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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP REDUX : Inception !! (Page 3)

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Anjali - A sped arrow

Part I of Anjali's plan

We already saw how Shyam manipulated Anjali yesterday and sent her off to do his dirty job i.e. ensure his re-entry into RM.  There's no stopping Anjali; she's like a sped arrow and there's no turning back now.  Her first step is to try emotional appeal with chote 'Please bring back my Shyam ji, I really need him right now, I want my husband, my husband'.'.  A very big blow for Arnav; he's shocked to hear that his Di is asking for Shyam, 'Di, yeh aap keh rahi hain'.  An upset Arnav asks her to try to understand and questions her how she can ask for Shyam despite knowing what he did to her.  It's too late to reason with Anjali; she'll not budge.  She tells Arnav that she listened to him all this time because she loves him too much and never questioned him, always complied with his wishes and never crossed the line he drew, so why can't he listen to her for once?  'I want my husband back, I need my Shyam ji''''.


Dadi uses this opportunity to further her agenda and tells Arnav to listen to his Di.  Arnav makes it clear that Di is not in any state to make decisions and she's just highly emotional right now.  Nani, always the peace maker, tries to reason with dadi that they just need to calm down and discuss things.  Mami, NK, Akash and Khushi are all watching an unconscious Anjali repeatedly asking for Shyam, a very tearful site indeed.  Though Akash always blindly follows what bhai says, for the first time he feels that bhai should bring back Shyam for Di's sake and Nani concurs.  The two strangers in the house, Khushi and NK, the ones who really have seen Shyam's evil face, the ones who tried to uncover the truth and desperately tried to make others believe them, are now watching helplessly at the sad turn of events.


Comments: Yup, plan 1 worked and we now have Akash and mami on Anjali's side in addition to dadi.  1+ 2 Goals scored.  However, does this Sita know what happens when the Lakshman Rekha is crossed, the line set by her brother who's only trying to protect her just as Lakshman tried to protect Sita in ramayan?  I had a doubt if Anjali ever believed Khushi's words about Shyam, did they even make a small dent in her false shield of love that she's hiding behind?  If not, why is she even letting Khushi close to her and behaving as though everything is all right?Confused 


Part II of Anjali's plan

Anjali tries emotional blackmail this time; she refuses to eat or drink.  Dadi, Nani and all family members try to make her see reason, but she gets very emotional, won't budge from her stance and asks them to leave her alone.  When the family tries again, she shouts at them saying she doesn't want any food.  When Khushi asks if Di had her juice, mami says No and tells her how Anjali sent them all away.  Arnav asks them to prepare the food and he'll get Anjali to eat.  Nani says she'll make some juice, NK and Akash leave to get some of Di's favorite sweets and when Khushi offers to make some kheer, dadi says NO, she'll to do it herself.  Arnav notices dadi's behavior towards Khushi.


Comments:  Is this tactic of Anjali's working?  Of course, any doubts?  I don't know if Arnav needs Khushi's appeal, but the emotional blackmail of Anjali followed by the constant push from the family members will itself do the job IMO.  Right now, Nani is the only one who's standing on Arnav's side.  How long before she too takes Anjali's side?  Shyam's goal is very near.  Shall we wait and see how near?  Also, will Arnav be able to piece together the reasons behind dadi's intense dislike for Khushi? 


Dadi's Ego and Prejudice


Nani tries to calm down dadi saying that there's no point in fighting with each other.  Dadi responds that it is this trait of being afraid that Arnav is taking advantage of and he's making decisions which only he sees as right.  He doesn't care about the pain of others, including his sister's.  Nani completely disagrees and says that Arnav has always tried to keep Anjali happy and his decision today is also meant for her good only and they should all support him.  Dadi disagrees because she feels that Arnav's thoughts and deeds are all wrong.  She talks about 14 years ago how her son (Arnav's dad) made the same mistake like Arnav; everyone blamed her son, but nobody pointed fingers at the "other woman."  Today, history is repeating itself.  Everything that's going wrong is because of Khushi and instead of blaming her, everybody is'.. Nani is really stunned at hearing this.  She asks dadi who told her all this?  Dadi doesn't provide a name, but we all know its Shyam.  She just spits venomously 'I know the truth and the other woman today is Khushi'.  Nani denies vehemently and says dadi is mistaken and she trusts Khushi as much as she trusts Arnav. Dadi says that this faith has blindfolded nani and she's unable to distinguish between truth and lies. 


