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PR this week: Purvi deconstructed (Page 14)

jdronamraju Goldie

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 11:26am | IP Logged
Teju better be careful too :) for now, she is going down the path of Aai bhakt too and high probability of being sanskari 4 ..:) hopefully she can safeguard herself from this influence for her and our sanity :) maybe sameer rane can help her out. !! Where is that guy disappeared to ?

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Dabulls23 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 11:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by soapwatcher1

Kool, let us all collectively pray that Soham never changes and stays true to character like his sister, Tej. He has such a sparkle in his eyes and an impishness about him, hard to resist. Cannot believe he was born to two serious, "bearing the world on their shoulders" parents. Oh, forgot, this is Shyamala's thread ;) she will be after me with a mop if she hears me praising my "doosra ladla" on her thread!

Kool, you took me back to my college days, Kannagi, Kovalan, the chillambu, and all the lovely poetry, par excellence. Need to go read it again. It also reminded me for some reason of Bharatiyar and his achamillai achamillai (love that!).

Varsha, I am a water sign like you and sigh, a romantic too!   I have noticed most of the people on the forum are. LOL
Tej may take a 180 degree turn as she only knows half truth...She does not know rest about what her mother has done...Only what Savita-Sachu has done...Does not know all what has happened 19 and 18 yrs back...Savita never told them abt Soham on her own...They just found out because of the photo..
CVs will butcher Tej also as she will be under the K influence of Sanskars...Sanskar is like substance...They lose their thinking capability and become airheads...
I like Soham-Vishnu too but he is defo on the verge of being transformed in to something else..Varsha will be forgiven but not savita...If manav can forgive Varsha, manju, Dharmesh and Rasika after losing their first unborn than Varsha to only kidnapped Soham OuchWackoLOL
Glad to know u r water sign too...Yeah I used to be hopelessly romantic too at one time...But to me its all over rated WinkLOL

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Kalapi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 11:50am | IP Logged

Yes, people who love Arvi, will never be able to see through the eyes of Ovi...

But what I find problematic with this great love story is that love started with fights after fights and then suddenly both just out of the blue 'fell' in loveBig smile. Purvi continuously and regularly challenged Arjun at his own business. I am sure this kind of antagonistic relationship is extremely interesting and leads to saat janam ki type of loveWink. But, if I was Arjun, I could have understood that this Girl will challenge me always or throw me under the bus for her own need effortlessly, if needed. I could have hated the constant challenge at my own business from an employee at every turn. All of a sudden, Prince Arjun starts feeling for Purvi romantically..Mind you he is already 'engaged' as the familes have agreed to, to be married with someone else,   Not a thought about his current predicament, or a feeling of guilt or a conscious dilemma. Mind you he still interacts with the other girl from Canada sweetly, without a tad bit of guilt. He then pursues this 'new love' relentlessly, while engage to another. Cheater isn't that the word for such loversBig smile'.but, eh'this is Prince Arjun, Prince Arjun 'falling' in love, Who cares about the other girl, who according to many is just a spoilt brat and so she doesn't deserve anything. Right'she is just a nuisance, an unwanted and unnecessary bone in this relationship..But see how, Arjun never said ever he hated Ovi, not until after marriage and came to know of the deal.In fact he said that clearly to Purvi that he didn't love (and never said the word hate) Ovi. But, of course, Ovi is the bad one here...

Now, the girl of this everlasting love story wakes up one day and decides that her Boss that she has harassed retentlessly, isn't a 'kharose', but a good person who needs to go through the pavitra sanskaars of her great she 'fall' in love makes him go thru the pavitra hardship and then just dumps him at the last minute marrying him off to Ovi after planning the event metriculously...of course for her great Aai, no less ... a great balidaan...Arjun realizes what he has landed himself and promises to take revenge...he then goes after Purvi...another cheating track starts... What do they say: Once a Cheater, always a Cheater????

