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Sona257 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 March 2012
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Posted: 01 December 2012 at 9:41am | IP Logged
Love this story.. pls pm me for ur next update

Priyya0511 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 October 2009
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Posted: 01 December 2012 at 10:32am | IP Logged
Beautiful update Smile
Muskaan_87 Goldie

Joined: 12 June 2012
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Posted: 01 December 2012 at 4:57pm | IP Logged
lovely update:)
waiting 4 arnavs surprises:)
Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 December 2012 at 9:16pm | IP Logged
wow part 20 is really awesome
shanthiva Senior Member

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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 12:22am | IP Logged
Chapter 21 : Unwanted trouble

The next day aranv and khushi meet Mr.Mittal and fix the date to sign the deal. All the 3 are happy. Arnav & khushi comes to the hotel and start packing. They leave the hotel at 8.And the journey towards lucknow starts.

Khushi : Arnav atleast please tell me now where are we going. This much suspense i can digest it.

Arnav : Khushi do u trust me. I have planned a small surprise for you. I hope you like it. Since its a surprise i cant tell you so please dont force me anymore. I really cant tell u and i want to see how you react after seeing ur surprise.

Khushi : Ok arnav. As you wish.

They ride for some four hours and then stop for lunch.In the meantime aranv calls Anjali. They had started the journey and they will be reaching sheesh mahal by half an hour. Arnav tells Di not to inform Guptas about their arrival and the reason. Anjali tells the same thing for the family members and all agree. Shyam is burning in anger thinking what is happening and why they are so excited meeting guptas. More than that naani & anjali are happy. He guesses whether arnav is going to marry khushi. If this si true then he has to plan something. He cannot loose khushi. They reach sheesh mahal and take rest and wait for arnav & khushi.

Here arnav & khushi start the journey again after their lunch and in the menatime khushi sleeps in the car. Arnav stops the car and picks her up and makes her sleep properly in the back seat. Then starts driving again. He reaches sheesh mahal at 8pm. He sends a car to garima's house and picks them and they arrive at sheesh mahal.Khushi slowly opens the eyes and sees that they have reached some where. She sees naani, maami , anjali, shyam,payal, amma, baabuji, buaji. She thinks they have reached delhi.she gets up and comes out to get shock of her life. All standing in front of sheesh mahal. She sees arnav and he is happy to sees her expression. Slowly she moves towards the family and then runs to hug her family.

Buaji : Hai re nandakishore. Kaisi ho titaliya.. Arnav bahua ne hume yahan bulaya. Ab kaun ki kaand kiye ho tum.

Garima: How are you khushi. I hope you are taking care of your health.

Payal : Khushi.. i am really happy to sees you here.

Khushi : Amma, Baabuji, Jiji. I dint know that we are coming to lucknow from nainital. It was really a big surprise.

She turns to arnav and says thank you.Anjali invites them inside sheesh mahal to have dinner.
The dinner is simple and lot of conversation involved from khushi telling all what she is doing.

Shashi : I know khushi u can do it. All thanks to arnav that he has given this opportunity to you. We all are thankful to him and his family.

Arnav: No no uncle. Its not only khushi, i always recognise the talent.Uncle, aunty, buaji i actually want to speak something important to you. Lets speak after the dinner.

All the raizaadas are happy hearing this except shyam,

Shyam : Arnav what is the need for speaking now. I am sure khushiji & u are tired so lets take rest and then speak tomorrow.

Khushi answers it before arnav could answer.

Khushi : No Jeejaji. Its really important to speak now. And we cannot postpone it.

Amma, Buaji,Payal& baabuji are shocked to see this rude side of khushi.

Payl : Khushi is this the way to talk to jeejaji. have respect. He is anjaliji's husband Ask sorry now.

Arnav :Its ok payal.

They have dinner and they sit in the living room.Arnav hints naani to start the talk.

Naani : Shashiji have you seen any girl who can match for our chotte. I want a girl from lucknow very simple and who understands our family and more over our chottey.

Buaji : Hai re nandhakishore.. Naaniji..YOu are so much well off and you will get any girl for ur status.but u r looking for a  simple girl.

Anjali : Yes buaji. We dont want a girl who just pretends to know everything. SHe should be like khushi, who understands what family is.

Arnav : Enough of running around the bush. Aunty, Uncle, Buaji. I want to marry khushi. I like her a lot.

Aranv drops the bomb and shyam and guptas are shocked to hear this.Buaji keeps her hand on her head and looks at shashi & garima.Shyam is fuming after hearing this. There was a perfect silence in the room for few minutes. Garima speaks after few minutes.

Garima : Arnav bituwa are you sure? I mean you really wnat to marry this sankadevi. She will make ur life hell bituwa.

Khushi opens her mouth in O shape after hearing this comment from her mother.Payal closes her mouth.

