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Hola, Amigos! Salut, mes amies! And Hi for all regular people like me :D

Well, we all wander on IF during our free-time or whenever one feels like being that super fangirl! Whatever maybe the case, it's always hard to keep up with all the new posts and updates, especially on the one-shots! 

I've probably not written a lot but read a lot and it's always better when it's all in one place! So, I have just put together all my posts from past and hopefully, new additions will join here, as well in the future in the form of...


Have a look! They are mostly random scribbling, but hopefully, a couple of years into writing, I have probably outgrown the juvenile beginnings, so new ones would be up soon :)

Here, you go! Scroll Down Smile

                                               #1    Of Fury and Fondness

                                              #2            Dear Father 

                                            #3         His Anticipated Trail 

                                           #4       A Deliquescent Agony

                                          #5      Woven into the Labyrinth of Love...

                                         #6    The Embrace of Death... In Your Arms

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Of Fury and Fondness...

Disheartened, she opened the door to their apartment. She walked into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water from the refrigerator. On the first contact, she spurted the water out into the basin. It was aerated water. And he knew she hated it.

Frustrated with herself, she moved to their bedroom. Four loads of laundry awaited her. All his clothes were strewn across the bed. She turned her head away in disgust. And he knew she hated it.

Turning around on her heels, she walked into the living room hastily, only to find her towel on the clothes-stand, all damp and soaked in. He had used her towel, yet again. And he knew she hated it.

Shaking her head in fury, she picked up the laundry basket and stuffed his clothes into it. Grabbing the detergent and the bleach, she went to the Laundromat. She was doing laundry by herself, today. And he knew she hated it.

Singing a song to herself, she put in all his clothes one by one, a smirk across her face. Almost done, she looked at the last shirt in the bag. A white shirt stained in red. Stained clothes made her flip. And he knew she hated it.

Throwing it in, she poured in the detergent and turned the machine on. The red mixed in with the running water. The red of his blood. She looked at the machine, with a satisfied smile. She was known for elimination and disposal. He was known for correcting people, setting them right. Her specialty was broken necks, limbs and castrated bodies. He was an honorable officer of the FBI. She was his assignment. And she had fallen for him. He was trying to set her right. And he knew she hated it.

Changing into one of his favorite shirts, she set off for the airport, to meet her next victim. And she knew, he'd hate it, had he been alive!

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Dear Father

"Armaan, it's a girl!" Muskaan emerged out of the operation theater with a myriad of emotions showcasing on her visage- delight, fascination, awe and amazement all at the same time, the little bundle of joy snuggled up in her arms.

Armaan quickly rushed to her side and took the baby girl into his arms. Time stood still, as he held the fragile newborn in his hands and stared at her with wonder and admiration. He bent down and kissed his baby girl's forehead and snaked her up closer to his chest as she shifted uncomfortably in sleep and started whimpering. Armaan, immediately, looked up at Muskaan, petrified like the little boy who had just been caught stealing his favorite cookie out of the forbidden jar.

Muskaan chuckled and gestured him towards Riddhima, who was being wheeled into her deluxe room. He followed her quietly, as the baby settled down and went back to sleep.

As the nurses moved out of the room, only Armaan and the rest of the gang were left by Riddhima's side, who had personalized the room while Riddhima was in labor and had been waiting impatiently in the room. "Riddhima… look who's here, our little sugarplum!" Armaan said as Riddhima stirred in her sleep with the babble of hushed voices around her. Propping her up against a pillow, he gently shifted the baby into her hands as Riddhima gasped, looking at thebeauty nestling in her arms. Her dainty hand reached up against her mouth as she looked up at Armaan, who stood by her smiling warmly.

"She's, she's beautiful, Armaan!" she exclaimed as tears welled up in her eyes and Armaan embraced her.

"Thank You, Riddhima. Thank you for everything! I love you!" he barely managed to whisper as he choked on his tears.

"I love you too, Armaan!" she said putting her head into the crook of his neck while Armaan closed his eyes in sweet remembrance, a smile glistening on his face.

Whilst the rest of the gang took over and started mollycoddling the baby, Riddhima became engrossed in tending to the newborn and Armaan slipped back into time, the time when he took Shilpa for an abortion, ten years ago.

It was 9:00 am. He had been waiting impatiently for this day. He was unusually jumpy that day. Fidgeting with his clothes and stuffing a cheese-coated bagel into his mouth, he rushed out the door and into his car. It was pouring cats and dogs outside, as if the heavens already resented what was about to happen. Reaching her house, he leaped out of his seat and hurried into herapartment. He already had a key to her suite in the dorming facility of the med school they went to together.

"Shona, Where are you?" he shouted as soon as he was into her apartment. Hearing noises from the kitchen, he went in to find Shilpa standing by the coffee-maker, staring into space, oblivious of her surroundings. He went behind her and hugged her gently, bringing her back to her senses.
"All set, Shona?" he asked, kissing her temple. She nodded timidly, uncertain of herself.

"Then, we better get going! We're due in about half an hour!" he said, as he pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear.

Shilpa pressed her lips together and smiled slightly. She followed him, taking small steps, her brows furrowed together and her face etched in fear and pain. Armaan knew it was hard for her and pressed her hand gently in assurance.

Locking the door, he helped her into the car and joined her in, immediately. As the engine roared to life and Armaan drove to the hospital they had been interning at, Shilpa's gaze shifted to the outside in profound contemplation.

The clock finally struck 10:00 am. The past half hour had been terribly miserable for both Armaan and Shilpa. All the while that he had been soothing her nerves, an uncomfortable feeling set in, in the back of his mind. Did he really want to do this? Armaan wondered. Ofcourse, he wanted this or rather, they wanted this. What were they, mere nineteen year olds wanting to become doctors and with a baby on the way, that didn't seem very likely! Armaan shook off the thought and stood up as he heard the receptionist calling for him. Extending a hand towards, Shilpa, he helped her into their doctor's room.

