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Arhi FF:Comeback arnavji! Link the thread #2 given (Page 74)

popstar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2012 at 2:31pm | IP Logged
Cont soon

Shabana0786 Goldie

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Posted: 24 December 2012 at 3:45pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the pm..
--Amy-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2012 at 11:09am | IP Logged
nice precap..

do continue soon!!
newmoon2011 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 December 2012 at 2:38pm | IP Logged
Interesting precap
Looking forward to the next part
..ashiya.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 December 2012 at 4:23pm | IP Logged
Nice precap.. Cant wait for the update!
AriyaLilyOrchid IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2012 at 1:37am | IP Logged
I love this
arshifan2012 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2012 at 5:29am | IP Logged

Part 7: Who is following me????

Arnav was coming back in his car. He was thinking...not about khushi , but about muskaan. It had been nearly 9 hours since he had seen her. He desperately wanted to meet her and talk to her. She is the only person with whom he is so close with. And he loves the fact that only she has the pass to enter his heart whenever she wanted. As he reached the seventh floor to his hotel , he smell...smell paneer butter masala...and he understood who it was...

As he unlocked his room , he saw a very messy dining room and a too much messy muskaan in the kitchen. Muskaan was mumbling to herself and frying the fish for dinner. "Not again!!!!" he thought. Muskaan had this weird behaviour that whenever she is upset , she starts to cook...badly...really badly. Its arnav , who always does the cooking for her. He smirked. "She is so cute and adorable!!!!" he thought and smiled. He leaned on the wall and kept his gaze on her face which had a little batter stuck on it...she was chewing something...but not gulping it down...her face was now as round as a circle with food filled with it...arnav chuckled.

"I hate him...i hate NK...who does he think he is..." she weeped , unaware of the pair of eyes gazing softly at her. She sobbed.LOUDLY. Arnav squirmed. That's when she acknowledged his presence. "Hello???" he asked , with that famous smirk on his lips. She made a mad face...probably a poker face , but she turned around and countinued her cooking. Arnav understood that she might be a bit upset due to the fight they had this morning. "Hmm...if your angry with me say it smiley...why torture these sweet veggies???" with his loop-sided smile.

Muskaan didn't even turn around. "Will you look at me...please..." arnav requested.

"" she uttered. Arnav laughed at her childishness. "Gulp your food first and then rant me!!!" he said. She gulped down her food in one go and glared at him.

"Arnav Singh cooking...stop!!!!" she snapped.

Arnav bent down at her , to have a look at the veggies..."dude , are you sure that your cooking...becoz that looks like murdering...not cooking!!!!" he laughed.

"Shut the hell up will you!!!!" she sobbed again.

Arnav turned her round and cupped her face with both his hands. And with a very serious tone he asked "What's wrong smiley...why are you so upset...we have fought so many times but you never reacted this way..." with this he indicated towards the veggies.

"I don't know what happened...its just..." and she again started crying against his chest as he hugged her.

" more tears..." he said and kissed her forehead..."Now...get out of my kitchen smiley...becoz this place needs recycling..." he said and she giggled.

"Do you know you giggle like a baby..." he said and smiled at her.

"Shut going to watch some can till then make something out of your stupid veggies...uggh...i hate them..." she complained and went away...

As she went near the window , she saw a shadow , being chased by some other she was going to have a closer look , arnav called her...

"Ya what??" she asked , without paying much attention.

"Umm...just wanted to ask that...what would like..." but he was cut short by muskaan.

" whose car did you come back???" she asked , while her gaze was at the window.

"Why...i was the hotel's car...i thought you know..." he told.

"Oh...ok...that's good!!!!" she sighed.

"Don't tell me they are following us..." asked a worried arnav...

"I don't know...but we need to be the way i have something important to tell you tomorrow morning so be ready..." she said.

"Be ready for what???" he asked dumbly.

"Dude...don't act like a ready for what i will say tomorrow!!!!" she rolled her eyes...

"oh...!!!" he smiled. Little did he knew what the topic was...


Raizada Mansion...10:45PM.

"Nani...can you believe this...our chottey is alive...i mean actually alive...physically..." anjali smiled emotionally as she told her husband and nani about her happiness.

