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PR this week: Purvi deconstructed (Page 4)

sashashyam IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 1:12pm | IP Logged
Saved Ovi's life? No, no, Laurie my dear, she would never have really done it. Look at the shot of her sitting there with  the knife in her hand.She has not even made a small nick, and in fact she seems to be waiting for the phone to ring or for someone to come in, as Teju did the last time, and stop her.

You know, there are people who commit suicide for trivial reasons, like schoolkids after they fail an exam. There are others who think they  want to commit suicide and instil that same fear in those who love them, but they never really manage to do it, because, subconsciously, they do not want to do it.

I think Ovi belongs to the second category. So I do not believe that Purvi saved her life, and as for her happiness, AK is going to be the proverbial  mouthful of Dead Sea fruit for Ovi, something she can neither swallow not spit out.

I misjudged Ovi  in that I thought she was going to weasel out of her  promise re: Archana, but it is no such thing, and she is in fact going at it full tilt, in large part because she feels that if that does not happen, Arjun will never accept her. Whatever her reason, she is working at it from both ends.

It has not worked as yet at either end, but now that Teju has exposed Savita to Manav, and Archana has announced to Savita that she will not let Purvi's sacrifice go to waste, it is clear that she is going to land up chez les Deshmukhs at the earliest feasible.

But the most interesting part of the mahaepisode (which was surprisingly substantive), as I am sure you will agree,  was the  3 1/2  minute scene between Arjun and Purvi. It was good to see Arjun put Purvi in her place unequivocally, and state, bitterly and firmly, exactly what I have said in my  post, that BOTH  girls had treated him as a commodity and bartered him for their own ends.

He now knows precisely  how much he means to Purvi, and he seems to be really and coldly angry with her for the way she had treated him. It does seem that her iron hold on him has slipped quite a bit. Her haath jodke  pleading with him, "if ever you reallly loved me",   to give Ovi the status of his wife, is treated with the contempt it deserves and summarily brushed aside. And he points out that while he has kept every one of his promises to her, she has broken every promise she had made to him.

Now, he declares with a set jaw, looking like the Boss from Hell he once was, since she now has what she wanted for her aai,  and so should be happy,  he is going to do what he wants to do, and, "You had better face it Purvi".  And then he turns on his heel and leaves without  a backward glance.ClapClap

If I could have done it, I would have jumped up and hugged him,  for being once more a self-assertive and clear-headed man, and not a love-sick poodle. Even though, at this stage, it is all much too late. He was really good in the scene, and it warmed the cockles of my heart (what are these cockles, anyway?) to see him back as our old Arjun, even it is was only in the bitterness and frustration that flood his heart because of this stupid, self-centred girl with whom he has had the misfortune to fall in love.

I have no idea what he is going to do, but it not something that Purvi would like, and she knows it. Serve her right. At the reception in the evening, he looks as grim as in the scene with Purvi earlier, unsmiling and stiff.

When the small scene with Vishnu came up, I was surprised at how pleased I  was to see him again,  the refreshingly cocky young rascal. I almost forgot all his criminal past. It must have been the sheer relief of seeing someone other than the Karanjkar watering pots, a desperate Arjun and Manav looking like a death's head mounted on a pole!

Let us see what happens to Savita next week, for her arrest, shown so prominently in the promos for the mahaepisode, was not  there today.

I am glad you liked this post. It is one of the harshest I have ever written,and I wrote it primarily  as a catharsis. Now I shall get around to your latest chapter  of The Raging Storm.

Shyamala Aunty

Originally posted by Axiom

Fantabulous post Shyamala Aunty!
Purvi deserves what's coming to her for what she did to Arjun.
Atleast the show is practical - it teaches you to fall in love with your head not your heart!
I really disliked what happened here this week - Humpty Dumpty ARVI Toothpaste! Angry
In hindsight, even though Purvi's actions were appalling, immature and nonsensical she did save Ovi's life.They could all be going to a funeral instead of a wedding reception if it weren't for Purvi. So congrats to her!
Martyr level unlocked! ROFL 

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sashashyam IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 January 2012
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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 1:13pm | IP Logged
Sorry of the inadvertent double posting.


