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IP REDUX : Inception !! (Page 2)

Chaituv IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
                                           Huma's post

Wow Tants...very appropriate title and quotes, especially the last two quotes

I wonder if somewhere deep down, the Raizadas are aware that Anjali has been manipulating them behind her smiling face and sweet talk for years..
I feel sad for Arnav...he knows his di is setting herself up to get hurt but can't do anything about it because of her emotional blackmail
Just loved everything about today's episode. My only complaint is that I found mami ji and Aakash to be a bit out of character for agreeing to bring back Shaym so soon...
Random points:
Where did all the RM decoarations go? Is the PH spending money on new decorations for haldi/sangeet or is everything going to blow up this day? Considering their budjet, I think the second option is more likely.
If Payal and Aakash are to have a rift over Shaym being back in the house, please CVs do not make Aakash a jerk again.
Today is the first day after their marriage contract has officially ended. I don't see how Garima can avoid visiting Anjali. Are we finally going to see the contract truth or Garima's truth coming out.
Please SP, give us a promo this weekend! Show promote na karnay ki bhi had hoti hai :|
Why is the bride to be back in her blue suit that she has worn at least 10 times already.

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abavi IF-Dazzler

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Anjarai Petti

This edition is dedicated to Doods who told us long time back that Anjali bitya will ask Arnav for Shyam toy to play with. Girl, you are a genius!

Anjali throws a perfect tantrum to get her toy back that makes her dadima proud. But Arnav bitwa is not impressed with her dialogues and again cross checks with her if she has told the correct dialogue... Anjali is firm- she wants Shyam doll to play with.
mindvoice: nemba kastam!
Anjali suspects that her tantrums are not working so tries to faint but Arnav bitwa decides that it is time for his kid -elder sis to go to bed and makes her rest, Dadi wants Arnav to get Anjali her toy, but Arnav tells her firmly that his sister is out of mind right now and he cant get that gatiya jutiya toy inside RM again.
mindvoice: When tantrums dont work, fall and roll on the floor crying! good tactic.. but does'nt work with Arnav Pappa (Sarcasm Intented!)
Kushi enters Arnav's room and catches him playing his fav game- breaking vases... She picks up the broken peices with perfect silent treatment- Arnav helps her. He asks her if she wants to tell him something- she says that she wants to get back home but Arnav asks her to stay back. mindvoice: matjao...I was reminded of Airport scenes. But but.. Isnt this the first time Arnie boy showed that he too needs a shoulder to cry or lay his head on for sometime? YES!
Finally she sits with him for sometime before she leaves. They both think of the good times they had earlier in the evening
mindvoice:or was it the day before? I lost track of time.

The next day dadi comes inside Anjali's room to find she is already late and people are already tending to her. She doesnt like kushi near Anjali and Kushi leaves the room dejected.
mindvoice:What happened to Kushi's mehendi? 

Arnav finds Kushi with some bouquets and instantly finds she is disturbed. He asks her, but she brushes it off. He lets her know that he is there  with her with a simple jesture...
mindvoice: Lovesu lovesu. Did the flowers hold any significance? has anyone counted how many kisses have been placed on that forehead so far? any idea? why this repetition? Hint hintWink

Dadi finally admits to Nani that she is reminded of the other woman when she sees Kushi... A small FB to let us know that Dadi confronted that  other woman. And Dadi also says Kushi's eyes reminds her of the other woman
Mindvoice:Now I know.. like father like son.. both like beautiful eyes ... they fell for the dove eyes...