"This sounds like a fairy-tale...and i would love meet my brother in law..." he exclaimed happily and hugged anjali. "Hey...where is khushi??" asked payal.

 Khushi was alone...watching the stars and thinking about arnav. "This is so magical...i wish i could touch him...but he is all ASR on me again..." she thought.

"Mom...where are you...???" came a cry from her son's room.

"Beta...what's wrong...why are crying..." asked a worried khushi.

"Oh ho mom...i was crying to attract your im starving...please give me something to eat..." arnav whispered and pouted his lips.

"Ok..but promise me that you will go to sleep after that..."

"ya the way mom...who was that uncle who picked you up at the dargah this morning???" this question of junior arnav made khushi turn around and look at him.

"Umm...i...don't know...why...why are you asking this???" she asked.

"No...i mean...that didi..."

"which didi...???"

"that Dr. didi...she was talking about me...then she told you that she knows me from the past five years...i had an accident..." and here khushi puts her finger on his lips.

"Shh...she was not talking about you beta..."

"then who was arnav there??? nobody excepting me right???" he asked.

Khushi , after so many years , laughed whole heartedly.The confusion of both 'her men' having the same name did make her smile sometimes ,but was too hilarious for her. And that's when the whole family entered their room...

Everybody was so happy to see khushi laughing...especially her son...

Arnav got up on the bed and hugged khushi...

"hey...what's wrong beta...????" asked khushi...

"Mom...always keep laughing like this...i feel so good whenever i hear this noise..." and he hugged her tighter. Tears escaped everybody's eyes with this heart-warming comment...



"Arnav please...she is my frend..." muskaan said. Arnav was furious at the thought that muskaan wanted to stay at khushi's house...and that to with him. "Are going there and that's final..." arnav fumed. Muskaan didn't understand why he was behaving like this. She never saw him so vulnerable before. "Wow...khushi must effected his cerebrum and cerebelum...hmm...maybe more than 50% of his brain..." she thought. Arnav saw her lost in deep thoughts.

"hey smiley...are you listening to me???" he snapped.

"Huh...ya ya...say...where were you...aahh...'i will not go to her house...' please continue..." she said sarcastically. "Ya...good that you understood...becoz im serious that im not going there!!!!" and with this , he banged the door and went away.

"I should go after him. What if his brain reacts no...his brain will react negatively..." fear started to strike her. She quickly went outside their room , only to find him unconscious..."No...!!!" she screamed.

She went towards him and made his head rest on her lap. " sorry arnav...please wake up..." she cried. Last time such a traumatic attack lead to his second brain surgery. This is what muskaan feared the most. She stroked his hair gently and she saw him regaining consciousness. A tear drop fell on arnav's eye. And then , when he opened his eyes to look into the brown steamy eyes of muskaan.

It pained arnav to see her crying. He quickly got up and wiped away her tears with his thumb. "Its ok...don't have to say sorry...and don't cry smiley..." and with this he kissed her forehead and she sighed. Then she helped him in getting up and standing on his feet. Muskaan led arnav , to his bed and laid her down. As she was going away , arnav held her hand. "Do you remember what day today is??" he asked with a smile.

Muskaan sat near him and nodded. "No...what day??" she asked as had forgot the day.

" saturday..." arnav smiled.

Muskaan smiled. " could i forget...don't worry...i will be ready..." she smirked.

"You should be...last time you were late and..." he was cut short by muskaan. "Im sorry arnav...i should have known that you are not comfortable in talking about that thing...i shouldn't have asked you move in to her house..." she sighed sadly.

"What's her name??" he asked out of sheer curiousity.

"Khushi...khushi singh raizada..." she sighed again.

" getting late...bye..." with this muskaan got up and waved him bye..."Don't be late at night..." arnav reminded her and she giggled and went away.


Outside the the parking lot...muskaan could easily catch if somebody was following her...and yes...somebody was following her...

"Why do i feel as if somebody is stalking me..." she thought. She is a trained cop...Khalid bhai had trained her the time she was jut 3 years old...she could also use a gun...though she always carries a gun but right now she didn't have it...

It was then her phone beeped with a message...