It was 12 pm and they had just been relieved off the hospital premises. Shilpa had been advised to rest for a while before going back to work and both Armaan and Shilpa had been scheduled on a two-week post-abortion counseling. Shilpa was weak, both emotionally and physically and Armaan was driving them back home, when she asked him to stop, "Armaan, can you please drop me at Anjie's place?"

Armaan turned towards her, confused at the sudden deviation in plans. "But, don't you need to rest for a while before…I mean Shilpa, I think you should get some lunch and I'll tuck you into bed, honey!" said he, as he leaned in to kiss her temple when he was stopped abruptly. " Please, Armaan, I did what you wanted me to do! Now, I want some time off, for myself!" she said out aloud, her jaw tightened giving him an accusatory glance.

"Shilpa, don't act like I forced you into this. This was just as much your decision…." He stopped abruptly as it struck him. The doctor had advised him of the upcoming mood-swings and post-abortion depression that might kick in. "Look, honey. I know it's been hard on you. But it's been just as hard for me to do this and I think, it'd be in your best interest to get back home and think this through! And, I'm here for you! We'll get out of this mess together!" he said, rubbing his thumb over her cold hands.

"Mess, Armaan? Is this shit a mess for you? It was a baby, God damn it! Our baby, Armaan!" she softened at the end as the barrier broke and tears poured out furiously.

"I'm, I'm sorry. I just can't put things together, right now. Ummm, could you just please drop me at Anjie's?" she pleaded, her visage a mirror of agony and distress.

"Okay! I think Anj would be the right person to talk this through with. But promise me, you're going to be a strong girl and that you'll take care of yourself. I'll see you first thing, tomorrow morning!"

She nodded and went back to looking outside the window as he drove to Shilpa's sister's place, who was a resident at the same hospital where they interned.

"Okay, here you go, Shona!" he announced their arrival at Anjie's place.

"I'll see you later, Armaan. Take care!" Shilpa said, hurrying out of the car while Armaan only nodded, already having been fallen into deep thought.

That, was the last he saw, of Shilpa. The next morning, when he drove up to her dorm, her room-mates told her that she had left for good and had left him a note. When he went over to Anjie's, her neighbors informed him that the sisters had gone out for a supposed vacation last night. Innumerable calls, texts and voice messages later, he went back home to Rahul and Atul where he finally broke down. Armaan cried all night in despair, regretting his act. Somewhere, he had a feeling that he had lost Shilpa forever.

Three days later, Anjie called them up to inform them of Shilpa's funeral. Shilpa didn't take the abortion very well and with the post-abortion depression set in, Anjali had taken her back to their parent's house for a week. Late that night, a contrite Shilpa had slipped out of the house and slit her wrists. Next morning, when Anjali woke up, the damage had already been done and Shilpa had gone to a better place. Shilpa remained but as a fond memory to them.

Armaan didn't have the guts to see Anjali's questioning eyes and bid his Shona good-bye and so he never made it to the interment ceremony. Since then, he stuck to his work and ostracized himself from his folks until he met Riddhima at a medical conference. Riddhima was apparently; his dad's god-daughter and his parents made him tie the knot with her as soon as they noticed a difference in him and his workaholic ways due to her.

He had fallen in love with Riddhima, following their wedding. She never failed to surprise him and had accepted his confession about Shilpa warmly. She had stood by him while he was all jittery and anxious during her pregnancy owing to his dreadful past. And today, when she had given him the most fulfilling presents of all, the little baby girl reminded him of the baby he and Shilpa could have had, the future he could have had with his Shona had he not acted foolishly all those years ago. It reminded him of his mistakes, Shilpa's accusatory glance, the innocent who lost his life owing to his self-regard, Shilpa's death and most of all his failure as a role of a father. He had vowed to be the best father this time around, but the past could never be erased.

He drifted off his reverie as he felt Riddhima shifting beside him in the hospital bed. Looking down, he saw the newborn sleeping soundly in her crib and Riddhima snuggling into him, her face showing exhaustion and fatigue. Without as much as a swift, he extracted a paper out of his wallet, Shilpa's last note for him.

Dear Armaan,

I'm sorry for all that happened between us, yesterday.  I didn't mean to accuse you of what happened at the hospital but somehow, I cannot wash off the compunction of having been the reason behind an innocent's bereavement. I'm going for now, but I shall return soon. I wish you a happy life and a promising future. Tomorrow, when you shall grow up into a successful doctor, I wish you'd grow up to be just as successful a father. As for me, I love you, Armaan and will continue to love you. Just be a good father, Armaan, be a good Father.

Armaan closed the note as his tears started drenching the paper which already had been drenched just as many times in the past. Feeling Riddhima stir in her sleep, he turned to her and helped her sit against the headrest while she cuddled into him.

"Armaan, what are we going to name our little angel?" Riddhima asked inquisitively, her eyes twinkling.

"How about Shona, Riddhima?" Armaan said, with a watery smile.

"Shona" Riddhima whispered as she took Armaan into a long and comforting kiss. Shona, it is then…

------------------------------------------- * * * * -------------------------------------- * * * * ---------------------------------

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His Anticipated Trail

Riddhima huffed and puffed around the house, dressed in a baggy shirt and shorts, dusting all the nooks and corners. "Huh! Let me get down and start the cooking!" She quickly rushed to the kitchen and stirred the lasagna sitting in her wall oven and took a quick peek at the cake in the microwave. As she started with the stew, the clock struck six. "Ohmygawd, it's six already! Armaan's going to be here anytime now!"

It was January 24th, 2008, three weeks before her wedding with Armaan. Six o'clock meant Armaan coming back home from work, expecting some good food and time with his fiance,Riddhima. She had taken off a month from her hospital duties for the wedding and today was Armaan's last day as well before they went back to India together for the happiest event of their lives!

She quickly poured the stew into a serving bowl, wiped her hands on the apron and ran into the bedroom to change into a dress. Once dressed, she sprayed herself with some of Armaan's favorite mist and took a last look at herself in the mirror. I'm home, sweety! I'm home, sweety! Riddhima, baby, where are you? the clock chimed as it struck 6:30 pm. "Aayi, baba, mujhe tayyar toh hone do!" she yelled as she made a dash to the living-room.

