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Arhi FF:Comeback arnavji! Link the thread #2 given (Page 88)

tina_1234 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 January 2013 at 4:02am | IP Logged
nycc precap

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medhatibrewal Newbie

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Posted: 18 January 2013 at 11:47am | IP Logged
hats off 2 U dear!!Clap
i am damn attracted 2 d story line...itz simply wonderful...
i hope u get well soon and update many parts back to back!!
eagerly waiting 4 ur updates...

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A.shradha Senior Member

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update soon... get wel soon.. :)

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Rafaheli IF-Rockerz

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Exciting precap! Waiting for d next part!

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arshifan2012 IF-Dazzler

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hi fine now...thanks for all the's chapter 8...hope you enjoy it...and please do "like" it and leave a comment!!!!

Chapter 8:

Muskaan's car haulted near a big crowded place. People were walking and shouting , protesting but didn't know about what...

She and her bodyguards went through a thin lane and there they heard


"Ganesh In this season???" she thought. As they entered the lane , there they saw a huge Ganesh statue. "Woh log puja kar rahe hain!!! (They are doing puja)" one of the men replied.

"Khalid bhai..." muskaan muttered.

She entered the crowd and cut through it. After sometime she reached the front and saw...Khalid Bhai performing his puja...her eyes welled up to see him.

She came near him and folded her hands and started praying too...

Khalid Bhai acknowledged her presence but still concentrated on his puja. As he took the thaal and submitted the flowers the pandit , he took some crimson powder and rubbed it on his forehead...

Then he turned to muskaan and gave her a tika on her forehead. He was overwhelmed to see muskaan. But he knew that her past has changed her a lot. He got emotional and hugged muskaan. She started crying too. "Beta...your here???"




"Aakash...bring the flowers quickly...ya and the sweets...sugar-free!!!!" said anjali as she cut the phone. Aditya entered the room and saw his wife wearing a light purple saree. He came up to her and hugged her behind. "Somebody is looking gorgeous today..." he smiled and whispered into her ear.

Anjali turned around and looked into his eyes. " so happy little brother is coming back...i can't tell you how happy i am!!!!" she said as tears made there to her eyes...

"I know sweetheart...your very happy...even i want to meet my brother-in-law...and im happy that the whole house is happy and excited...!!!" he smiled and cuddled her even more.

"Jijaji...di..." whispered khushi who was standing near the door.

"Are khushi...when did you come...???" asked anjali as she wiped her tears. Aditya saw this. He hated when he saw anjali crying. He went up to khushi and said "Take care of anjali...she is happy and upset..." and went away.

"Di...jijaji really loves you...then why don't you..." khushi halted as she saw the color of anjali's face fading away. " ready...chottey is coming...go..." she whispered and didn't even look at khushi. Khushi silently went away knowing the fact the anjali was still hurt due to the incident occuring 2 years ago...

She went up to her room and thought of what she should wear. She picked up the saree she wore at diwali when arnav was about to kiss her near the poolside. That had brought in so many memories. Some soothing and some painful. She held the saree near her heart and cried silently. "I wish you could remember me arnavji...your family and i are waiting for you arnavji...please comeback...please...!!!!"

"Maa...!!!" exclaimed her son.


"Yes...ammu...i came to meet you..." cried muskaan. "But beta...what if...what if you abbu(father) finds out...what will you do then???" exclaimed khalid bhai...

"Can we go and talk somewhere else...its very noisy here..." said muskaan as they headed towards khalid bhai's house. As they entered the house...muskaan started having flasbacks of her childhood...of her past...she went near the corridors..."Its just like the way i had left..." she whispered. Khalid bhai came near her. Its then , when he got a clear picture of her face. " look just like...just like your grandma...!!!" he said as he had tears in his eyes.

"i look like jadati(grandma)...???" she asked curiously...

"Ya...i miss her..." exclaimed khalid bhai...

Muskaan didn't say a word. She was never used to emotions. She never showed her emotions and nobody expected her to so too. How can anyone expect emotions from a girl who was just 14 years old when she saw her own brother of 8 years old , her mother and her grandfather being murdered in front of her eyes? She had to come out her shell but maybe she can never come out...

Muskaan sighed and walked inside a room. She was followed by khalid bhai too.

"This is..." she stammered.

"Your and Asad's room!!!" sighed khalid bhai.

At the name of asad , muskaan looked up to him. "Do you know where he is...???" asked the old khalid bhai.

" don't...bhai-jaan and I got separated when we were running away...running away from that monster!!!!" cried muskaan. As she was about to speak again , she heard some strange noises outside. As she went outside , she saw many men , surrounded her and khalid bhai was no where to be seen...