Khushi : Amma. I am not sankadevi. What do u meant by this?

Buaji : U r a sankadevi. Ab nainital mai kaun si kaand kiye ho. Hai re nandhakishore.Kya karu is ladki ka.

Khushi : Buaji i dint do anything. Infact we got the deal.

Payal : Amma, buaji, baabuji.. Its good to get her married off. Atleast i will be free from her and her stupid antics.

Khuhsi : Jiji. Its not fair. Do i trouble you so much.

Payal : Dont u remember was me who always protected you from buaji for all what u used to do. & not to forget what happened here in the fashion show.

Khushi : It was by mitake jiji. I asked sorry to arnav and even then he punish... She cut the sentence half way thinking what she was going to tell.

Buaji : See See this is y i call you sankadevi. U speak half the sentence and swallow the other half leaving the other person confused. Deivyaniji.. I am really grateful that you have chosen khushi to be the DIL for ur family but still our status doesnt not match with urs.

Manoramma :: Excuse me plz.. Hello Hi bye bye.We like khushi betiya and y phear when maami is here. No need of richones here. Our arnav bituwa is 24 carrat gold. So now when the camel has come down the hill and agreed to marry why delay, before the camel climbs the hill again saasuma lets fix this.

Akash : Ha Daadi.. Before bhai changes his mood again lets fix this.

Naani : All of us are speaking but shashiji what is ur opinion on this.

Shashi : I agree with your decision but as u know khushi is our younger daughter and we cannot get her married before payal.

Manoramma : Thatz it true saasuma.. Saasuma if you are ok then can we get payal and akash married.

Now this sentence from maami really shock the raizadas. They had not expected this from manoramma.

Naani : Are you sure manoramma.I mean i thought you alwas wanted a Miss India, or Miss World as ur bahu..

Manoramma : Hello Hi bye bye.. It is true saasuma but then Miss India & Miss World will not understand what is family, they will always wear short dress and will always be going out for party neglecting my akash bituwa. So after seeing payal i thought of this saasuma. Akash bituwa are you ok with this. Do you loves some One.. Common Tells me.,

Akash : Maa.. What else can i tell you. Anything as you say.

Anjal i :Now i think you dont have any problem right.

Naani : Shashiji, me Deivyani raizaada is asking the hands of your beautiful daughters for my grandsons.

Shashi looks and garima & buaji and finally stands up folding his arms and says : What else can i say after this. After all we are small in front of you.

Khushi gets up and hugs her dad.Payal hugs her mom, buaji.Anjali arranges for sweets. After some time the guptas leave for their home, but arnav asks khushi to stay back as he has to discuss regarding the deal papers. The guptas leave and here all retire to their respective rooms.

Its almost midnight, khushi hears a knock at the door. She thinks it must be arnav and gets up and opens the door and gets shocked to see shyam standing. He pushes her inside and locks the door.

Khushi : What is this shyamji? What are you doing here? Get out now before i shout.

Shyam : Khushiji how can you agree to marry arnav. Hw has an affair with lavanya. And still you agreed. Y Khushiji.

Khushi : Shut up shyam. I know about arnav.I dont need any clarification about him from you. Now please get out before i call someone and create problem for you.

Shyam looses his control and pushes khushi on the bed and pins her under him. Khushi is too shocked to react by this sudden encounter of shyam. She starts struggling under him. Shyam kisses her forcefully and tears her dress and removes her dupatta and ties her hand above her to the cot.

Shyam : Khushiji i dont like hurting you like this but then u dont try to understand. So i have no any other way. I will have you and then let me see how saale-saab will marry u. I will creat a bad name for u in ur area which will force you parents to maryy u to me. I will divorce anjali and then we can be happy. 

Saying this he comes close to her. Khushi gets shocked and doesnt know how to react.
Here aranv goes to his room gets freshen up and thinks of the events and a small smile appears on his lips. He then decides to go meet khushi. On the way down he sees anjali looking around searching for someone.

Arnav: Di.. U here what u want di? WHom are u searching.

Anjali : Chotte what are u doing here. she smirks seeing him blushing.. Hmmm ok planning a secret meeting with khushi ha.. I am searching for shyam. Did u see him. He looked too upset.

Here khushi pushes shyam and shyam bangs the flower vase and it fell down and breaks.
Hearing this noise arnav & anjali  understands that khushi is in danger. Arnav runs towards her room and bangs the door just to see the most horrific scene in front of his eyes. Khushi tied up and her lips swollen and her dress torn and shyam trying to force himself on her. Anger ranges inside him and he punches shyam on his face and shyam falls down. Anjali comes and unties khushi and immediately khushi hugs her and cries. Hearing the noise all come to the room. Akash, naani, maami are shocked seeing khushi's condition. Maami and naani rush to her and consoles her while akash runs to hold arnav who is hitting shyam.