Anjali is being pampered by the family and throws a tantrum again. Since everyone fail to convince her to eat, the nurse put them all out. They all come and tell Arnav that she hasnt eaten anything.. Arnav decides to complete the mission impossible himself and feed his baby sister..
mindvoice: What yaar... How much can a man do by himself- right from minting money for the madhouse - to feeding his sister- to taking care of her tantrums... One thing for sure... When Arnav and Kushi get their baby, Kushi need not worry at all, Arnav knows how to take care of troublesome kids... he can manage anything! Lucky kushi- your hubby is a readymade Pappa at heart!

now when Arnav tells them that he will feed his sister, Eachone ants to do something.. Dadi once again wants to do what Kushi chose, and kushi is again left out. Arnav looks at a upset kushi
Mindvoice:Kushi shout foul! Both Dadi and Pota are alike na.. Pota robbed it from Nk (remember Copycat Nannav) - Now dadi robbed the job from Kushi... but it is not worth it so leave it... if dadi wants to do let her do... you spend your time in other useful things!

Some questions
-Will Arnav know the truth about his father around Ganesh Chadhurthi?
-Where is Payalia? Both mom and son are affected by a rare disease, when their spouse go missing they react as if their spouse didnt exist in the first placeD'oh

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Jhalak29 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
ResBig smile

Edited: after lot of flickering, n trying  par batti aaj jali hi nahi
Sorry frnds,,, my focus isnt being perfect so,,,am not writingSmile

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mars80 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
mat jao...haaye!! Arrite thats dead...waiting for all the updates...just bookmarking ladies, just bookmarking :-)
P.S. I have watched this scene eight times to be exact so far n every time he says it, mere dil mein kuch kuch hota hai n i feel sooo much for him...i absolutely luvd how khushi cheered him up by saying aik min saath toh baith sakte hain afterwards...haaye mera dil :-)

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tanthya IF-Addictz

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THIS is not going to be an epi analysis as I have not watched the epi nor do I intend to, sorry folks, this is just a take on things as I see them.

Redux and Technical Aspects

Watching the Ganesh Murti in the hospital scene, I realized exactly why it was placed and it surprised me...pleasantly.

I said a silent thanks to Redux specifically Sathya and Doodz.

I know myself, If it wasn't for Redux I would have thought the following:

Awww, Isn't the Ganesh Murti so adorable.

Why do they have Ganesh Murty all of a sudden, in this show it has invariably been DM, Shiva Parvati right?

Cynics would say, well that was the only murti available, rest were rented out. Or that a daily soap does not have so much time or the intelligence to go so deep.

Well, I do see the point in that argument. Then I wonder, this is their profession isn't it ?

Such a crucial scene you would expect some sort of extra effort from the IPK Team to make that scene extra special.

Fact is Redux has made me appreciate the talents and efforts of the unseen people who do their bit in making an episode and this show.

Redux and Story

I once asked Doodz and Sathya, what if they show Anjail knew all along Shyam was guilty wouldn't that be an interesting twist in the story?

They both explained, it would not fit in with the framework of the story.

It is not about predicting something or decoding, it is about understanding the framework and once you do, rest of the things become easier.

I did not understand fully then and so left it at that.

Now as I pay more attention to what is being shown and what is being implied I realize the whole IPK story has a fixed framework where the characters act and react. Let me try and explain what I have understood this framework to be:

Shyam Manohar Jha

Why is Shyam acting this way?

He is pure psycho after money...*yawn*, cliche and IPK team never takes that route*


He is doing this to prove to his Chemistry, Physics, Mechanical and other professors who failed him in School ; wants to meet and tell them, See so what you failed me, I finally succeeded practically and FINALLY...*Seriously?*


He is doing this cos the Malliks have harmed his family somehow specifically his sister and wants revenge...*Interesting, isn't?*

Why Shyam's sister?

Isn't one of the underlying theme of the show about Sibling bonding?

Mama-Arnav's Mom

So in this scenario, why not Shyam and Shyam's Sister?

Fits in the framework right?

Arnav married Khushi for his Di (Ignore that he did it just because he was too damn possessive of her)

Shyam married Anjali (as he wanted to take revenge for his Sister)

Was Mr. Mallik Guilty of having an affair with another lady?

I hope so.

Let us explore this a bit.

