Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Spice Girls Hangout:The silver lining...

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 5:36pm | IP Logged

Good episode, relentless attack on Khushi and Arnav and also us the viewers...Neither of us seem to catch a break...By Shyam, dadi, Anji and the past...Hai re Nandkisore...I am now thinking if I can maintain my sanity...Can someone pls give Anji her a candy bar? Chote, Shyamji ko dedho and let us all catch the next flight to London...But wait, it is in Nov...Tab tak Anji ko jhelna padega...D'oh Heer-Ranjha seem to have had a better life, at least they had hope, shope to live happily ever after in jannat...Iss mein tho tragedy hi tragedy...

Devils plan of action

The day Arnav singh Raizada slapped Shyam & threw him out of the house, he said to him that he had hurt 2 people he values most in life, Khushi and Anjali. Now Shyam is using them as his weapon. Dadi is his attack dog. He is attacking Anjali and Khushi, both Arnav's Achilles. First he destroyed Anji by killing the baby; she is now mentally unfit to make any decisions for herself. He then comes back and makes her believe that she is all he has. Anjali is now a kid in the candy store....She wants Shyam....No amount of reasoning is going to help, she needs medical attention....Dadi's relentless pursuit is making the decision that much more harder for ASR. She is alienating him from the rest of the family.

It is a 2 prong attack. The second being Khushi...He has convinced dadi he is as innocent as papa Malik. Papa Malik was solely held responsible and the "woh aurat" was off the hook...This time dadi wants to settle the score in favor of Shyam and punish the "woh aurat". By her book, it's Khushi coz Shyam said so...Dadi's repeated humiliation of Khushi is making inroads on Khushi's psyche...It is clearly a psychological warfare...She is making Khushi feel unwanted and slowly Khushi will begin to believe she is to be blamed for this whole fiasco. For a girl like Khushi, it isn't that hard and Shyam knows it. If anything, Shyam knows how to play his women, be it Anji, dadi or Khushi...He has used it to his advantage. Absolute genius when it comes to mind games...

I see Khushi breaking down....That is exactly what Shyam wants... When attacked on both ends, Arnav will be weak...Arnav will be defenseless...But not so fast...Arnav has now learned a few things about the dadi-Shyam connection....

  • First, he knows Shyam was the reason dadi is here and she insists that Shyam wants to be back. This happened before Anji lost the baby, which means it wasn't a father who lost a baby who was begging, it was the master manipulator Shyam.
  • Second, he now knows Dadi is attacking Khushi....He is sensing a weaker Khushi....The girl he saw at the hospital who was his strength, the one who gave him courage to approach Anji, one who stood by him when he encountered the devil and then during the face-off  with dadi is slowly losing her resolve. He knows it is dadi....He will be now guarded...Will he find out what Dadi actually thinks of Khushi? Does it really matter?This time he has made a resolve, to stand by her and they both will pick up the pieces of their life together and set it right...

The silver lining...

The scene in the bedroom was beautifully down....A brother finally breaks down...The boy who 14 years ago gathered his courage and set up an empire, sat helpless.  There was no support whatsoever from any of the family members....He was alone in his decision, frustrated....His sisters life shattered and she was headed down the path of self-destruction, asking for the unthinkable. He had never denied her anything in life but tonight in a delirious state, she accused him of not giving her what she wanted the most, her husband. Little did she understand he had her best interests at heart.

In a fit of rage, helplessness, he shatters the vase...But the girl who has been his strength is shocked to see him shattered...She quietly picks up the pieces...But this time, he doesn't let her do it by herself...He gathers himself up and helps her pick up the pieces...This time he is with her to fight the devil...This time he didn't let her go, "mat jao"...She couldn't stay but yet she did...She leaned on him for support...

Both thinking of each other on what they thought was a beautiful journey together..The day began joyously, both openly displaying their love for each other...It was their mehendi...She had the "A" on her hand and he had the speck just for her....He danced to see her happy....But the incident that rocked their world made them numb...But alone in their rooms, they couldn't stop but think about each other... Just when they started dreaming about their future.... Fate had dealt them a cruel blow... Why is love so painful?

Just when I thought dadi was getting used to Khushi being around her...She dealt her a cruel blow....Yet again this girl has to prove that she is innocent....But this time she is not alone....Her husband stands right by her....Wipes her tears and kisses her....There was love, comfort and a show of support....He will never let anyone hurt her....She doesn't have to pretend she is happy, he sees her pain in her eyes....He knows his Khushi...