Yes Kool, I too love a character that doesn't take life sitting down and tries till the end to get what she wants (call me competitiveWink). I too love a girl who gets what she wants after a good deal of struggle. I too love a character, who is clear about her wants and know how to achieve it at 19 yrs. I love the fighting spirit in getting her love and making it work. I love a girl who doesn't do senseless sacrifices. I love a girl, who stands against all family members and stands against them when she clearly knows no one cares for her in her own family including her parents...I love the girl's determination and toughness and as they say, 'when you want something with all your heart, even the heavens will pull all forces to get it to you'. I love a girl, who by the very depth of her love will melt a stone. I feel all for that girl...I am all for her, as long as she is true to her character...

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Dabulls23 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
Kalapi to your last para...Hear hear and Cheers Clap...I am that girl too and I support her...Her fault is she loved prince Arjun way more than he deserved that is the sad part..
We are not here to convince anyone but to put our point forward...We all agree to disagree...When we including us have romance chashma we will only love to see romance and not the truth...
Abt Tej character she is ready to disappoint me as her character has started to be butchered if she does not find out the whole truth and nothing but the truth...With half A** truth she is jumping off and joining Sanskar bandwagon Ouch

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Kalapi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 25 August 2010
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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 12:28pm | IP Logged

You know VArsha and Janhvi, I see love only when there are moral and ethical.

I see love when the foundation is right.

I see love that doesn't make other miserable and sad.

I definitely don't see love that adult people justifying when exploiting kids or a teacher/coach exploiting students…I don't see love between family members, other than the platonic type….if someone tells me that love, forced him/her to do something immoral or destroyed somebody's life in the process, I will say, that love isn't worth it and he/she needs to move away from it as that love is destructive…yes, VArsha, I agree love is over-rated and before love, a relationship needs trust, compassion, understanding, willingness to compromise and an ability to accept….

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Kalapi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 25 August 2010
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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 12:37pm | IP Logged

Varsha, I actually am also already disappointed with Teju too. As Kool said somewhere already, she just knows the half truth jumped and went to the judge. Did she try finding out what happened 18 yrs before, as you said? The forged signature is only 6 months old, then why were Arman separated 18 yrs? Besides, should she have confronted Savita, her grandmother and Dad before including a third person? So, is she planning to put her aaji who raised her for 18 yrs for a mom who never looked back at her for 18 yrs??? Did she have to do the drama crying for her innocent mom in the party….Innocent mom, really…OK, I guess…don't know if I as a granddaughter, could have done what she did….So, by this I can only conclude, that the Cvs are trying hard to push it down our throat that Arman separated only because Savita didn't like her DIL….how convenient and lopsided, as you say all the timeSmile….

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sashashyam IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 1:41pm | IP Logged
No, Jyothi, not only have they not heard about it, but they practically cannot do without a crowd at all the moments of high drama in their lives, whether real or self-created, as by Archana at Punni's sakarpuda.

 I see that you have not yet read my latest - the one addressed to Kool - and I don't wonder at it, it was almost as long as my stand alone efforts! Anyhow, I have there postulated that Archana would be forgiven all her acts of omission and commission since Anno Domini 1, including both the chawl court case, which could have fetched Manav a jail term of several years, and of course what even Manav has now downgraded to a haadsa, her part in l'affaire Soham.

As for Ovi's about turn wrt Archana, you cannot accuse her of hypocrisy there. She is absolutely plain and upfront about it, both to Archana at the party and to Manav & Co. at home. In fact, the girl is generally quite candid about what she wants or  does, there is very little dissembling about her.

Lastly, as for poor Arjun being pilloried for his acts of omission and commission, that is the standard operating procedure for large chunks of the forum, just as praising the middle class (lower middle class, actually, but mentioning that is not PC, so that is always omitted), sanskaari Purvi was the same SOP for the same chunk of the forum. Which was why Archana and I did enough firefighting on his behalf to qualify for admission to any Firefighters Guild! Now it is a bit difficult to continue with the latter, but the former remains.

About Ovi, while I do not subscribe to any wholesale defence of all her actions, like Kool's eloquently argued one, I do  agree that she was wronged, first by Arjun keeping her in the dark for so long about his change of heart, and later, by his  just dropping her like a hot potato. It was not a gentlemanly way to handle a girl whom he had known all his life, no matter how hysterical she was.

