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~ArHi SS-: Sensual Encounters~ (Next thread@Pg149) (Page 49)

whiterose29 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 October 2012 at 7:16am | IP Logged
Gonna Update Tomorrow! Embarrassed

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Dt was awEsOm!!
Hv been stalking ur ss since mine n nly mine dayz decided its high tym i comment!! LOL
Hey nd plz plz pretty plz try nd giv quick updates i knw u wuld b busy bt plz Sleepy cz wnever i read ur updates it makes
My DaY
No kIddin Clap

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will be waiting

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whiterose29 IF-Stunnerz

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A big 'Thank You' to all those who liked and commented on my previous update. Hug

Enjoy the next part! Embarrassed





The next morning, all were seated for the breakfast. Prakash brothers were serving the parathas, while Khushi joined in to help them. But her mind was suddenly distracted, when she saw Arnav coming down to join the family for breakfast. He smirked on looking at her, while Khushi blushed and continued serving. On much pleading of Nani, she settled down to eat.


"By the way Chhotey, is everything fine with you?" Nani asked, while chewing the paratha.


"Yeah Nani, but why are you asking so..?" Arnav looked at her in confusion.


"Because, last night I saw you roaming around happily in hall…"


Nani would have barely completed her sentence, when Khushi immediately choked on hearing her reply. The morsel which she was chewing made her cough, while everyone looked at Arnav and then at Khushi in confusion. But Arnav was amused at her reaction, and tried his best to control his grin.


"Khushi ji, are you fine…?" Anjali asked in concern, giving her a glass of water.


"Yaa Anjali ji… I… am fine…" replied a still surprised Khushi, wondering that if Nani came to know that what happened between her and Arnav last night. By now, she realized that the footsteps which she heard from hall were Nani ji's footsteps.


"Nani, I should leave now… I have an important client waiting for me!"


Arnav stood up quickly, avoiding Nani's question, which made her strongly believe that he was with Khushi last night. Though she tried to question him further, but before she could do that, Arnav left from there., as he had to meet an 'important client'. Nani secretly smiled to herself, thinking that how his grand-son has changed a lot.


Once the breakfast was over, the family members left to prepare for the reception which was going to be held in evening. While all were busy in preparations, Khushi quickly ran into her room, but little did she know that 'he' was always there to stalk her; as he came behind her!


"You…?" Khushi was surprised to see Arnav in her room, having that naughty smirk glued to his face. "You were supposed to meet some important client in your office…"


"Who said that I have an important client waiting for me in office?" He cocked his eyebrow, as he walked in towards her with slow steps. "I was talking about you my love…"


"M.. Me…?" She stammered.


"Yaa… You're the most important client to me Khushi Kumari Gupta!" He smirked, "And there is an important work to be done before I leave…"




"Remember… your lip glosses…?"


Khushi blushed fiercely on hearing the name of her lip glosses. But she couldn't even back-off, as she had promised to him last night that she would not only obey to his every order, but also support him in whatever he does. Meanwhile, Arnav moved aside and took the lip gloss collection box in his hands, wondering that how damn sexy this experience was going to be! He held Khushi from shoulders gently and made her sit on bed. A bit hesitant Khushi silently obeyed him and sat in front of him, while Arnav was busy checking out her collection keenly.


"Here.. Let's try this one first.."


Arnav said, taking the kiwi-flavoured lip gloss from the collection box and showing it to her. She smiled and raised her hand to take it from him, but what came to her next was no less than a surprise to her. He moved closer to her and gently applied the shiny coat on her soft lips, keenly observing her reaction. And the next moment, he pulled away the lip gloss brush and keeping it aside, he slammed his lips on hers, making her shuddered for a while.


Khushi moaned at this strange excitement, and not able to resist the temptation anymore, she too kissed him back, while her hands rose up to entangle in his gelled hairs. Arnav tried to break the kiss, but Khushi seemed to be extremely demanding… Not letting him break the kiss, she pulled him even closer, as a moan escaped from her. The kiwi-flavored lip gloss had smudged between their lips long time back.


"Seems as if you'll eat me entirely…" Arnav commented, as he broke the kiss unwillingly due to the lack of oxygen.


"Arnav ji… Please…" Khushi blushed on hearing the tale of her own wildness!


"Ok fine, let's try this one…"


Arnav picked up the cherry flavor, and like he did before, he sensually applied the shiny material on her lips, all the time, Khushi's eyes being lowered due to shyness. Once he finished applying, Arnav lunged forward and slammed his lips on hers, taking in the sweet taste of cherry. To tease her further, he sensually sucked on her lower lip, and then at upper lip, making her moan in anticipation.


Entangling his arms around her tiny form, Arnav laid on bed, with her being in his arms, and he on top of her, sucking madly at her soft lips. Khushi wriggled beneath his arms, as her senses had stopped to work, and she was taken into a new land of excitement by Arnav. But before they both could go further, Arnav's phone rang. Not willing to break the kiss, he irritatingly received the call.


"Yaa… Yaa Aman, I'll be there in an hour."


Saying this, Arnav cut the call and stood up from bed, setting his hairs properly. A highly embarrassed Khushi stood up properly, and blushed to hell when she realized what she had been doing with Arnav few seconds ago… No one could even imagine that what can a lip gloss do! Well, it was only Arnav who could do such things… After all, according to Khushi, he was such a horny stud!