Like they say, every dark cloud has a silver lining, this alienation from the family will only strengthen their bond...This too shall pass...Through all the trials and tribulation, they have found each other, they have found love...Will Nani withstand the pressure and continue to nurture this bond? Will it stand the test of time and the blast from the past, remains to be seen.....


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The manipulation is in full effect Anjali has the family right where she wants them, by laying it on thick about how helpless she is without her husband. The first phase has begun, she refuses to eat or drink anything and has succeeded in getting Akash and Manorama on her side. They are ready to put up with Shyam Di Ke Liye but what about Arnav who not moments ago revealed Shyam's attempts to kill him???

Arnav though impacted by Anjali's manipulations stood his ground, he is not ready to bring Shyam back especially with flashbacks haunting him about Shyam's lusts for his wife. Arnav is in turmoil and has been faced with a difficult decision as Anjali could go to any extent to get Shyam back, its started with no eating or drink but what will it escalate to??

Nani is one character next to Arnav's that has remained the most consistent. Nani took a stance against Dadi and made it known that she has full faith in Khushi and Arnav, one that will not be easily broken by Dadi. Nani has always been a level headed thinker and will continue to be so in the future no matter what

Dadi continues to disappoint, I get it she does not want history to repeat itself but it is her who is in the wrong. Arnav was so right in saying she sees what she wants to see, a trait passed onto Anjali and together they are going to wreak havoc by bringing Shyam back at RM and will only realize their mistake when it is too late.

I feel for Khushi, she is once again being punished for something that it is not her fault. Dadi sees her as the other woman and refuses to hear any defense, it is all her fault because for Dadi the man is weak at heart. I'm convinced more than ever now that Garima is innocent.

The best scenes of this episode were obviously with Arnav and Khushi. Khushi walks into the room seeing Arnav in a fit of rage, she quietly picks up the pieces of the broken vase and is shocked to see Arnav help her. Gone are the days he pushed her away, now he wants her right there by his side for she is his strength. Khushi is unable to spend the night but does stay momentarily giving Arnav the comfort he needs.

The scene where Arnav and Khushi look at their mehendi remembering happier times before the storm hits was heartbreaking, these are two people who deserve all the happiness in the world given what they've been through but time and time again they are being tested.

Arnav and Khushi meet again the next morning, her pain from how Dadi treats her does not go unknown to him. Arnav can now read Khushi like a book, doesn't take him long to put the pieces together and comfort Khushi with a kiss on the forehead. If there is one thing I can praise the CVs for is the way they've beautifully portrayed the bond that has been formed between these two. There is no turning back for this couple.

Where in the world is Payal?? While I am sure she will join in the Di Ke Liye bandwagon she must have her concerns for her own sister's safety if Shyam returns to RM, hope that is addressed.

Overall a well balanced episode in which we were spared of an overdose of Anjali and no Shyam. No offense to DB or AM but their scenes lately were becoming a bit much with the focus on them and not enough on the rest of the cast specifically Arnav and Khushi who got some much needed focus with their own love story. Loved it!

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Rabba ve, hangout vaasiyon!  Is everyone breathing a little easier at the return of the Rabba ve –even if it was sad-waala?   Tongue

While the episode was far from perfect, it was a relief from what we've been pummeled with since last Friday.  Yes, it was delivered along with the usual hefty doses of DKB, but the sweet essence of IPKKND did make an attempt, however feeble, to be noticed today.  Sirf iske liye, shukriya, CVs.

(1) Oh no, you didn't, Anjali.   You just implied that you accepted all of Chhote's decisions only because you love him so much.   Oh really? Where was that lau six months ago when he brought Khushi home as his wife?  And we all know you never really accepted his decision to throw your cad of a husband out of the house.  So, cut it out.  Instead of asking for Shyam back, tell Chhote you are leaving his house to go be with your husband.   He will be devastated, but you will earn the respect of the fandom –and devi maiyya knows how much you need that now. 

(2) So Aakash bitwa shows us he actually has a functioning dimaag and a zubaan as well.  Not very shaatir and not at all tej, but we'll take it.  I actually really appreciated Aakash and Mami finally telling us where their loyalties stand.  Manorama's non-committal expressions and Aakash's lack of any expression –facial or verbal were annoying me to no end.  Good start, dude.  But the next time maatey goes off on Payal, I will be watching you very closely.  Now that you have it, show us you can use it.  Consider this fair warning. 