Armaan had manually set up an alarm in his voice for every day, since the last four years to remind Riddhima that he's home. They had been in a live-in relationship for two years before they decided to tie the knot.

Riddhima heard the bell ring and rushed to open the door. "Armaan, sweety, aagaye tum! Dekho toh maine tumhare liye tumhara favorite lasagna banaya hai!" she chirped breathlessly. I'm home, sweety! I'm home, sweety! Riddhima, baby, where are you?,  the clock continued singing as Riddhima frantically looked outside the door for Armaan.

Disheartened, she returned back into the house, leaving the door open behind her. "Abhi aata hi hoga!", she mumbled to herself as she moved towards the sofa, sluggishly. She settled herself primly on the couch and fixed her gaze at the clock, waiting for him to come in any moment and shower her with bear hugs and kisses!

Three hours later, Riddhima, latched the door, put all the food into the refrigerator and switched off the lights around the house. Slowly, she ascended the stairs and entered her bedroom. Swiftly, she settled herself under the covers and turned to the bed-side table to pick up a photo of hers and Armaan cuddling in the bed. Tracing, his face, she turned on the bed-side lamp and picked up the newspaper, placed near it.

Glancing at the headlines, she looked up to find the date printed on a corner in bold,

August 10, 2012

It had been four years now since, Armaan had passed away in a car accident. Riddhima couldn't bring herself to move on ever since and repeated the same routine perfunctorily every day, waiting for a day when he'd finally return! She'd wake up every morning, cuddling Armaan's pillow and wishing him a Good Morning! Rushing downstairs, she'd prepare two mugs of coffee and hollered her way to the bathroom, asking him to perform certain chores while she took a bath. Once dressed, she'd hurry back into the kitchen and pack two lunch boxes, leaving his' at the kitchen bar and hastening out of the house, shouting behind to see her at lunch in her cabin. She'd quickly wash Armaan's car and go to work and wait for him at lunch. Later in the day, she rushed back home to cook a fancy dinner for the two of them and wait against the door until she returned to the bedroom and read the newspaper. Precisely, at this time, every day, after checking the date, she'd switch off the lights and slip into the duvet covers, hugging his pillow, whispering, ever so lightly, a lone tear rolling down her cheek,

Kab, Armaan? Tum kab aaoge? Kab...

------------------------------------------- * * * * ----------------------------------- * * * * ----------------------------------

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     Deliquescent Agony 

He stood rooted to the spot, shaken by the intensity of her emotions, her love for him. He had failed himself today. Failed her...

The Eternal Aashiq had wronged the very emotion, love, itself. She was the winner in true sense.

"Arey, Bhaisaab...chalo naa aur nahi chalna toh side dedo zaara!"

A rude remark broke his chain of thoughts and he moved, moved towards the fire-escape, relieving himself off of all his duties for the day. He could not possibly endanger his patients' lives with the kind of stress that numbed him today.

"Arey, Bhaisaab...chalo naa aur nahi chalna toh side dedo zaara!" the little dialogue from a while ago reverberated in his ears.

A fond memory flashed back in front of his eyes, as if it was only yesterday when everything was perfect...the first month of their internships...

"Chalna yaar...aur agar nahi chalna hai toh side de!"

"Champ"...he whispered choking on his tears. Years ago, Atul had snapped back at him when he stood in Riddhima's way, trying to squeeze through every chance to admire herbeauty and innocence.

"Main tumse zyaada smart hun, Dr. Armaan!"

"Dhoni!" he barely mumbled as his emotions took a toll on him.

"Ab jaisa main kehti hun, waise karo...theek hai! Cool mat bano Caring...Caring bano!"

He nodded repeatedly. "Ok Minnie...tum jaisa kahogi..." but suddenly it hit him - the realization that he was reminiscing his past dawned on him and he wiped his tears.

"Suno, yeh points ke liye toh achcha hai lekin isse medicine ka kya connection?"

"Medicine se nahi lekin dil se toh hai...Anjie..." He said on a reflex, remembering his first friend at Sanjeevani, Anjali...

"Meri mummy kehti hain ki ek achchi maa banne se pehle ek achchi aurat banna zaruri hai!"

"Armaan...waise karvachauth ke baare main yeh sab tum kyun jaana chahte ho?"

"Main bas general knowledge ke liye yunhi..." he smiled at the excuses he gave for his lady-love.

"Sapna" he whispered, a brotherly affection reflecting in his voice and a fond smile adorning his face.

"Oye hero! Thand Rakh, Thand!" He chuckled at the memory of their first meet and mumbled her name, "Muskaan"

"Armaan teri problem kya hai?"

"Raooolll" tears welled up in his eyes.

"Dr. Armaan...yeh gaun hai...agar yahan ki ladki ko do baar muskurakar dekhoge, toh aapko usse shaadi karni padegi!"

"Gabbar Singh!"

Mujhe 34 film aur 35 natak ka experience hai!"

"Nana" he said shaking his head off at his antics, tears threatening to roll down any moment.

"Main senior doctor hoon!"

"Dr. Shubhankar"

"Oh ji Goodmorning hai ji Dr. Armaan ji!"

"Sister Lovely"

"Dr. Armaan Mallik"

"Dr. Shashank!" he said retrospecting the times he'd almost loose his breath at the sight of him.

"Ishq Hayye"

"Hum..." he broke down finally... He was emotionally saturated at this point. With no one beside him to comfort, he suddenly felt lost in this huge world. A tiny fraction of what mattered to no one.

It was now that he realized how lonely he was, ostracized by the very Sanjeevani that had once embraced him so warmly. His friends had all parted ways owing to their personal problems. They would probably be fighting their own wars against life now, the very immature friends who'd once put Sanjeevani to shame.

"I'll miss you Arman Mallik!"

