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~ArHi SS-: Sensual Encounters~ (Next thread@Pg149) (Page 61)

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Thanks for commenting on previous part! Hug Hope that you enjoy this on too! Embarrassed


                                                                        Part- 5



Arnav had drove for home an hour earlier than his sister had asked him to come. No, it was not that he took a long time to get ready… The reason behind him being home early was none other than Khushi. He stormed in the Mansion and straight away walked towards the guest room, expecting that she would be there, getting ready for the reception.


"Hey Nannav!"


Much to Arnav's irritation, NK excitedly called him from behind, as he was glad to see him back at home very early. Arnav was annoyed, as he stood rooted to his place, while NK came towards him, jumping happily like a school boy who got 10/10 in some test. Anjali, who stood at a corner, ordering a servant about what to serve to the guests in starters, too came towards NK and Arnav.


"Arre waah! Chhotey, you came on time!" Anjali smiled, "That's like my good brother!"


"That's what I was about to say Di!" NK smiled.


"So you called me from behind for saying this?" Arnav looked at NK with much irritation, making Anjali smile naughtily to herself, as she knew that her brother was going to meet Khushi and NK purposely disturbed him.


"Well… Yes!" NK gave his sweetest smile, "By the way, you're room is upstairs right? Then why are you going towards guest-room?"


Arnav stood silent at this question of NK, thinking about something to say as an answer. Anjali exchanged naughty looks with NK, but when Arnav saw her, she immediately made an innocent face and looked at him with similar questioning eyes.


"It's… my house… So I can go anywhere I want to!" Arnav answered, trying to be normal and angry as well.


"But Nannav.."


"Umm… NK Bhaiya… Let him go!" Anjali smiled, eyeing naughtily at NK, as if to say that they would get enough chance to pull his leg later on. "And we have to check other arrangements too, isn't it?"


"Oh yaa Di.." He smiled, "Nannav, you carry on, I'll catch you in the party!"


"No need to catch me anywhere!"


Arnav mumbled angrily to himself, dismissing from the hall and walked towards the guest-room. Anjali and NK laughed among themselves to see their brother highly irritated. They could understand his state, as he must have been missing his love all day long, and now, when he was going to meet her, they purposely disturbed him.






Arnav tried knocking the door, but to his surprise, the door was unlocked. He slowly opened the door, but there was no sign of Khushi in the room. Thinking that she must be in washroom, he silently sat on bed, loosening his blue tie.


After a couple of moments, Khushi stepped out of washroom, singing some Salman Khan song to herself with a wide smile on her face, which soon disappeared somewhere when she saw 'him' in the room.


Arnav was amazed to see her. The sight before him could almost kill him, if he did not had a strong self-control. Khushi stood before him, wearing a beautiful lehenga like saaree, with red colour simple yet sexy blouse, white coloured saaree with a heavy border of mixture of green, red and golden colours, and green coloured net fabric as pallu sensually covering her chest.


Arnav gulped, and stood up slowly, taking in the beauty of this seductress, who stood simply, looking extremely innocent, yet she seduced him… with her beauty! She wore no jewellery yet, but even then she looked gorgeous, gorgeous enough to make Arnav sigh. He could see her milky white skin at her back, as the threads of her blouse were untied, and her hairs were loosely tied on her left shoulder, giving him a delicious view of her back through the dressing table mirror.


But the next moment, anger took over Arnav, as he realized that she was changing in washroom, and came out like this, without wearing her blouse properly, and the door of her room was unlocked. Khushi felt her knees going weak when she saw him staring at her with heated desires clearly visible in his chocolate brown coloured eyes. She lowered her gaze down, feeling highly nervous due to his presence.


"Why was the door open?" Arnav barked angrily, making Khushi take a step back in fear.




"You should have locked the door… What if some one else came in the room? What if NK came in the room?" He walked towards her angrily, with a glint of jealousy in his eyes.


"People other than you in this house have some manners… They knock the door before they come in… instead of shouting on me, you could have knocked the door before coming in Arnav ji.." Khushi said, trying to make her voice as stern as she could, but it was of no use, as this increased his anger.


"I don't need to do that… Because this is my house… and YOU, belong to ME…"


Arnav said dangerously, as he pulled her closer with much anger. He looked at her in such a way, as if he'll eat her up alive. Feeling weak in her knees, Khushi wriggled, trying to escape from his tight grip, which became tighter after her each attempt. Arnav then slowly made her turn back in such a way that she stood closer to him, but her back was now in contact with his chest. Khushi remained confused over this, but the next moment, a shy smile curved on her lips, when she felt his hands seductively roaming on her back, and taking hold of both the threads which were dangling on either sides of her blouse, he tied it into a knot, making sure that it was tight enough.


"Khushi…" He whispered hotly into her ears from behind, sending thousand shivers through her spine, "You very well know that I don't want anyone else to adore your beauty except me… Then why do you do this to me?"


