Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP REDUX : Inception !!

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In human intercourse the tragedy begins, not when there is misunderstanding about words, but when silence is not understood.
                                                             Henry David Thoreau

"And pity--people who inspire it in you are actually very powerful people. To get someone else to take care of you, to feel sorry for you--that takes a lot of strength, smarts, manipulation. Very powerful people."
                                                              Deb Caletti, The Secret Life of Prince Charming

"I might be manipulating you to create risk for myself."
                                                                    Sharon Stone, Basic Instinct 2

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Finally Arnie boy got rid of his water filled balloon pajamas (AKA jodhpuris) and Khushi bitya is back to her modest self in her Shalwar suit...phew...what a painful journey for my eyes to see blooming Arnie (only on the thighs and ofcourse the can I forget the long tresses) and tornado faced khushi (obviously the tornado took quite a few parts of her clothes)...

Anyways coming to IPK episode...

Di is on mission AA Bail mujhe maar...or I like to cut me own feet with an axe(apne paon per kulhari maarnaWink) as the glass shards have been taken out be doctors and the wounds healed by vampire blood there are none now...and Di being sadistic wants some pain...apart from the one she is already facingTongue...

Anyways keeping the tradition alive and holding on to her title of Interrupter no. 1 ..Anjali Di walks in chotte's room to interrupt hubby wifey conversation to put forth her demands of I WANT SHYAM...and ironically when countered by Arnav she says...hum ne hamesha aap ki baat maani hai...ab aap hamari baat suniye...what the???? Darling hook or by crook, by smiles or by tears...its always your judgement and happiness that has ruled others and bent them according to your will...yahan bhi delusion that you do others bidding D'ohor maybe Anjali Di IS sabse sayani!!!!!

Anyways...flummoxing all surrounding her by her sudden demands she faints but sparks a debate among family members about the righteousness of her demand...finally Akash who has always been Jee bhai...voices his difference of opinion with BHAI this I would like to salute Sats...who pointed out in IP Redux; Conduit of love:

"Did U notice ?? did You...If not ..lemme elaborate ... Nani, Maami , Khushi on one side ..with Arnav on their side   BUT who was with Anjali & Shyam >>>>> Akash ...while Payal is kept equidistant as the impartial judge who can see both sides ...I am going to love  this when it gets played out "

And yes here we see Akash siding with Anjali...oh man!!! poor Arnav is going to be cornered...!!!Ouch

Why do I feel that after witnessing everyone's reaction..Khushi might fell guilty , side with Anjali and support the decision!!! Confused HOPE NOT!!!

Two scenes caught my where

Arnav through the vase and it shattered while Khsuhi entered the room...

Wooo...what a way to everything shattered in the Maliks life when Khushi entered then 14 years back and 14 years after...there was anger, hurt, tears and all was in shreds and tatters...then no one did it but now khushi starts to pick up the pieces to clean up the mess and when she is doing that Arnav comes out of his grief wipes his tears and comes and helps her...once again re-iterating how Khushi and Arnav will together clean up the mess and muck of the past...dood's scattered channa's anyone????Embarrassed

Second where...

Poor Khushi ...she stands trapped , sandwiched between Shyam Manohar Jha and Dadi...Ouch

Anyways moving on to dadi and nani conversation where the topic of discussion somehow reaches to WOH AURAT and dadi finally voices out what she has against Khushi and that is that she is now the WOH AURAT who will spoil Anjali's house and whom Arnav is listening to hence going against Shyam and Anjali...Dadi has clear cut pointed out that she holds Khushi responsible for all the misunderstandings and that she hates woh aurat vehemently and obviously that means she hates Khushi...Stern Smile

We can see in the FB that Dadi is talking to none other than what happened then that made her Misunderstand Garima...and what made Garima stay silent and not clarify that she is not the other woman...because clearly there is another woman in the story that we saw in Arnav's flashback the other day ... Interesting times ahead in IPK...where all the past is unraveling together...!!Thumbs Up

There will be a point when Garima will be accused again and out then will come the trump card where Dadi will find out that she was accusing the wrong woman all together for so many years...lets wait and watch how it is going to unfold...