Dadi says that Khushi is to be blamed and she's absolutely sure about this because she sees in Khushi's eyes the same feeling that she saw in that other woman's eyes, 14 years ago... the woman who spoilt her son's life, took everything away from their family and she hates that woman like she hates no one else in her life. In a flashback we see dadi asking the other woman if she's not ashamed of having an affair with a married man, did she ever think of his family, she's taken everything away from them.


Dadi says that the other woman would have never been happy because she took away the happiness of the Malik family; she cannot forgive her.  The price has to be paid, either today or tomorrow, be it Khushi or the other woman.  When nani asks her why dadi is comparing Khushi to the other woman, dadi does not respond and walks away.


Comments: Dadi feels that she was unable to control things when her son's affair came out into the open and all blamed her son and not the other woman.  Imagine, the great Subhadra Malik who received a severe blow to her ego when her own son's character was brought into question, the family pride was crushed and she was left to face the consequences of her son's and daughter-in-law's actions.  How dare people blame her son when it's the other woman who's completely at fault?  Isn't it a woman's responsibility to take care of her character?  (of course her son can roam around free and can do anything that he pleases).  Nothing can expunge the blemish on the family name that is worth dying for.  She was unable to face such failures and has developed a sort of deep seated prejudice against these 'fallen, characterless women' whose only goal is to wreck families, or so she thinks. Phewww, how to even deal with such people in life?  Is there any end to her ego and bigotry?Angry


As soon as she heard Shyams' story she made up her mind about Khushi just because she saw the same feeling in her eyes that she saw 14 years ago?  Wow, that's some talent she's got.  She has a lot to learn from nani who uses sound judgment to decide about people.  Redemption is very hard for such people, but I just cannot wait to see how she'll react when she knows she was just a small pawn in Shyam's game, how will she feel when her own ego is trounced and she realizes that she was blaming someone without any reason and she's the one making the wrong decisions and not Arnav and she's truly blindfolded and not nani. Dadi ji, please remember, what goes around comes around.  All that you are attributing to Arnav, nani and Khushi are what you are  internally yourself and you are just projecting it out onto these really lovely people.


For better or worse


Arnav, all alone once again, remembers the hysterical Anjali in the hospital and her request to bring back Shyam.  How can he? Can he ever forget Shyam's words that he is crazy about Khushi, the love of his life and the only obstacle in his path is Anjali? Arnav is helpless, frustrated and in rage throws the flower vase.  Khushi enters his room, sees the broken vase, understands his emotional state and calmly starts picking up the broken pieces, the pieces of his life that need to be put together; Arnav helps her.  When Khushi is about to leave, Arnav holds on to her and requests her to stay back.  When Khushi raises a mild protest, he realizes that she cannot stay and has to go home.


Comments: A beautiful and poignant moment; he really needs her now when he's at his lowest; she's his sunshine girl who gives him hope, her everything, lovingly and is it wrong to steal a few precious moments with her to get some relief from all the burdens he's bearing right now?  She's the only one who truly supports him and he can lean on her completely. 


Never underestimate the power of love and the understanding it creates.  Khushi's heart is touched by the silent appeal in his eyes and she gives him so much hope with just a few words, 'Ek minute ke liye toh baith sakte hain' (I may not be able to stay the night, but I can surely spend a minute with you).  She leans on his shoulder and he holds her closer, each deriving comfort from the other.