"What the..." she didn't even waste a second to understand who it was..."Rashid bhai..." she muttered under breath...she took out the sim and immediately discarded the sim and went inside the hotel. As she entered their suite arnav was surprised to see her back. " come your here...i thought..." but seeing her serious face , he understood something was wrong...again...

"Hey...did you see my license...???" she asked as she searched her bag. 

"what license?? car lincense...ya your's is with mine..." he said casually...

"No gun lincense..." she muttred.

"WHAT??? YOUR GONNA USE IT!!!!!!!!" he jumped out of his bed. She nodded. "I need to renew it...can you call Siddharth please..." she requested.

Arnav groaned and dialled Siddharth's number. He hated that guy...he always tried to poke his nose in his and muskaan's work...

"Hello?? everything alright here in delhi..." asked the voice on the other side of the phone.

As arnav told siddharth everything , he said that he was coming right away. Arnav turned to muskaan and told her that he is arriving. She heaved a sigh of relief. She was going out but arnav stopped her. "where are you going muskaan..." he asked worriedly. "I have to go...their are so many people...i have to warn them and..." but arnav was adamant on letting her go...

After a lot of begging he let her go...and she went out...

As she went out , she saw doctors taking out a women from her room. "what happened???" she asked.

"This women was shot...just two or three minutes ago..." informed the doctor. Muskaan's heart stopped. "He is going to get to me...i need to take arnav from" she came back to her suite and snatched arnav's phone and called khushi. " ready...we are coming!!!!!!!!" and she hung the call.

She turned to arnav and whispered "I am sorry!!!!". But arnav knew why she did that. "Im with you..." he whispered back and hugged her. "We will be alright...we will be fine..." arnav soothed her with his words.

"But who sent them???" he asked. 

"Rashid bhai...!!!" she said. 

"I need to contact khalid bhai as soon as possible..." she again said. Arnav nodded.

After sometime siddharth entered. Arnav's face fell as soon as he saw siddharth. "Think of the devil and the devil arrives..." he mumbled. 

"Sid...can you take arnav to the Raizada Mansion...???" muskaan requested Sid. Sid was a cop and detective. Arnav and Sid both hated each other.But not that much...ego fights...

"Ok...but what you???" he asked.

"Send some of your men with me...i need to see someone before i go there..." she said.

"Fine then...we will go it is still unsafe for you two to got out...but if you insist then i can send you with half of my team and the other's and i can stay with arnav here..." sid exclaimed.

"Ya...thanks..." she exclaimed.

"Oh...and this is my license...please renew it..." she gave her license and then bed goodbye and went out with three 3 men , who were her BODYGUARDS...

"So...sid..." huffed arnav.

"So...arnav..." huffed sid.

"This is going to be really a tough time for us..." arnav said aloud.

"I heard it..." sid said. 

"I know..." arnav rolled his eyes.

Sid opened his gadget box and tracked down Arnav's number as muskaan was carrying his mobile. Arnav got up from his seat and sat near him. "So muskaan is still in the main road..." sighed arnav.

"Probably becoz of the traffic dude!!!" huffed sid.

"I know!!!" muttered arnav.

"Stop giving me your stupid one liners...that's why muskaan doesn't likes you!!!!" sid said.

"You don't know what she stop whining!!!" arnav snarled. As they were about to fight again , they noticed that the indicator in the tracking monitor moving. "She is moving!!!" they both muttered.



Muskaan's car haulted near a big crowded place. People were walking and shouting , protesting but didn't know about what...

She and her bodyguards went through a thin lane and there they heard


"Ganesh In this season???" she thought. As they entered the lane , there they saw a huge Ganesh statue. "Woh log puja kar rahe hain!!! (They are doing puja)" one of the men replied.

"Khalid bhai..." muskaan muttered.

She entered the crowd and cut through it. After sometime she reached the front and saw...Khalid Bhai performing his puja...her eyes welled up to see him.

She came near him and folded her hands and started praying too...




1800 3000 7827 (TOLL-FREE)




 SaRun-ki-Rabia  this FF is from her...please do read her story and like itWinkWinkWink...

P.S--- ITS AWSOME...TOO GOOD...Big smileClap

It is very easy, just click on the 'follow' button on the blog and you'll get notifications of the updates.

Here it is

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liked this chapter, thanks for the pm

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