In today's episode we got to witness the extreme understanding that Khushi and Arnav share now...she can easily gauge his moods and wants...he felt lonely and sad and thus she stayed back for a few minutes to calm him and reassure him of her support...he can easily guess from her tears  what problems she is facing...the man who was confused and flummoxed by a Khushi who acted all smiles and happy after being accused of breaking his sister's house by him and could not get his head around the same has now clearly understood...what mitti is khushi made of...he for one second did not buy her lie today and realized what pain she is hiding behind the fake simply reassured her of his love by giving her a peck on the forehead...

I am very worried about the disappearance of the members of Raizada family...recently it has been discovered that Mama jee is taking a sanyaas somewhere...which he probably opted for becoz they offered him a wig with lots of hair and that too long Payal has been Missing in dialog by Akash can cover her absence as since 2 episodes only 1 -2 hrs have passed...he can say she is in the restroom...sleeping, in the kitchen...slipped...gardening...anything would do...but please give a reason for her absence...Tongue

An important question...Dear the will still under the cot or has shyam ji taken it along with the glass pieces and the blood stains which anjali had left on the floor????

Last but not the least the title INCEPTION...

Mind blowing as usual...what a 2 fold title satsClap in the commencement...the beginning.... of the unfolding of the past...the chain of events which triggered all that happened and that will trigger all that will happen...

Also inception..the movie...the planting an idea in someone's the movie it was through dreams in the sub-conscious it is through manipulation...and that too done so beautifully that the other person who is in the conscious state does not realize that they have been played...and they start talking what the manipulator wants...we have a current example of Anjali and Shyam...and I have a strong feeling that Dadi was also manipulated by either chacha ji or the actual other woman...which got Garima stigmatized.Embarrassed

Now if you all think that Payal is in the restroom..please press 'LIKE'Tongue 

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History is repeating itself... Is It??

According to dadi 14 years back that Other Women was the reason for the destruction of her family. Arnav is doing the same thing that his dad did long back. Everyone blamed her Son but not that women who was the cause and now for her the same thing is happening where she can see Arnav in her Son's place and Khushi in who aurat ki place. She can see the same shade that dadi saw in that women's eyes and the reason behind spoiling Arnav dad's life. For her that lady cannot lead a happy life and cannot be forgiven by any chance and she has to pay for her mistake if not today then tomorrow. Be it Khushi or that aurat.

So Shyam would have already described Khushi as characterless and money minded person who can do anything for money and she was behind him and spoiled his and Anjali's marriage life and Arnav's as well. So now Garima is the one according to dadi who came into Arnav dad's life even knowing he is a married man and had an affair. So for her both of them are similar and hence the hatred.

What can we call this?? Fate?? Dadi hates that women and now Khushi and Arnav hates his dad and also the other women whom he helds responsible for his mother's death and their tragic life.
In all this chaos I could see how Arnav and Khushi are seeking support in each other. A man who did not allow anyone when he was in tears or anger today calmed down and made her sit and asked what did she come to tell him. When on knowing that she is leaving him he said Mat Jao. His heart is bleeding in pain and agony so many things have happened, his di and almost entire family is in support of getting Shyam back and the situation is waiting for him to take control of'

From a tender age he is running, carrying the pain of his past hidden in his heart to build a new future for his sister which is broken now. At this juncture he seeks Khushi's support and love. And there she is who doesn't leave him alone without questions silently understood that he should be left alone but when hears the he needs her lends her love and takes silently assures him she is there by taking shelter in his arms. That is the beauty of love. Separated yet both are missing each other and remembers their moments that happy moments that they had couple of hours back. Can they get it back??

"And when I came in with tears in my eyes, you always knew whether I needed you to hold me or just let me be. I don't know how you knew, but you did, and you made it easier for me." ' Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

This quote holds good for both the situation today Arnav and Khushi had. Well lest put it in terms of their relationship. When he saw her crying did he go into the reason for those tears instead just took her is his hands and just placed a warm kiss in her forehead that he knows and she knows will soothe any pain. And in turn she hides all those pain in her smile just not to make him worse in this situation and ask him to check on his Di.
"Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind.
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.
Nor hath Love's mind of any judgment taste
Wings and no eyes figure unheedy haste."