Meanwhile, Arnav was about to leave, when he saw a kind of sadness on Khushi's face. She frowned to see him leaving without completing his so-called 'important work'. He grinned to see her like this, but at the same time, he felt happy that she too did not want him to leave her like this. He moved a bit closer to her and caressed her cheeks.


"I'll be back soon baby… Till then, miss me!" He gave a slight smile, and left from there.






As Khushi had expected, that her day would pass away peacefully, because there was no Laad Governor to disturb her by stalking her every second, it went the opposite. Every time she tried to think of something else, her mind was flooded with Arnav's thoughts, especially after whatever happened between them in morning.


This was becoming hell too much for Khushi. It was only a day since she came at Shanti-Van, and now, it became quite difficult for her to get Arnav off her mind and do some work. She tried her level best to divert her mind, but in vain. Her little head couldn't think of anything else, except Arnav- the way he teased her, the way he looked at her, the way he made her think erotic things, and the way he made her lose all her control… Well, only Arnav Singh Raizada could cause such things to Khushi!


"Hello hi bye bye… Seems like phatti saaree is going to give all of us a jalebi party today!"


Hearing this comment from Mami ji, Khushi quickly came out of her erotic thoughts and looked in front, only to see Manorama and Anjali standing there, looking amusingly at her and then at her fried jalebis. Khushi too was astonished to see her own work. She had fried almost three plates of jalebis since more than an hour! And like everyone knew, she fries jalebis only when she is disturbed or deeply lost in some thoughts.


"What happened Khushi ji, is everything all right with you..?" Anjali questioned in concern.


"No…" Khushi mumbled slowly, when she saw the two women looking at her in confusion, "Umm… I mean… yes… yes I am… fine…"


'Seems like… you're missing some one!" Anjali said in a teasing tone, but made an innocent face when Khushi looked at her.


"… I'm not… missing anyone…" She replied quickly, as if she was caught red-handed. Putting off the gas, she looked back at Anjali, "Shall I help you in some work..?"


"No Khushi ji…" Anjali smiled, "I guess you need some rest…"


"But Anjali ji…"


"Khushi ji… I'm elder to you right? So you should listen to me. And besides, almost all preparations are done. You just take some rest… even you need to look beautiful in the reception!"


Anjali smiled and left from there with Manorama. Once they left, the fake smile disappeared from Khushi's face and she immediately ran from kitchen. She came in her room, and sat on bed, realizing that how fast her heart was beating. No, this was not because she was running few minutes ago; this was because of Arnav's thoughts that still ran in her mind.


"He tasted some lip glosses… but didn't say that which flavor he liked the most..?"


She thought, as a shy smile curved on her lips, remembering the ever-most sensual morning of her life. She had never expected Arnav to sneak in her room and steal so many kisses from her, with an excuse of tasting her lip glosses! She continued thinking, and decided to herself that whatever flavor he likes, she'll put on that one-only for him. Because, even she knew that only HE had the right to taste her lips.


"Shut-up Khushi…. What on Earth have you started to think…??"


Khushi said to herself, as she realized that how her mind was becoming as shameless as that Laad Governor. Poor girl couldn't even pay proper attention to herself, forget of doing any work properly. She shut her eyes tightly and tried to calm herself down, chanting her partner in crime Devi Maiyya's name continuously, as if this would stop the sensual thoughts from provoking her. It was just then her cell phone rang. Still having her eyes closed, she received the call.




"Frying jalebis… Eh?" Came a husky voice from the other side of phone, as a devilish smirk added more sexiness to his subtle face.


"Ummm… NO…!" Khushi stammered, being nervous, "I mean… why are you asking… whether I fried Jalebis… or not?"


"Because my thoughts must be disturbing you… and you, being the unique Khushi Kumari Gupta, fry jalebis when something disturbs you, so…. I thought you must be frying jalebis!"


"But I've already fried them…!"


Khushi blurted out quickly and happily, as if she had done some great work. But the next second, she realized that what her sentence meant to Arnav, who was smirking on the other side of phone. He could clearly imagine her embarrassment, especially her little red nose on her beautiful face. Taking this a great opportunity, he thought to tease her for a while.


"Really? So…. What were you thinking about me…?" Arnav asked, lazily resting his back on his rocking chair.


"Well… I…"


"Go on honey…"


"I… was…. Thinking…that…." She blushed, on hearing that with what names did Arnav had started to refer her.


"That how would I pleasure you in my bed..?


"Arnav ji…! Please!"


"Oh… Was that too much for you…?" He raised his eyebrow, playing with the paper weight kept on his table.


"I'm…. keeping the phone!" Khushi blushed fiercely.






"I love you!" Arnav smiled slightly.


"I love you too… Arnav ji…"


Khushi replied with a shy smile curving on her lips, as she cut the call and thought about whatever Arnav had said to her… How would he pleasure her on bed…. Well, his dirty talks had started polluting her mind, as she concluded to herself. Avoiding those erotic thoughts, Khushi ran into washroom to get freshen up, thinking that she will feel fine after washing her face. But little did the innocent girl know that soon she would need a cold shower, once she comes across Arnav in coming hours!


PRECAP-: Do I need to write it..? WinkLOL

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Loved it

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Yay! I'm on the first page of the update! Big smile

Now abut the update! 

Lip gloss scenes were hot and sweet! 

Thank you for the PM! 

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Nw eagerly waiting for the next update!!
D reception party!!!

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awesome update
waiting for next part

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