He made her face to him, while Khushi was completely lost in his slightest touch.


"I'm… sorry… Arnav ji…"


"Only I have the right to devour your beauty my love…"


There was some kind of intensity in his words, which made Khushi feel proud and blush at the same time. He did not want any other person to even look at Khushi in an admiring way. Only he had the right to do that. Khushi smiled slightly, thinking that how possessive he could get now!


"Khushi… Get ready quickly…" Arnav said, as he leaned down and kissed the nape of her neck very softly, "I'll be waiting for you in the party…"


Khushi felt a ticklish sensation on the area where Arnav kissed her. She smiled shyly, closing her eyes to enjoy the feeling of his lips on her skin, to enjoy the proximity between them. But soon she was brought back into the reality, when Arnav bit her skin, leaving a clearly visible mark on her skin. Khushi bit her lower lip to stop herself from moaning, and chanted Devi Maiyya's name in her mind, but as if it would work. He then ran his hot tongue on the bite, to soothe her pain.




"Khushi… I love you.."


"aa.. I.."


Khushi couldn't even finish her sentence, when Arnav slammed his lips on hers, kissing her as wildly as he could. She clutched onto his silk white shirt tightly, trying to stand properly, but she felt her legs trembling as his kiss turned even wilder. She pulled him closer, making him realize that how badly she wanted his kiss. To tease her a bit, Arnav sensually sucked on her lower lip, while Khushi cried to be kissed properly by him, who grinned to see her frustrated.


"Mhhmmm… Chocolate…" He mumbled in between the kiss.


"Kiss me properly Jaan…!"


These were Khushi's words, which she moaned out of anticipation, making Arnav highly surprised. Her boldness made him astonished; he had never expected his innocent Khushi speaking so boldly to him. But at the same time, he felt happy and proud too, as his girl craved for his kiss. She moaned again in frustration, when a still surprised Arnav moved closer and took her lips again in his, taking his sweet time to suck wildly at her soft lips.




Khushi moaned, her fingers playing along with his gelled hairs. She pulled Arnav closer, to deepen the kiss, while he obeyed her desires, and pressed his perfectly built body against her petite form, making her lose all her control and get lost in this wild excitement. He managed to break the kiss in need of air, much to Khushi's disappointment. She frowned at him, both of them breathing heavily. Arnav was slightly amused at her, as she stood, pouting out her lips cutely. Damn… He so wanted to kiss those soft lips again, which were already swollen due to his wild assault caused there a moment ago.


Khushi stood rooted to her place, when her breathing became normal, and she realized that what she had been doing a few seconds ago. With his wildest kiss ever, Arnav had turned on her, because of which she could hardly keep control on herself and yearned more for his touch, for his kiss. Her face turned completely red due to blush, as she saw him staring at her with the same passion ignited in his dark brown eyes. She felt embarrassed at her own act, unknown of the fact that Arnav loved her this way, when she craved more for him. More than amusement, he felt proud that he could easily turn on this girl with little of his teasings!


"I love it when you call my name… without adding a 'ji' to it.."


Arnav said, making Khushi go crimson red. She looked everywhere except him, unable to face him, as she called out his name only in sexual pleasures… other than that, she never referred to him as 'Arnav'. And he loved to hear his name from her mouth… It sounded so nice… So demanding… And so much loving.


"Arnav ji…" Khushi muttered, her face still covered with blush. "I should… Get ready now…"


"Shall I help you?" Arnav said with a grin, while his eyes twinkled with naughty glint.


"Arnav ji please!!" She widened her eyes, trying to push him out of the room, "Leave!"


"Come soon!"


He said before leaving the room and walking towards hall, thinking that how breath-taking his girl would look after she gets ready! But the boy in love was unaware of a pair of stalking eyes looking at him with much suspicion.


"Hello hi bye bye… What was Arnav bitwa doing with phatti saaree in guest-room..? I need to keep an eye on both of them and then report to Sasuma!"


The bond inside Manorama came alive once again, as she walked towards her room.




PRECAP-: Arnav corners Khushi during Payal & Akash's Reception Party. Wink


This was a short update as compared to previous parts, but I promise to update longer next time, as you can guess from the precap! Wink

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i am 1st after agesBig smileBig smileWink
wel wel..amzinggg update
but one complain hai-thora short thaEmbarrassed
bt theek hai...iss tym k liye chalta haiLOL
well i jus loved d entire update...esp dat nk,arnv n anji scne...trio was d bsttt in dis update..
n den arhi...wel i cant evn compare dem...<333
very well wrtnClap
cont sooon..:)))

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superb update
wll post d detail comment later Wink

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what a romantic update, hope manorama bond does not create any interruption in arhi moments.
precap interesting. please update soon.  

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loved the update! Embarrassed
manorama bond inbhestigation is onz hahaha 
can't wait for the next part!

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Nyc part n precap is awesome thanks for the pm

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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ed my rp on pg 72

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