-A Midsummer Night's Dream, William Shakespeare

If for some love is beautiful, others they just get blind in love that deep that they just see the outside beauty and fail to recognize the real person whom they love and Anjali is in same position she is making her situation more difficult by acting as per Shyam's wish and not able to get the clues she got from that person who never loved her. So love can be manipulated that much that a fake concern can also give the same warmth that the real one makes a person feel? I really pity Anjali when her eyes open one day and can see the real Shyam that day her world will fall even deeper and dangerous. She is lying to her brother, to the entire family that cares for her like anyone. She is not considering the worth of real love she is getting but running behind that love which is never her's or rather was not there. Time only will make her understand what sacrifices have been made by people around her just for her happiness and that day this real love will be the strength to destroy the fake one completely.

It was one excellent episode that had good drama and romance. I will give the praise to the IPKKND team.ClapStar

For all my friends in redux thank you so much for giving your support and likes for all my posts and discussions. East or West Redux is the best.Hug

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The following Post is from our beloved Sunshine99 aka KoelEmbarrassed


Full Circle...

Pic Credit: Chowna

Few months ago Arnav Singh Raiada was challenged by Shyam that he loves Khushi and nothing would stop him from having her in his life... the only obstruction in the path was Arnav's beloved Di... The brother rose to the  occasion and married Khushi and in a neat stroke made himself a formidable hurdle for Shyam to reach his desires... he later unceremoniously threw out Shyam from the luxury and riches of Shantivan..

Pic Credit: Vidya _luv SaRun

Today Shyam is paying back Arnav Singh Raizada in his own coin..he has put himself  as the barrier to Arnav and Khushi's remarriage using Chotte's beloved Di...

6 months back... Shyam did not know the level of dedication that Anjali's brother had for her.. and today Arnav is still unable to fathom the hold Shyam has over his wife Anjali..

Arnav had deceived his sister about the truth of the  marital relationship he shared with Khushi and Anjali to is walking on a similar path.. She has kept hidden interactions with Shyam from her brother...

We are  entering the zone of serious kitchen politics.. which not so long ago was spoofed in the show by Mami and Payal... as the  to be bride and groom reminiscences about their day of joy was shattered in the blink of an eye...the  dried henna on their hands a gentle reminder of those precious moments of love which has taken a back seat... 

Pic Credit: Vidya _luv SaRun

A gentle reminder that the love story has indeed moved on to add social drama to its chronicles...of the sasumas being miffed with their phati saree, khoon bahri tang and a replica of Woh Aurat...of a doting sister with the dimming sorrow of motherhood who is painstakingly building the distance from his brother.. and the rest of the family members who are now mostly seen standing together...echoing hum saath saath hain...with mini resentments simmering under the surface for bhai's authoritarian note...and a fearful Amma worried about turning her daughter's wedding into jeopardy...

A love story with dreams of becoming extraordinaire sweetly treads to become one among the many family story...Embarrassed

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He felt now that he was not simply close to her, but that he did not know where he ended and she began.  ~Leo Tolstoy



What is it? Can we ever define it? The love of a mother. The love of a friend. The love for your soulmate. Is it to say sweet words? Give gifts? Make promises? What is love? I believe love is when you want to make someone happy and get a smile on their faces.

To quote Anjali:

"Such decisions can only be taken by the heart, not the mind. Love happens in the heart. It doesn't happen through planning, calculations, arrogance and ego. Love just happens. When you see her, your gaze will refuse to leave her. When she's sad, nothing would seem right. The thought of going away from her would make you restless... 

One day, you will experience this. One day, you will enjoy "wasting time" on this. Because one day, that girl will come. For whom you will forget everything.

 Because if you go away from her, you will stop breathing."

Anjali had wished for this with all her heart and today her wish came true. Her wish for someone to be there for Arnav through thick and thin came true. Anjali's one true, pure, selfless and unconditional wish and dream came true. The irony is that she's the one who's on the verge of destroying the one thing she wanted with all her goodness and love.

Today, two words made me cry and compelled me to write today, because I wasn't going to.

"Maat jao."

The honest, childlike plea touched my heart. I often heard child say that to their mothers. My heart shed tears for him. 

