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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 5:26am | IP Logged
Fantastic chapter!Clap... brings back lovely memories! Wow can't wait for ASR reactionLOL... plz update soon!

shanthiva Senior Member

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 6:52am | IP Logged
Chapter 2 : Destined to meet contd

Arnav holds her in his arms and keeps staring at her from her scared eyes and slowly moves down to her rosy pink lips . Khushi inturn stares at Arnav looking into his brown eys.
In the meantime Lavanya comes to Aman frustrated and tells that she is not able to find her costume in the room.
Aman just ignores Lavanya and runs near ASR.

Anjali who was sitting next to ASR keeps her hand on his shoulder. that is when ASr realised that he was holding the girl in his arms and drops her down. Khushi inturn balances herself again holding his hands. His security guards come near him and he asks her to take her inside the Mahal.

Anajli : Chotte who is this? You told that Lavanya is the model who would be wearing you exclusive design. But frankly telling you this girl looked more beatiful in the dress you had designed.

Aranv : Di please. and calls the security guard.
Arnav :Lock her up in the room. Dont let her until i come and tell you.

Anjali leaves and goes behind the security guard to meet Khushi.
Aman comes near ASR.

Arnav : Make sure that none of the pictures clicked after she fell in my arms gets leaked. I wanted to know who has sent her for ruining my success.

Aman : ASR, her name is Khushi. She has landed here by mistake. I have spoken to her backstage.

Aman narrates the entire conversation which he and khushi had.
Lavanya comes near ASR

La : ASR look at that cheap girl. she worn the costume that was supposed to be worn by me.

ASR : Where the hell where you lavanya? What where you doing? Was that the time for you to keep yourself busy rather than getting ready for the show.

Lavanya is quiet because she knows ASR doesnt like answering back.
In the meantime the press gathers around ASR and starts asking questiong. ASR avoids all the questions saying that this is a mistake and the rest aman will be answering and leaves the place heading towards SHEESH MAHAL.Aman quickly hold control of the situation.

Khushi : Please let me go. I told that man i came here by mistake.

Securtiy Guard : sorry madam we cannot leave you until it is told by Sir. He himself has asked us not to leave you.

Anjali : How come you can do this to an innocent girl. Please leave us alone I want to speak to her.

Security guard : Madam but sir.. Anjali cuts in

Anjali : I will speak to her and Arnav now just leaves us alone.

The security guard leaves anjali and khushi in the room and moves outside closing the door behind.
Arnav comes near the security guard and asks him where is the girl. The security guard tells him that Anjali madam and the girl is inside, He asks the security guard to move and opens the door to enter the room.

Anjali : Here take this. ( Gives a glass of water)

Khushi : thank you.

Anjali : What is you name? how cme u landed in the show which was organised here.

Khushi : My name is khushi. I am so sorry, actually me and my jiji Hey Devimaiyaa JIJI... and she starts crying.

Anjali : Dont worry tell me where is your Jiji i will take you there.

Arnav interrupts the conversation : Do you think i will leave you so early...

Khushi just looks up hearing the voice again. Now she remembers the voice of the person who was speaking on the stage.

Anjali : chotte bas. can't you see she is tensed. Go call the security guard NOW...

Arnav reluctantly goes out of the room still looking back at khushi.

Anjali : Now tell me how did u come here.

Khushi : Actually my & Jiji came her for the handicrafts exhibition held on the other side of the Mahal. But i was so lost in the exteriors that i lost way and landed up here. I am really sorry Anjaliji for spoiling the show. I heard this show is very important to ASR but...

Anjali : Its ok Khushi. dont worry i will speak to chotte.
khushi ( still confused ) : But who will speak to ASR then? Will chotte speak to him?

Anjali laughs and khushi is confused..
Arnav hears the conversation and think how innocent this girl is.
arnav & Security guard comes in and arnav keeps staring at khushi.

Security guard : Madam you had called me.

Anjali : Actually khushi's sister is on the other side of the Mahal. Please take her there.

