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~ArHi SS-: Sensual Encounters~ (Next thread@Pg149) (Page 38)

arnavlover97 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 September 2012 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Wonderful. Loved it. Cannot wait until the next update. Please make it fast. Thank u for the pm.

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bhaktiii IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 September 2012 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
Awww! ;)
Just can't wait

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laksh65 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 September 2012 at 3:29am | IP Logged
hi when you will update the third chapter
waiting to read.

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sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 September 2012 at 5:54am | IP Logged
Plz continue soon

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rennie Goldie

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Posted: 25 September 2012 at 8:32pm | IP Logged
loved it..
sorry i took so long to comment, but i'm really busy with my exams right now..

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whiterose29 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 10:03am | IP Logged

A huge thanks for liking and commenting on my previous update! HugHugHug Here's the next one, and I hope you like it too! Wink Enjoy! And don't forget to comment pilleej! TongueEmbarrassed


                                                                               Part- 3



"Yes Buaji… keep that one too… And don't forget the pink dupatta which I bought from Chandni Chowk… And please keep the bright blue suit too… no.. Not that one… the one with chicken work on it…"


Khushi explained to Buaji on phone, standing at a corner, away from others who were busy playing games with Payal and Akash, the newly married couple. Buaji seemed to be irritated on the other side, as Khushi became quite choosy and took a long time to think of her clothes that she would need. She herself became annoyed when Buaji couldn't understand her.


"Ohfo… Buaji, you better hand over the phone to Amma… She'll understand that what I'm saying…" Khushi yelled out of irritation.


"Garima is with Shashi babua… and you keep the phone down… I'll send those clothes which I find better…"


"But Buaji, I even need that lehenga which I bought to wear for jiji and jijaji's reception…"


"And you even need your strawberry lip gloss, right?"


Arnav whispered seductively, making Khushi turn behind in mere surprise with widened eyes. For a second, she was lost in his deep brown eyes that expressed different feelings at one single time. Khushi always found an intense desire for herself in those eyes, and felt herself melting in them. But this intense eye-lock lasted for few seconds, until Buaji screamed out Khushi's name on phone.


"Aye Sanka Devi, why you stopped speaking…?"


"What.. did you… just… say…? Khushi asked in surprise, taking a step backward.


"I said, that you need your strawberry lip gloss also, isn't it?" Arnav smirked, "So don't forget to get it packed."


"Why should… I do that?" She avoided his gaze.


"Is it necessary for you to quarrel with me on every matter?" Arnav asked in slight irritation, "Just do as I say…"


"Who do you think you are, that I'll obey everything you say…?"


Khushi amusingly said to Arnav and turned back to speak to Buaji on phone, when she felt a sudden jerk on herself; Arnav snaked his one hand around her stomach and with his other hand, he closed her mouth. He had made her turn in one single jerk in such way that her back collided on his chest, and his hand left her stomach and snatched her phone.


"Buaji, pack whatever clothes you like." Arnav said normally.


"Hai Re Nandkishore, what happened to you voice titliya?" Buaji remained surprised to hear a manly voice.


"Buaji, it's me… Arnav." He said, a bit amused at Buaji's reaction.


"Oh… Arnav babua…?"


"Actually Nani called Khushi for some work… and she handed over the phone to me in hurry, saying you to get her clothes packed… along with her strawberry lip gloss..!"


Arnav said innocently to Buaji, but as he spoke the last five words, he smirked naughtily at Khushi, who was astonished to see him being so shameless, yet acting so innocent. She could never even think that Arnav Singh Raizada, who was so strict in front of the world, was so shameless in reality!


"Strawberry… lip gloss… but… I don't know… which one it that… This girl uses so many flavoured lip glosses…." Buaji said, checking all her lip glosses, "How shall I…"


"Actually… I won't mind if you pack all the flavoured lip glosses!" Arnav said immediately, winking naughtily at Khushi, whose eye balls popped out on hearing this.




"Umm… No… I mean… Khushi won't mind… if you pack all her lip glosses..!" He corrected.


"Ok.. That's fine…!"


Buaji smiled and cut the call, and began packing her stuff. And there, Arnav happily handed over the phone to Khushi, who was still in surprise after hearing what Arnav said to Buaji. She angrily moved away from him, pushing him back. But Arnav was thoroughly enjoying her anger… after all, he did what he wanted to!


"Why did you do this?" Khushi questioned angrily.


"Do… What?" He asked, trying to be innocent.


"Why did you ask Buaji to pack all my lip glosses??" She asked quickly in same tone, as if extremely worried, "What she must be thinking…?"


"I don't care what she thinks… I did what I wanted to do…" He smirked and took some steps closer towards her, "And now, since Buaji is getting your lip gloss collection packed, I would love to taste all your flavours..!"


Khushi again looked at Arnav with wide eyes in mere astonishment. But he remained casual, and winked to her once he finished speaking. She was about to move from there, but what he said next, made her blush to hell.


"Tasting flavours is simply an excuse Khushi… The fact is that I love tasting your lips…" He said, walking towards her, and his fingers reached up to her face to caress her soft lips, "Damn… it invites me everytime…"


"Chhotey… Where are you…?" Anjali called out loudly.


Arnav would have surely taken her lips in an intense and wild kiss, but it was his sister's call that disturbed his erotic desires. Seeing him slightly annoyed, Khushi naughtily smiled to herself and pushing him back, she walked forward and made a normal face before Anjali came there.


"Arre Chhotey… Khushi ji.. What are you both doing here…. Together?"