How far has love brought them. How far. There was a time when he couldn't bear to be in the same room as her. Because it pained him to think that she didn't love him. I have always believed that he married her because he couldn't bear to be apart from her. It was in her Arnav's nature to make Khushi go through the same situation as him. He did it in the initial episodes. He couldn't sleep because he was plagued by thoughts of her. So he made her stay the whole night up along with him doing work. The same thing was at work here as well. He was hurting because he couldn't have the one he loved, and so neither would she. 

Now, it takes her mere presence to calm him down. She is fast becoming the only thing he is relying on. Anjali is a habit, but Khushi is a need. And habits can be changed or broken. But a need is constant. Waking up with the sun and enjoying its beauty is an habit, but oxygen is a need without which we would die.

That is the case of Anjali and Khushi in Arnav's life.

An interesting and crucial point I've noticed.  Amongst the flashbacks he remembers Shyam's confession and not the hug.

Wanna know why the hug was stamped onto his brain and the overwhelming pain of Khushi asking Shyam to leave Anjali? Because it made it seem as though Khushi was never going to be his and that she never was. It made it seem as though what they had was nothing at all. It meant that he was all alone and he meant nothing to Khushi at all.

Arnav was always volatile. Anjali and his mother always brought out the bad in him. But it is always Khushi that tipped him over the edge. I say this because he screamed because of his mother and sister. But he fell to the ground and shed tears for Khushi.

And Anjali and his mother bring out the good in him. But Khushi brings out the best. She can make him do virtually anything. But she has learned to accept his decisions because she trusts him.

Khushi unshakable trust in him is his only strength at this point. His flashbacks are of Anjali losing her child, Anjali asking for Shyam, Dadi supporting Anjali and Shyam and finally of Shyam's confession.

But it is Shyam's confession of his desire for Khushi that tips him over the edge.

In that flashback, Shyam had declared Khushi meant the world to him and Anjali nothing. Now he cannot bear the thought of Khushi being thought of in that way and he cannot bear the fact the his "Di" and Dadi want the man back who maligned Khushi. And it his helplessness, he throws the vase with the plant in it.

When Khushi comes in and picks up the pieces, he closes his eyes as though saying "Why?"

Why was it happening to them? To Di? To him? To Khushi?

Arnav is not sidelining Khushi. Khushi is fast becoming the only thing reliable and permanent in his life. She is the Shore the Ocean will always return to. The ocean is always volatile and unpredictable. It can destroy everything near it. Even its shore. But that doesn't change the fact that the shore always recovers and welcomes the ocean back with open arms.

Khushi has done something no one else has. She is one person who gives him strength. No one else has done that. He tells her his needs, his fears, his worries, every single damn thing.

Shyam has made a huge miscalculation. He wants to separate Arnav and Khushi. To do that, he needs to return to Shantivan. But in his quest to return, he is pushing Arnav and Khushi closer and to the point where they cannot be without the other. Arnav and Khushi's relationship strives on strife and turmoil because it grows stronger after every hurdle.

They are tuning into each other more and more and soon that will be unbreakable. No matter what happens in the future, even if they have to fight against it, that bind will always be there. They cannot hide anything from each other and will always return to their home because the home is where the heart is. And their heart is with each other.

I will not touch the other aspects of the episode because:
1. I want today's post to be about Arnav.
2. I don't have time.
3. I'm sleepy.

But I will say this, Anjali's wish will come true. Because when Arnav, Anjali, Payal and Khushi saw that shooting star, she is the only one who didn't wish for something for herself. She wanted something for her brother and she wished for it with a pure and selfless heart. And God will definitely grant her her wish.

"May Chotte be always happy. May someone come into his life who can end his pain forever..."