(3)"Woh Aurat" Blah blah blah.  Another ludicrous misunderstanding.  Gah. Wake me up when this is over. 

(4) For the love of devi maiyya…. kheer again?  CVs, I was only speaking in jest when I said yesterday that Payal was in the RM kitchen making kheer.    And apparently, kheer in a house that has just witnessed the loss of a baby isn't demented enough –Aakash and NK are off on a fool's errand of their very own to buy "bahut saare mithaaiyaan".  I'm beginning to accept that Daiyya Ho may the sanest individual in this zoo and is just what the doctor ordered for Anjali.  Satyanash.

(5) Arnavji and Khushiji, you are a truly blessed couple.  Along with assorted telepathic connections, you also share an innate understanding of each other. That was more than apparent today and we couldn't be happier for you.  But, could you enlighten us as to what the status of the wedding is right now?  I'm guessing today or tomorrow would be your haldi and shaadi, so pehleej, tell us what the plans are.  Please to note: Khushi's mehendhi is already fading.  And before someone tells me to stop being insensitive to di's plight, look at #4 above.  They're eating mithaai, for crying out loud.  Surely, they can spare a thought to the scheduled nuptials?



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Good Evening ladies,

As a follow-up of yesterday I will once again say I LIKED the episode today as well.   The story is moving, groups are being formed within the family - For & Against and our dear couple under tremendous pressure for doing the right thing and wanting to be together.

But why, WHY , does each episode have mandatory Fast forward portions.  Why don't the Jha's get it that they are intolerable together or otherwise….

First , I need to take back my assessment on dadi that I made yesterday, at least partially.  I have been giving her the benefit of doubt to be an old lady who wants to exorcise her past follies and inability to save her family from destruction.  I still hold that. What has changed  overnight is my thought - What should have been   a humble attempt to correct the wrong she believes in is nothing but arrogance and blind hatred.  If she is looking for a chance to redeem her past this certainly is not the way to do it. Thumbs down dadi  ,  Pride and arrogance will take you down ,  did they not teach you that in the ashram.  I thought her behavior to a girl so young, calling her the "other women" without facts is extremely undignified and uncouth.  So there goes another character that has fallen below grace, the line seems to be increasing unfortunately.

The starting scene of Anji wanting her husband back  -  Arnav who is fighting everyone to safe guard her sister now has to fight her .  "Di how can you say this?"  with dadi standing near to say "I told you so .."  Anjali needs  a therapist and not her husband  , the fainting spells continue and thankfully Arnie was able to get out  of this one for now.  Was happy that Arnav stood his ground but it is not long before he caves in.  

The dadi – nani convo was telling for finally dadi states that she hates Khushi as she sees the "other women " in her .  The loss of her son was due to her and history is repeating itself.  Nani , the dear, stood by Khushi but what I did not get is why does nani not defend her own daughter ever.  Nani too must be having some feelings on that fateful night at the loss of her daughter.   And why was Garima's face not shown  when pics were published  in FB.   Was the director not notified or it still is a suspense?

Then comes my favorite scene of the day… or rather should I say the reason I watch IPK . The Arnav – Khushi  relationship. Arnie  battling his thoughts and decision – On the one hand it's his sister and her state on the other the true face of the devil  who can harm both the women he loves.  Angry at his helplessness he breaks a vase startling Khushi who walks in to bid goodbye.  What followed were a few minutes of silence in which these two share a million words.  Picking up the broken pieces she turns to walk away giving him space when he pulls her to sit beside him followed by a "Don't go " .   He needs her and now he is not afraid to say it. She understanding that need leans on him to give and get support.  A very well done scene with an excellent Barun & Sanaya .  The entire dark setting with their shadow on the pool ledge added such depth to the scene.  How their relationship seems to become stronger by the day and they seek out each other…

The next segment was so worth FFing.  Why would grown women behave as a 5 year old and why would an entire family sit by her side cajoling her?  I really found it very immature. What did come out of it was Mami and Akash questioning Arnavs firm stance on his decision of not letting Shyam in.  I think I understand Arnav's reason for not disclosing the entire story about Shyam's obsession towards Khushi coz it does make the the "other women" which he does not want.  Nevertheless the family needs to know specially Anjali about his confrontation with Shyam. Till then it is very hard for everyone to understand why such a decision.