Ever wondered what is the one common thing the three most important men in Anjali's life have in common?

Her Dad, Brother and Husband have fallen in love with someone while being in a committed relationship.


Nani & Dadi are childhood friends from two respectable families. Their kids are of marriageable age. It is decided by the elders that their kids will get married.

Mallik Sr. gets married to Arnav's mom. He did not love her, he did not dislike or hate her either.

Now Arnav's mom enters a household which is dominated by her hubby and maybe her  inlaws with a devar who is not very principled.

In this environment, she lives bound by the rules, not voicing her opinions cos they are never sought after.

Life continues, on the face of it, she is supposed to be happy and she
is when her kids are born. She busies herself in them.

Or she is just like Anjali suffocating the heck out of Mr. Mallik, pick either option.

Malik Sr. must have always crossed the boundaries. With a Mom who believes Men are always right, you can see how she would have turned a blind eye to his deeds, be it women, abuse of power, some or all of the above.

In the meantime Mallik Sr. runs into Shyam's sister who is principled but also a firebrand.

She does not obey him, fights him whatever...And for the first time Mallik Sr. falls for a
girl. You can call it love or lust or bit of both (if that is possible)..

Now in this equation think how ASR and Khushi met and also the way Shyam and
Khushi met.

ASR and Shyam both committed in a relationship but never truly in love with their partners namely Lavanya and Anjali, fall for Khushi for different reasons.

Arnav Singh Raizada, a Mallik on the outside and a Raizada at heart, who chose to live as Raizada, never crossed any boundaries with Khushi though he stepped on them quite a few times.

Now Shyam who let us assume married Anjali for revenge feels trapped in the marriage meets Khushi.

Could he have engineered the whole meeting or was it coincidence?

He meets Khushi a young girl who has been wronged by a Mallik just like his own sister, feels sympathetic and then gets to know her and falls in love with her.

Iss Pyaar ko kya naam doon

The three most important men in Anjali's life, experience love in its various shades -
lust, pure & unconditional, obsessive.

Based on the above premise,  it is not entirely impossible that the characters in this show somehow have something common yet have characteristics that sets them apart based on which it is easier to predict or define how they will react. Is it?


If Shyam's sister is the sutradhaar in the kahaani, being at the background and carrying  out her mission through Shyam, why can't we have one for the Raizadas?

Can it be Dadi?

Can it be Arnav himself?

As he finally pieces together that there is more to the kahaani that he and Khushi have
been led to believe and supports Khushi or leads the fight in clearing Garima's name.

Will he also be the Sutradhaar who fools Shyam into thinking he is too preoccupied with Khushi and their past and leads Shyam into lull as he sends his trusted lieutenant Akash to Di so Akash can guide Anjali in learning the whole truth about Shyam?

IPK Team right now as always is the best time to decide and act if you want to scale
new heights or plunge into lower depths.

This is also the time I am taking a break from the show for 2 weeks and see where the show is headed and decide if I want to continue watching it.

I was a bit disappointed with Khushi's dialogue and Akash's lack of it as I see both their
characters having a defining roles to play in the days ahead. Yet no effort seems to have  been taken in strengthening or reiterating the same.

Last week we were reminded that Akash is the second son of the family and Khushi is
Arnav's strength.

Yesterday aka the track change day, we are back to square 1.


Let me conclude with Fact as I know it (Please do feel free to correct me)

Arnav-Khushi Rain Hug
Diwali Kiss
Holi confession
Arnav and Khushi trying to bring together Payash
Temple Engagement
Arnav finding out about Khushi's engagement

Some classic Arnav-Khushi moments WERE DIRECTED BY ARSHAD KHAN.

Arshad khan was the AD Of Lalit Mohan.?????

Okay I admit I have no clue about that, even if the above is true, this is akin to the following:

Someone asks you, what your qualification is?
You say, MBA
That person replies, No, You were in 12th.

Get it?