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Prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future and renders the present inaccessible. - Maya Angelou
Another amazing episode today. Well balanced, well layered, well scripted; it was almost perfect. Kudos to CVs for delivering rocking episodes this week. Lets see what dhamaka happens tomorrow considering this is the first day after ArHi's contract marriage has officially ended.
Arnav-Naani versus Anjali-Daadi
Remember the ending shot of the episode in which Daadi entered. Arnav stood supporting Naani while Daadi stood across from them supporting Anjali and the rest of the family was standing on a side looking at these two pairs. Doods interpreted this to be the future. Today, we can clearly see the battle lines being drawn. Anjali has had daadi's support since day one. Consider the reactions of everyone today after Anjali dropped her bombshell. Maami and Aakash seem to be melting towards the idea of bringing Shaym back. However, they will not be eager to welcome Shaym as he has betrayed Anjali and tried to kill Arnav. The only ones who eagerly await his return are Anjali and Daadi. Naani seems to be disgusted the most with the idea of Shaym being back in RM. She has already started supporting Khushi and Arnav in front of daadi. For the sake of keeping the family's peace intact, she has controlled herself in front of daadi's accusations but for how long? When the war starts, daadi will openly oppose Shaym and will provide support for Arnav and Khushi. I have a feeling that even after Garima's truth comes out, she will still vote for Khushi to be the Raizada bahu.  
Anjali has started playing her game. She has started giving everyone the cold shoulder for her obsession; Shaym. It has recently occured to me that Anjali's obsession with Shaym is going to cost her way more than Shaym's obsession with Khushi cost him. Shaym is strong, focused and has a goal on his mind. He was able to pick himself up but it remains to be seen whether Anjali will be able to pick herself up or not. It is what we desire in our lives, the people we love and the hope for a better future that gives us the strength to move on. Will the support of Arnav and the rest of the family and the companionship of the baby, if it is alive, be able to bring Anjali out of her depression?  Will it be the need to make Shaym pay for what he did to her which will finally give her some strength to deal with the hardships of the life? Or will the person that we know as Anjali cease to exist leaving behind a shatterd soul only?
Daadi's Prejudice
Today, we got some insight into daadi's prejudice. Now we begin to understand what drives the current actions of daadi. In a nutshell, daadi's prejudice is that men can do no wrong; only women are to be blamed and middle class women are after rich men's money only. The interesting question is how did this prejudice develop as we are not born with them but learn them as we experience life. Was she taught so by her parents, by the thought culture of her environment or did she personally experience it? Personal experience definitly comes into play but it remains to see whether she had this prejudice before the death of her son or not. She doesn't blame her son for his affair; perhaps because she loved him or perhaps because of her prejudice. She blames the other woman for coming after him to get money. Whatever story Shaym told Daadi, it seems that she has reached the same conclusion that she reached fourteen years ago which is that Shaym is at no fault. Khushi is the other woman who came after a married man. Her prejudice has blinded her so an experienced woman like her has not been able to see the truth. She is not clearly able to see that you can only clap with two hands. If the other woman was to be blamed, her son was no angel either. If Arnav's mom was weak for comitting suicide, her son wasn't strong for doing the same either. Deep down, I think she blames Arnav's mom for taking her son's life. I see bitterness in her eyes and tongue whenever she talks about her daughter in law.
Shaym - Daadi
Shaym has understood daadi's prejudice and bias very well, I must say. The story that he crafted in front of the Raizadas in his defense must be the same story he told daadi. Considering the past and daadi's prejudice, its no wonder he had daadi believing him and doubting the opinion of the rest of the Raizadas. Daadi has not realized it yet, but Anjali is going to pay very dearly for her inability to see past her prejudice. Daadi is going to ruin not only Anjali's present and the future but ArHi's as well because of her inability see past her prejudice.
Anjali - Arnav
How shattered must a brother feel when his beloved sister asks to be with the person who gave her the biggest dhoka he ever could? How must he feel when his sister asks to be with the man who tried to kill not only him but the love of his life as well? Today, I felt really bad for him. Both, Arnav and Anjali, can't seem to get a break.
Arnav - Khushi
Lets admit it. A fictional couple on TV never has the same magic after confession happens. However, so far I am liking how the CVs have been handling the relationship between these two recently. Did anyone see the similarity in picking up scattered channas as explained by Doods and picking up shattered glass shards today? With shaym back in RM, Arnav is going to need all the emotional support he can get. Arnav Khushi might seperate in the heat of the moment when Garima's truth comes out but he will not be able to let her go. Arnav Singh Raizada is an emotional fool. If wedding is to be called off, I want it to be called off by Khushi. Then khushi aagay aagay and Arnav peechay peechay. It would be very interesting to watch.
If Anjali is always losing the people she loves in her life (Parents, Shaym, baby), it seems Khushi is always paying for the mistakes of others. She paid for Shaym's mistakes by being forced into a contract marriage with Arnav. She paid for the mistakes of Arnav by temporarily losing Guptas' support and being humiliated by daadi. I wonder if it will be Anjali alone who will pay for her mistake of trusting Shaym again or will Khushi pay for it this time as well.



