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kushi81 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 12:55pm | IP Logged
Loved it update the next part soon. Smile

Sweta... Goldie

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 4:54pm | IP Logged
Aahhhi arnavs confession in th car was so cute and she hugs him back can only mean one thing... Ahhh excited fr the next Uodate :) can't wait :) thanks for the pm :) lovely Uodate lol when khushi kept saying jeejaji lol :)
The romance in nainital part a was epic :) loved the way she trusted arnav and she hugs him ahhh loved it :) thanks for the pm can't wait for th next part :)

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shanthiva Senior Member

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 7:53pm | IP Logged
Chapter 17 : Romance in Nainital (Part B)

In RM Mansion :

Shyam was very much disturbed that khushi had to leave with arnav to nainital. The thought of her being alone with him made shyam lose his temper. But what could he do. Instead he made the most nasty decision of his life. He showed all his frustration on anjali.Anjali was casually talking to shyam regarding arnav and khushi. Shyam was pissed off and he started shouting at anjali. Due to his anger he blunted out that khushi is not suitable for arnav and he cannot see khushi with arnav. Saying anjali was shocked hearing his confession about khushi would be an understatement, unknowingly shyam himself had sown the seed of doubt in her mind. To cope up the mess he just said sorry and he shouted because of work tension and stormed out of RM.

At Nainital :

Arnav woke up by the constant ringing of his phone alarm. He opened his eyes slowly and saw that there was something soft next to him. Infact somone rather than something. He turned his head to his left side to find khushi resting her head on his chest. Her hand clutched on his shirt.He slowly he released her hand from his shirt and then placed her head on the soft pillow and got up and went to have shower. By the time he came out khushi had woken up and was waiting for him to come out. She had ordered the breakfast and tea and black coffee for arnav.He came out and saw khushi.

Arnav : Good morning khushi.

Khushi : good morning arnav. Actually is it possible to buy some warm clothes since its getting cold.

Arnav : Sure.. First get ready then we can finish the meeting and then we can go for shopping. In the meantime you can use my jurkin.

Khushi : Thanks Arnav. U have your breakfast in the meantime i will get ready.

Arnav : Ok..

Saying this he moves to the bathroom. After sometime he comes out and sees khushi confused thinking in front of the closet. He just tells her that the meeting is formal and she can wear anything she is fine with.

Khushi takes a pink anarkali dress and moves into the bathroom. Arnav checks the required documents needed for the meeting. In the meantime, lavanya calls arnav.

Lavanya : Hello ASR.. Good Morning.

Arnav: good mrng Lavanya. Did you reach mumbai. Make sure you finalise the things.

La: Ok ASR you need not worry. i am just worried how khushi will manage there.

Arnav: U no need to worry abt it since i am here with her. Anyways i will call u later. bye.

La : Bye ASR.

She cuts the call and starts fuming thinking what arnav spoke.Khushi comes out and sees arnav stil in the room.

Khushi : Arnav, i am sorry are we getting late. Come lets have breakfast and leave for the meeting.

Arnav: Relax khushi, there is still time. Come first lets have breakfast.

Khushi & Arnav have their breakfast,khushi is all the tiime nervous. arnav sees this and tells her not to worry much, since he is also with her and not to worry.
They reach the conference room booked in the hotel. Khushi slowly starts her practise to give the presentation.Arnav sees this and smiles thinking how innocent and how tensed she is.Meanwhile Mr.Mittal arrives the hotel and he is guided to the hotel conference room.

Arnav greets him and introduces khushi.

Arnav : Good Morning Mr.Mittal. This is Khushi who will be working with the designs.

Khushi : Good Mrng Mr. Mittal.

Mittal : Good morning Mr. ASR & Miss Khushi.

They settle down and the presentation starts. Initially khushi is tensed but then as time passes she gives her best. Mittal & Arnav are just taken back by the way she presents the presentation.After 2hours of presentation, they finalise the deal.

Mittal : Thank you Mr. ASR. I must say khushi has a special talent in her.

Khushi : Thank you Mr.Mittal. All thanks to Arnav who gave me this opportunity.

Arnav : Congrats Mr. Mittal. Well done khushi. Mr. Mittal i will send you the papers once when it is ready so that we can start the work immediately.

Mr. Mittal : Sure Mr. ASR.. Looking forward to work with you...

They greet each other and then move out of the conference room. On the way to their suite.

Khushi : OMG Aranv.. I am really shocked that i could give such a presentation. I mean in college i have given presentations but no like this. I was scared where you might loose the deal cuz of my carelessness.

Arnav: Relax Khushi. I knew you will give your best.

Arnav's  phone rings. He checks the caller ID, it was Anjali.

Arnav :Hello Di.. How r u?

Anjali : You tell me chotte.. I dint know that you being with your girlfriend you would forget you one & only sister.

Aranv :Nothing like that Di. Anyway there is a good news for you all.

Anjali : Really chotte.. U mean u spoke to khushi adn she agreed..

She did not wait for arnav to reply and she started gathering the entire RM including HP beside her to give the Good news.

Aranv : Di Relax.. ITs not what you are thinking. We got the Deal.. Khushi's presentation was awesome.

Anjali : Really.. Wow.. Pass on the phone to her..

Khushi : Hello Anjaliji.. How are you,,Naaniji, Maami,HP,

Anjali : Khushi all are fine and congrats..

Naani : Khushi Betiya.. how are you...

Khushi : I am fine naani.. Naaiji we got the deal..