Lastly, what holds me the show as I've said before is ArHi.  Arnav now is able to comprehend and empathize with Khsuhi and the position he has put her in. He is indeed guilty of making her the butt of ridicule which she bears so sportingly.  In the coming days I can well see that Arnie will strike a deal with dadi agreeing to let Shyam in on the condition of their marriage asap after which hell will break lose with the Garima story or any other dhamaka the cvs may have planned.

But before that happens can we get a mini track of a happily married ArHI , maybe a honeymoon in UK now that Barun has announced his  soon to come visit to the UK. We deserve some reprieve before the next drama.  What do you say girls – Yes to Romance.


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Kyun Dard hai itna... ohhh my head hurts!! I seemed to be dehydrated!

Why isn't Anjali just sedated? She needs help, it'll only come with her seeing Shyam's true colors. I've made my piece with that. Just have mercy and either give her a brain or seriously reduce her screen time.
Creatives make a freaking OPPORTUNITY COST, Shyam or Anjali. Pick one and give that one the attention, because when you show me the finger by showing them both for 15 mins per episode, I have the urge to stop watching and sure I'm International and blah blah, but believe me that loyal 2.4 shares my sentiment... Big smile

And while I'm on this, what the f**k was it with Dadi treating Khushi like a Dalit? That is wrong on so many levels, what sick twisted shit really cooks in your head? That was a sick piece of execution. And don't you say "this happens in India" because the India I know is now learning to speak up so to show that educated people like Akash and an NRI NK just stand there and watch that happen without saying a word is questioning my integrity as an educated female. FAIL CVS.

Arnav and Khushi's scene was symbolism galore and beautiful. When the past comes out, he'll be hurt and won't come right away, but he will come in time and start helping Khushi pick up the pieces together, much like she's helping him now.
Their journey is beautiful and it keeps strengthening and becoming more beautiful by the day so I'll give the CVs credit where its due, you do execute your LEADS story well, but WE'D LIKE MORE, SINCE THEY ARE THE LEADS.

And PS, just because I tend to do it and I find it petty when creative people cannot take constructive criticism especially if you are a creative executive. Its your story and your product, but sweethearts, we are the consumers and at the end of the day, what we want and like sticks. So either hear us out or go butcher your story.

Its not that we don't like Anjali and Shyam.. Shyam is a proper Hannibal Lecter meets American Pscho and Zodiac cross-breed and Anjali, well I honestly don't know what you were high on when you sketched her current characterization. But where it started with her character, it was very real and relatable. Now, its getting cringy. So show them, that's fine, but focus more on your leads and a little lesser on your "parralel leads". And to give credit where due, Akshay Dogra and Deepali are good actors, please for the love of god give them screen space too. It won't kill me if I don't see Anjali and Shyam for 2-3 episodes.

And yes, if you are a creative or a cast member snooping around and you're offended, please by all means PM me, I'll keep it a secret!

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A stinker of a day in AD and a rather downer (but not bad) episode to magnify the woes. I guess the episode was a winner for those who needed things to be spelled out for them. I highly doubt that anyone was in the dark regarding Dadi's sentiments towards Khushi, everyone knew! but I guess some people like to hear it from the horse's mouth, which begs the question why the torture and subtle hints in earlier episodes? Looks like with the new story writer, many things have been hitting a reset button. Repetition seems like the norm these days. If a daily soap reaches a saturation point after 400 episodes, than repeating the same scenario with our without words doesn't help the story or the episode count, does it?

I read the interview of the "new guy" on the story block and there was a blurb about "relating the story to real life events because I have seen good marriages and bad marriages" good aur bad to baad ki baat hai, pehlay marriage to honay dau!!!

Throughout the episode only two things were running through my head:
1. A simple girl who has given everything to this family, her time, her honor and her life, a simple girl who has proven time and time again her loyalty and love to these people, yet she is unable to receive the respect, love and care that she deserves, that she has rightfully earned. When an outsider, a misinformed, jaded, stubborn and misunderstood person marauds this simple girl, everyone just stands there like a statue. They don't see, hear or say anything. Is she not human? If there is no "proof" against the ritually wedded damad ji, there is no proof against the legally wedded bahu either. So why such cruelty, insensitivity and unfairness towards her? I ask you Mr. Story Writer, where is the reality in this? I don't know what planet you are on, but what is the point? Even if disgusting actions like this happen in real world, is it absolutely necessary that one must glorify such things in fiction? Isn't reality filled with feel-good things, so why pick up on the pain, angst, inappropriateness and the wrongs? Why must you focus on keeping the glass half empty with negativity when it can be filled with positivity?