Security guard looks at arnav and both anjali and khushi looks at him

Anjali : Dont worry Chotte wont tell anything i will speak to him. Khushi please come back with your sister to meet our family for the dinner tonight. Dont deny it.

Khushi : Thank you anjaliji. sure i will bring my Jiji.

Khushi stnads up and and anjali hugs her. She moves with the guard and stops near arnav.

Khushi : I am really sorry for spoiling the show. Please if possible speak to ASR. I will meet him in person and ask sorry to him as well.

Arnav: So you think ASR will forgive so easily without taking any revenge. 

Arnav smriks at her and khushi is tensed now.

Anjali : Chotte now enough. stop it. Khushi you can change you dress and then go meet your Jiji.

Saying this she goes out of the room and khushi changes her dress and leaves the room with the security guard.

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 7:15am | IP Logged
As a bonus i will posting chapter 3 as well.. 
I will not be able to post the chapters on weekends.. But i will try my best to post on weekends...

take care... and enjoy chapter 3...

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CHAPTER 3 : Another encounter

Khushi reaches the handicrafts exhibition and spots her jiji.

Khushi ; Jiji...

Payal : Khushi kaha thi  tum.. tumhe patha hai hum kitna parishaan hogayethe.

Khushi: Oh god Jiji just relax.. Jiji its a long story now please come with me for dinner with anjaliji and her family.

Payal : Who is anjaliji nw?

Khushi : Jiji challo na please.

She drags Payal with her.  Payal talks to her collegues and leaves with khushi to the SHEESH MAHAL.
In the mean time a small party along with dinner is arranged in the lawn of the Mahal for the guests. Arnav calls aman to make sure everything goes well and inturn aman takes personal care for the dinner.

Anjali tells the entire think to her family and now all are waitintg for Khushi and her sister for the dinner inside the mahal.
Payal and khushi enter the mahal and for a sec khushi stood rooted in her place seeing the decoration and interiors of the mahal.
Payal shakes khushi to bring her back to her senses.

Khushi: No wonder jiji anjaliji is so down to earth person. Look at the mahal. I dint think they are so rich.

Payal: Yes khushi u r right. but are you sure that they really invited us for dinner. Look at our dress. I know its good for us but now for them. What will they think.

Suddenly they hear a voice around them and both the sisters turn around to see who it is.

Person : Hello Hi Bye bye. Myself Manoramma. Arnav Bitwa's Maami.

Payal & Khushi : Namaste.

Manoramma : Welcomes to Sheesh Mahal.

Manoramma enters the main hall with khushi and payal to introduce them to the rest of the family.

Anjali : Are Khushi welcome.

Khushi : Anjaliji this is my Jiji Payal.

Payal : Namaste Anjaliji.

Anjali then introduces them to her naani.
Khushi & Payal bend down to take her blessings.

Khushi : I am sorry Naani, cuz of me the show got spoiled.

Naani : Its ok betiya.koie baath nahi.

Payal : What happened Khushi?

Khushi explains all twhat happend and payla is hsocked and angry with khushi.

Payal : I am so sorry. Khushi is always like this from her childhood. thodi Pagal hai.

Manoramma : Helli hi bye bye. If she is Paagal then y is she inbetween us.

Naani : Manoramma. and then gives her a cold stare which makes maani shut her mouth.

Naani : Anjali bitiya where is chotte.

By then Arnav, Shyam,akash arrive from their rooms to join for dinner.
Shyam is so happy to see khushi again and stares at her. arnav also does the same thing.Khushi is happy to see arnav and when they come down she asks arnav whether he spoke to ASR.
All the people start laughing.

Khushi: What did i do now? Y all of you are laughing. I dont mind asking sorry to ASR.

Suddenly she hears a voice behind her.

LA : Do you think that ASR will forgive you so easily? Do you even have any idea what loss have you caused for ASR.

Khushi and payal turns back to find Amna and Lavanya.
Khushi introduces Aman to Payal and inturn Aman introduces Lavanya to Payal.

Aman : Khushi this is Lavanya the model who had to wear the designer dress.

Khushi : Oh i am so sorry Lavanya,

Lavanya : Sorry!!! You almost spoilt my day and also the show you stupid girl and do you think i will forgive you so early. I have already spoken to ASR.