Naani : Wow thatz a great news betiya.. I knew you will never disappoint chotte in his business.

The entire conversation was silently heard by fuming Shyam...They speak for sometime and hang the call.

Khushi : Arnav i am so happy. Wow.. Naaniji is happy.

Arnav :Even i am happy khushi, if it was not you i dont think i would have got this deal.

Khushi : Stop it arnav, even lavanya is good & i am sure if she would have accompanied you, you would have got the deal.

Aranv :Ok now lets stop this and now its time for celebration. Anyway lets celebrate it tonight now we will take rest and then go for dinner and for shoping. I need to buy you warm clothes as well.

They take some rest and then go for lunch.Arnav orders the lunch.

Arnav: So tell me khushi how are feeling now.I hope now you are comfortable to start working with me.

Khuhsi : I am really happy aranv. I cant tell you how happy i am. I am as if on cloud nine. I dont know how to thank you.

Arnav: U can thank me in many ways khushi.

He then smirks.Khushi opens her mouth in perfect O shape and just turns other side.The lunch arrives and they have the lunch.

Arnav :Tell me khushi where do you want to go first.

Khushi : Aranv when are we returning to delhi.

Arnav:After 2 days khushi. Why any problem.

Khushi : No actually i am dont fell like going out now. Shall we go to the room I have a bad headache. I just want to take rest. May be we can go in the evening for some nearby place.

Arnav: Ok.. As you wish.

They have their lunch and return to the room. Khushi takes a tablet and goes to sleep. Aranv starts working, checking his mail.Its evening 6 but still khushi has not woken up. HE goes to the bedroom and tries to wake her up.

Aranv : Khushi, Khushi get up. Tea will be arriving anytime. After tea, Get ready we can go out.

But no response from khushi. Arnav gets doubt, He touches her forehead & is shocked to see that she is having fever. He then realises that she doesnot have any warm clothes. He calls the reception asking for doctor.

The doctor arrives after half an hour and examines her.

Doctor : She has fever due to cold climate. Keep her warm and give her these medicines. Dont worry Mr. Raizada she will be fine by tomorrow.

Aranv :Thank you doctor.

He gives the prescription to the room boy and askes him to get the tablets.He calls delhi and informs the same to naani.

Naani : Dont worry chotte. Keep cold cloth on her forehead. It will reduce the temperature. It is cuz she does not have warm clothes. Dint you buy warm clothes for her?

Aranv : Ok naani. No Naani. We dint get time. We thought of going in the evening.

Anjali : Chotte. All you care is only your work. Anyway ta
ke care of khushi and also yourself chotte.

Shyam : What happen anjali. What happen to khushiji?

Arnav heard this and closed his fists in anger.

Anjali : Actually shyam, khushi is having fever. but not to worry chotte is there to take care.

Shyam : We can go their i mean he has been there for business and in between who will take care of her.

Naani : Dont need daamadhji.. Chotte can take of her.

Maami : Yes saasuma.. Why phear when Arnav Bituwaa there..

Anjali : Ok chotte take care. I will call you tomorrow. Take rest.

The room boys comes with the medicine.She cuts the call. Shyam is fully tensed and frustrated.Aranv moves to bathroom and gets a bowl of cold water and dips a cloth and places it on her forehead.He sends mail to aman and shuts his laptop. He repeats keeping the cloth on her forehead. nad check the temperature. After sometime khushi starts stirring in sleep calling her amma & baabuji name.

Arnav: Khushi, Khushi.. Once when you are fine we can speak to them. Can you hear me khushi.

Khushi still keeps calling her parents name. Arnav tries to keep her warm by rubbing her hand. Slowly she sleeps.Later he orders the dinner to their room. He wakes up khushi.

Aranv :Khushi wake up. Have your dinner and then you need to have your medicine also.

Khushi tries to get up from the bed but then falls. Arnav holds her and makes her to sit.

Khushi : Arnav i want to go to bathroom.

Arnav helps her till the bathroom door.

Aranv :Khushi dont close the door. I will wait here. If you need me then i will come in.

In the meantime the dinner arrives. Aranv opens the door and asks the room boy to keep the dinner in the living room. He then goes to check khushi, Arnav sees the door still open.He waits on the bed. Even after 15 mins khushi doesnt come out. He slowly knocks the door, but no response.

Arnav :Khushi. Khushi are you ok.. Can i come inside.

He enters the bathroom and gets shocked seeing khushi lying on the floor unconcious. He lifts her to the bed and covers her with the quilt and starts rubbing her hands calling her name.After sometime she slowly opens her eyes.

Khushi : Aranv... I am not able to...

Arnav : Shhh.. Relax khushi. Wait i will get you the soup. HAve it and then have your medicines and then you take complete rest.

Khushi : Waht about your work.. I am sorry arnav.

Arnav : Relax khushi.

Arnav gets the dinner to room and slowly feeds khushi. She finishes her soup, then little sandwitches. He gives her the medicine. After sometime she sleeps. Aranv covers her fully with the quilt and has his dinner.

He again starts keeping cold cloth on her forehead and then after sometime feels that temperature reducing. So sleeps next to her.

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Raadhiyaaa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 8:42pm | IP Logged
loved it 
hemakalai IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 8:47pm | IP Logged
thank u for the update my dear
Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 8:53pm | IP Logged
i really love all your 17 chapters
scarlet2012 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 9:25pm | IP Logged
lovely update, thanks for pm
tkymarar Senior Member

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 9:29pm | IP Logged
continue soonSmile

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