2. I think the show's tag line was supposed to be 'nafrat pass aanay na day' only. The whole adage of 'mohabbat dur jaanay na day' was a Freudian slip which was never corrected due to laziness. For a show that heavily focuses on faith, beliefs and divine presence, IPK is surprisingly scared enough to practice what it preaches. For all the faith in DM that everything will be alright, things tend to just get worse and go down the rabbit hole. Contradiction much? The positive, the upright power, the protective hand of DM is on everyone but yet no one can catch a break except for the bad guy. Doesn't that go against the very core of the belief? I get the whole 'us kay wahan dair hai andher nahi' - but on the show, the more 'dair' it gets the more 'andher' it gets as well. Time does not seem to be healing anything. Two people who struggled with their demons for ages, finally came to their senses to find refuge in each other for better or for worse, but still can't be together. What is the better in this? Why must two people fight so much against the tide that just watching them hurt becomes exhausting? Why must they be stuck in the labyrinth of circumstances that they can't find a way out? Why are they always "aasman say gira khajoor main aatka"? They haven't even gotten out of one shit storm yet and there is another one itching to make its way in. Is DM really that cruel? Where is the faith? Where is the protective hand? Haven't they suffered enough? I ask you again Mr. Story Writer, where is the reality in this? I don't know what planet you are on, but what is the point? I refuse to believe that some people on this earth are only supposed to live in pain and sorrow. The divine cannot be that cruel, we the mortals however, are completely different story. Even in reality people tend to stick together through thick and thin, especially people who have made a vow to be supportive of one another and if things are not meant to be, people move on. So whatever planet you are on, get back down to earth please and get these two under the same roof. Bas. I don't care pheras or no pheras, grand wedding or not, just keep them together. Use reality here and give the characters and us a break. I can't take this crap anymore. All I want is to smile at the end of the episode and not have a splitting headache like I have one today. These days episodes start with a frown which turns into a face-palm or a head-desk and ends with either a satyanaash or a confused look! Love is supposed to be a beautiful feeling, even when it comes with its share of turmoils and turbulence, you march on knowing that you are not alone, someone is there for you to literally hold your hand and pull you out. We are no longer living in the times of Heer Ranjha, Romeo Juliet, Sohni Mahiwal etc, if one must take something from those stories, than take the intensity of love and not the tragedy. Put a smile on my face and I will forever be grateful.

Last but not the least, both leads were fantastic today. Both of the scenes were beautifully done and the sad rabba vey kicked it up a notch. They got the point across, sadly the point was of anguish, longing and pain with another satyanaash lurking in the background.

"Mat jao" - Are you kidding me????? that is SRK speak. ASR would say "Khushi - please don't go!".
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Gul! tum nahi samjho gi!!! Angry

Since I am missing Vee's awesome songs, my pick of the night!

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A brilliant episode if compared with the rest of the week. Where the leads were leads and the wannabes were pushed back to were they should be. The side.Star

We begin with Di asking for her Shyamji and Chotte looks at her in disbelief.Shocked

"Hume Shyamji wapas Lautado...hume unki bohat zaroorat hai.."

What the lady! Zaroorat to aap ko hai hi...Dimaag ki...Pig

And she begins to sway to the background music and begins to chant "Humare Shyamji.."

while we chant "Humare Chotte" for being bullied by the sister..But Chotte knows his Di well and knows she's loopy and she doesn't know what she's mumbling...

Chalo put Di to bed, pump her with meds, glue her mouth shut and move on...Sleepy

and what is with the whole Raizada clan's crescendo of Di.DI.Di.DI.DI. Annoying!Angry

Dadi begins her mantra of reciting "Damaadji" as many times as she possibly could in the hopes that Chotte will listen and reflect. Uugh Dadi. Not. Happening.Evil Smile

He tells her to shut up and leaves.

