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~ArHi SS-: Sensual Encounters~ (Next thread@Pg149) (Page 86)

--Amy-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 October 2012 at 9:43pm | IP Logged
I just read all the parts...they are amazing...

Hot and Sensual...very well written..

Do continue soon...and pm me please!

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gunurlove IF-Dazzler

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Awesome update Ria...written very nicely...continue soon and thanks for the pm

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whiterose29 IF-Stunnerz

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Thanks for commenting in the previous part. Hug Here is the next one, and it's much longer than the previous one. Wink I hope you enjoy this. Tongue Don't forget to leave your precious comments and do hit the 'like' tab. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


WARNING-: Slightly Mature Content. Blushing Blushing Blushing


                                                                       Part- 6



People were enjoying in the party. Akash introduced his friends to Payal, who was glad to meet them. He too was happy to meet his all old friends, and recall his college days spent with them. Anjali was busy with her own group of friends, while Manorama was busy competing with Madhumati on some silly topic. However, people present there in the party did not have even a slightest idea about the heat building up between Arnav and Khushi.


They both stood quite at a longer distance away from each other, talking to their own set of people in the party. But the distance hardly mattered, when they could sense each other's penetrating gazes very well.


Though Arnav was busy talking to one of the guests, his eyes were busy lingering on Khushi, who tried her best not to get affected by him, but in vain. Each time he looked at her, he felt his heart beating at a faster pace, as she looked extremely gorgeous in that multi-coloured lehenga like saaree. His hands itched to run all over her petite figure, wanting to feel her feather-like soft skin under his manly hands. Whenever Khushi spoke, or smiled, Arnav groaned in desperation, as he badly wanted to kiss her soft lips, biting and sucking on them as hard as he could. He fought with his sexual frustration, when he saw other men present in the party looking at Khushi in an admiring way and complimenting her. Damn how much he hated to see any other man looking at 'his' Khushi! Only he had the right to see her in that way.


"Hai Devi Maiyya… Why does… he stare at me… in this way…?"


Khushi gulped, again feeling his desire-filled eyes on herself. Everytime he stared at her with raw passion pooling in his eyes, she felt conscious, and shut her eyes tight, praying to Devi Maiyya for her self control to be strong. But when she opened her eyes, she could again see him looking at her with same wildness in his eyes. It seemed as if he would grab her to a corner and fulfill his wildest of desires, without being disturbed by anyone.


"Khushi ji!"


Disturbance! That was something which Arnav never wished to happen when he was with Khushi or around her, but it seemed as if NK was born especially to cause disturbance to him. Khushi quickly turned towards him with a slight smile, trying to ignore Arnav's heated gaze which was still fixed on her.


"Khushi ji, you look absolutely stunning today!" NK smiled widely.


"Umm… Thank you Nanhe ji!" She replied with a sweet smile, but when she saw Arnav twitching in anger as NK complimented her, she smiled naughtily to herself and decided to take his anger to a new level, just to have some fun. "Nanhe ji… You too are looking handsome in this shervani!"


"Oh thanks Khushi ji!" NK smiled shyly.


"Not only handsome Nanhe ji… you look out of this world!" She said, looking at Arnav with slanting eyes, only to see his growing anger and jealousy. "Any girl can fall for you!"


"Really Khushi ji? You find me so much handsome?" NK's eyes twinkled with immense happiness, but he was no less clever than Khushi, as he could clearly understand that he was being complimented by her just to make his cousin feel jealous. "Any girl can like me?


"Of course Nanhe ji!" She smiled widely. "What is there you don't have? You are good looking… smart, handsome, charming… You have such a sweet smile which can attract any girl…. You have such a big heart, and… You're an NRI!"


"Thanks Khushi ji… You know me so well!"


"What's there to thank Nanhe ji? I complimented you because you are worth it!"


"Khushi… I need to talk to you.. NOW!"


Khushi and NK turned aside, only to see an angry, frustrated and jealous Arnav standing there, and looking at Khushi as if he'll eat her up alive, without needing knife and fork! NK smiled to himself, thinking that he had succeeded in making his cousin jealous. Khushi fearfully looked at him, silently praying to Devi Maiyya to lower down his anger.


"Wh-what… is there… to… talk n..n.. now…"


"I said I want to talk to you.. That means.. I want to talk to you right now!" He fumed in anger, taking another step towards Khushi.


"You… can talk… even here…" She stammered.


"I want to talk ONLY to YOU Khushi!" Arnav grunted his teeth, and holding her wrist tightly, he looked at NK, "Excuse us!"


Before NK could react or say something, Arnav turned back and still holding Khushi's wrist, he led her upstairs, towards his room, making her completely baffled, as he did not even care that not everyone in the party, but his few family members saw them going in his bedroom.


"Arnav ji…"


Khushi tried to protest, but in a blink of an eye, he had brought her in his room and locked the door behind. She was looking at him angrily, but compared to Arnav's jealousy, her anger was nothing! Little did she know that Arnav's jealousy had once again touched the peaks, and she was the one going to suffer because of it.


"What the hell were you saying to NK?" Arnav stormed towards her.


"I was…. Simply…. Talking to him…" She said in broken words, slightly taken aback with his question.


"Talking or complimenting him?" He questioned, putting his both hands on either of her sides, not letting her to escape from him.


"Arnav ji… He had… complimented me first.. So.. I was simply thanking him back.." Khushi said, making a normal expression.


"And what about me…?"


Arnav questioned, leaning closer towards her. Khushi was surprised at his question, and looked upto meet his eyes, which were now filled with lustful desires and jealousy seemed to be disappeared somewhere. Such a kid he was, thought Khushi. She tried to look away, but Arnav gently held her face from her chin and made her look in his eyes.


