Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

Khoradia's 50 thole ki kalakaari!!!

ilike_tv Goldie

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 4:29pm | IP Logged

DHOKA...DHOKA... DHOKA!!!!!Shocked Urmi is betrayed by  her new love!!! Shocked Gopi is betrayed by her usual bad luck and bewakoofi!!!Shocked Mr metha is betrayed by his own belief and unprofessionalism!!!Shocked

yesterday's  crude, vague, going over the head kinda bouncer kalakaari materialized in to a well planned treachery ..
Ouch Now i gotta know that  no one was supposed to understand it.. not even urmila ben!!Shocked Khoradia bhai double crossed urmi with the ease of crossing a one way road!!!Shocked bechaari Urmi blinded by khoradia's charms and her own greed, fallen neatly into the trap!!Wink

Dhawal bhai met with an accident..
Shocked Gopi lost her company on papers and gained a contract job..Wink. Now she is undergoing a memory test to see if she is eligible or not..Tongue If pass,the company gone for good.. if fail, the contract job gone for good !Smile In whichever case, everyone had to agree that Kokila is always right...TongueTongue

Khoradia's 50 thole ki kalakaari

The king and queen's 2012:A loves story continues...

 urmi showed  him Dhawal's sign on the contract paper... Khoradia bhai not quite pleased..He wants Gopi's sign.. Urmi is disappointed in her love.. she was like ' mujh mein aissi kya kami reh gayi ki ab inko Gopi chaiye' ShockedCry.. Even though Urmi said Dhawal is  gopi's partner, khoradia bhai said he still want her sign as she is the real owner of the business!!! He lost me again !!! Shocked

U:  be cool, JI.. shall i get some juice for you?!!!

K:  NAHII.. kal ka juice  ka effect abhi bhi hai...
Shocked 5 baar toilet gaya hai !!!Ouch sach mein tumhari hatho mein jadoo hai!!!!Shocked


He  went down to meet Dhawal   with his plan B to get gopi's sign...

K: Dhawal ,baniyan business is better than this achaar business... . I heard that your in laws are famous for chaddys too...  why dont you start a chaddy business?!!!

D: Yes khoradia bhai.. we are actually planning a chaddy track  on huge demand from IF..
Smile we will start it with an auction of Ahem bhai's orange chaddy Wink

K:If you want i can give some tips , like we can put a big cut out of chaddy over here  on the tree and for promotion  ...

D: Promo for the chaddy track is aired long back...
Big smile the model we had, really put the shower  and IF on fire..Wink. so no worries about that...Smile

The accident

Khoradia gave an envelope to deliver on some address... Dhawal bahi went on his achaar delivery mission... On the way he met with an accident...
Shocked it showed in so much details that none of us should have any doubts ABOUT it!!Wink

Mein idhar chala, woh bhi ithar chala!!! Embarrassed

Mein udhar chala, woh bhi udhar chala!!! Embarrassed
Mere aage aage woh, aur mein hoon peeche peeche!!!!   Embarrassed
Aur accident ho gaya rabba rabba!!!!Ouch

The problem was the truck  had nice breaks and  Dhawal bhai's tempo did not have any breaks!!!!Ouch So the truck showed off its power breaks and Dhawal's bechaara tempo went and hit the mighty trucks bums!!!

Result : Dhawal bhai behosh and in the hospital with a scratch on his head !!!Tongue

Some one called Gopi and informed about the maha accident.. She is shocked and dropped the spoon  for more effect
WinkThen cried and ran out of the kitchen  in to Koki and drama queen Hetal ben...

K: Gopivahu, why are you crying?!!!

G: ( Only expression and tears .. no words)

K: bathao, kya hua?!!!!

G:( still only tears and no dialogues!!!)

Shocked Gopi ki aawaz chali gayi!!!! Ouchtum tension mat lo ,beta,, bolne ki koshish karo!!!!ConfusedOuch

G: Nahiii i can speak, first let me  cry  to create the mood!!!

K: Mood baad mein create karo, ab baat kya hai yeh bathao?!!!!

G: Maaji yeh ...
Cry woh...Cry.. mera ...Cry

K: BASSS rona band!!!!
Angry and tell me what is the matter now!!!Angry

G: Ok... Dhawal bhai had an accident

Everyone was shocked...
Shocked  Rashi called her mummy and  said about the accident... Urmi too super shocked..Shocked I thought her eye ball would come out!!!!Wink

K: Gopi, you dont take tension , me and mota bhabhi will go to the hospital and see what happened...

Rashi : Kaki ji I am also coming with you

G: Me too

K: Ab yeh kya hai koi park hai kya saare bache me too me too bolne keliye!!!!

 I was ROFLat Hetal ben's dialogue!!!! Koki said to Gopi that she cant take her as she is pregnant and it not good for her to strain... Gopi  started crying .. Then Hetal  was like ' Gopi beta tum rona band karo plzz...Confused ok kokila you take Gopi and Rashi with you.. I will stay right here at home ,ok?!!!' REALLY?!!!!
ROFLROFL It was like she will take Gopi pregnancy for a while and  take rest on her behalf!!!!
Anyways Gopi went to the hospital and  put chaar chaand on khoradia bhai's dreams... At the end of a well executed  plan by the seasoned player of kalakaari world, Gopi signs her kismat away.. Ouch  I knew that yesterday was the last day we would see Gopi reading something...Tongue today cvs did make her back to gawaar!!!Shocked I really amazed that she still knows how to sign her name!!!Shocked Tomorrow cvs will make her angutta chaap again!!!LOLLOL here in SNS time travels back and forth !!!Tongue

The ultimate shock

Modis  are back home... But not a minute to relax , the next drama already started with a call...