Her parting words reverberated in his ears. Shilpa's last words before she parted ways with him this afternoon. He had been so consumed in his own grief that he failed to notice the love she held in her heart for him. Today when she drove away in the taxi, her words made him realize what he had lost at the hands of his seething anger and regrets from the failed relationships of his life. He had always claimed that he yearned for love, true love and when true love knocked at his door, he failed to recognize it, the mist of his past blinding him. He had lost her today...forever.

 "Jab Dil Mil Gaye, To Dimaag Ko Bye-Bye!"

That was the root of all evil. He had not once sat down and contemplated his life. Three years ago, he had probably forced Riddhima into accepting him. Back then, she was all he wanted from life. He had made her life so miserable that she had to reciprocate his love. She had to...there was no way out! He had locked out any reasoning and followed his heart foolishly. That had pained him so much, hurt Riddhima and Sid excruciatingly and shattered Shilpa beyond repair.

He had always claimed that if they weren't meant to be, why would Riddhima and him come close regardless of the hurdles. Their breakup after the misunderstanding involving Muskaan was resolved, the chase for the marriage proposal was resolved, their love had stood the tests of time repeatedly- his accidents, amnesia and his recent recovery from a nervous breakdown. It wasn't their love; it was his obstinacy, his stubborn attitude to hold back what belonged to himRiddhima was a mere possession to him, a beloved possession. Yes, he had once loved her but the past few months that he had spent burning in anguish and hurting her were nothing but his want to succeed, to claim victory for himself.

"Apne pyaar ko apne saamne kisi aur ka hota hua dekhna aur aage badhna. Yeh mujhse nahi hoga Armaan. Aur fir yeh tumse behtar kaun samjhega."

She had been lonely all her life, shoved from all doors and affection. Much more lonely than he ever was. Hardships had made her a headstrong female. She had spent her life at various orphanages, working double-shifts to educate herself and yet when she had fallen in love with him, he had shoved her away without giving a thought to her desperation for acceptance, her yearning for love. For all he knew, if there was any love for him on earth, it was only Shilpa- her pure, genuine affection.

Maybe, he didn't love her yet but he did not want her to suffer at the expense of a similar fate either. Maybe he should trace her and assure her of his feelings, shower her with love and adoration and maybe, one day he will fall for the enchantress she was too! He wanted to give this a chance. He had already committed so many mistakes all at once that waiting would only worsen the situation now. He had to go. He had to find her and this time he wouldn't make her his...he wanted to give them a chance at comforting each other, accepting their flaws and moving on holding onto each other. They needed each other more than anything at the moment...and they had to accept each other, make each other a part of themselves, a wholesome, one-some...

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"Apne rang gavaye bin, mere rang mein ghul jao,

Apni dhoop bhujaye bin, meri chaon mein aa jao!"

Gupta Mansion was abuzz preparing for the guests that were coming over to see Riddhima for marriage. The house was bustling with activity with Shashank instructing the decoration crew who were giving last touches to the lighting and the flowers around the place. Padma was busy in the kitchen preparing all sorts of assortments with Riddhima's aunts while the teenage and adolescent girlsof the house kept drooling over the potential bride-groom's photograph.

"Kinna sonna munda haina?" Nikki said taking a look at the guy.

"Hayye, mein marjava...iska koi bhai shai hai kya...papaji?" Muskaan said ogling at the hunky dory, grey-eyed guy in the picture.

" Mein vaari jaun inne hot munde par" Anjali quipped as Atul glared at her. "Anj, tum maa banne waali ho...stop gawking at him!" Atul said dragging her away for some evening snacks.

The girls continued giggling and kept raving on about the guy while the elders rushed here and there- Gupta House was definitely the source of all the din around the city of Delhi.

Amidst the clamor as the bell rang, the house came to a standsill, slipping into complete silence as everyone turned to look at the door. "Pairi-pauna Bi...Aaiye na!" Both Padma and Shashank greeted the potential bride-groom's grandmother and took her blessings. Greeting both Billy and Ananya, they turned to get a good look at the potential son-in-law of the house.

Ananya glared at Armaan. Okay fine! Armaan bent down, surrendering to his parents' wishes and took Riddhima's parents' blessings. "Jinde raho puttar, Aaja jhappi paa le!" Shashank held him mid-way in air and hugged him hard. Armaan almost choked at once as the females in the house, who definitely had the hots for him, giggled seeing his reaction. He faked a cough and smiled at Shashank uncomfortably who patted his back.

"Gosh! This is a nightmare...what am I doing here dude?" Armaan asked his brother, Rahul as soon as they entered their room. Rahul grinned saying "Dude...teri toh nikal padi!Is ghar mein toh ek se bad ke ek kudiya hai!"Sensing their discomfort after coming down from States, Shashank had asked the boys to freshen up and come down for dinner.

Knock! Knock!

Man...ab kaun hai? Armaan wondered and opened the door. There stood Muskaan, grinning from ear to ear, bubbling with excitement. "Jeejaji, ki haal hai?" She said winking at him naughtily. I thought India was a little conservative...but what's with girls flirting in their parents' presence here?The Guptas are one weird family!

"Rahul...See ya downstairs!" Armaan shouted out to Rahul who was in the bathroom before walking out of the room. "Jeejajeee, aapke liye garam garam dudh aur jalebiyaan laayi hun! You came down from States toh tussi thak gaye honge!" Muskaan said walking towards him, emphasizing on the word Jee-jaa-ji! "Uh haan...woh umm...actually mein sabke saath neeche bethke khalunga...thodi jaan pehchaan bhi hojayegi!"

"Oye hoye, mein vaari jaun...jaan pehchaan...seedhe seedhe kyun nahi kehte Riddhima ko dekhna hai!" Muskaan asked him naughtily. Yeh kya ladki hai...Jeeez...kahan phas gaya!Armaan grinned and looked down...guess it's safer to play dumb.

"Koi gal nahi...yeh mein Rahul ko de dungi!" Muskaan said sitting down on the bed. "Uhh...okay!" saying so Armaan rushed downstairs where he was caught yet again by a swarm of Riddhima's cousins and sisters.

"Jeeju...itni bhi kya jaldi...zaara hum saaliyon se toh mill lo!" Minnie quipped, winking at him as others giggled.

