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~ArHi SS-: Sensual Encounters~ (Next thread@Pg149) (Page 95)

toeditor Goldie

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Posted: 02 November 2012 at 11:13am | IP Logged
nice ff...pls. update

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whiterose29 IF-Stunnerz

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Huge thanks to all the regular readers of my SS! HugHug Here's the next part, which is quite sad one, and I hope you love reading this one as well. Tongue Don't forget to leave comments and press the 'like' tab. Embarrassed




Sunday- A day for which all the family members eagerly wait, so that they can have their meals, especially breakfast together without being in hurry for any work. Seating themselves in a relaxing way, the Raizadas began their breakfast, and in between, discussed about their plan for the following day. But among this chit-chatting, the only person sitting with utter silence was Khushi, who was lost in the erotic thoughts of last evening. The wildness of Arnav which she experienced last evening was unable for her to forget. As she recollected each and every second of that intimacy between her and Arnav, her cheeks turned red, just then Arnav came downstairs, making her more conscious.


"Good morning Chhotey!" Anjali greeted him with a smile, and then naughtily took a slight notice of Khushi, who shyly lowered her gaze on seeing him.


Arnav wished her back in a low tone, and approached towards the dining area. Khushi was slightly taken aback, as this was the first time when he didn't look at her in his usual way as he used to look at her. Thinking that Arnav too would join others in breakfast, Payal made her way to serve him, but she and others were surprised to see him picking up an apple from the fruit basket and walk back towards staircase.


"Chhotey… Won't you have your breakfast with us?" Nani questioned surprisingly.


"I'm not in a mood Nani…"


"Mood?" Anjali exclaimed in surprise, "What's wrong with you Chhotey? Today is Sunday, at least today you can join us in breakfast without being in hurry…!"


"I'm not hungry Di… An apple is enough."


Saying this, Arnav carelessly walked upstairs, biting into the apple, while the family members were still surprised at his behaviour. Yes, he was not at all that kind of a person who eagerly waited for Sunday mornings with a dream to sit back and enjoy the breakfast with the family, but his behaviour today was somewhat rude. Anjali and Nani wondered about this among themselves, not knowing the reason behind Arnav's behaviour, but it seemed as if Khushi understood the same.


"He did not even take notice of me…. Laad Governor kahinke!" Khushi thought to herself, as she stopped eating, "But… Why do I feel that… He's angry because of me…?"


"Khushi Ji! Why did you stop eating?" NK asked, snapping his fingers in front of her eyes and bringing her back from her world of thoughts.


"I… I'm done..!" Replied a slightly upset Khushi, who immediately stood up to leave.


"Arre, now you're also leaving?" Anjali sighed, "Is everything all right?"


"That's what I want to confirm!" Khushi muttered to herself.




"Umm… Nothing Di. I'm pretty fine. You all please carry on." Saying this with a fake slight smile, Khushi too walked from there, leaving behind a confused team of Nani, Anjali and NK, who were now thinking about her weird behaviour.


She quickly came into her room, and closing the door, began thinking about whatever happened last evening. This girl was so much engrossed in the sensual hours of last evening that she completely forgot the second half of the same evening, which was the main reason for Arnav's anger. When his wildness, his passion, his desire was high at peaks, she stopped him going further, claiming that they need some sort of commitment between themselves. Khushi bit her fingernails, blaming herself for being the reason behind Arnav's anger. She cursed herself for ruining such a passionate evening, where he was senselessly showering his love and affection on her, and instead of agreeing to his desires, she stopped him, saying that they needed a commitment before going any further.


"Arre, even I had a correct point then!"


She exclaimed to herself, thinking that neither the society and nor the family would accept their relation without marriage. She was right. Absolutely right. But the main issue was to make the stubborn and aggressive Arnav understand this. He should respect all the rituals related to marriage, and whether he likes it or not, he'll have to fulfill those rituals if he really loves Khushi and wants to spend his entire life with her.






It was late afternoon, and Arnav was still working in his room, as if he had been punished to work for the entire day. Ever since he went in his room during breakfast, he didn't step out of his room. Anjali and others were not much bothered of this, as he was used to work even on Sundays. But Nani had a doubt on this. She was old, but intelligent enough to notice that something was wrong between Arnav and Khushi, as she had seen her roaming around in hall and finding a right time to talk to Arnav, but every time she tried to sneak into his room, her hands and legs went numb, thinking about his anger, and she fearfully ran back in her room. At this time, Nani's doubt went on her daughter-in-law, who could be the sole reason behind the cold behaviour of both. But Manorama immediately denied this, saying that she could never even think of doing so after being strictly warned by Nani. Well, now the old lady could simply pray to Devi Maiyya for the matter to be solved quickly.


"Relax Khushi!" Khushi muttered to herself, as she stood in front of Arnav's room for the 23rd time in the entire day, "I should go ahead and talk to him, instead of coming here and running back again! I wish he understands me..!"


Finally after gathering much courage, this innocent girl raised her hand and slightly knocked on the door, while her other hand was busy fidgeting with the end of her dupatta in nervousness. After few seconds, she saw the door open, and took a step back in fear.