"But.. You never… complimented me.. Arnav… ji…"


"I have complimented you several times honey… It's just that, you feel highly shy to accept it!" Arnav said, sensually rubbing her soft skin with his thumb.


"Then… Why don't you… compliment me… now..?" Khushi said, as naughtiness took over her embarrassment, and she looked at him with mischievous eyes.


Arnav was slightly surprised by Khushi's words. But he realized that she was no less than him, and so she was doing this on purpose. He decided to take this sweet argument forward, as he too needed to enjoy some time with 'his' Khushi. Arnav snaked his palm around her neck and pulled her closer to himself with a jerk, and in a fraction of second, he slammed his lips on hers, making her shocked for a moment.


But as the kiss found the new level of wildness, Khushi closed her eyes, and let herself lose in that moment, which purely belonged to her and Arnav only. He put his other arm around her waist, and pushed her gently towards the wall, still not breaking that wild kiss. Khushi moaned, while her fingers played with his hairs, as she kissed him back with equal wildness.


"Your lips are damn kissable…" Arnav mumbled in between the kiss, "Every time I look at you, your lips invite me to bite them…"


Arnav leaned down, and left a trail of open-mouthed kisses along her swan-like neck, while Khushi wriggled and pulled him closer to herself.


His one hand slowly went towards her shoulder, and he unpinned her pallu from there, sliding it down sensually through her milky white arm. Arnav gently caressed her arms, feeling her soft skin under his rough hands. Khushi simply enjoyed the moment, and craved to feel his hands all over her body, which made her lose all her control.


"Khushi… You make me go crazy honey.."


"Arnav ji…"


Khushi tried to protest, when she felt her pallu away from her body and lying down carelessly on floor, and he stood in front of her, his eyes mentally sucking on her breasts, while she felt highly conscious of his heated gaze. She felt weak in her knees, and tried to cover her chest by crossing her both arms around them, but Arnav groaned at this and held her hands, and looked at her in such a way as if he wanted to say that she can't stop him from fulfilling his desires.


"Please… Arr..nnav ji…"


"You want me to do this, don't you?"


Arnav said in his seductive tone, moving an inch closer, while his hands found their way towards her back. Khushi arched her back on feeling his fingers tracing circles on her delicate skin, and playing with the threads of her blouse which were tied in a knot.


"I… don't…"


"You don't want this?"


Arnav stared at her with his brown eyes, which were filled with anger and possessiveness at that moment. Khushi felt as if he would eat her up if she didn't agree to his desires.


"Arnav ji.. I …. Want… this…"


"Then you shouldn't stop me Honey.. Infact, you should fulfill my desires…"


"Arnav ji please…"


Khushi said, and quickly hugged Arnav, her eyes shut tightly and her hands possessively rubbing his back, and making him feel good by being in his arms. He hugged her back, smiling slightly to himself, as he realized that it was only he who could make Khushi blush, shy, and excited too. And this made him feel proud.


"What happened Khushi?"


"Arnav ji…. I… don't… know why…." She stammered, "Whatever…. You say… it makes…. Me feel.. something…. Very different… Very… exciting…" She stammered, and buried her head on his chest due to embarrassment.


"And you…." Arnav smiled smugly, "You have no idea that what you make me feel Khushi…"


"What do you… feel for me?" Khushi looked up into his eyes with much love, as she too wanted to know that what he thought about her.


"My actions speak louder than words baby…."


Saying that, Arnav moved an inch forward and took Khushi into his strong arms, not breaking the intense eye-lock, which lasted until they reached till the bed and he gently placed her on the soft mattress.






Manorama stood at a distance from Arnav's bedroom, wondering what would be going on inside. She was afraid to go and knock on the door, knowing the old tales about Arnav's anger. The better way she found to solve the problem was to go to her mother-in-law and report her everything she been observing since Khushi came to stay with them.


"Sasuma Sasuma Sasuma…!"


Manorama came running downstairs, making Nani ji stare at her in anger and look at the guests in embarrassment. She quickly rushed towards the old lady and stopped, breathing heavily.


"Will you stop screaming Manorama?" Nani still glared at her with anger, while she smiled at the guests, as if everything was normal.


"Sasuma, whatever I've been seeing since past days are quite scary… That is why I'm screaming!" Manorama said, looking at her mother-in-law with wide eyes.


"What's the matter Manorama?" Asked Mama ji, who stood beside her, "Have you finally seen your true face in mirror?"


"You please keep quite!" Manorama was frustrated at her husband, and again turned to Nani ji, who was still annoyed at her behaviour. "Sasuma, something is definitely going on between Arnav bitwa and that phatti saaree…!"


"What?" Nani looked at her in surprise.



PRECAP-: Ummm…. Chhodo, I don't have a mood to write precap! LOL

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SanzBarbie IF-Rockerz

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sensual 1.. liked it ;)

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Jyo.Arshi.IPK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 October 2012 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
what the ???
such a super sensual upddate and u stopped midway !!!!!
what did arnav do next !!!! ??? Wink
thank god mami didnt interrupt LOL
we have all become so shameless !!!!
update asap !!!

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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 October 2012 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
man is she asking for trouble or what
deliberately making arnie jealous by talking no sorry complementing nk like that
she knows how much he gets jealous if he so much as sees any other male near her then why
man was that what i thought would happen
dude control aao ka bahut ki kam hota jaa raha hai
man i love this hot passion and intensity between arhi
wow this is just too hot to handle
wonder what nani is gonna do once she gets to know of his deeds
not that he would care or anything
cheers for pm

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rhearuhi Goldie

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very naughty of you to leave us at this cliff hanger...the update was freaking awesome...wonder what mamiji is going to do now...

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