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Anjali has put her plan into action, she is manipulating the family per her wishes and is slowly succeeding. Akash and Manorama are already ready to put up with Shyam Di Ke Liye and this comes as no surprise, Anjali is really playing them into believing she is helpless without her precious Shyam. With each passing day her character just sinks lower and lower with no hopes in sights for a change.

Arnav, completely in character he stood his ground and refused to bring Shyam back but that does not mean Anjali's manipulations had no impact on him because it did. Arnav has been put in a difficult position, yes he has done what is right to protect his family but Anjali does not see it that way she wants her husband back and that's final. How long will he be able to keep his stand without feeling his sister slipping further and further away?? Will Anjali follow through with Dadi's prediction and physically harm herself?? I wouldn't put it past her to do so

Nani, the one character who after Arnav has remained the most consistent. I absolutely loved her stance against Dadi who is hellbent on bringing back Shyam and putting the blame on Khushi who she terms the other woman. Dadi thinks she knows it all but she doesn't, Nani on the other hand has known Khushi for months and is a much better judge of character. Nani knows Khushi could do never do such a thing and her trust in Arnav and Khushi shined through. Nani will remain a strong supporter of both no matter what

Dadi, she has no idea that in her efforts to not let history repeat itself she is making a fatal mistake one that has already proven to be costly and will continue to be in the future. I am sure that her belief Garima is the other woman is wrong

Khushi, I feel for this girl how much more can she take?? We are right back to how things were when she married Arnav only in his place is Dadi. Like before Khushi knows something is channeling such hatred but Khushi has know idea why Dadi hates her. Dadi has chosen to paint her guilty no matter what because in her eyes the man can never be wrong for they are weak at heart.

Payal has not been shown since Anjali's return to RM which I find surprising but I would hope she is shown having a say in all this. I know in all likelihood she will be on the Di Ke Liye bandwagon given Anjali's manipulations but at least have her voice concerns about him being back at RM, for her own sister's sake.

Highlight of the episode was obviously Khushi and Arnav as a couple, how far these two have come. Arnav in the past would have pushed Khushi away at a time like this but now he lets her in and goes a step further by asking she stay. Khushi is unable to stay despite being his wife but she offers to stay for a few moments just to be the comfort he needs and in return he did the same the next day when he knew Khushi was hiding her pain from him. If there is one thing CVs can be applauded for is how beautifully they've portrayed the bond that has been formed between this couple. Their love is just going from strength to strength.

Overall a well balanced episode in which we were spared of an overdose of Anjali and no Shyam. No offense to DB or AM but their scenes lately were becoming a bit much with the focus on them and not enough on the rest of the cast specifically Arnav and Khushi who got some much needed focus with their own love story.

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An interesting title I must insist.. Hats off to tants and doods to come up with such brilliant and appropriate titles day in and day out! Clap
First I asked myself, Why Inception?

1. Is it because of the famous sci-fi fiction movie by Christopher Nolan which revolves around a group of people who invade human mind by planting a dream at a level so deep that the person whose mind is being invaded thinks it is his idea or his thought or the dream was real.. The dream planters as I like to call them were invisible to the person concerned! At the end all that was left was, the result of that idea planted..

As I mentioned in my post yesterday how Shyam manipulates Anjali.. Well I know she is not sleeping.. But for how blind her faith in her hubby is, she might aw well be asleep.. 

This is what I wrote yesterday:-

"He will feed her a thought.. retract a bit and then let her ponder over it, tell her that she is the only person that matters to him.. when she falls hook line and sinker and with his clever words make her believe that the idea was hers to begin with."

What did we see yesterday? Shyam came in.. Saw coast is clear.. But when Anjali was about to say what if someone sees you, why have you come.. he stops her and says, First have soup.. What has he established here?? Your well being is more important for me than mine!

Now he had already made sure that no one was around quickly, so he was not in danger.. But for her, it was as if he has placed her well being first.. The one thing she craves most.. To be the only one who matters!!

