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~ArHi SS-: Sensual Encounters~ (Next thread@Pg149) (Page 32)

anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 September 2012 at 12:27am | IP Logged
sooo cute part..
waiting for the next part

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RickyBahl IF-Dazzler

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well done

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whiterose29 IF-Stunnerz

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Thanks for commenting on my previous update! Hug And again sorry for being late...Ouch like I said, I'm still adjusting to my new routine. Stern Smile Please bear with me... I hope I don't bore anyone here! Big smile

Anyway, enjoy the next part.





"Oh Khushi ji, you're here?" NK approached there, and smiled widely to see Khushi.


"But you went to take some more flowers, isn't it?" He exclaimed in confusion, when his eyes fell on Arnav, who stood behind Khushi, still with an angry expression, "And what are you doing over here Nannav?"


"Umm.. I ..."


"We are here to see the plants Nanhe ji...!" Khushi answered immediately, cutting Arnav's sentence in between.


"Plants.. But why?" NK remained confused.


"Because... Arnav ji had watered the plants... and I had to see... whether... he... does it well... or not..." She answered, and took breathe of relief in the end as she remained successful to make a good excuse!


"Watering... Plants..."


"Umm... Nanhe ji... let's go now... Everyone must be searching for us..."


"Ok... Nannav, come with us na!" NK smiled looking at Arnav.


"He will come by himself Nanhe ji... but we should go now!"



Khushi said, and walked forward with NK, but not before giving an attitude-filled look to Arnav, who was amused at her behaviour. But he could also not deny that he felt jealous to see Khushi being so nice to NK and behaving shy around him. No matter what, he wanted to be always around her, and protect her from the prying eyes of other men... Well, his possessiveness had no limit after all!






Akash tied the sacred mangal-sutra to Payal and put sindoor on her head, following which they both were declared as husband and wife forever. They happily went to all elders one by one and touched their feet to take their blessings. And after farewell, Khushi headed outside the Raizada Mansion along with Garima, Shashi and Buaji, just when Nani called them to stop.


"Madhumati ji, Garima ji, I hope you won't mind if Khushi bitiya too stays with us for some days.." Nani ji said, looking lovingly at Khushi who stood behind Garima. Both Garima and Buaji were surprised and confused at the same time to hear this.


"Arre, there is nothing to be surprised Buaji..." Anjali smiled on seeing both the confused ladies, "Actually, Payal ji is completely new to the family, and so she'll take some time to adjust in our atmosphere... And if Khushi ji will stay here for some days, Payal ji won't feel nervous or awkward around here..."


"Hai re Nandkishore, that's very kind of you to think this... But... I hope there is no problem if... Khushi bitiya stays here..."


"Oh, why would that be a problem?" Anjali sighed, and walked towards Khushi, "She's such a sweet girl... Infact, we would love to have her company..."


"But I hope that Khushi bitiya doesn't have any problem..."


"Not at all Nani!"


Said a cheerful Khushi, who was excited at the fact that she would accompany her sister at least for some days. Nani and Anjali were in ecstasy to hear this, and Anjali deliberately looked at her brother, who too was happy to know that Khushi would stay at his Mansion for some days.


And it was now, that a confused Khushi understood the reason behind Arnav's happiness. He sexily smirked to her, as if saying that he would be going to have some 'nice time' with her during her stay at Shanti-Van. Her heart skipped a beat, as she recalled her last few encounters with him, and thought that if Arnav could be so wild and passionate in previous meetings with her, then what would he do to her if she remained 24 hours in front of him?


"Relax Khushi Kumari Gupta...Arnav ji will leave for office in morning itself, and won't return back before late evening... So there will be barely enough time for us to spend together!"


Thought a happy Khushi, as she tried to console herself and live in a wrong belief that Arnav won't get enough time to spend with her. Though she perfectly knew that he is Arnav Singh Raizada...and he can himself make out enough time to be with her.


Garima, Buaji and Shashi had left a while ago, saying that they would send Khushi's clothes and other necessary things in an hour. And the Raizada's went back in the Mansion to give a grand welcome to newly married couple. But Khushi stood there, lost in her own world of thoughts.


"Can't resist me, right?"


A deep husky voice disturbed her thoughts. Khushi turned aside and wasn't much surprised, as she recognized the voice and saw Arnav standing in front of her. But what he said, highly made her embarrassed, but hiding her shyness, she gave a surprised look to him.


"Huh..?" She exclaimed, pretending to be surprised. "What do you mean?"


"As if you don't know...!" he turned closer to her, "But I can understand that its quite difficult for you to resist me..."