Mr Metha :Gopi ji how could you do this to me?!!!

G: KYA?!!!

Mr M:You signed another contract behind me and asking KYA?!!!!

G: I did not do anything like that!!!!Shocked

Mr M: Yes , I have the written proof for that  Faxed me by the mango tree ghost, saying that you agreed to work for him for one year in bringing  acidity , gas and  hyper tension, and ultimately bring the loss of hope in this Track, resulting in cvs decision to look for another clicking track... If you fail to bring any of this , you will cry buckets to lift the TRP above 5!!!! ShockedAngryGopi ji, If this happens , mera kya hoga?!!!Shocked My role in SNS will be over even before it started!!!Cry dint i tell you that i have biwi and chote chote bache at home...CryCry aap ne yeh teek nahi kiya!!!!Cry

Mr Metha informed them about business hand over and the contract.. everyone is shell shocked ..Shocked All are wondering who the hell is this Ramji bhai Khoradia!!!!Shocked Gopi was sure that she dint signed any of such contract...  Confused But still sat down and tried to remember when and how...Confused She has 24hrs to remember it..Smile Hope she and her pregnant brain reaches a conclusion by tomorrow evening Wink

Around the modi house

> Khoradia's big plan, even Urmi is unaware of his intentions...Shocked

> Urmi not taking Rashi's calls!!! Shockedlooks like the satellite through which they were always connected is crashed down.. or may be that is kidnapped by urmi's new saathiya!!!Confused

> Rashi doubting her mummy  was  something new!!! Rashi dear, are u really changed for good?!!!Wink

> Saw  parag and chirag  was there for a second, but vanished in the blink of an eye!!!!Shocked

> Parag : Why Gopii is crying?!!!!

 ME: LOLLOL She is crying for TRP!!!! As her tears goes  down the cheek, the TRP boat floats up the chart!!!!LOLLOL So the director asked her to give more attention to crying..Wink and she took this advice to her heart and every  possible occasion   she put this advice in to action too!Tongue

>the hospital nurse really  looks like khoradia bhai's behen, with rings on all the fingers and all!!!LOL But the fake nurse was really creepy Ouch

> Just loved kinjal's expressions today.. she was visibly worried when she came to the hospital and totally relieved at doctor's 'he is fine'EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

> I am still wondering how with only Gopi's sign, khoradia bhai can take over the business?!!! forget about the witnesses, but dont he need Dhawal's sign too on that paper as he is a partner ?!!!!Shocked

> Talking of contracts, I still remember Gopi signing a contract with Mr Metha... But looks like cvs and Mr Metha  forgot about thatWink


The satellite connection restored... The happy trio are back  to their element Big smile.. But urmi is really in soup...Ouch. A big kalakaari leads to the big revelations?!!! Smile But I think Urmi will slip away from this one too , may be with some minor scratches Wink

Smile A like or comment will not hurt Smile

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DivineDarkness IF-Stunnerz

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this is hilarious ponny...

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Chaccha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 5:08pm | IP Logged
LOL @ mango tree ghost!!!

Where do they these notions from Ponny? And please, baksh do orange chaddies ko!!!! ROFL

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basuanasuya Goldie

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 5:12pm | IP Logged
Ohh...too good. I have a doubt , like why dhawal loads the truck with achaar in rajpaalnagar...isn't is easy to load the truck in MM and dhawal go there, instead of bringing everything  in rajpaalnagar , taking those boxes out, and again loading..Becoz last time they showed boxes r coming from MM only Big smile

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Justlikethat1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 6:55pm | IP Logged
Wonderful PonnyClap
Hilarious as alwaysStar 

KK King was so worried about his schweethearts weight todayWink The ode of true soulmates continues. It looks like it will come crash landing tomorrow for UrmiTongue Oh.. I wish to see her squirm and get punished this timeBig smile

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munnihyderabad Cool Viewbie

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 7:30pm | IP Logged
awesome and hillarious pony ROFL
so true LOLLOL TRP inversely proportional to the buckets of tears streaming downLOL

She is crying for TRP!!!! As her tears goes  down the cheek, the TRP boat floats up the chart!!!!ROFL

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josh18 Groupbie

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 8:04pm | IP Logged

> Parag : Why Gopii is crying?!!!!

 ME: LOLLOL She is crying for TRP!!!! As her tears goes  down the cheek, the TRP boat floats up the chart!!!!LOLLOL So the director asked her to give more attention to crying..Wink and she took this advice to her heart and every  possible occasion   she put this advice in to action too!Tongue

very good jokes.

even when saathiya was still in numero uno position, gopi always cry.

 now, dev's gopi doesn't cry too loud. but when gopi was giaa, she cried too loud. it was so annoying, i closed my eears when gia was crying.

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-Muskii- IF-Sizzlerz

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Oh god Ponny ! You are tooROFL

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