He gives her the medicine.. nurtures her.. Begins his next assault.. Rather starts planting next idea.. I wish I could tell you, everything will be ok, we will start a new life.. But I know YOUR family members will not let it happen.. You promise me, that you will take care of yourself.. I also cannot live without you..I am afraid of the fact that you won't take care of yourself if I am not around.. You are very stubborn and you will not listen to anybody if u decide.. I know Arnav loves you a lot. But his hate for me is deeper.. 

So.. what did he do here.. He told her that he wants to start over but people will not let him.. Reinforcing that its not because of him they are apart but because of her family they are not together.. He cannot survive without her.. He needs her as much as she does.. Her health is of utmost importance to him.. He gives her the idea next, you will not take care of yourself in my absence.. and I know you are stubborn.. SO basically she arrived to the conclusion, that if she is adamant not to take care of herself, refuses to eat at the hands of others.. then they might bend to her.. because she is well aware of the fact that her brother will give in to her if she cries.. The way he bent to her will and tears and anger in the past.. be it for coming to pooja, bringing Khushi back or other small things.. 
He successfully manipulated her into blackmailing her brother making her think it was her idea.. Not HIS.. He does not want her to do this, worried it might affect her health.. At the same time he can do Anything to be with her.. He can even give up his life JUST to be with her! 

Brilliant move Shyam...ClapClap

The whole episode today was the fallout of what transpired yesterday..

Anjali fired by the thought of getting her husband back reaches Arnav and tells him.. Humein Shyam ji lauta do chhote! I have always listened to you.. Without question accepted your judgement.. But this time you have to listen to me.. I need my husband.. I want him back and faints.. 

Next day, phase II of the drama begins with Anjali refusing to eat or drink anything.. Every one around her worried about her refusal to eat.. Still not aware of the ulterior and sinister motive behind this.. Its not just depression this time, but this is the Stubbornness and unbending will of yet another Malik/Raizada.. 

Arnav who is still confident that she will eat once he asks her.. Asks the family to set the table.. He will make sure she eats.. What will happen tomorrow when she says, I will not eat or drink anything till my husband is back with me! Angry

2. Or Is it because of what the word inception means? 
What does it mean? Dictionary meaning.. An act, process or instance of beginning..

the instance:-The stand which Anjali has taken today, not to eat till people agree to what I want.. Shyam's arrival in RM 

a) Is it the beginning of division of the house??

Till now, It was only Dadi who had her agenda of bringing Shyam back by any means necessary..

Anjali's failing health, Seeing her condition, the doubts have started breeding in the minds of the family members.. 

Akash, a staunch believer and follower of Arnav, today has his faith in his brother questioned? Is Bhai doing the correct thing.. Everybody knows what Di wants.. Everyone is aware of what Arnav wants.. Is keeping Shyam away from Di the best thing for Di right now? And this chasm which has started forming in the minds of people will only widen and deepen into a bottomless pit!

Mami, who witnessed the partial truth of SMJ, might or might not have been convinced of Khushi's innocence.. She is also being swayed to think that maybe, Arnav's stand against Shyam is too strong/ baseless.. After all No One has proof of Shyam's wrong doings! 

b) Beginning of Dadi-Nani rift

Dadi finally lets out the complete reason for her disiking the Khushi.. So Khushi has been implicated by Shyam as the Other woman in her eyes! She sees what she wants to see.. She believes what she wants to believe.. 

Trust me there are times when I want to shake her up and shout, please come back to Earth..Angry

According to Dadi, Khushi is the root cause.. She is the only person at fault.. As she had been saying from the beginning "ladkoin ka kya hai, woh toh dil ke kachche hote hain".. So in her version, Shyam was trapped by Khushi and was misunderstood by all.. Just like her son.. The way in the past, her son was held solely responsible, in the present, Shyam is being blamed alone for The Other Woman's fault! 

Nani, who is a witness to the purity of Khushi's heart and character states in clear words that Dadi cannot compare Khushi to the other woman.. She is sure of Khushi and her truth as much as she is sure of her grandson.. 

The differences between these 2 GRANDMOTHERS  never fail to amaze me..