Akash then sprouts a spine and thinks bhai is wrong...Really Akash? You couldn't say that to Bhai's face could you? Wimp. You really want a murderer at home? Where is Payalia to whip her gangotri back and forth and slap you with it???

Next, Chotte is in his room, flashbacking Di crying her eyes out and all that and thinking of his confrontation with Shyam pre wedding numero uno.

This causes him to lose it and he flings the vase on the side table (That was never there before, very conveniently placed) almost missing Khushi at the door. Turn away Khushi, Chotte's dangerous at the moment. Go away girl, for your own good..Confused

Chotti who understands Chottes gussa doesn't say anything and begins to pick up the pieces while Chotte looks on..Phew he doesn't say anything to her..Chotti bach gai...

Arnav feels guilty shayad and wipes away his tears,don't we love the kiddish way he wipes his tears? Sorry moving on..He helps Khushi pick up the pieces and Khushi then turns to leave only to be stopped by Arnav. Who makes her sit on the recliner and sits down with her.Embarrassed

Arnav asks Khushi if she came to say something.. No Khushi don't say you want Shyam back please. Let Di handle that. Chup karo Chotti. Don't say a word!Shocked

"Hum ghar ja rahe hai" Pheww! Thank god! Bach gaye..

"Mat Jaao" Awww. Tussi na jaoo Khushi..Stay.. Chotte needs you. Stuff Dadi and her rules..Stay girl. Biwi ho uski, haq hai tumhara...

"Ek minute ke liye paas toh beth sakhte hai" Awww of course you can girl.. Go bacho. Go rabba ve for a have my blessings....Big smile

Khushi returns to GH and notices the "A" in her mehndi and flashbacks to her happy moments, likewise with Arnav..Both sit alone in their rooms alone and remember when less than 24 hours ago, they were celebrating their mehndi...Smile

Na Paas aa sakhe na door ja sakhe...

Too many feeling... My poor Chotte Chotti...destined to be together dil se only..Cry

Next day Di throws a fit and refuses to eat anything. This 30+ women has been replace by a 2 year old soul.. Even 2 year olds are smarter.Thumbs Down

Dadi grabs the juice of Khushi and acts like Khushi is diseased. How dare you Dadi! We don't want Chotti to touch you in case she catches regressive bacteria off you!Angry

Poor Khushi stands in the hall and cries and Arnav walks in and realises she has been crying. Khushi tries to cover up but Arnav knows. He wipes away her tears and plants a forehead kissy..Day Dreaming

These two have only each other. Khushi was there for him earlier and now Arnav is there for her..Clap

Next blah blah. Queen Betty refuses to eat.. Family crisis.. Feed her badam kheer..Because badam Kheer heals all except fix damaged brain cells.Geek

Dadi has another go at Khushi but Arnav doesn't miss it..

Here's hoping he makes our weekend by showing dadi the finger again tomorrow...Big smile

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Hola SG's.  Since we all know that woh aurat is Garima, thanks to the spoiler pics posted in the FB pageConfused, today's post of  mine is going to be about the ramifications of the reveal.

Dadi hates Woh Aurat
Dadi thinks Woh Aurat is the reason for everything that has gone wrong
Dadi hates Khushi

Arnav hates Woh Aurat
Arnav thinks Woh Aurat is the reason for his mom's suicide
Arnav loves Khushi

Everyone MUs Woh Aurat
Woh Aurat is Garima

Khushi loves Garima
Khushi respects Garima for raising and taking care of her.
Khushi loves Arnav

Will Khushi fight for wronged Garima?
Will Khushi go against Arnav for Garima?
Will Arnav fight for Khushi and MU Garima?
Will Arnav go against Khushi because of angst towards Garima?

Nafrat pass na aane de, mohabbat door ne jaane de
Iss Pyar ko mein kya naam doon?

See what a tangled mess we are in.. happy times for Arhi seems far far away and we have not even included Anjali into the equation!!

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ASR -The Silver Lining

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radiance 0 632 17 October 2011 at 11:22am by radiance
Arnav:You are d silver lining 2 my dark cloud<3

Author: applesauce.   Replies: 0   Views: 647

applesauce. 0 647 12 October 2011 at 10:12am by applesauce.
Every cloud has a silver lining!!!

Author: Biskybaby   Replies: 2   Views: 809

Biskybaby 2 809 26 August 2011 at 4:21pm by AquaBluez17

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