ASR : Enough Lavanya.. All of them turn to arnav.

Lavanya : ASR but...

Khushi is shocked when lavanya called that guy as ASR..

Anjali : Khushi this is my brother Chotte, Arnav and ASR ( Arnav Singh Raizada). This is Akash, my cousin and this is my husband Shyam.

Khushi is shocked so much that she just stands there with her eyes and mouth wide open.
Payal sees her and pinches her bringing her back to senses.
Khushi moves towards Arnav

Khushi : So you are ASR. I am so sorry and she goes on speaking

But Arnav is just staring at her without concentrating to what she is telling them.

Anjali : Come on dinner is ready.

All of them move towards the dinning area and take their respective seats.
Khushi is still in the hall and speaking with arnav.

Dinning Table :

The servants start serving the dinner.Aman and Lavanya too join the dinner since they were specially invited by Naani and anjali.

Naani : So Payal bitiya tell me what do you do? Are you and Khushi stay alone in Lucknow.

Payal : Nahi Naani. We stay with my parents and Buaji.

Just then Payal realises that she should inform her parents that they will be late and tells the same to all and leaves towards the hall to call her family. she realises that khushi is still taking with arnav.Shyam is observing khushi talking with arnav and is getting irritated little.

Payal : Khushi bas bhi karo. (Hitting her slightly on her head).

Khushi : Jiji..

Payal : I am sorry for the inconvience caused by this paagal ladki. she is always the same from her childhood.

Arnav : Its ok Payal. come lets go for dinner, and turns see and shocked that all his family members are already seated in the dinning area and walk towards them.

Payal : Khushi call amma and tell that we will be late.

Khushi calls her home and tells the same and then returns to the dinning area with payal.
Khushi sits opposite to arnav. Payal sits next to Khushi. Akash sits next to shyam opposite to anjali.Akash is lightly drawn towards payal and he slowly starts glancing her.This is not been unnoticed by anjali who was sitting next to payal. shyam is sitting next to arnav and is staring at khushi.
Khushi saw that once and feels little awkward. arnav notices her sudden change in her face.
The rest of the dinner goes silent.After dinner desserts are served. After the peaceful dinner the entire family moved towards the hall.
Aman spoke to ASR and took his leave.
Lavanya was still wating for the gupta sisters to leave.

Payal : Khushi its gettng late i think we should leave now

Khushi ; Haa Jiji. Anjali ji , Naaniji its getting late we should leave now.

Anjali : Oh i dint know how time went. but anyway it was nice meeting you both.Wish we could spend some more time.

Shyam : Ha ha anjali... Wish they could stay here for some more time.. Kyu Khushiji?

Khushi was not feeling comfortable when shyam asked this and from the time she entered the Mahal his eyes were only on her.

Khushi : No no anjaliji.. Its already late and we really need to leave no. If not amma, buaji will be worried.

Anjali : Fine then.. actually we are planning to stay here for 2-3 days if possible do come and spend time with us. By the way where do you stay khushi?

Khushi : We stay in Indira Nagar Colony.

Khushi and Payal took the blessings of Naani again and walked towards the main door.

Arnav: Di i will go drop them to their home.

La : but ASR i wanna talk to you...

Aranv : Relax Lavanya.. You leave now we will talk tomorrow in office.

Lavanya just stares at khushi and leaves the place frustrated.

Akash : bhai can i too join you to drop them home

Anjali ( surprised ) : Ok chotte.

Arnav goes to the parking place and gets his SUV near the main door entrance.Khushi and payal sits in the back seat while akash takes the passenger seat.
Arnav adjust the rear view mirror so that he can see Khushi. Khushi sees this and blushes.The rest of the drive is silent.

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shanthiva Senior Member

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Posted: 24 September 2012 at 12:54am | IP Logged
Hello guys.. M back!!!!! Do you want me to continue it...

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shanthiva Senior Member

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
Ok guys.. Next 3 chapters are ready... Let me know if you are really willing this FF to continue or should i end it here itself...