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sashashyam IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 January 2012
Posts: 13119

Posted: 07 September 2012 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
Well, she does just that today, when she folds her hands in pleading and asks him "if ever you reallly loved me",   to give Ovi the status of his wife.

Arjun treats this  with the contempt it deserves and summarily brushes her  aside, with a 'Never!". Good for him!


Originally posted by bonibright

Originally posted by NadaCinta

Thanks Shyamala

You're right. It's actually good to write it down so that you don't feel that your heart will collapse any moment after all the high fly scenes. 

After being a silent reader all this while, it was like the last straw that broke the camels back that made me to pen down what I felt. I have always admired you, Laurie, Bee5, Jai and Archana's writing skills.

Infact I still can't believe how some of them still believe that it was Purvi's plan with Arjun on the marriage. Did they ever not realise that Ovi of all person will not succumb to such a decision? She is not AK or PD...

The CVs must have read it and felt that they had to show how the marriage took place and there it goes of the flashback scenes yesterday. Now we have nothing much to say on the wedding that there is still a twist to it.

After the mahasangam episode today, our dear mahaan Purvi will be busy preparing for her mother to be sent to her sasural home. At the end of the day it's her wish.

I have no faith in Ovi at all even more after listening to her conversation with Purvi yesterday. She is a very smart businesswoman who can manipulate things to her likes and dislikes as long as there are people like Arjun and Purvi around.

Sorry to say this as it may sound a bit crude but she may not even hesitate to ask Purvi to speak to Arjun to sleep with her as they have not had their Suhaag Raat. How disgusting is her character.
I was just thinking the same..AngryAngry
I hope Purvi now doesn't ask Arjun to consumate ..
n moreover dont want Arjun to do what his lady love is asking for..
it will be just tooo much for us viewrs..

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jdronamraju Goldie

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 1:23pm | IP Logged
Absolutely loved Arjun today !! Was proud of him.. Purvi was lost for words when he started talking... SSSHHH 'ed her...Loved that..Clap..Glad to see Arjun getting back on his feet..and the blinkers are falling away...he is gonna play hard ball with her...

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sashashyam IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 January 2012
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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
Dear Kalapi,

We are both of a mind on this commodification of Arjun, and the most interesting part of today's mahaepisode  was that Arjun too has fully cottoned to what not just Ovi, but Purvi too has done to him.

I don't want to repeat myself, but if you take a look at my long response above to Laurie, you will see what I feel about the excellent Arjun-Purvi scene today. She is put firmly in her place, even if it is far too late now, It will be interesting to see what precisely Arjun is going to do now. I may be wrong, but I somehow do not think he will try to see Purvi anymore now. He came today only to tell her precisely what he has found out, and what he feels about it.It is another matter that anyone with an iota of commonsense would have worked this double deal out on that hilltop itself. I think all this mooning over Purvi, and, as you have noted, her aai's challenge, have turned his brain to  mush, poor chap!

In the context of Archana declaring to Savita that she is not about to let 'my Purvi's balidaan'  go to waste, she also tells Arjun, as you must have noted,  that he is 'a very good man', and she is sure he will keep 'meri Ovi' happy all her life.

Now how is that for trying to tie the bakra  firmly to the khoonta, so that he can fulfil Purvi's commitment to Ovi for her? Then, Archana's mahaan daughter can  feel morally uplifted, and anything Arjun might feel in the process be damned! Till now, Archana has not  said a single word about what her  tyaag ki murti  has done to Arjun.


Originally posted by Kalapi

Shymala dear, you hit the mail right in its head. I have wrote this somewhere else, but will just copy now since am getting a bit tired regurgitating the same thing over and over again.

 Purvi is very strong and knew why she was doing it and for who. Not only that she went and arranged the whole marriage event and saw it through completion. Whereas Ovi, was weaker emotionally, even though she made the deal, but when She thought that the deal weren't going through, she was attempting a second suicide'Arjun was just the bargaining commodity here'.

Purvi made a deal to give Arjun up and Ovi made the deal to get him back, both made a deal and both are at fault. What I never agreed with that it seems that one deal is better than the other (as Arjun seems to think) and to me it is for Arjun to decide what is 'value' is to both girls'.

