looking weird today.

Arnav: Hmm khushi shall we go for lunch. Its almost lunch time and so i am hungry so lets go out for lunch. And aman has gone with Di to since the lawyer wanted to meet her.

Saying this he gives himself a pat on his shoulder for changing the topic and diverting khushi's mind. Now only one thing was pending and that was the dress should be completed today at any cost. He takes khushi with him and informs aakash that they are going for lunch and will be back soon.

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nishi22 IF-Rockerz

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Nice update..enjoy ua vac. N update soon
Vithagan2304 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 December 2012 at 6:43am | IP Logged
aww so our khushi is d show stopper:) tatz great:) eagerly waiting for ur update:) hope u enjoy ur vaccation:) Happie holidayz and very happie new year to you:)
Asvati Goldie

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