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shanthiva Senior Member

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Posted: 27 September 2012 at 12:43am | IP Logged
CHAPTER 4 : Khushi's Punishment :

Akash tried to break the silence first.

Akash : Payalji, Khushiji tell me what you do? I mean ur studying or working?

Before Payal could answer Khushi started answering.

Khushi : Akashji, Jiji is working in a handicraft showroom. She is very good at embroidery. Myself , i have completed my graduation in fashion designing and looking for job.

Arnav smirks looking at her through the rear view mirror and raises his eyebrow with a 'Really' Look & thinks his mind.

Akash : Oh that's great Khushiji and Payalji. That means Khushiji then we have a competator here in designing clothes with bhai. Actually Bhai is very good in designing clothes. the dress which you wore today was designed by Bhai.. And i must say that it really suited you well.
Infact if you dont mind why dont you join AR and start you first experience there.

Arnav looks at akash all surprised and then looks at khushi who looked all shocked.

Khushi : Thank you Akashji, i will think about it and i am really sorry for messing up the show.
Finally after 20mins drive Arnav's SUV halted in front of Gupta house. Both the raizaada brothers got down and opened the door for the gupta sisters. Khushi and Payal got down from the car  can all four came on one side of the car.

Khushi : Arnav, Akashji why don't you come in and meet our parents.

Arnav was bit surprised to what khushi told. But he felt nice hearing his name " ARNAV" from her mouth. Akash and Arnav looked at each other.

Arnav : Actually Khushi am sorry but its getting late and i need to go to office tomorrow.

Payal : Its already late so why don't you spend some time coming inside and meeting our parents arnav.

In the meantime akash and payal slowly moved towards the door. Khushi and Arnav stood near the car.

Arnav : So Khushi do you know the punishment of spoiling my show.

Khushi was tensed now. What would he do that too so late.
She started sending silent prayers to Devimaiyaa. Arnav slowly started moving towards Khushi which in turn made her take a step backward. Arnav kept moving forward and khushi moved backwards until her back hit the door and she froze. Arnav gave a smirk and blocked her way placing his hands on either side of the window. Khushi started breathing heavily and also her heart beat increased rapidly...

Khushi : Arnav what are you doing? Jiji and Akashji might see. I need to go home.

Arnav : Oh Really Khushi? I am not leaving you without punishing you for spoiling my show at the end.I have to do what i had planned to do if Lavanya had worn that dress.

Khushi gave him a questioning look asking what he wanted to do with Lavanya.
Arnav bent a little and placed a kiss on her left cheek and moved back towards the house. Khushi was froze thinking what just happened and how he kissed her. Her chain of thoughts was broken by a loud voice of Buaji.

Buaji : Are O Sankadevi... Come here.. Why  are still standing you still standing outside.

In the meantime Payal had told everything to her parents and buaji. Khushi entered the house and saw Arnav and Akash having tea...

Buaji : Yeh hai humari Sankadevi.Since the time she was a kid she always does something wrong and ends up in trouble like this. Arnav Bahua i am really sorry for what damage she has caused in your business.

Arnav : Its ok Buaji. It was just a mistake.

Akash was surprised seeing his brother being so calm.

Akash : Bhai aap teek tho hai na? I mean if it was other time you would have turned the world upside down and now you are so calm and where did all your anger go. Khushi i must really thank you for this change in bhai.

Arnav gives a cold glare to Akash which makes him shut his mouth and then looks at Khushi.

Arnav : If i was Aranv in front of my family, I am also the same ASR in front of the world and as ASR doesnt leave anybody who commits mistake. So Khushi be ready for getting punished.

Akash, Payal, Buaji, Amma, Babuji and Khushi all are surprised when Aranv told this in front of the whole family that too in ASR tone.

Khushi : What? I said i am sorry and i landed in your show by mistake then how can you punish me for the mistake which i did un-knowingly.

Arnav just got up and handed her his card.

Arnav : Meet me tomorrow in my office. And be ready for the punishment.