When Khushi reaches GH, Buaji and amma enquire about Anjali.  Buaji asks Khushi to get some rest as she must be tired.  Khushi says that after what Di went through, she must be tired of life itself and her own tiredness is nothing compared to Anjali's.  This is Khushi, who always puts others problems before hers, a truly selfless soul.


At GH, Khushi is removing her bangles, looks at her mehendi filled hands and the A written in a heart; it's her heart that's encompassing Arnav in it.  At the same time, in RM, Arnav too looks at his palm and notices the mehendi mark.  They remember the fun filled moments of the mehendi ceremony that just happened a few hours ago and it brings a smile to their faces, followed by tears at the sadness that's covering them like a dark blanket.  After all the misunderstandings, the kidnap fiasco and being at death's door, just when things had settled and they were about to taste a bit of happiness, fate decides to play its hand once again.  Could anyone have predicted that things would change so drastically in a span of a few minutes and happiness would be taken away from them once again?  (arhem, I'm not talking about REDUX predictions here, we all knew this was going to happen, right?)Wink.  


Morning dawns and dadi enters Anjali's room with prasad and makes her eat a little bit of it.  Khushi suggests that the family should get some rest as they'd have been up all night and she'll stay with Di.  Nani hands over the juice glass to Khushi only for it to be taken away by dadi who says she can take care of Anjali.  A dejected Khushi senses dadi's intense dislike of her, is puzzled and hurt by it and leaves the room. 


A tearful Khushi is trying her best to forget dadi's insult and is pretending to re-arrange flowers while trying to gather herself.  She sees Arnav walking in and tries to wipe the tears.  Arnav notices that something is amiss and asks her what happened.  She says it's nothing, tries to smile and gets busy with the flowers.  He walks towards her looks at her face and wipes the last traces of tears.  She says that something must have gone into her eyes... whom is she trying to fool?  He understands that she's been hurt, comes closer and kisses her on the forehead trying to pass on all the comfort that he can.


Comments:  What to say about the love and closeness that's growing day by day between Arnav and Khushi.  They comfort each other, sense what the other is going through and feel things in the deepest core of their hearts, where silence is the only language.  Ahhh, it's all about love and none can describe it; it's only to be felt.Wink


It was a really great episode with all the drama and subtle romance packed in and it was definitely fast paced.  Thanks to the IPK team.Clap


Barun Sobti, hats off for your wonderful expressions and performance in all the emotional scenes.  Swati ji, kudos to you are bringing out the egoistic dadi's character to life.  Sanaya, love your acting as always.ClapClapClap

Are the CVs understanding that viewers are sympathising more and more with Arnav and Khushi and not Anjali?



Thank you for reading my post.  If you wish to write comments or suggestions, please feel free to send me a PM.  Thank you.

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A pampered child of the house is the most vulnerable one. It can't take "no" can't take disappointments can't take failures and it will not see what it will not want to see. A protected child , pampered child of a family always creates happiness gives joy to all the members only when it is happy. Anjali is very very vulnerable I would say. She was the worst affected of the siblings and should have not had any let out whereas Arnav always had a business and office for letting his feelings and forget things and move ahead. He had become practical and bold person keeping his sister in a golden cage where she had lived a beautiful life again till she got into another cage of Shyam Manohar Jha. 

These two men have made this lady absolutely vulnerable and  had put her in such a shoe that she can't see there is something called "Wrongside" of another person. Every person has flip side...A wife should be shrewd enough to judge her husband atleast after 3 years of marriage. But Shyamji never ever allowed that shrewdness to prop up in Anjali. He has justified himself so much with words , actions , smiles, gifts and sorry that Anjali can't look one negative thing from her man. How can she when she has not witnessed one rude action of this man ?? 

Now the child throws tantrums.What can the members of the family do ? After all they have pampered her made her (I would not say weak) they have shown her only beauty love happiness and hopes. Now her demands should be met for all of them to be happy. Its their girl.Their "bitiya" . So now all are got in her clutch and shocked at her demand.

