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Congrats, Thanks, and Hats off to all members of MKAP News LetterTeam and all MKAPn's for their support and encouragement!!! Clap  Clap


Story so far -  -Sheena-
Summary of the week - ...Poojie... 
 Dialogue of the week - --Kabe--
OS/FF/SS of the week - Veena.S
Best dress/costume of the week - Kriya_Sruthi
VM of the week - piyarapiyari
Best siggy of the week - babithaj, Deepali88
Best Icon of the week - -Devu-
Best AVI of the Week- The_Dark_Knight
Best Picture of the week - Anondo.R
Active Member/Member of the week - The_Dark_Knight
Most active thread - The_Dark_Knight
Blooper of the week - amrapali_Dubey, babithaj
Filler of the week - telstra
Best scenes of the week (Hilarious, Shocking, Sad) - The_Dark_Knight , Snigdhakhanam, Veena.S
Characters of the week (Best, Irritating, Under used) - Anondo.R, Singdhakhanam, Veena.S Best behuda comment of the week/ One liners - The_Dark_Knight
Sher o shayari of the week - Snigdhakhanam
Worst episode of the week - Anondo.R
Best episode of the week - The_Dark_Knight
Background score/Song of the week - Anondo.R
Best speculation of the week -  -Sheena-
Happy and sad news of the week (related to articles, interviews and crush of expectations by cv's, Spoilers, actors whoever) -  --Kabe--
Most magical moment (KriYa) - Eden_LuvsKriya, ArjaAddict, telstra

Winning Siggies : -AmyHeatzNoah-,Sehreen ,Dhakarn, Babithaj & Anondo.R

Newsletter Banner, Logo : -Devu- 

Layout & Final Post : Anondo.R  

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Arushi informs KP about Komal's pregnancy. They share it with the rest of TN. SS gives K the cold shoulder and does not hug him when he tries to hug him. TN are excited with the news and arrange to celebrate Komal's pregnancy. Meanwhile, Komal gets ready for her SR with Adarsh. Arushi helps her get ready unaware about the real status of her relationship. An excited Komal awaits for Adarsh's return.

Adarsh leaves work early to be with Komal is met with an accident when a speeding car does a hit and run. Adarsh lies unconscious on the road. It was left to Aman to take him to hospital when he saw Adarsh. He gave a mini lecture to the gathering crowd for their lack of civil duty. Aman calls GH and informs them that Adarsh is in hospital and is in a serious condition. GH inform TN too and all rush to the hospital to be beside Adarsh.

SS is upset and uses his power to get doctors to save Adarsh. Prof does not appreciate SS efforts and scolds him for helping. Aman too gives his opinion. K supports the family in their time of need and it gives them the moral support to believe that Adarsh will survive. P is happy with K effort with her family and is finally seeing K for what he really is.

Kesar informs GD about P murder attempts and is shocked to hear it. She tries to tell SS what he has done and that she knows his secret. Adarsh regains consciousness to the relief of GH.. Police question Adarsh as to what he knows about the accident and the culprit.. KN overhears the conversation and informs SS. SS starts to hunt the culprit behind the wheel.

SS continues to show the cold shoulder to K even after informing about Adarsh regaining consciousness.

Will SS attitude continue with K? Who is the culprit behind the accident? Find out in the next edition of the NL...

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Pratigya feeds halwa to Samar in secret. Kesar prepares halwa for Samar and forcibly feeds it to him when he refuses to eat. She becomes enraged when Piyasia talks in favour of Pratigya. Abhimanyu calls Krishna and asks him to meet him in the pretense of apologising. Pratigya follows Krishna after learning that he is meeting Abhimanyu to retaliate on him for humiliating her in the court. Abhimanyu tries to kill him by electrocuting him but Pratigya saves him. Sajjan panics on hearing the news.

Sajjan visits Krishna at the hospital but Komal insults him and forbids him to see Krishna. Shakti and Kesar act indifferent about Krishna's accident. Sajjan slaps Shakti when he criticizes him for caring about Krishna. Komal packs food to take to the hospital. She trips on Chinky's toy and drops the food. She rebukes Chinky for leaving her toys on the floor. Kartik helps her cook again. Aarushi suspects that Abhimanyu had hurt Krishna but Pratigya and Krishna think that he is innocent.

Abhimanyu pretends to repent humiliating Aarushi and Pratigya in the court. He apologises to Krishna and wins his forgiveness and trust. Shyam thanks Kartik for helping Komal with the cooking. Kesar is displeased when Dadi tells Piyasia to cook for Krishna. Shakti warns Dadi not to hope for a patch up between Krishna and Sajjan. Krishna brings Abhimanyu to his house after his discharge from the hospital against Sajjan's will. The two of them taunt Sajjan and Shakti. Sajjan insults Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu attacks Sajjan when he insults his mother but Krishna and Shakti stop him. Pratigya criticizes Krishna for taunting Sajjan. Krishna tells her not to sympathize with Sajjan as he disrespects women. Shakti tells Kesar that Sajjan is untrustworthy. Kesar tells him to get Sajjan to sign over the property to him. Krishna offers a job to Abhimanyu in his restaurant. Abhimanyu plans to sabotage his business. Dadi falls down but Kesar forbids Pratigya and Krishna to help her.