Anjali asked innocently, giving more stress on the world 'together'. But she had already understood that what must have been going on between the two before she came there and disturbed them. Arnav was still annoyed, while Khushi though up of some lame excuse.


"Wo… Anjali ji…. Actually.. I… I was… talking to Buaji…" Khushi smiled slightly.


"Oh, and what about you Chhotey?" Anjali looked at him suspiciously.


"Umm… actually, Arnav ji came here to call me…" Khushi said immediately before he could speak anything.


"So please you both come and join all of us… It's so much fun there..!" Anjali said delightedly.


"Di, I'll join you in few minutes…" Arnav said.






After enough teasing, Anjali and NK let Akash go in his room to celebrate his wedding night with Payal. Khushi too joined in to tease the newly married couple, though she herself was being teased by Arnav's hungry eyes. Shamelessly, he kept on staring at her, without caring that the other family members like his darling Di and Nani were able to see the sensual war going on between the two.


While Nani and rest other family members returned into their respective rooms, Khushi stayed in the guest-room, which was downstairs. She was extremely happy for her sister, and humming some Salman Khan song, she opened her suitcase and settled her dresses nicely in the cupboard. Just then, there was a knock on the door, which disturbed her. Wondering that who could be there at this hour, she opened the door, only to see Arnav there, leaning to the side wall with his signature smirk on his face.


"You…? What… are you… doing over here… at this… time…?"


"As if you don't know!" Arnav replied casually, and entered in the room, making her annoyed.


"How dare you enter in room without my permission?" Khushi barked angrily.


"Excuse me..?" Arnav looked amused at her, "Remember, this is my house! And I don't think I need your permission to go in any room of this house!"


"But… why… are you here…?" She asked, looking confusingly at him.


"To keep my promise…" He smirked, taking small steps towards her, "Remember, a long proper kiss… or…. More than a kiss, before you…"


"Arnav ji please.."


Her breathing became heavier, when Arnav stood just few inches away from her, and his hands rested against the wall on her either sides, so that she couldn't escape from him. Arnav's eyes were busy lingering on her from head to toe and saw that she hadn't changed yet.


"You're tired, isn't it?" Arnav asked.




"I mean, you've been wearing this heavy jewellery and lehenga since afternoon, so you must be feeling exhausted, right?"


"Haan Arnav ji!" Khushi spoke, and involuntarily pushed him back to walk forward, "I told Buaji, that I can't carry such heavy lehenga and jewellery, but she kept on insisting me to wear all this and…"


Khushi went on speaking to Arnav about how Buaji and Garima forced her to wear such heavy lehenga and jewellery. But Arnav was least interested in her story, as he was busy admiring her beautiful form. His hungry eyes lingered on her ears and neck, thinking devilishly that how he would take those heavy earrings and necklace off her and kiss, suck and bite her soft skin there.


Arnav locked the door and still having that sexy smirk on his face, he walked forward and holding her hand, he pulled her towards himself in one single jerk.


"Arnav ji…"


"Sshhh…" He silenced her with his finger on her lips, "You speak too much!"


Arnav snaked his hands around her waist, and walked forward with her, until her back came in contact with the cupboard. It seemed as if Khushi forgot to breathe, when she felt his warm breathe teasing her face. She tried to speak, but the moment she felt his fingers playing with her earrings, she lowered her gaze in shyness, wondering that what he was up to.


'These heavy earrings… they make your ears pain right? Let me soothe your pain…"


Whispering this hotly into her ears, Arnav gently took off her earrings one by one and placed wet kisses along her both ears, and softly bit the area below her earlobe, making her gasp in this strange excitement. Khushi clutched onto her lehenga tightly, as she tried to keep her self-control strong, which became weaker as he proceeded towards her neck and slowly unlocked her necklace. Sliding the necklace slowly from her neck, he leaned down and kissed all-over her neck breathlessly.


Though she tried hard, Khushi had lost control over herself and brought her hands behind him, to pull him closer and tell that how badly she needed him at this moment. And this made Arnav go even wilder, and he sucked hard on the base of her neck, when he heard her moaning out his name louder this time.


Arnav stopped sucking her neck, and raised his head up to see Khushi completely lost in the moment. The expression which she had on her face clearly conveyed that how much she enjoyed the moment, and how much she craved for his touch. A proud look appeared on his face, as he was the only one who could make her lose her control to this extent.


"Arrnn… nnavvv…."


Khushi would have barely cried out his name in frustration, when Arnav immediately lunged forward and covering the distance between their faces, he took her trembling lips into a deep long kiss, tasting each and every inch of her soft luscious lips. She pulled him closer to deepen the kiss, while he obeyed her and bit her lower lip, which caused her to open her mouth as she cried in pain. Finding this the golden opportunity, Arnav immediately slid his tongue inside her mouth, and tasted every corner in her mouth. He felt Khushi's fingers entangled into his gelled hairs, and as his tongue teased her mouth, she clutched into his hairs tightly, making them messy.

Both breathless, they unwillingly broke the kiss, and moved slightly away to take in some oxygen, when both heard someone's footsteps approaching in hall.


PRECAP-: Arnav tells Khushi that he wants to taste her lip glosses! BlushingBlushing

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norolim Goldie

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Very naughty and very hot! Loved the update :)
I;m first!

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..Anita.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 10:40am | IP Logged
I am second!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow talk about some sensual seduction...on Arnav's part
He is sooo naughty
Thanks for the pm

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