"What do you want?" Arnav asked, as he saw Khushi standing fearfully in front of him.


"You…." Khushi blurted out, but the moment she realized what she said, she bit her tongue and corrected herself, "I… mean.. You are … angry with me Arnav ji?"


"Leave me alone Khushi… I have many other works to do rather than being angry with you…"


Saying this, Arnav closed the door again, leaving Khushi shocked to hell. Her mouth opened in a perfect capital 'O', and her eye balls widened at his attitude. She felt like banging her head angrily on the door, but that would also be of no use, as her Laad Governor would not take notice even of that!


"What happened Khushi Ji?" Anjali came upto Khushi, as she saw her walking sadly away from Arnav's room. "Did Chhotey say something harsh to you?"


"Leave it Anjali Ji… I'm used to it now!" Khushi replied sadly, and without talking further to her, she went back in her room, leaving behind a confused Anjali.






This was now not hidden from any Raizada member that something was definitely bothering Arnav. They even tried to ask him about it, but he denied, saying that he was fine like always.

Two days had passed, and Arnav and Khushi were still not back on talking terms. Every time Khushi made an attempt to speak to him, it only added to his anger and to her sadness. Two days… It had been two days since Arnav didn't took notice of Khushi, and only she knew that how badly she missed his hungry eyes roaming on herself. Only she knew that how damn she much craved for him to talk to her, to touch her, to kiss her senselessly, to behave in his usual naughty way and to excite her with his wildness. Yes, she was badly missing those sensual encounters with him, which were now disturbing her in her dreams too!


"Enough is enough now!"


Khushi said to herself, as she stood up from her bed with a determined look on her face and confidence in her mind. Arnav was not ready to talk to her and instead avoided her, much to her frustration, which was the sole reason that now she badly needed to speak to him.


"I need to talk to him…. And that too in his own way!"


With that confident look on her face, she strode out of her room and made her way towards Arnav's bedroom, thinking about how she would start her conversation with him. A man who only knows to keep his point of view in front of others, and wants others to agree with him without any argument; it was going to be difficult for Khushi to make him understand about the importance of marriage, but she had to do that!


On reaching at the door of his room, Khushi knocked slightly on the door, silently praying to Devi Maiyya to give her enough courage to bear with Arnav's anger. He opened the door with an obvious look on his face, as if he knew that Khushi must be there on the door.


"Hello Arnav Ji!" Khushi said out of nervousness, with a slight smile, as if this was her attempt to start the conversation.


"As expected!" He mocked her, "Khushi, I'm seriously not in a mood to talk to you… So please leave…"


"Who asked about your mood?" Khushi rolled her eyes, "Whether you have a mood or not, I'm going to talk to you…!"


An amused Arnav was about to close the door, but before he could do that, she pushed him back and immediately came in the room, closing the door behind and walking towards him.


"What the…"


"Why, you think only you can do such things… Push me back and then close the door?" Khushi said, folding her hands across her chest, making Arnav slightly amused.


"Listen Khushi…"


"First you listen to me Arnav Ji… Why aren't you trying to understand my point of view?" Khushi spoke, "I'm not stopping you from doing anything…. I know that you don't believe in marriages…. But I do…"


"Khushi please don't start all over again…" Arnav snarled back at her, "And leave me alone…"


"It wasn't over that evening Arnav Ji…" She spoke in a softer tone, walking closer to him, "Why don't you try to understand that everyone cannot think from your point of view…"


"That's what I'm trying to explain you dammit!" He angrily interrupted, "If you care about the society, if you believe in marriages then it's not necessary that I'll also think like you…"


"But you said that you love me Arnav Ji… And if you truly loved me, then you would have tried to understand me… And not yell on me…"


Khushi said in a tearful tone, which made Arnav look at her all of a sudden. He keenly looked at her, only to see tears forming in her eyes, and an upset look on her face. Damn… He hurt her again! How much he hated to see those tears in her big beautiful eyes… Those eyes look beautiful only when they're filled with happiness or mischief. Arnav remained silent, cursing himself to hurt the innocent girl, the one whom he loves more than anything else in the world.


"Khushi… I…"


"I think I should leave now… I need to pack my things…"


"Packing ….. Are you… Leaving…?" Arnav asked in a broken tone with a shocked look on his face.


"Obviously… I didn't come here to stay forever…." Replied an upset Khushi, as she turned back to leave. And before he could react or say anything, she walked out of the room, leaving behind a highly surprised and upset Arnav.


PRECAP-: Will Arnav agree to marry Khushi? Ermm

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very nice update, slightly sad but very interesting
how khushi is going to make him agree

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Theepthidevi Goldie

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Nice update. A bit sad but awesome.

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dushturain IF-Rockerz

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Loved it!!!! Yes arnav deserved that and more khushi should hv shouted on him more...I mean he just can't expect to do everything with khushi and not give their relationship a name... It's not western countries, it's India and khushi is from a conservative family arnav was behaving selfishly...I m loving it now...

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lovearshi01 IF-Dazzler

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Great update
Feel bad for khushi

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Wow... Please dear  this time update soon the next part.  It seems like i have been waiting since ages to read the update... please please  

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i know he will agree for marriage

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