 On one hand we have Subhadra Malik, who probably has never understood what it is to be a mother or grand mother.. Her contribution as it seems at the present has always been of a controller.. Who wanted things in a particular way.. When her grandson did not listen to her.. When her son took away his life and was blamed, despite her protest that he was not the only one to be blamed.. When things got out of control cos of the circumstances, she fled the scene.. 

She came back only when she thinks SHE can reestablish order.. When She can do what she failed to do 14 years back.. She will prove that it was not her son's fault but the Other woman's.. She is not bothered about the truth once more.. She is only bothered about her perception and what she thinks is the truth, rather what she believes is the truth.. 

She is not worried about her grand son's happiness, only her mission to bring Shyam back and Khushi out of her mistaken home..She belittles Nani for giving in to Arnav and letting him make a mess of Anjali's and his life.. Arnav is blind.. No love lost between the 2.. 

Devyani Raizada, on the other hand.. Felt the pain of those 2 innocent, orphaned children daily.. She saw how Arnav fought with himself and the world and made himself what he is.. She has seen how much he has done for Anjali's sake.. She knows, he will never jeopardize Anjali's happiness on a mere MISUNDERSTANDING! He had to be certain before he took the biggest step for Anjali's life.. She is also aware that Khushi is the one who has changed Arnav for the better and that these two will wilt without each other.. 

She had buried the pain of losing her daughter deep in her heart for the sake of two saplings Anjali and Arnav. She knows that Shyam is the ONLY one responsible.. And she does not want the life of both of her grand children's be ruined like her daughter's because of one vile man..

Both of them holding opposite ends of the stick.. One the right one, the other the wrong one.. What remains to be seen is how hard will the stick hit the wrong one!

Other observations!

1. NK witnessed how everyone is once again dividing over the same man.. I like to think, that if his role is still active then he has a bigger role to play in the future other than the entertainment factor!

2. Arnav sat alone in his room reminiscing the love and madness Anjali had for Shyam and her lost dream of becoming a mother which was the only ray of hope according to him in her life and the love and madness her husband professed for Khushi considering his Di nothing more than a mere obstacle!

He throws the vase, shattering it into pieces.. Khushi enters his room picks them up.. And later he joins and helps her..

Reminded me of Doods theory of "scattered chanas".. Both of them will mend the family.. 

I wonder..  When past is out, Arnav will be the one to break the alliance but Khushi will try to repair it, with Arnav helping her after some time.. 

3. Arnav needs Khushi and he is not shying away from the fact that he does.. 
His "mat jao" when she tells him that she just came to tell him she was leaving was enough to convey how much he needs her and has become dependent on her.. He needs her support to wade through this.. She is the only thing holding him together...

She tells him though she cannot stay, but she will help him unburden himself.. They sit next to each other silently.. hee head on his shoulder, his arms around her.. giving each other strength.. 

4.Khushi will not give up on the agenda of bringing Sham back sadly if Anji continues to starve herself..

5. Khushi is again baffled and hurt by Dadi's chilly attitude towards her.. She stands alone, tending to flowers.. The white, yellow and the red ones! 

6. Arnav sees her tending to the flowers, tears streaking her cheeks.. Concerned about what is wrong with her.. Where is that sunny optimism of hers.. Asks her and understands her sadness despite her refusal and offers his silent support by planting a kiss on her forehead.. A very beautiful moment.. She looks up at him and finds love in thoe eyes!

7. Dadi once again rudely tells Khushi off, stating clearly that she does not want Khushi's involvement in house affairs.. This does not go unnoticed by Arnav, who is now aware why was his wife upset in the first place..

The more dadi troubles Khushi, the more I am convinced that Arnav will not believe dadi when she blames Garima for the past.. He will just put it down to her creating mischief for Arnav-Khushi union.. He knows Dadi is one mean old hag! 

What is ironic is.. Dadi is a witness to something which Garima did, and Arnav has no idea about.. which we are not yet sure if its the truth or not.. 

Arnav is a witness to Shyam's deceit, which dadi has no idea about but is the bitter truth.. 

Thats it from me today!


PS: Thanks for the lovely likes and beautiful comments..Embarrassed
Kudos to all the writers... You all are a treat to read..ClapClap

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