Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

What I LOVED: 6th September 2012

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What I LOVED: 6th September 2012


Wow! Open rebellion!




That was some very cool performances by the cast. I just LOVED the dialogs. I loved how the memories were woven in.



Progress Points


1. Anjali's open rebellion

2. Camps forming in RM



Favorite Scene


Arnav & Khushi comforting each other.



Arnav & Khushi


Just when they thought of sharing a life together, they are forced to stay apart.

Just when he needs her with him the most, she has to leave for her house.



Picking up the pieces


Arnav is again under severe pressure. He could have fought for his Di, but how does he fight his Di!


He does not understand why she asks for Shyam, and he doesn't know how to tell her otherwise.

On the other hand, he remembers Shyam's declaration of his obsession with Khushi and Anjali being the roadblock. He cannot stand Shyam talking about loving Khushi, and his sister being a roadblock is enough to drive him into a rage.


Khushi is there just in time to see Arnav shattering a vase into pieces. She quietly picks up the pieces, and Arnav feels sorry for his act. He joins her picking up the pieces.


Arnav has done this before. They were now picking up the pieces together. The vase is broken, but the bond has strengthened.



Don't go!


Khushi started to go but Arnav held her back. Though, he didn't say it till yet, but it was clear that at this time, he needs his Khushi to be there with him.

Despite all that he's going through, he doesn't ignore that Khushi may need him too. When he learns she came to say good-bye, Arnav says it  – 'Don't go!'

He knows she cannot stay. The wedding traditions are not complete, the contract is over, and there is already enough tension in the house without stopping Khushi over for the night.

Khushi knows that he needs her there, and she tells him that they can sit together for a minute. Arnav is happy with that much.




Though Khushi has a heavy heart because of Anjali, yet when she sits alone, she only thinks of Arnav.

Though Arnav has a heavy heart because of Anjali, yet when he sits alone, he only thinks of Khushi.


They relive the memories of their Mehendi ceremony.


Arnav last remembers the promise he made to Khushi to be there for her.

However, for Khushi it ends in tears. Arnav asked her to not go, and she had to.




Her tears may be silent, but Khushi cannot seem to hide it from Arnav. The moment he comforts her, she is happy with that minute. Immediately, she turns him to his duty of being with Anjali because she hadn't eaten since the previous night.


Arnav notices that Dadi is sidelining Khushi, and as of now no one is bothering with it, not even Nani ji – because Anjali isn't eating.


NK has gone to buy sweets. Let's see what Arnav comes up with. He wouldn't have Khushi sidelined that easily.





It seemed that the earth gave way to water. Nothing seems as it was. All of a sudden, the scenery has changed and surroundings do not look friendly. Relationships are changing. Equations are changing. Loved ones are turning rebels. Friends and supporters are looking unsure. Security is compromised.


During the Mehendi night, there are two interesting scenarios:

>> NK is taking Arnav upstairs a few steps, when he turns to see Khushi. Thereafter, Arnav leads NK upstairs. All this time, NK holds Arnav's hand.

>> Arnav comes down when Godh Bharai is on. He finds Shyam being discussed. He gets into an argument, gets hurt, and his only respite is that he's looking forward to a new life.


Though, NK has promised his support to Khushi, and he does support Arnav a lot.

NK was with Khushi all the time, and just by doing that, he has proven himself trustworthy to Arnav.


Yet, the camps are forming.


The Fixer


Arnav & Nani ji


The Fixers look rather lonely.

While the Pawns are their loved ones, they have turned against them.

While the Peacekeepers are their loved ones, they are too busy keeping peace in midst of obvious war. They want to save the Pawns, but they cannot seem to trust the Fixers enough.


Arnav did not mind Anjali's reaction at all. He is disturbed that she wants him to call Shyam back, but he isn't angry at the lashout. He justifies that she is making emotional decisions.


Nani ji countered Dadi ji for both Arnav & Khushi. She states that she knows that whatever Arnav has done, it is for his sister. She goes on to say that in this matter, she trusts Khushi as much as she trusts Arnav.


The Pawns


Dadi Ji & Anjali


They think they're fighting for what is right and proper, and for the one who is innocent.

They are manipulated. They are dealt with rather subtly where their defenses are weak – the dependence and the guilt. They are actually good people, but severely misdirected. Their course correction is very difficult without a serious shock.


Anjali has declared open rebellion. She has shocked one and all that she's always listened to Arnav about everything, and now Arnav would need to listen to her.

Her thinking is SO twisted now, that she doesn't seem to remember that her brother made all those decisions for Anjali. He gave up his life, his dreams, and everything he could have for his Di. If she always listened to him, that was because he was always fulfilling her every desire – even those that he normally would not do.

Dadi Ji has already clarified her opinion about Khushi , and is beginning to distance her from the family.



The Peacekeeping Force


Khushi, NK, Mami Jaan, Akash and Payal, Bua JI


They are torn between the Fixer and the Pawns. They've known Fixers to be strong people who have cared for their families and taken strong decisions. They've known the Pawns to be weak and needing attention. They love both of them.