"Haan...woh mein...Armaan hun...!" Armaan tried making some conversation, feeling uncomfortable under their gaze while the girls snickered at his failing attempts.

"Hayye, jinna sonna munda utna sonna naam!" One of the girls replied before Atul steered them all away. "Sorry, dude...they have a knack of pulling legs! Dheere dheere aadat lag jaati hain...par shaadi se pehle mera bhi haal kuch aisa hi tha!" he said fist-pumping with Armaan.Finally, man...Found someone sane in the house! "Come on...I'll introduce you to the family" Atul said steering his way clear of all the girls.

It took Armaan another half an hour to reach the dining table, meandering through a herd of relatives and members of the extended family, blushing at the girls' remarks and taking the elders' blessings. All this pairi-pauna killed my back! He thought to himself, rubbing his back.

As soon as Armaan sat down on a chair...all the women in the house started giggling while the men exchanged meaningful glances. "Beta tum Riddhima ki chair pe baith gaye...!" One of her aunts said aloud.

"Oh...I'm sorry... guess mein yahaan beth jata hun!" Araan said getting up and moving towards the adjoining chair but stopped as he heard more from the aunts. "Naa naa puttarji...tu betha reh...Isse tum dono ka pyaar dikhta hai...aur fir shaadi ke baad toh Riddhima teri votti hogi na...aur votti ko thoda bahut adjust toh karna hi padta hai!"

"Aur nahi kare toh...apni godi mein betha lena jeejaji" Nikki quipped while the others laughed at a visibly embarrassed Armaan's expense.

After the huge affair of dinner , everybody relaxed in the huge lawn outside the house havingKheer and Gajar ka halwa. The elders enjoyed replaying memories of the past while the youngsters played Antakshri. It was only obvious that Armaan was the center of all attraction and the object of everybody's teasing.

------------------------------------------- * * * * ----------------------------------- * * * * -------------------------------------

"Abhi...hadd hogayi...they call me down from States aur ab tum keh rahe ho shaadi ke liye" Riddhima marched out of the airport into Abhi's car while he tried cooling off her temper.

"Ridz...Now is not the time...woh log already aa chuke hain...Armaan bhi New York se hain...I guess who tumhari baat samjhega...but don't create a scene for heaven's sake!" Abhi said while parking the car in front of a mall.

"Ab yeh kya hai...ghar nahi jaana?" Riddhima questioned what Abhi was upto.

"Aiseee???....tumhe pata haina...Papa tumhe maar dalenge in kapdo mein dekh kar!" Abhi said handing her a pair of patiala salwar and kameez, directing her towards a womens' room.

Riddhima walked out huffing and puffing, trying to control her dupatta while Abhi chuckled at her state. Riddhima glared at him and said " Haslo Haslo...mein Nikki ko kehdungi ki tum use moti keh rahe the!" she smirked looking at Abhi's face. Nikki was pregnant and despised gaining the extra flab. Although Abhi had convinced her tactfully that she only looked more sexy to him, the slightest of interruptions would upset her tremendously.

Riddhima walked into the Gupta house...

"Yeh kya mela laga huva hai?" Riddhima threw a questioning glance at Abhi.

"Ridz...Guess everyone's only too excited to see you!" he said steering her towards the lawn where the elders were.

"Pairi-pauna...Nani!" "Papaaa...!" Riddhima greeted her parents and ran towards her dad, she knew he'd lend an ear to her qualms about the "marriage affair". While everyone in the family called the paternal grandmother Bebeji, Riddhima, the apple of everyone's eyes had the privilege to call her Nani.

Hearing her shout and run across the garden, everyone turned around and walked up to her, giggling and hugging their sister, questioning her and pulling her in for some gossip.

"Hatto sab...meri bacchi abhi aayi hai use aaram karne do!" Shashank said waving off all the family who had assembled near her and taking her to Ananya and Billy.

"Beta...yeh mere bahut acche dost hai, Balwinder Mallik aur yeh Ananya, tumhari maa ki bachpan ki dost!" Shashank introduced Riddhima to Armaan's parents and Riddhima greeted them hugging, giving them a sense of familiarity and comfort. Shashank could see they already loved Riddhima, why wouldn't they...she was his daughter, Daddy's lil girl!

"Achcha beta, ab tum jao apne room mein aaram karo!" "Ji papa!" Riddhima turned around to move when she crashed into an excited Rahul "Hi Riddhima...I'm Rahul!!!" "Ummm...hi Rahul!" they shook hands and Riddhima walked away excusing herself for the night.

"Toh yeh woh ladka...iski toh main band baja dungi...waise hai bada cute!" Riddhima was pacing to and fro in her room with a devious smile on her face while Abhi was shaking his head in disagreement.

"Ridz...wo log bahut achche hain..tu ek baar unko mauka toh de!" Abhi requested Riddhima to which she came and sat next to him.

"Abhi ke bachche... Nikki se shaadi karli toh uski side pe hogaya...tum mera saath de rahe ho ya nahi?" she asked with a finality in her voice.

"Huh...dosti ki hai...nibhani padegi...chal thik hai...ab us bande ki hawa nikal ke hi dum lena hai!" he said as Riddhima excitedly hugged him.

------------------------------------------- * * * * ----------------------------------- * * * * -------------------------------------

On the other hand...

"Armaan beta...raat bahut hogayi hai..tum bhi thake hue honge...jao jake rest karlo" Shashank took Armaan into the house as the rest followed him.

"Ummm...thanks uncle...good night!" Armaan said finally sighing in relief to get back to his room.

"Koi baat nahi beta...goodnight! Kal subah milte hain!" Shashank said walking away to his room.

------------------------------------------- * * * * ----------------------------------- * * * * -------------------------------------

Next morning...

Knock! Knock!

Armaan was in the bathroom when he heard a knock on his door ; he quickly slipped on his bathing robe and rushed to the door.