It was quite sometime after Akash and Aranv left to drop Khushi and Payal. All had retired to their  respective rooms.
Anajli was worried thinking why Arnav hasnt returned yet and tries to call him.
Arnav's phone rings. And he picks up the call.

Anjali : Chotte where are you? Why haven't you returned yet. Did you drop Khushi and Payal home. Are there any problem?

Arnav : Relax Di. I have dropped them home safely. Infact they insisted me to meet their parents so was just having a cup of tea with them with Akash.

Anjali was very happy hearing this. She asked arnav to hand over the phone to Khushi.
Arnav gave the phone to Khushi.

Arnav : Di wants to speak to you.

Khushi : Ha Anjaliji we have reached home safely. Thank you.

Anjali : Are Khushi its ok.. No need to mention. Actually i just wanted to ask you whether you know someone who can get Lucknow sarees to us since Naani loves such sarees. And since its been a long time we have come to Lucknow i dont know anyone here since the place has changed so much in these years.

Khushi : Are Waah Anjaliji.. Dont worry i know all the people here and i will bring them to you tomorrow with the best Lucknow ki saadi..

Anjali was happy hearing this.

Anjali : Achha Khushi.. Thank you so much.. then see you  tomorrow bye.

Khushi : Bye Anjaliji.. and disconnects the call and give the phone to Arnav.

Khushi : Amma, Buaji.. Actually Anjaliji wants to buy Lucknow ki saree to Naani, so she was asking if i know someone here from whom she can buy the sarees.

Amma : Are Khushi, we have Payaliya na.. then why do you worry. Take her with you with her collection of sarees and show it to them.

But amma suddenly turned sad..

Amma : but will they like our simple designs. Because Payal told me that they are very rich and we cannot design such expensive sarees which they use.

Akash : Are nahi aunty, Naani is very simple and she loves simple Lucknow sarees. Even though their grandsons are good in this business but still Naani loves simple, embroidery Lucknow ki Saadi. Ok them Khushi and Payalji meet you at Mahal tomorrow.

Now both the raizadaa brothers took leave from Gupta family and moved out of the house heading towards the car.

Buaji : Are O Sankadevi.. Go drop them till the car.

Khushi pulled payal along with her and payal just gave a stare at Khushi. Finally all the four reached the car.

Arnav: Thanks Payal it was nice meeting your family. Khushi meet me tomorrow in Mahal at 9: AM and from there i will take you to my office.

Khushi : Ok.. but what about those guards. What if they dont allow us inside the Mahal.

Akash : Don't worry Khushiji, i will speak to them and infact you have Bhai's card where you have all our number. If incase they dont allow you inside just call us and we would tell them.

Arnav and Akash sat inside the car and gave smile to Payal and Khushi and started back to Sheesh Mahal.

In Anjali's room :

Anjali : Shyam, Khushi is very sweet na. I liked her a lot. She is so much mature for her age.

Shyam : Yes Anjali she is really sweet.

Anjali : Shyam what do you think will she be a perfect match for chotte?

Shyam : But Anjali, we have just now met her. How can we decide that? and more over you know arnav. He is not a man who can give himself into relationship or marriage.

Anjali :I know Shyam but how long can he run away like we are there with him but afterwards who will take care of him.
I know why is against marriage and you as well know the reason very well. I cant see him alone for life long. I would prefer him to get married to a girl like khushi rather that freaking out with that Lavanya.

Shyam : do you think there is something going on between them?

Anjali : I hope nothing is there but still i cant believe Lavanya. she is too much into him.

Shyam : first lets come to know what arnav wants and then we can discuss this with Naaniji as well.

Anjali agrees and then hugs shyam and they both sleep.
In the mean time Arnav and akash return to RM and head towards their respective rooms.

In Arnav's Room :

Arnav changes into his night dress and comes and lies on the bed and tried to get some sleep.
He starts getting flashes of Khushi falling in his arms in the fashion show, then her shocked face when anjali mentioned that he is ASR, the way she asked sorry without any hesitation, akash's proposal to join her in AR ,the way he kissed her near her house. He just see the clock and closes his eyes to get some sleep hoping that she will accept akash's propasal.

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pls continue its so beautiful

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