They are driven by emotions and make emotional decisions. They can be led or misdirected easily. Though, they are not exactly silly – they just have keeping peace for everyone's sake as a priority.


However, they do know their loyalties and their hearts are in the right place. If they know their loved ones need them, they give it their all.


They are not with the Deceiver, but their basic need is to keep peace between Fixers and Pawns.


The Manipulated & the Victim


WIL: 6th June 2012

Khushi is now Shyam's pawn in this game. It seems he is all set to use Khushi to get what he wants and then to put the blame on her.

WIL: 11th June 2012

It was an amazing capture: A watch on the left hand bought by Arnav's money having played him and his sister, and a bracelet on the right hand to impress and control Khushi.


Both Anjali and Khushi strangely enough have been manipulated and they are victims.

In the current scenario, however, soon, Anjali is the manipulated and Khushi may end up being the victim. Strangely – because of Anjali being manipulated, Khushi will also become manipulated, and because Khushi will become victim, so will Anjali.




The only one who can help Anjali see is Khushi. The only one who might be able to help Anjali out of this mess and support her is Khushi.


Khushi is right when she says that she and Arnav would together take care of Anjali. Eventually.



The Deceiver




The hidden angle. He controls and manipulates and then, sits back and watches the drama unfold. He is using knowledge of people and their weaknesses to gain control and then access RM.

His one target is Arnav. His revenge agenda is with Arnav and consequently, Khushi.


With RM divided into 3 camps (as per NK's message on his T-shirt), Shyam is ruling.



The Equation


                X------------------------------The Real battle --------------------------------X

                |                                                                                                                |

     The Fixer x------------Fake--------------x The Pawns <------------------> The Deceiver

                x|------------- The Peacemakers --------|x



There are two battles ongoing: a real battle, a make-believe battle.


The Real battle is between the Fixer and the Deceiver.

The fake battle is between the Fixer and the Pawns.

The Deceiver is using the Pawns and gaining through them.

There are kings who lead their army in battle from the frontlines; and then there are kings who stay behind their army, and let the pawns fight it out.



Current Equation


While the Fixers and the Pawns fight it out, the Deceiver has a huge advantage.

The Fixer is fighting for his people; the Deceiver, is letting the Fixer's people fight against him.

In the current scenario, the Deceiver is looking good, and the Fixer is looking like the troublemaker.


The current equation looks lopsided:

The Fixers are being against by their own – the Pawns and the Peacekeepers.





The equation was balanced till the Peacemakers were standing with the Fixer. But because the Fixer is looking unreasonable for now, their support is inclining towards the Pawns. Their intention is only to help the Pawns who are rather miserable currently. Consequently, for the time being they too might become Pawns.


Thereafter, the equation changes:

The Deceiver becomes the controller - The Pawns in one hand and the manipulated Peacekeepers in the other.


WIL: 11th June 2012

"It was an amazing capture: A watch on the left hand bought by Arnav's money having played him and his sister, and a bracelet on the right hand to impress and control Khushi.


Shyam has been playing chess from both ends, playing Arnav and Khushi against each other. He's literally had Arnav dancing to his tune."



How do Scales tip back?


Scenario 1:

The Fixer (Arnav and Nani ji) are like the kings who're facing collision head on.

While the Pawns (Dadi Ji and Anjali) seem to be facing collision head on, they are actually without a king. The one who is their ringleader is actually not even of their camp. They think they are fighting for their king, but the king really isn't their own.

The Deceiver is only using the Pawns for his own benefits. He's promised goodies to the Pawns – which, of course, he never means to give them.


Scenario 2:


Once he gets his throne, this so-called army may not have anywhere to hide. They may run for shelter to the Fixers again.

If the Fixers are by then not in power anymore, thanks to the Pawns – who might helps them?

Oh yes! The ones considered the weakest links – the Peacemakers.



Winning Equation


As soon as the Fixer is out of commission, the Deceiver may claim power (might not mean physical or financial power; may simply mean the power to control).


While Arnav fought very hard to bring Shyam into light, yet he was overpowered and knocked out cold.

All this, when Shyam didn't himself even get into the fight. He just used his minions to fight and control Arnav.


After Arnav was knocked out cold, Shyam walked out from darkness into light. Yet, no one saw him immediately. There was time before Shyam's truth was revealed.

But Shyam was brought to light – the Deceiver was shown through.


However, during this time, Khushi, NK and Mami Jaan joined forces to support Arnav.


The winning equations would only come when the Pawns would come to Fixers for protection and support, and Peacekeepers will join forces with them against the Deceiver.

WIL: 9th June 2012


"The coming together of Arnav and Khushi will be Shyam's biggest defeat. [No, not because of the romance angle]. It would break everything that Shyam worked for.


Arnav would be affluent, successful, happy, victorious, and with the ones he loves - and married to Khushi.