Another thread,

'''''what Purvi saw growing up was that Sulo validated, glorified and reaffirmed continuously the "Mahanta' of Archana's sacrifice. Archana's never thought she was wrong on what she did 18 yrs before, or regretted the fact she let her family go away from her, always being happy playing Purvi's mother only. Neither did Sulo helped Archana is her 'self' assessment of 'self' made MAhaanta. This is the environment where sacrifices and tyaag was hailed as supreme form of living and glorified. Never the POV view of the other person was taken or considered. So, unconsciously, Archu became the role model for Purvi, with ever questioning her. See as you say, how the 3 women just glorified 'Scarifices' they made, not even once they thought of the person who is being sacrificed. To me Arjun was that 'bakra' that often is guillotined in temples to please Gods'.how self-centered these women were and Of course, to top it all, Sulo reconfirmed their beliefs yet again by saying, "Purvi is your daughter only"'

Yes, Purvi is a third person in Arjun/Ovi's life and I guess the onus will be on her to move away from the married couple, since, as it was shown Arjun squarely blames Ovi for landing him in the mess today (which is a bit moronic, since he claims to be a successful businessman, perhaps Archu' BS of a challenge Angryhas made him weak in the head too) and will go after Purvi'.let see how the story unfolds now'

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sashashyam IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
Dear kool,

As I have noted above, she did precisely that today, in a nice, discreet fashion, of course. He turned her down bluntly and categorically with a 'Kabhi nahin'.


Originally posted by koolsadhu1000

Purvi will ask Arjun to consummate his marraige .

You see , the martyrs always do these unthinkable things .

Manav the martyr had told Jaywant that Archana was still a virgin .

Archana the martyr had welcomed Shravani with an aarti .

Purvi the martyr will 100 % ask Arjun to do jusst that .

Be ready guys .LOLLOLLOL

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sashashyam IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 January 2012
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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 1:46pm | IP Logged

I felt EXACTLY  the same! Please see my long post to Laurie above, as I want to spare myself the double typing. I could have jumped up and given him a great big hug, I was that pleased  with him.

He was, for the first time ever, coldly angry with Purvi, and while I can't guess what he is going to do now, it won't be something she would like.  The gall of the girl, after having destroyed his life for her own personal agenda (camouflaged as tyaag), now folding her hands and asking him "if ever you really loved me" to give Ovi  the status of his wife! She is really something else. She obviously thinks she owns him body and soul even after depriving him of what he most yearned for. Well, he has disabused her of this notion, if nothing else.

I only hope he stays this way, and does not ever revert to being the Marshmallow Man! And i hope that point no.1 on his future agenda will be to show both these girls that he is NOT a barter item.


Originally posted by jdronamraju

Absolutely loved Arjun today !! Was proud of him.. Purvi was lost for words when he started talking... SSSHHH 'ed her...Loved that..Clap..Glad to see Arjun getting back on his feet..and the blinkers are falling away...he is gonna play hard ball with her...

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koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
Shyamala it is not putting Purvi in place .

It is the beginning of the demoralization of Arjun's character . So trapped is he in the throes of 'love' that from now on this chapter in PR will begin ...

 A married Arjun running after Purvi and Purvi saying No No and shutting doors on his face .  He will be straight out of Rabindranath Tagore's novels . Ever read Chokher Bali  ?LOL  He will be just like Mahen .

Let us forget Ovi and everything else for a minute . This is to simply elevate Purvi 's moral stature inspite of doing an immoral and irresponsible deed [ i am waiting to see her pregnant] at Arjun's expense .

Not only has she dropped and traded Arjun at the last minute , she will refuse to even acknowledge him by shutting doors on his face while he runs after her [ the moral helpless quivering Purvi] and when she bebomes pregnant she will hide this fact from Arjun for Ovi's happiness [ which will make him all the more furious with Ovi ] .

In short sanskaari Purvi's sacrifices will drive a permanent wedge between Ovi and Arjun and will butcher his character .

This was how i saw the slamming of the door .


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