Now that the girl for whom he was ready to lose the world, or take it on,  has dumped him in the worst manner possible for her own ends, if he gave the matter some honest  thought, the equations just might change for him. But he won't, and it won't be long before he does a Manav vis a vis Purvi.

As for the deal matter, you know where I stand on that. And on Purvi, who is to my mind the worst of the three -  for reasons that I have already  set out at excessive length -  and the one who deserves no  sympathy at all. I have not the least interest in what happens to her, partly because I know what that will be, eventually if not immediately. It is just a question of when that pedestal is ready.

And yes, I too am waiting for Vishnu to reappear. I have always enjoyed the subtle variations in his gangster act, and then, I too badly need a reprieve from the watering pots and all this mahaanta.


Originally posted by jdronamraju

If love goes by logic and reasoning, why would the saying be "madly in love"... Smile...(mad being the operative word !!)..applies to atleast two of them (Arjun and Ovi)..And I wonder, how that in this triangle, Ovi has become so right and Arjun so wrong suddenly !! I guess we just have to agree to disagree..

Anyway, apparently by tuesday, we are going to see the much bigger love story, lauded by everyone of the past as "Pavitra Rishta", have a happy ending. We are going to see a 50+ or 60+ man (I really dont know by now, how old Manav is Smile), kneel in front of the great lady and ask for forgiveness !! Making a spectacle of himself and everyone before the reception crowd.. Great going..Why is it that in PR, everything is before a crowd, have they not heard about discretion and keeping dirty laundry in the house?

BTW, should not the apology be both ways..As no one in this pair are completely right and completely wrong. Why is Archana now the benovalent one that she bestows this favor of forgiving on Manav? Just for one signature hoax? What happens to all the deeds committed in the past on both sides? Brushed under the rug, so to speak...So,it is all going to be hunky dory from now on, a big happy dysfunctional family to boot.

And what happens to Ms. Purvi Deshmukh now? She is going to be in la-la land for a while thinking it is all because of her great sacriifce. Well, a wake up call for her when she knows that it has nothing to do with her, and all about the papers.. So, she shattered Arjun's life for nothing...I would love to see that realization dawn on her, but the CV's in their infinite wisdom may not even go there. Apparently, she is going to be the maha tyaagi, and welcome ms. ovi to the home, bid bidaai to her lovely Aai for she got the world now.. What happens to her now?? Archana will be blissful in her new found family, good for her. But, Ms. Purvi is going to be left as the "orphan" with no one to turn to. She has burnt her bridges on either end.

And we all believe, Ms. Ovi Deshmukh has done an about turn on how she feels about her Aai without any ulterior motive and we all fall for what she dished out as her love for Aai on Friday? Are we all that gullible? the only reason she wants this is to make sure Arjun does not flee from her.. the CV's now have decided to make her all positive and angelic, and we are all supposed to fall for that. Now, it looks like 99% of the forum has this great sympathy for her plight in this wedding and that she will fight to death to keep her "love",and what she has done so far will be termed as "all is fair in love and war" !!. Never mind that the guy who she got by crook detests her, and cannot stand her. Her great love will conquer it all and him too, guys !! (sarcasm very much intended...)

And, so we are left now to witness the battle of Pathi, Pathni aur WOH, .. No guesses on who is the WOH here !!

I do so want to see Vishnu's mug (as Laurie loves to put it!!), for he is what he is.. A bad boy..We need a break, at least I do, from all the outpouring of love that is going to flow in the Deshmukh Family for few days/weeks from now..That is bound to drive me up the walls...Smile.. i know I belong to the 1% of the forum, but I still retain my right to say this.. After all, this is  a free country Big smile

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koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 September 2012 at 1:55pm | IP Logged
Yes SW  I  always understood Kannagi for her quiet devotion to her husband although am personally incapable of it ...i understand these women as they do it as a personal choice . Who am i to judge right .LOLSmile I also felt for Madhavi ...only Kovalan got my disapproval coz i personally felt he did not deserve the two women . It is my personal belief that he left Madhavi  when the euphoria of physical intimacy was over . In hindi they say Jee Bhar Gaya .LOLLOL The excuse he gave for his sudden realisation was very convenient .LOLLOL

Varsha superb post .

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