The two women - Anjali and Khushi, who unwittingly became Shyam's protection, will be restored to their rightful place - as Arnav's protective circle."




If History IS repeating, then


Who were the past and current counterparts?


1. The Fixer

Current: Arnav Singh Raizada

Past: Nani Ji


2. The Pawns

Current: Anjali

Past: Dadi Ji


3. The Peacekeeper

Current: Mami Jaan, Akash, Payal

Past: Shashi


4. The Victim:

Current: Khushi

Past: Garima


Why Garima?

I'm trusting Dadi ji on this one: She's apparently seen same thing in Khushi's eyes as she saw in Garima's eyes.

Khushi has only truth and love in her eyes; all her actions are rooted from there. She has strong morals and values, and she'd do anything for her family.



5. The Deceiver:

Current: Shyam

Past: Arnav's Dad? Someone else, as yet, perhaps, unseen. If it was someone else, then perhaps, Arnav's Dad was a Pawn too.


Wow! If we go by Dadi Ji here, then it seems Arnav's Dad was the deceiver.

She has declared both of them as the ones who 'did nothing wrong'.



Another Curious Bit


The like are joining the like – Fixer to Fixer, Pawns to Pawns, Peacekeepers to Peacekeepers. Who is Shyam joining up with?


Dadi Ji v/s the 'other' woman


Dadi Ji is still rather pained by the fact that everyone saw only her son's faults and no one did anything about the 'other' woman.


Dadi ji names Khushi as the 'other' woman, and Nani ji seems rather confused. However, if one remembers the kind of things that Shyam said about Khushi, it seems he's told Dadi Ji the same story – that it was Khushi who first attempted to trap Shyam, and then when it didn't work, she used her charms on Arnav.


Dadi ji hates the woman who, according to her, destroyed her household.


It doesn't look like she blames her son at all. According to her, the men are weak and fall easily. She uses the same excuse for Arnav marrying Khushi, the way he did.






1. Anjali, as per her plan, is refusing to eat.

Very subtly Shyam had suggested to her that if she gets down to being stubborn then she listens to no one.

She picked the hint and is doing exactly as instructed.



2. Arnav seems to be losing support.

For the first time, Akash thinks Arnav may be wrong. Mami Jaan agrees with Akash.


3. NK still seems to support Arnav.



4. Bua ji worries about Khushi resting. Thank goodness, someone thought about it.


5. NK: Arnav I'm feeling tension. Akash and I'll go get sweets.

Hmm... interesting!



On the Lighter Side


1. Looks like Payal finally got tired of the confusion at RM and has taken off for the Ashram.

I wonder if she finds the missing people from RM in there.


2. The way Dadi ji tilts her head and whispers into Nani ji's ears the moment she finds an opportunity – it's so funny. It's like Nani ji's personal devil sitting on her shoulder whispering nasty things in her ear.



Out with NK; buying sweets – too much tension in RM.


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Loved your 'Don't Go' section the most.. & it was a fab sequence on the show too. Arnav admitting that he needed Khushi to stay there, for himself. 

I don't know why, I keep comparing & wondering with amazement the long way he has come! 8-9 months ago, he loved Khushi just as much, maybe a little less because of his refusal to accept it. But when Khushi came to his door after he had thrown something out of anger, he had screamed hell at Khushi & thrown her away from him. Now he not only hepled her pick up the pieces of the mess he had created, he also expressed a need for her to stay by his side. Talk about coming a long way!!Thumbs Up 

The time when he was walking past Khushi when she was pretending to arrange the flowers, too reminded me of times when Arnav would walk past a Khushi pretending to work with La or Anjali, all the while surreptitiously looking at/towards him, & he.. He would spit hellish fires out his eyes towards her. 'Glaring' is too mild a word for what Arnav did then! It just shows that, love was the necessary condition here, but acceptance of love was the sufficient one to overcome all barrier!Wink

Lately, I don't see anything as gray in the show. Everything is either white or black for me.. So,

Arnav rocked!
Nanji jaan as usually rocked.
ArShi rocked BIG TIME!
Akaash yucked!
Anjali sucked!
Dadi sucked BIG TIME!!!

But, all in all, IPK as a show, for me, still worked!Clap

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Thank you for the lovely post Shalini... Your 'on the lighter side' cracked me up...LOL... Seriously where is Payal? I think she has finally got her brain to stay away from the mad house... Felt so so so bad for Kushi.. Dadi was so rude to her.. I actually cried at the end... Loved Arnav Kushi scenes.. Aw, they really miss each other so much... No comments on poojali coz I am allergy to 

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Jaldi se res

Chalo shalini, kya yaad karo gi! Aaj main kuch bhi nahin likhti! No headwa mein painwa for u! Wink

Love the WIL

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The line between right and wrong are blurring.

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Love today WIL .. and about todays episode .. that first scene between Arnav Khushi (Maj Jao) .. that scene said everything .. 

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