The man of the house had his first shock today to hear his "Di"s demand. From now on she is not going to listen to Arnav. What a magical words Shyam used yesterday...!! Superb...Come.come into the lion's den...but Shyam should remember something he is there only because of Anjali and Anjali's health. No one is going to give him a hug and welcome home. Now he should earn everything.

ASR can never tell anyone what Shyam told him on the fateful night that Anjali is between him and Khushi...From that moment ASR sees Shyam like a dirt .He himself heard Shyam's lust to Khushi and the claim that he had rights over Anjali and unborn child . What can he decide...he will not accept at all ?? The words are strongly written in his heart that Shyam does not love Anjali. He heard it twice.The pressure went overboard on him to vent it on flower vase. What else can he do ?? Whom can he shout now ?? Can he ever go and explain Anjali what he heard and what he saw from Shyam??? That too now...!! That's why we tell "A stitch in time saves nine". It applies to all here ...Khushi , Payal,ASR and GH people for having kept quiet on Shyam's case. 

We got a glimpse why and what's the reason of Daadi's anger .She is relating that second woman (who knows what's true) to Khushi. Men weak hear ted and woman are behind men spoil their minds.But Daadi forgot that a clap needs two hands.If an affair had been there 2 of them have to be blamed. A married man getting into an affair is more than an injustice.Let some more things unravel and we will get to know the things better.

But all my heart went out to Khushi !! Whose dreams are always shattered and thrown to bin.The girl always stays in the receiving end for no fault of hers and had to take things as they come. She has not shown tantrums or played with any people emotions like what Anjali is doing now. She had various situations , had plenty of opportunities also to show her anger and her pleas. Never...the girl fought her own battle...without hurting anyone in fact not letting know some people what she was going through when ASR treated her so inhuman. Bravo!! Doods pointed her "FIGHTER"...Smile Yup she is...!!! 

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Here is the latest edition of This Day That Year. Enjoy...
It is one of the funnier episodes of IPK. Bua and Mami were hilarious. It also had a moment when ASR connected the words "Di" & "Important" with Khushi...




25th August, 2011






Buaji is surprised…

Kaun ho, Nandkishore?


No,no! Nandkishore nahi, Raizada!... Achha! Aap hi hai u Phati Saadi ki Mummy! Khushi ki Mummy!


Aey! Hum Ammi Tummy nahi hain! Hum Bua hain!


Arey! Tum Bua hai toh hum Mami hain!

Thankfully, in the nick of time Khushi arrives…

Introductions are made.


Achha Nandkishore! Tabhi hum sochey ki sasuri ee toh kaunu jevran ka chalta phirta vigyapan hai!


Hello hi bye bye! Sab door se hi! Ee ka kaa hum washing powder ki salesgirls lagat hai?

Khushi to the rescue once again. The guests are invited inside. Mami takes the opportunity to avenge herself…

Hmph! Houjj hi itna ismall hai ki samajh hi mein nahin aawat hai … in hai ki out!

(Tit for tat! Howwzzat?)

Somehow the situation is managed. The guests are persuaded inside. Shyam is watching from the outside wondering what his wife is doing here…

Anjali and Mami are welcomed by the Guptas. Bua wonders if they had come to complain about Khushi and her jalebis. She apologises on Khushi's behalf and informs Anjali that it is a habit with Khushi that she makes jalebis when angry. This triggers Mami once again…

Tab gussa pe control kare ka padi… kah do Anjali, Phatti Sadi se…

Bua is confused…


Phatti? Kaun ka sadi phatti? Kahaan phatti?


Arey! Ee hai Phatti Sadi!

Cheating mein number 1! Pahle phatti sadi, phir khatti mitthai! Aur phir humre hi ghar ke ration use karke jalebi banayi, hello hi bye bye!