Just because someone may or may-not have been an AD to a director, does not mean
when that person becomes Director, you remember the AD part and ignore the D part.

Arshad Khan independently has directed 3 shows that I am aware of:

Love Nay Mila Di Jodi (I have watched it)
Rang Badalti Odhani
Dil Mil Gaye (Heard but never watched the two)

So I humbly request all those who want LM back, please want him for the scenes he
directed and not for scenes Arshad directed as that guy is still here...Directing the show.

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droopy_asleep Goldie

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
Episode Analysis for Today:

When i saw the title today; the first thought that came to mind was the beginning! The beginnings of war in the Raizada household. The first inklings of the war between the siblings the Mahabharat...
The divides are becoming clearer...Shyam's game plan is falling into place.
  • Anjali again, is back to being the 12 year old, I talked about yesterday. Having her way, by hook or crook now. She was always stubborn and got what she wanted..but now she just knows how to get it. She has appealed to all 3 brothers...Arnav the most and has bit a raw nerve. Arnav keeps thinking about her - all her losses and finally to Shyam...the fact that he knows that Shyam never loved his sister is killing him...whats killing him even more is the fact that he loves Khushi...and yes I say loves..because I dont believe anybody can stop loving Khushi; she is such a person that you just "need" her; much like Anjali believes she "needs" Shyam...Hume unki bahut zaroorat hai she says. Doods always alludes to movies in her analysis...this Anjali reminded me of the Sridevi in Jaanbaaz when she became so addicted to the drugs...again given to her by the villain that she is drawn to it...much like Anjali is drawn to the drug called Shyam.
  • The focus slowly has started shifting back to the leads...which is good...cause it had to happen. I loved the scene where Khushi comes to Arnav...and he asks her to stay. My interpretation of the broken vase, is that its Arnav's broken household that Khushi will start to mend...assisted by Arnav. I dont think it was alluding to their own relationship.
  • The less said about Dadi the all seems to be a gross misunderstanding and I dont think Garima is the other woman. In fact, I think she was wronged by the Malik's herself and Dadi is just choosing to ignore that.
  • Loved Arnav's concern for Khushi...and it does look like she will appeal to him for Di. Shyam will enter the house for sure...I just hope there is no requesting from Arnav's side..more of an unsaid OK from him...that he better watch what he is doing...cause he will be monitored like a hawk.

Random Thought:

Everyone has been wondering where Payal is...I wonder if they will show Payal being pregnant...there were 2 things that made me think that this might be the case pretty soon...the Janmashtami scene where Nani asks for a grandchild and the SR discussion between the 2 sisters...where its obvious she has had wont it be interesting that the daughter of the house just lost her baby and the DIL maybe is going to have one? Wont it give Khushi another reason to stay in the house to take care of Payal especially because Shyam will be back? Added protection if you will?

That was a totally random thought...but wanted to get it out of my system...thanks for the feedback and the Likes...:)

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chowna Goldie

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
<div align="center"><font size="4">Eps 336

here is the uncut of
Arnav and Khushi moments

Will upload images later in the day too many
till then enjoy the uncut

Do give likes and comments


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Sanayam Senior Member

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Today's episode brought tears into my eyes. Such was the brilliance of direction and story telling, such was the depth of feelings emoted by the protagonists. Every face, each shed and unshed tear told it's own story. Who is right? Who is wrong? It doesn't matter. What matters is the sincerity of their souls, there genuine concern for a member of their family who has suffered such terrible losses. Each and every family member is trying to help her overcome this grief, this terrible setback that life has yet again dealt her. It is moving to see them in their effort. To the best of their knowledge and ability try to make sense of this senseless tragedy.

However righteous their effort might be pain has blinded them to some glaring facts. Anjali's pain is obvious. She doesn't hide it. Infect she is flaunting it right now at the behest of her husband. She is in a emotional state unable to decide for herself. In this barren desert of pain and suffering, the only oasis visible to her is the love of her husband. She cannot fathom it is a mirage she is running after. Making herself and her entire family suffer. Her family in turn Are so occupied by her tantrums and hysterics that they are losing their faith in their leader and protector. All except naniji.