Krishna and Pratigya tend to Dadi's injured leg. Chandu orients Abhimanyu with Krishna's restaurant. Kesar complains to Sajjan that Dadi is mingling with Krishna and Pratigya even though he had forbidden her to talk to them. Krishna defends Dadi when Sajjan insults her. Sajjan forces Dadi to pick sides. He wins the coin toss and orders her to stay with him. Pratigya criticizes him for treating Dadi like a possession. Dadi chooses to live with Krishna and Pratigya because of their love for her.

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GD decided to live under Krishna's custodyBig smilewhen SS got to know that GD is continuing her relation with kriya, he got angry and said to choose b/w SS-KST ! But GD denied and replied she can't choose b/w Son-Grandson .So SS said GD"s custody will be decided by toss and he did the tossOuchSS was the winner.SS announced that from now GD is his propertyOuchBut GD broke her silence Shockedand said SS doesn't have any right to decide her fateTongueStarClapShe also said she will decide with whom she will live.She added that she want to live under Krish's custodySmileKriya became happy after heard itDancingBig smileAnd SS became upsetLOLTongue

Krishna is accepting Abhimanyu as his brotherShockedHuh!What's wrong with KSTConfused?He is forgetting what ASY did with himStern SmileLooks like the current shock effected on KST"s brainErmmD'ohThat's why he did forgive ASY so easilyOuchEvenKST is helping ASY to get a jobWacko.He req ASY to join him in his restuarantShockedtoo muchOuchAnd most shocking thing is-Pratigya is also believing ASYOuchShe thinks ASY is a saintStern SmileHe just came there to ask forgiveness from KSTSleepyOh God what's wrong with KriyaShockedOuch?

OMG Krishna got electric shock because of ASYShockedCryOuchIt's all was ASY's palnAngry!Our hero was in dangerCryThanks GodPratigya reached there on time otherwise what would happened with KrishnaShockedOuchD'ohASY and Pratigya took him in hospital and his condition was criticalUnhappyOur poor Hero!He's so innocentEmbarrassedthat's why didn't get how cheap mentality ASY hasOuch

GD falls from the chair! Kesar and Pratigya came there to help her but Kesar stopped Pratigya and warned her not to touch GD.P was shocked by Kesar's behaviourOuchThen KST came out from the room and shocked to see GD fallen!He went there to help GD but kesar stopped him too and said he can't touch GD as GD is member of her familyOuchKSt got angry and he replied-I can even touch u if i want,no one can stop me!OMg such a hilarious punchROFLKesar got scared and her face was worth watchingDay Dreaming

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Its GD this week...ClapStar
SS gets angry for GD talking and took KriYa's help, and He insists her to Choose Whose side She is, Krishna or Him... GD says both are equal to Her, She wants both... Tongue
SS says Her to choose whom she wants and with whom She wanna stay... says He will Toss for that... KriYa both objects it as Dadi is not a thing... but SS does it, it comes favourable to SS , SS says She has to stay with Him...
Pratigya opposes that, and GD too realizes , and finally decides herself to stay with KriYa, as they Cares for Her whole heartedly...Tongue
GD rocked in that Scene... We have seen a GD BJ...LOLClap


KriYa , ASY and  Kesar all irratated alot Us whole week... AngryThumbs Down
KriYa being soo dumb, simply forgave and forgot what ASY did with them, and Krishna accepted him as Bro and offered job in his restaurent too... knowing that ASY chnages colours depending situations , both letting him into thier lives... AngryThumbs Down
ASY and Kesar : Donno why both are after KriYa, who helped them both and gave life to them...Angry

Its our Arusia this week...DancingParty

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hmm this week we have many scenes which were filler but one was too appropriate. komal cooking food for the people who are with krishna at hospital. she dropped some food and karthik made food instead the whole scene was too lengthy and boring Ouch


This week most of the dialogues sounded hilarious.

All that had KST's touch!!! Some from them -

K to SS " dui mukha saap to bohot dekhe, lekin dui mukha baap kabhi nehi dekhe the..wo bhi aaj dekh liye" Geek



K to KN-"Waise bauji ka to hum ne antim sanskar kar di baaki tum thik se rehna shakti singh, tumka toh hum zinda fook denge"ROFL

KN too not behind -

KN to Kesar - "pata nahin kitna kamina mara hoga tab jaake Sajjan Singh paida hua hoga"Stern Smile

PS :  hmm all kriyans sat beside tv in a hope to see kriya scene but sadly cvs are still on a strike Sleepywe got no kriya scene the whole weekSmile

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This week's best costume goes to our Pratigya. All colours suit her really well but this particular colour sari looked gorgeous on her. Her simple makeup and looks add to her beauty. 


Pic courtesy: Poojie.. Thanks dearSmile

Don't Know whether we can call it as a blooper. But have a look Geek

In the above Picture. Krish was too weak to walk. Even he couldn't stand without ASY's support.

Now . . . . . . After 5 minutes 

Situation was like this - Shocked

krish was trying hard to stop ASY from beating SS and shouting as well !! 
As if nothing happened to him Confused

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Episode #731
Friday 7th September 2012

Written/Video Update&Viewer's Review:

WU ** Friday 7th September 2012
7th Sep Pratigya Eng Subs Video+Precap WO/Dl/Pic
MKAPians' Mann Ki Awaaz- 7-9-12  


Episode 728
Tuesday 4th September 2012

Written Update : WU 4th Sept 2012

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