"Morning, beta...yeh tumhare liye kuch kapde hain! Aaj tum yehi pehenna...sonne lagoge!"Padma said handing him over a pair of black salwar kameez.( Writer's note: I just got to know that thing Armaan wore at Muskaan's place is actually called salwat kameez for men lol)

"Ji...aunty!" he said while closing the door.

Armaan called up Rahul who was probably still in bed, in the room next door. "Hey, Dude!" Rahul said into the phone.

"Get up, you Doofus! Aunty just gave me a pair of kurta pajamas man...kya karu????"

"Pehen le yaar...she gave me one too...it actually looks good!" Rahul had immediately agreed to wear it because he had overhead Muskaan and Minni's conversation about them liking guys who go all macho the Punjabi Ishtyle.

Armaan slipped on the kurta and rolled on the sleeves upto his elbows, exposing his tanned arms, the kurta outlining his muscles. "Hmmm...not bad!" He then slipped on the satin pajamas and ruffled his damp hair when he felt his pajamas slipping.

"Oh My Lady-Gaga...What the hell is this?" He pulled them up again but in vain. "Ab kya karu?" he started panicking when he heard someone at the door.

"Jeejaji...darwaaja kholiye!" Armaan walked to the door holding the pajamas to his waist and found Muskaan standing there grinning naughtily.

"Ye lijiye naada...mummyji dena bhool gayi thi!"

"Oh oh haan...mein bhi yehi soch raha tha...umm...haan naaa- daa...Thanks!" he banged the door on her face and rushed to the bed.

"Ab yeh naada kya hota hai? Ugh...haan maybe isse bandhega pajama!" Armaan pulled up his pants once more and tied the naada around his waist. It seemed to work and he brushed his hair and started walking towards the door when the pajamas slipped down again.

"What now..Oh My Gosh...Kitna badtameez hai yeh naada!" Armaan said pulling it up when he heard Padma at the door!

"Aunty ...aap?"

"Beta...woh Muskaan ne tumhe naada diya kya?"

"Jee...woh main abhi use hi laga raha tha!"

"Achcha beta... tum naada laga loge na pajame mein...?" she asked concerned.

"Jee...jee haan!"And with that she went away.

"Naada...ek naada hi toh hai...koi bhi laga lega!"

"Sivaye mere" Armaan pouted and decided to get some help.

He opened the door and searched the hallways and found Gappu sneaking laddoos into his room.

"Ssshhh...ssshhh...ssshh!" Arman called out to Gappu who stopped outside his door.

"Meine kuch nahi kiya...mummyji ko mat batana...yeh to mein tumhare liye laya hun!" Gappu closed his eyes and prayed for his laddoos.

"Oye...tu khale jitna khana hai... par meri madad karega?" Armaan pleaded.

"Kaisi madad?" Gappu enquired  suspiciously.

"Woh...yeh naada..haina..tujhe laga na aata hai?" he whispered into his ears.

Gappu was in splits listening to his request and said " Oye...papaji lagate hain mera...menu nahi aanda yeh naada shaada lagana!" And with that he scurried off.

Fifteen minutes later...Armaan was still trying to make ends meet and fasten his pajamas in place.

Knock! Knock!

"What the hell?" Armaan opened the door and saw a girl, with her arms crossed at her chest standing there. He looked at her confused wondering why she was standing here...Fir se Riddhima ki koi behen aagayi!

"Andar aajaun?" the girl asked authoritatively.

"I guess..." the girl pushed him aside and walked into the room.

"Hi...I'm Riddhima!" she said turning back to him and extending her hand towards him.

Oh toh yeh woh Riddhima...itni bhi buri nahi hain!" he thought extending his hand towards her. As soon as he shook hands with her, he felt his pants slipping again but thankfully Riddhima had turned her back to him and marched off to the bed by then.

"Look, Armaan...I had to fly down to India from New York last night...and then Abhi told me ki our parents are indulging into some match-making. Are you, like, okay with this?" she asked hoping he'd say No.

"Are you kidding me?...I'm dragged down from States to meet and marry some one randomly...and You think it's okay with me...No way in hell!" he said when he felt his fears resounding in Riddhima's question.

"Good...toh jab dulha aur dulhan hi nai raazi...toh kya karega Qazi? Mujhe bas yehi sunna tha...Guess we could just reject each other and be done with it!" she said walking up to him, a bright smile on her face.

Armaan sighed in relief as well but his body jolted with an overpowering current when the next moment he felt Riddhima hugging him tight, oblivious to the effect she had on him.

His hands let go of the pajamas as she parted, embarrassed, muttering a silent apology. But nothing could change the fact that Armaan's pajamas were now, down on the floor and he stood rooted to the spot, too shocked to respond.

Riddhima's eyes widened in horror and she broke into a bout of laughter as she saw him blushing with embarrassment. Armaan quickly pulled up the pajamas and apologized for what just happened.

"Woh main...yeh..." Armaan started mumbling when Riddhima interrupted.

"Woh...tum...yeh... naada nahi laga sakte?" she asked smirking at him.

"Ummm...haan...toh kya karu main..States mein toh humesha elastic ke sweatpants pehne hain...mujhe toh yehi nahi pata tha ki naada kya hota hai...sab try karliya...lekin...ek minute...tumhe naada lagana aata hai?" Armaan ranted off and realized maybe only Riddhima could help him.

"Nikalo pajama..." Riddhima walked towards him with a seductive smile.

"Yeh...tum...kya kehri ho?" Armaan said stepping off towards the wall. She walked up to him until he was jammed against the wall.

"Meine kaha...pajama mujhe do...main abhi laga deti hoon!" Riddhima said authoritatively.

"Oh!!!...Umm...mein tab tak..." Armaan trailed off.

"Tab tak bathroom mein betho...ab do pajama!" Armaan finally understood that she was only trying to help.He went in and took off his kurta. Agreed it was December and extremely cold in Delhi, but the Gupta mansion was well supplied with artificial heat and Armaan just couldn't bear the kurta anymore.

------------------------------------------- * * * * ----------------------------------- * * * * -------------------------------------

Five minutes later...

"Armaan...Armaan...yeh lo tumhara pajama!" she called out to Armaan while walking toward the bathroom.