"Who are you???" asked muskaan only to stared back at dangerously.


"Arnav i think we should get going!!!" exclaimed sid. He looked at arnav's direction and saw that he was looking outside. "Arnav...??" he called again but didn't get any answer.

Arnav was feeling disturbed. He knew that someone , somewhere in this world was in distress. Maybe crying for him. Maybe calling him out...but if only he could reach out to her...he was about to call muskaan when he felt a hand on shoulders. He turned around.

"Dude...are you even listening to me???" asked sid.

"Hmm..." was arnav's answer who was still looking outside. His heart was aching...and he didn't know why. It was crying for someone or maybe crying with someone...without even thinking again he blurted out.. "She is in trouble!!!!". Sid was horrified to think that muskaan was in trouble. But only God knew who was the real damsel in distress.


"Maa...!!!" exclaimed her son.

Khushi turned around and saw her son standing in front of her , pointing at his stomach. "Maa bhook lagi hain...khana do na!!!!(mom im feeling hungry , please give some food)"

Khushi knelt down in front of and kissed his chubby cheeks. " prince is hungry huh...ok beta...i will bring something for you...first let mamma change...for now you can go to bua and ask her...!!!" she smiled.

Arnav smiled and said :"Yes...bua was telling that some guests were coming...i might sneek in and get some ladoos made by her...i love her ladoos!!!" he smiled in his own thoughts and khushi smiled. He was such a perfect blend of her and arnav. As she saw him go away , she decided that she will be wearing the red saree as she knew red was his favourite color.

She got ready in fifteen minutes and its then when payal approached her. "wow...your looking beautiful khushi..." she exclaimed.

"Thank you jiji...!!!" khushi exclaimed. After exchanging another set of tears , they went down...anticipating the most awaited person in their lives...Khushi placed a hand on her heart..."I love you arnavji...i love you so damn much!!!" she exclaimed to herself while looking at the door...


"Who are you???" asked muskaan only to stared back at dangerously.

She got her answers when she saw them taking out their swords and moving towards her. "Oh no you don' think those swords will scare me off!!!!" she exclaimed.

She jumped on a higher place and took her gun out. She started firing. Then she felt someone behind her. Actually she had seen the shadow of the person. She turned around and kicked him in the right place and he fell down instantly. Another man came up and was about to cut her head when she caught hold of the sword...her palms started to bleed in the process...but she managed to kick that man too...

From upstairs , two pair of eyes were watching her , as she was fighting...

"Khalid bhai...she still remembers each and every tactic you taught her..." and old man huffed.

Khalid bhai smiled. "I know...i just wanted to test her...and by now...she might have figured out that its just a training..." he whispered. The other man looked up at him and then at muskaan..."Aleayah was destined to fight against her abbu(father) and she will fight...she has to win against her father...who unfortunately is my big brother..." sighed khalid bhai...

They looked down at their only hope...fighting against the world's most dangerous fighters...and winning against them..."I hope she doesn't hurt herself in the process!!!" cried the other man. "Don't worry...she won't...she is Nazim's daughter after all..." he looked at her. "I wish she would ever call me abbu!!!" he sighed.

" blood she is your daughter...isn't she??" asked the old man. He saw a lone tear escape khalid bhai's eyes. "Yes...yes she is...but unfortunately...i can't tell her that...if she comes to know that i left her just to keep her mother safe...she would ask me why i didn't tell her...and at the end of it all...she would leave me...and right now...she needs me...i am the main reason why Nazim is after kill her and i won't let anything happen to her...even if it means that she needs to protect herself like this!!!" he said with a certain stiffness. The old man knew that khalid bhai loved muskaan emmensely...who wouldn't love such a pretty and charming girl anyways...???

As muskaan finished injuring her last man...she came inside the house and came face-to-face with khalid bhai. "I knew it was your stupid plan to test me...right ammu???" she exclaimed , as she breathed heavily. The servants brought her some water and she drank down the whole bottle...

"I think i should let the boys go to the raizada house now!!!" she thought and messaged Sid.

She then looked up to khalid bhai , who was bringing a first aid kit with himself..."I think you should dress your wounds before arnav sees them and comes to kill me!!!!" he laughed at his own joke.

"Ya...arnav...dude...he is so possesive about the littlest thing of mine...!!!" she laughed. But she knew that arnav cared about her a lot...she came out of her trance when she felt a sharp pain in her palms when khalid bhai applied the antiseptic. She hissed in pain. Then she saw the old man approaching them.

"Your a brave girl aleayah...really a very very brave proud of you..." exclaimed the old man and he went away.

"Looks like a lot of people know here!!!!" she smirked.