Shyam ( choking): Saale-saab. please understand. it was khushiji who called me here. I tied her so that she cant  do anything to me.

Hearing this khushi just sees shyam in disgust and then sees aranv.Akash who was quiet till now get angry and slaps shyam

Akash : Enough shyam who are you trying to fool.I know everything about u.

Shyam : Saale-saab see how she trapped you also. Now she has got her family and involved her family & her sister to get this property. She is such a characterless girl who can do anything for money. Anajli please believe me. Its not my fault. It was khushi's fault.

Anajli, naani & maami comes near shyam and anjali slaps him. All are shocked to see her like this.

Anjali : Enough shyam. More how much will you cheat me and cheat my family.

Shyam : Anjali even u r not believing me. Khushiji its all because of you.

He takes a vase and throws it towards khushi. The vase hits her head and breaks it leaving cuts on khushis hands, face. All are shocked to see this and arnav hits shyam again. Al go near khushi and start crying. Anjali screams seeing blood on khushi's forehead. Arnav hears the scream and turns towards khushi just to see her in a small pool of blood on her face, hands and blood oozing from her head.

Anjali : Someone call the doctor.

Maoramma: I will call anjali betiya. U dont worry please look after her.

Naani : Chotte see khushi is bleeding leave him now. First attend khushi betiya., What will we tell her family. Now after this will they agree for this marriage.

Arnav goes to shyam again and holds him by his collar and tells : If anything happens to khushi i swear  i will forget that u are my Di's husband.

Akash : Bhai please control urself.

Arnav :Akash call the police now and inform khushi's family tomorrow morning

The ambulance arrives.Arnav, anjali, maami leave in ambulance. Akash waits for police. He makes naani sit in the living room. Naani is crying thinking about khushi.

Akash : Daadi please dont cry. U will become sick. THen how can you dance on bhai's & my sangeet.

Hearing this naani gives a weak smile.

Naani : Akash i never thought that daamad... shyam will such cruel. See how he hit her with vase infront of us. What will we tell her parents.How abotu anjali? How will she bear this.

Akash : Daadi Di is not that weak as we think. She is strong.She knows that shyam was cheating her but now since we have got many clues we can accuse shyam now.

Police arrives and they take shyam. Akash tells that bhai is in hospital and they can meet him there for the statement.

In Hosptial :

The ambulance reaches the hospital, Khushi is taken into ICU ward to clean the wound and to check if there are any pieces of vase on her head.After an hour the doctor comes out and says that they have cleaned the wounds but still the patient is unconscious and has slight swelling on her forehead due to impact. They have kept her under observation for 24 hours.

The police arrived to the hospital with shyam.Shyam sees anjali. Aranv sees him and goes to hit him but anjali stops him. Maami is fuming in anger.

Shyam  :Anajali please believe me. I have not done anything.

Police Inspector : Mr. Raizada.Akash told me that you are in hospital. Could you please give me the statement for filling FIR against shyam.

Before arnav could answer anjali answers which shocks arnav, maami & shyam.

Anajli : Inspector he is my husband. I am his wife. Please book a case on the following charges against shyam. 1) Attempt to murder of khushi.
2) Fraud and cheating with my wealth.
3) Attempt to rape khushi.
But insepctor i dont want khushi's or her family's name to be involved in this.Keep it as a secret as i dont want her life to get spoilt because of this cheap man's activity.

Shyam : Anjali u cant do this to me. I love you anjali. Believe me its her fault. U cant punish me like this.

Anajli  :No shyam, not anymore.Inspector we will be soon filing the case of divorce.

The inspector takes the statement and takes shyam from their. Arnav sees his sister and hugs her. Maami comes near her & makes her sit on the bench. Arnav calls akash and informs what happened in hospital. Akash informs the same to naani and asks naani to take rest.Maami makes anjali sleep. Arnav informs maami to take rest and he will be with khushi.Initially maami refuses but then later agrees. Arnav just sees khushi from the glass windows silently shedding tears. Later he sits on the bench and doses off to sleep hoping khushi would be fine. But something is yet to happen to her which arnav is still unaware. But then by maami & anjalis help khushi's life was saved from being destroyed again. Anjali calls akash and tells what happeened.

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spunk22 Senior Member

Joined: 16 September 2012
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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 12:38am | IP Logged
nice update...though it was a bit long wait...

good work.

update soon Smile
Priyya0511 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 October 2009
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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 1:15am | IP Logged
Thank GOD the snake was caught! And i love Anjali for this! Hug
laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 December 2011
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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 3:22am | IP Logged
thanks shanthi for the pm
it was a great update, good that creep got caught and anji understood his truth
but is khushi going to lose her memory may be partial memory loss, she will her family and not the period when she met with arnav, 

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