Armaan peeked out of the bathroom and saw her slipping at the end of the room's carpet while she walked towards him. He ran towards her and held her in his arms, preventing the fall.

Riddhima had shut her eyes tight by now seeing both she and Armaan were gonna fall down. Fortunately they landed on the bed- Armaan over Riddhima, their legs dangling on the sides.They looked into each others eyes as they steadied their breaths in vain. Armaan broke into a smile looking at a horrified Riddhima, who looked at him questioningly.

He shook his head and helped her to get up when he heard Riddhima bursting into peals of laughter. He looked at her confused by her sudden reaction.

"Armaan...tumhara towel!" Riddhima giggled as he looked down and realized that his heroic act had put him to shame once again. The towel had slipped during the sudden opportunity that had presented Armaan a chance to show off his "Superman" skills and there he was standing in his boxers once again, only this time he had nothing except for boxers on.

------------------------------------------- * * * * ----------------------------------- * * * * -------------------------------------

Two years later...

The wardrobe malfunction got Armaan the love of his life. Indeed, Armaan and Riddhima had gotten married the very December they had met. Love had happened instantaneously but maybe the most embarrassing moments of their lives had gotten them each other. Armaan had, by now, mastered the art of flirting back with his sister-in laws and had gelled well with the family. He had also gotten used to the idea of random jhappis which once almost choked him to death. He had well adapted to the gigantic lassi glasses and the excessive amounts of food Punjabis had. But amidst all the adaptations, one thing hadn't changed over the years...

Two weeks before Minni's wedding...

Knock! Knock!

Armaan opened the door and Padma walked in with a pair of off-white salwar kameez.

"Armaan beta...yeh lo...aaj yehi pehen na...sonne lagoge!" she said pinching his cheeks as he broke into a smile and hugged her.

"Jee Mamma!" he said obediently just like he did two years ago.

Knock! Knock!

Armaan opened the door to Muskaan who was looking at him cheekily. By the way, Muskaan and Rahul had gotten married as well...but maybe I'd narrate their side of the story some other time.

"Jee-jaa-ji, yeh lijiye NAADA!" she said winking at him. Armaan would still blush when Riddhima's sisters would address him with the sobriquet"Jeeju".

"Thanks, Muski!" he said closing the door yet again on her face.

"Bang!" and the door flew open; In walked a fuming Riddhima since she wasn't allowed to work around the house owing to the fact that she was 7 months pregnant.

"Armaan...tum log naa mujhe sangeet mein dance karne de rahe ho aur na hi koi kaam karne dete ho. What the hell...pregnant hi hun!" Riddhima screamed at Armaan. He knew only too well that nothing he'd say would make a difference at the moment. So he went towards her and hugged her tight. In the process, he let go off his pajamas intentionally.

"Haww...yeh badtameez naada!" Armaaan exclaimed in horror. Riddhima knew only too well what was coming next.

"Basket...naada laga dona!" he pouted looking at her holding his pajamas loosely around his waist.

"Nikalo pajama..." she stood up as Armaan walked towards her. She backed off when she saw him taking off his pajamas and advancing towards her simultaneously.

"Armaan...pajama nikalo aur bathroom mein jao" she said glaring at him as he jammed her to the wall and handed her the pajamas.

"Tch...ab tumse kaisi sharam Basket" he replied cheekily playing with the loose strand of her hair that hung down from her pony.

"Armaan!" she glared at him once more and walked towards the bed. Only this time...it took her half an hour to put on the said "naada" what with Armaan's silly interuptions...

He pulled her hair down while she concentrated on the "naada"..."Armaan...yeh kya kar rahe ho?"

"Apni wife ko nihaar raha hoon" he said with a naughty glint in his eyes...

Next, he started tickling her and teasing her by kissing her nape passionately...followed by cracking ridiculous jokes to her belly, whom he addressed to as the baby.

Forty minutes later, Riddhima had finally managed to fix his pajamas and handed them to him as she walked towards the door...

"Jaldi aana Armaan...neeche mehman aane lage hain " she said turning her back to him and gearing up for the Sangeet ceremony.

"Basket...naada laga dona!" Armaan replied back to Riddhima's horror.

"Abhi toh.." Riddhima turned around and looked at him.

He cheekily pulled out the "naada" from the pajamas and pouted at her...

"Is naade ne hi toh hamare pyaar ki dor bandhi rakhi hai, Basket..." he said pulling her closer and starting with his ridiculous jokes again...

------------------------------------------- * * * * ----------------------------------- * * * * -------------------------------------

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The Embrace of Death... In Your Arms

"Toh tum mujhe ice-cream nahi khilaoge?" said an irritated Riddhima.

"Riddhima raat ke do baje kaunsi jagah ice-cream milegi?"Armaan tried to knock some sense into his pregnant wife.

"Aadmi ka andaaz ho toh kuch bhi hosakta hai... main Rahul ko hi phone kardeti hun!" Riddhima said trying to convince him, picking up her cell phone.

"Riddhima, us bichare ko sone do aur tum go wear a sweatshirt...Fine!" Armaan finally gave in, snatching her cell phone away.

"Fine!" Riddhima said grinning.

"Good!" Armaan smiled at her, shaking his head off at her antics.

"So we are good now?" Riddhima asked rhetorically while Armaan helped her to the car.

"Tum pagal ho Basket!" Armaan mumbled while kissing her forehead and turning on the heat in the car.

------------------------------------------- * * * * ----------------------------------- * * * * -------------------------------------

"Armaan idhar nahi...us side pe...haan thoda aur niche!" Riddhima instructed Armaan.

"Basket tum aankh band karne ki koshish toh karo...neend yahaan bhi aajayegi!" Armaan massaged her feet while she roamed about the house, checking each bed in there to see which one was more comfortable.

"Armaan...yeh dhai kilo ka wajan jo mere pet mein haina who nahi lene de raha chen" Riddhima scrunched up her nose. complaining.

"Acha...chalo eyes closed now!" Armaan shifted her weight onto him, putting her head onto his chest and trying to ease of her worries.