Bua is angry…

Bas! Bahut hua Nandkishore! Tumri shikayat patti bahut sun li! Na humri sadi phatti hai! Aur na humri mitthai khatti hai! Aur suno! Hum yahaan tambuk gaadh ke airee gairee mamiyan ki taana sunne ke liye nahin baitthe hain, haan!


Mami couldn't believe her ears!


Bahut hi lambi zubaan hain ee ki! Hum ka laijj bolat rahe?


Bua mistakes laijj (lies)as lihaaz. She sees red and explodes…

Aey! Lihaaz toh tumko nahin hai! Badi aayi! Lihaaz sikhaayegi humein!


Ultan bolat ho, Bua Ji!


Abhi toh suru hua hai, Mami Ji!


Hello hi bye bye!


Hai re Nandkishore!


Khushi and Anjali succeed in controlling the raging mammoths. They subside reluctantly, acceding to the wishes of their respective nieces.

Payal comes and offers Mami refreshments, which sets of Bua once more…

Kaunu zaroorat nahi hai poochhne ki, waise hi humra khoon pee chuki hai, Maharani Ji!

Thank you! Humra taste aap logan se bettar hai!

Before things go out of hand again, Anjali intervenes. She has brought a proposal for Khushi. She says this job is not for AR but for RM. The Guptas are surprised, so is Mami. The latter takes another opportunity to take pot shots at the Guptas. She wonders why Khushi is being offered a job as there are more than enough servants at Raizada House.

Anjali clears herself… she says she wants Khushi to train Lavanya to be a perfect bahu. All are shocked, Mami most of all!

Mami tries to dissuade Anjali…

Anjali! Tumra dimaag ka TV galat channelwa pakad raha hai! Changiya do! Changiya do, nahi toh  bahut hi gadbad huyi! Hum bata hi dein!

Anjali is about to explain herself to her aunt, when Bua, who was already seething from the "servant" comment of Mami Ji, gets up… and very innocently enquires…

 "Train" kahe? Ee Raizada House kaa circus hai, kaunu? Jahaan janaavran ko train karna padi, ain?


Hello hi bye bye! Khoob pakdi hai aap! Arey circus toh hai hi yeh! Lekin Babbar Sher ek hi hai! Humri Saasu Ma! Aur u ka training ki kaunu zaroorat nahi, haan!


Achha Nandkishore! Toh circus ka joker kaun hai? Aap?


Ee raha repeat telecast! Ek baar kahe na hum ki hum Mami hai!!


Hum Bua hain!

The 3 younger girls pull the fighting women apart. Both Mami and Bua lapse into seething silence.

Khushi and Anjali further discuss the proposal. Khushi asks why there is the need for her to train Lavanya when this task can easily be accomplished by Anjali herself. Anjali explains Nani's stance and tries to persuade Khushi.  Seeing Khushi hesitate, Anjali offers to pay her well. Khushi states that she doesn't want to work there where Arnav Singh Raizada is. When Anjali insists Khushi says it is the question of her swabhimaan. Anjali is disappointed and Mami insulted. They turn to leave, but right at the end, Anjali reminds Khushi of the contract Khushi had signed with the AR group.

She gives Khushi the choice of agreeing to train Lavanya or paying AR company Rs. 1 Lakh.

The Guptas are aghast. Mami is jubilant.

The Raizada ladies leave after Anjali gives Khushi 24hrs to think about her offer.


Elsewhere in RM…

A restless Arnav is trying to work on his laptop.

He stops in the middle and sits thinking…  


…when Lavanya approaches him …

She is in a placating mood. She asks him if he is still angry; and promises him that no matter how long it takes, she will win the hearts of everyone in the house.

ASR in his no nonsense manner informs her that she needn't bother about everyone; he is only concerned about his sister's happiness…

Mere liye sirf Di important hai. Agar woh khush hai toh sab ttheek hai. Agar Di khush nahi hai, toh kuch ttheek nahi hai! Main Di ki Khushi ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hoon.