The soft hearted naniji is made of sterner stuff. She has always been shown to possess a wisdom and far sightedness that is lacking in other family members. It was naniji who had first planted Khushis name in Anjalis mind when she had been looking for a solution to Lavanyas problem. Anjali had no clue she was manipulated. Even the viewer's had no clue till she admitted to it in her monologue. Her character Judgement was accurate then and is accurate now. She can understand things the way they are and doesn't cower from defending her views. She was quick to defend Khushi when dadiji pointed a finger at her. You deserve our total respect naniji.

I donot want to talk much about dadiji today simply because she doesn't deserve any mention. I understand her mind has been poisoned by SMJ against Khushi. She came to RM with preconceived notions about her. However, she has not once tried to give her the benefit of doubt. Not when Arnav obviously thinks so highly of her, not when Anjali is quick to defend her and not when naniji tries to explain to her. Has she seen Khushi do anything other than good for the family? Has she seen her do. Any bad towards Anjali? No. Yet she refuses to give her an inch. Bringing tears to the eyes of the poor bachchi.

Akash proved today why he is not the leader of the pack. The only time he decided to think for himself he made the wrong decision. As such he should defer all judgement calls to Arnav and stop trying to exercise his brain. Its just futile.

Mamiji has always been shallow as a person. It's not surprising she cannot see beyond the obvious.


How small are words and how large their love! One begins where the other ends. Such is their bond now. Their souls have merged even though their bodies stand apart.
In a fit of rage and frustration Arnav throws the vase. Right then Khushi enters to see him angry ,frustrated and broken. He was dealt the biggest blow of all today. His di for whom he has sacrificed everything is asking to be joined to her destroyer. She does not trust him to do what is right for her. She hasnt come so far as to accusing him of desoying her happiness but isn't that implied? How great is the loss of this man? He almost lost everything for the sake of this woman. He almost destroyed the life of another woman for her sake. Inspite of these sacrifices he stands alone while his family judges him, while his di judges him.

There he sat shattered like the vase he just threw. His wife, fianc, soulmate comes in to see him like this. He didn't want her to see him in this state just because he knows it will hurt her too. SHe looks at him though. Sees the pain in his eyes . A pain mirrored in her eyes. She doesnt say anything. She quietly bends down to pick up the glass pieces. He is just amazed at this woman's forbearance and silent support, ashamed of causing any more grief to her. He knows he has to step up to her, so he bends down to help her pick up the broken pieces of their life. ( Oh this whole scene was emoted so well. I just died when he stooped down to pick up the broken pieces. Ok I'm still dead. Wait let me recover.)

Big sigh

She has come to let him know she is going home. He needs her at this crucial juncture. He doesn't want her to go and the words are just torn ot of him. Khushi looks on with helplessness and pain. She can't stay. He knows that too and relieves her of this guilt. She knows how hard it is for him and appreciates his understanding. Cheers him up by saying she can stay a bit longer. They savor this borrowed time with each other, relieving each others pain.

Next day when dadi makes Khushi cry Arnav can sense something is wrong. Khushi is shown decorating a vase.( vase broken, vase decorated. Tants doods, what do we decode?). When asked she denies anything is wrong. Tears staining her cheeks she looks up with a smile. She forgot she cannot lie to Arnav. He wipes away a tear and she makes an excuse. He doesn't pry just kisses her forehead. Words were never necessary between these two. Their silent communication is like poetry.

They are slowly getting isolated from their family. Nani is the only champion for their cause. Cocooned in each others heart they are facing this difficult journey. May God ( read Gul LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL) show them the right way.

Loved loved loved the episode. IPK is a glorious serial and today I am proud to be a part of it.


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