"Muskaan...your father has hired many other men to hunt you are some of the pictures...!!!" khalid bhai sighed as he finished dressing her wounds. He handed over a bundle of 10 to 12 photos of the men hired by her father to track her down.

As muskaan scanned the of them took her attention...

"What's this...???" she thought...

and when she remembered the face properly...she was horrified...

"what the hell?!" she exclaimed.

"What happened???" asked khalid bhai.

"This...this guy...this is...this is Shyam Jha!!! The one who told that arnav was thrown out of his house...that liar!!!" she fumed.

"That means the raizada's are in trouble too!!!" khalid bhai sighed.

"Ya...i guess they are!!!" exclaimed muskaan as she looked down at the photo again.


"Umm arnav...muskaan messaged me...she told us to go the raizada house without her and she will be going there on her own...she won't comeback to the hotel...hope your ok with it???" asked sid. Arnav nodded. He hated to talk to Sid. He was a headache for him.

They took out all their luggages and arnav wore his glasses and took his guiter. Sid cocked his eyebrow. "So you...brought that noisy thing with you too..." sid asked.

"Its none of your bloody business!!!" he heard arnav exclaim. "Thank least he talked!!!" sid thought.

They took all the luggage and took their car and went straight to the Raizada masion.

As arnav got down the car , he felt an unsual sensation wrap around him. He felt as if he was here before. Sometime before. But his trance was broken by sid , who was having problems in lifting up the suitcases. "You can't even lift up a damn suitcase...!!!" he complained.

Will you stop complaining and help the way , did you bring stones in kill me or something!!!!" exclaimed sid.

"I wish i had!!!" muttered arnav. Sid glared at him as they reached the main and gate and rang the bell.

Anjali heard the bell and ran towards the door to open it. Everyone was anxious and nervous. As she opened the door , she saw arnav. He had his specs on , a guiter and a jacket hung on shoulder , a black T-Shirt and deep brown pants. He didn't look less than a foreigner.

"This is the woman i met in the mandir...she" he thought and got a bit confused about this alien feeling in him.

He removed his glasses and looked behind anjali at the rest of the family. 


"Wow...its such a big family...!!!" he thought.

He didn't know what happened but anjali just quickly took the thaal of aarti and started to do his aarti. She was about to put the tika on his forehead when he bent down and whispered in a low voice which only anjali could hear "I...i don't believe in God...!!!"

Anjali looked up at him. She missed this so much. Him not believing in God , her chasing him to take atleast a little bit of the prasad. "I wish you can remember us chottey...God bless you!!!" she blessed him with all her love.

"Umm...may i come in??" asked sid. Arnav rolled his eyes. "Don't roll your eyes at me Rathore...your the one who left me with these heavy luggages of yours!!!!" exclaimed Sid.

"Whatever!!!" arnav exclaimed and entered.

The whole house was looking like a wedding zone. It was beautifully decorated with flowers and lights. As arnav was going he heard a noise "Broom broom!!!" . He looked down and saw Junior ASR palying with his little toy car. As Junior ASR looked up to arnav , he was horrified. Both of them were horrified.

"You!!!" both of them screamed at the top of their voices. Everyone rushed to their sides only to see the father-son duo staring at each other angrily. Aakash and NK interrupted. " mean...Mr.Rathore , this is arnav , my big brother's son..." aakash stammered.

"Maaa!!!" screamed Junior ASR.

Arnav looked up and saw khushi descending from the stairs. She looked ethereal in the red saree she wore. He was dazed.


 She came near her son and then looked up at arnav. " sorry...actually arnav...!!!" she couldn't complete her sentence as arnav interrupted. "So...his name is arnav too???" he asked.

"Yes...his name is arnav too...just like my husband's is!!!!" she thought the last part but didn't notice that she actually said it aloud. Arnav looked her shocked...

As their eyes met...something touched arnav's heart..."Her eyes...their so...sad!!!" he thought. They gazed at each other and khushi remembered the diwali day. She had a plate of sweets with her and asked him if he wants some.

" a diabetic!!!!" he exclaimed. Khushi remembered how he fainted one day due his diabetes. But she also remembered when arnav had gifted her a payal after their re-marriage. Their trance was broken by none other than arnav.


"These are sugar-free...i made them especially for you!!!" khushi exclaimed in a hurry. Arnav was even more confused now.

"How do you know that im a diabetic????" he exclaimed.

guys...this it...hope you liked it...please hit the like button and comment!!!!

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awesome  part

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crazy-ash Goldie

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gr8!!Big smilefinall u updated!!
muskan's a fighter...!!! nice...
hope u update soon...

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