Lavanya is ready to kowtow to his demands. Of course, whatever is important to ASR is important to her too. Poor girl! Doesn't she think even once, what about her? Does ASR think the same about things that are important to her? Perhaps she thought she had a place in his life too. Perhaps, she wished to hear him say so…  She asks him…

Ek baat batao, Di ke alaava tumhare life mein aur koi important nahi hai?

The question lets loose a flood of images …

A girl in danger, trapped amongst rubble, one he had rescued…


A girl looking gorgeous, draped in a red saree… desperately trying to stop herself from shedding helpless tears…


A girl he was trapped with in a store-room, whose dupatta was always flirting with him…

A girl who was always running away from him…


He is brought back to the present by the voice of another girl, a girl he had brought into his house against the wishes of his family, to forget the one intruding his dreams…

Lavanya was  repeating her question…

An expression of determination passes over his face and he firmly utters five words…

Nahi. Aur Koi Nahi Hai.

Thank you for reading and liking yesterday's installment. A big "Thank You" to all my friends who commented...

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Yes once again a brilliant episode. The script, scenes all well layered. There is so much happening in Shantivan and so fast . Till yesterday there were festivities and today there is gloom. Today a brother is fighting for his sister , will the same brother be a lover and fight for his love. I am sure he will he has to .


Today I was reminded of the scene when Dadi comes to RM first time, where she is with Anjali and Arnav with Nani and others in the side. At that time Doods had predicted this future , the support system of the Raizada's . Anjali has started to put her plan in action , by emotionally blackmailing Arnav in bringing back her husband. Arnav and the entire family is shocked except Dadi of course, as they were not expecting Anjali to say this.  Well Sayani DI is going to get her doll Shyam because until he comes back to RM , there is no way his end will be done. It is important for him to be in RM for his truth and his manipulation to come out. For this it is very important to have Khushi in RM besides Arnav as he is going to require all the support and strength.


I loved the way Nani supported Khushi today , she is one lady who has always been with Khushi and believed in her from Day one. What is with Akash and Mami ,why suddenly this change of opinion. Mami has seen and heard the divorce thing from the horse's mouth , will she trust her beloved daughter with this man . As Akash says he has always trusted Bhai for all the decisions but never questioned him , well this time around seems like he is going to oppose his Bhai . So we have 2 sides here , one side Arnav , Khushi, Nani , NK , Payal and the Guptas and the other side Shyam, Dadi , Anjali and for some time Mami and Akash . The battle lines are drawn and its going to be a tough war to win .


We today get a glimpse of Dadi' s anger against Khushi , she considers her the other woman  that's what Shyam has fed in her ears, doesn't it remind us of Arnav during Pyash wedding where even he had heard only Shyam's version and did not question Khushi and took a decision of the contract marriage. It took Arnav 6 months to realize he was wrong , how much time will Dadi take.


In all of this war Anjali is going to be the most hurt and broken, will she be able to pull herself up and be strong.  This is the roller coaster ride of IPKKND which we all were waiting for , I now want Garima's truth to be out but before that the contract marriage truth has to come out , so that the family knows what Arnav has done, especially Dadi needs to know that men are not always correct .


Well very interesting days ahead in IPK land, honestly I am not a kind of person who likes drama , but then this is different. IPK is different, so get ready for a emotional filled ride of IPK .


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Should I, Should I not? 


I'm just posting little bit of my views today. Too tired for anything, plus my star friend just got her knee bruised at practice today!! 

The episode was fantastic. All the first and second pagers have done awesome job picking up one of the pointer and pulling into its depths. 

In defense of Anjali, she sometimes herself doesn't know who she is. the day she figures out herself will be the day she'll sit up to stand strong and that day will be the one when the dream bubble would break apart. 

Arnav and Khushi wouldn't distance themselves unless for a reason, and tis time Arnav will try to let her go for the right reasons but Khushi wouldn't let go for her reasons. Love would be their savior in the end! 

Shyam has started digging a grave for himself. plotting the history with replaced names! brilliant but not so brilliant! Not just khushi and garima will get justice but that 'woh aurat' too because it wasn't her who came begging to the man!! 