"Fine?" he asked.

"Fine!" Riddhima cuddled into him.

"Good!" Armaan smiled stroking her hair.

"So, we are good now!" Riddhima quipped before dozing off.

"Pagal!" Armaan whispered kissing her nose.

------------------------------------------- * * * * ----------------------------------- * * * * -------------------------------------

"Haan fine theek hai...rakh sakte hona apna khayal to rakho...and go to hell...ab main nahin puchne aaungi!" Riddhima walked off bringing a closure to their argument.

"Fine!" Armaan banged his fist on the glass table, the thump reverberating like her words.

"Fine, then!" Riddhima gave him one last look.

"Good!" Armaan, almost immediately snapped back.

"So, we are good now" and with that she slammed the door hard on his face.

"Pagal" Riddhima mumbled while walking off to her cabin.

------------------------------------------- * * * * ----------------------------------- * * * * -------------------------------------

3 hours later...

As the clock struck six, Armaan looked up and wondered if he should call Riddhima and remind her to go home now. It was afterall, her 8th month of pregnancy.

"Nahi...zidd who kar rahi thi...toh who phone karegi!" Armaan concluded crossing his arms on his chest.

The clock ticked by...6:15 pm

"Ziddi hain who...koi baat nahi...mein hi chala jaata hun"

Armaan walked off to her cabin. "Dr. Riddhima?"

The nurse outside replied..." Umm...I guess she left already!"

"Oh...okay!" Armaan dialed her number and waited. It was switched off.

"Pagal !!!" he shook his head imagining her fuming like a volcano.

------------------------------------------- * * * * ----------------------------------- * * * * -------------------------------------

"Wahi keh raha tha na...mein apni dekhbaal khud karsakta hun...toh jaye jhannum mein" Riddhima imitated Armaan.

"Address toh batati jao !!!" A voice reverbrated in her ears. She looked around and shook her head grinning. "Bloody stalker...akele mein bhi sirk usi ke khayal!...hmmm...uska favorite pasta pack karvaleti hun!" Riddhima gave in knowing well he was just stressed out with all the over-time he did at home with her being pregnant and the grueling surgeries at hospital.

She checked her cell phone. "Toh janab ko fursat mil gayi...aagaya na line pe 3 ghante baat nahi ki toh!"

"Hello?" Armaan picked up his phone without checking out the caller-id. Silence followed on the other end. Jab tak mein nahi bolunga akad mein nahi bolegi, so that I can be the loser. Fine!

"Riddhima....Sorry, baby! I didn't mean it! Armaan apologized.

"I knew it, Mallik! Acha batao ghar kab tak aaoge. I got us some Mac and Cheese!" Riddhima quipped back excited, doing a victory dance...ummm...mentally!

"I'm on my way...bas dus minute!"

"See-ya!" Riddhima replied..."Love ya!" Armaan quipped.

Riddhima turned back to look onto the road but her eyes widened in horror as she saw a mini-truck drive towards her, almost too close, almost!

"Armaan!" She screamed into the phone.

He looked up to see a mini- truck colliding with a tree and a car advancing towards his at an incredible speed.

"Riddhima!He screamed back into the phone before all his hopes shattered, life slipped out of his hands and all darkened before his eyes.

"BANG!" Armaan's car crashed into Riddhima's with an enormous force, sending shards of glass flying into the air, dislocating the front parts of the cars and ripping off their happiness, replacing it with sorrow.

Half an hour later...

Both Armaan and Riddhima had been rushed to the nearest hospital, an international hospital affiliated with Sanjeevani, where the two had first met and fallen in love.

Inside the operation theatre...

"There's been a lot of blood loss. There's pieces of glass deep inside his head. He won't be here for long!" the doctors exclaimed on examining Armaan.

"Internal bleeding... injuries in the spinal cord... the baby couldn't survive the accident as well. I think we should let Armaan know...she wouldn't be around for long!" the doctors announced after examining Riddhima.

"I want to see her...one last time!" Armaan pleaded. Although, he had lost a lot of blood and had gone pale, the doctor's agreed to fulfill his last wish.

"Riddhima...Riddhi-hi-mmaa" Armaan winced in pain... "Riddh-iii-mma...utho..." Riddhima stirred back to life...for one last time as she saw Armaan's agonizing face before her.

They lay wincing in pain next to each other on two different stretchers.

"Ridd-hi-mma...I'm sorry...mein...mein...mujhe jaana hoga...mein" Armaan hissed in pain.

"Ar-maan!!! I'm Sorry!" Riddhima extended her hand for him groaning and holding her stomach in pain.

"I love you, Riddhima!" Armaan breathed out loud securing her hand into his.

"I love you too, Armaan!" Riddhima clutched onto him tighter as they were moved closer by the ward boys.

"Toh jhagda...

"Toh Jhagda...

Both Armaan and Riddhima gave a watery smile.

" Khatam..." Armaan concluded as she nodded. Maybe a lot of things would end with this one last fight...

"Fine!" He looked into her eyes.

"Fine, then!" She nodded.

"So, we are good now..." He groaned.

"Good!" Riddhima replied smiling ironically as her hold weakened on his arm.

"Pagal hai dono!" Rahul, the doctor next to them, whispered shaking his head at his friends' juvenile antics with a watery smile, tears welled up in his eyes.

"Love you" they whispered one last time in a synch before they drifted off into dreams of future, overpowered by the sleep of death lurking on the edges of their heavy eyelids.

They laid lifelessly on the stretchers, the deathbed, holding each others hand, pale due to exhaustion and pain, plunged into a pool of blood and agony...only with a blissful smile emanating from their faces... bliss of being together at this last threshold of life,...of being next to each other before death took over the three of them, embarking on their last journey together, here at the very place where they first met, they last departed...

------------------------------------------- * * * * ----------------------------------- * * * * -------------------------------------

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Ol of them r just fab. U r a great writer. Each concept is different n awesm. There is not a single one which I didnt lik. Its fab if u hav written more plz pm me ur index wrk. N if u havnt written u shuld write ff.

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