The war have began!! 

i'm not much of a complainer minus my personal life, but where the heck is Mama ji? he's been missing since forever and what happened to payal? Broke a leg or tramped her ankle?  

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Originally posted by areeba_blossom

should I, should i not? 

You should!!!

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                               Hello Reduxians 

This is not the kind of episode I like to watch but I guess this is important to the story. It was a distressing episode and  my heart went out to Arnav and Khushi. Arnav was hurt and shocked to see his Di pleading to be with the person he hates. He was hurt to see his Di's undying love for a man who is not worthy of it. But he remained firm in his decision. He only had his Di's best interest in his heart, but his Di is completely oblivious to the danger she is putting herself and her family into. On the other hand, Arnav is unaware that Shyam is sneaking in and out and that slowly part of his family is beginning to doubt his judgement.

He shatters the vase and that very moment Khushi enters the room. She starts picking up the pieces, Arnav joins her and together they gather all the pieces. They sit together on the recliner, side by side and hold on to each other for comfort. Arnav wants her to stay but soon realizes that she can't. Khushi understands and tells him that even though she can't stay the night, she can surely stay for her while. She rests her head on his shoulder.

Dadi's mind was poisoned by Shyam during his visit to the ashram and he clearly told her he was framed by Khushi. A prejudiced dadi automatically jumped to conclusions and associated Khushi with the other woman. So it means when she met Khushi at the Shantivan's doorstep, she knew who Khushi was but she pretended not to know. So the whole drama about her thinking Khushi was a servant was a just that, a drama. She did all of that just to humiliate Khushi.  The thought made me shudder. Now that Dadi and Shyam's alliance is out in the open, dadi has no qualms about openly showing her hatred towards Khushi.  When she comes face to face with Garima, and the past is revealed she will rip their character apart. 

Nani is firm in her beliefs. She trusts Khushi as much she trusts Arnav. Will this trust last when she learns Garima was the (supposedly) other woman? But no matter what happens, she knows Arnav has Anjali's best interest in his heart and trusts and respects his decision. 

Akash and mami have already become sympathetic towards Shyam, which means they never fully believed Khushi and NK's accusations towards Shyam. Not only that, Akash also doubts Arnav's judgments. The wedding may not take place or even if it does, there might be physical or emotional separation between Arnav and Khushi. I doubt poor Payal will be able to walk out and she will be left to face the brunt. How will Payal handle all this?

I was not surprised to see Anjali's behavior as I was expecting it. Now that she has finally expressed her desire to be with Shyam, she will manipulate the family in every way to get what she wants and the family will fall for it. They went be left with a choice. It has become nearly impossible for me to sympathise with a woman who can use her ill-health and her family's love and concern to get what she wants. 

Khushi is silently putting up will dadi coldness. She has always looked out for this family and considered them as her own. But she is being treated like an outcast by dadi, not allowing her to do things for Anjali and it put her to tears. She is unaware of the hate dadi harbours towards her. Arnav sees the sadness on her face and the tears in her face and questions her. She diverts it by saying Di is still refusing take food and drink. He wipes her tears and kisses her forehead to show his support, understanding and love.

Arnav and Khushi have become each other's support system and they are seeking comfort in each other. When the past comes out, who will they confide into? Khushi has always been emotionally stronger among the two and now she becomes Arnav's shadow. Wherever Arnav goes, she is follows him around. Wherever Arnav goes, he always wants her to be around. How will he cut off his shadow from him? How will he survive without the one person he needs to be around him all time? How will she feel when Arnav wouldn't want her around? How will she feel when the one person who showers her with his love, will not kiss her and wipe her tears?

Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani were once again brilliant in their understated portrayal of pain, hurt, love and understanding. ClapClapClap



 pics credit : sarun_deewani

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Inception - Is it referring to the thought that Shyam has placed in Dadi & Anji's mind?

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