"Who said that? I pity on you that you're living in such a big misconception!" She shrugged her shoulders.


"Really? So why were you afraid when Nani and Di asked you to stay at Shanti-Van for few days?"


Khushi looked at him with popped out eyeballs on hearing his words. It seemed as if he had caught her red-handed. She thought of some lame excuse to escape the situation, but as Arnav used to say, he is far more clever than her! He could clearly read her mind by her expressions, as he did now!


"Don't even dare to think of some stupid excuse Khushi!" He whispered, holding her possessively from her shoulders, "Just say that you can't resist me..."


"Arnav ji..."




"Leave m..."


Khushi barely opened her mouth to speak, when Arnav immediately slammed his hard lips on hers, without caring that they were standing outside the Mansion. A highly surprised Khushi moaned in rejection and tried to push him, but Arnav aggressively took hold of her hand and twisted it behind her waist, and deepened the kiss, pressing his body firmly against her.


Snaking his arms around her tiny bare waist, Arnav bit her lower lip mercilessly, causing her to open her mouth in pain. Finding that the great opportunity, he quickly slid his tongue into her warm mouth, exploring each and every corner of her mouth, taking his own sweet time to tease her.


They both were so lost in the kiss that both didn't knew when Arnav pushed her backwards and when they came under a tree, with Khushi's back against the tree and Arnav still kissing her wildly. Khushi felt weak in her knees, while her other hand involuntarily crawled upto his back, and she felt herself melting in that intense kiss.


She remained unsuccessful to withdraw from the wild kiss, and kissed him back with equal wildness, while her fingers entwined in his gelled hairs. He was damn aroused by this behaviour, and breaking the kiss, he leaned down and taking a good amount of her soft flesh from her neck between his sharp teeth, he bit her wildly, making her go crazy beneath his manly aura.


"Remember Khushi... You belong to me only... And no one else..." Arnav said possessively, while he ran his tongue on the mark to sooth her pain.


"Aaah...Arnavv jiii..." Khushi let out a moan.


"I love it when you moan out my name like this... It makes me feel more aroused!" Arnav said hoarsely, and nuzzled in her neck, taking in the rosy smell of her perfume.


"I've said to you before... That... I... belong to.. you only!" Khushi said, as her hands roamed all over his back and ruffled his hairs.


"But I love to say that you're mine.." He whispered, "And you don't even dare to think of anyone else..."


"Who can dare to do that, especially after being loved by you?" Khushi smiled slightly, as she felt completely lost under his sensual assaults.


Hearing her, Arnav felt proud on himself, and looking keenly at her, he rose his hand and trailed sensually from her forehead towards her nose, from her cheeks to the base of her neck, moving downwards and once when his hands rested above her chest, he moved up to meet her gaze and keenly observed her expressions which conveyed that she was damn enjoying his manly touch. Arnav smirked slightly and began caressing her skin there seductively, making her lose all her control. Khushi felt shuddered at his rough yet loving touch, but soon she realized that they were outside in dark, hiding behind a huge tree.


"Arnavv jii... Please..." Khushi's breathing became heavier.


"Please what..?"


"Leave me.. What... If anyone.. comes here... searching... for us... And sees us.. like this...?"


Khushi managed to speak out, fearing that Arnav would scream at her for being to nave and shy in front of him. And he was annoyed to see her like this. She always dared to speak up in front of him, and now, when he wants her also to make a move towards him, then why she's being shy? No, he knew that Khushi too felt the same for him what he feels for her' She too wanted him badly, and couldn't resist him. Arnav smirked, thinking of the ways by which he would bring out the wild cat hidden inside her.


"I don't care if anyone sees us Khushi.." He whispered seductively into her ears, and bringing her hand closer to his face, he left a trail of soft kisses along her wrist to her palm, while his other hand snaked around her tiny bare waist, "All I know is that you'll be staying here for some days...And I'm gonna make this stay a memorable one for you... So don't even think of escaping from me baby...!"


While Arnav was speaking, Khushi looked at him with her big brown eyes that twinkled with pride, happiness and shyness of course. Exactly, she could never dare to think of any way to escape from him. And somewhere deep in her heart, she too did not wish to escape from him. If Arnav wanted Khushi all to himself, Khushi also was no less than him, as she too enjoyed the intimacy that she shared with him, and damn loved the fact that Arnav always made her feel things which she had never felt before.


Arnav leaned down and gave a small peck on her trembling lips, making her frustrated, as the kiss lasted only for few seconds. He grinned on seeing her pouting out her lips innocently, as she wanted to taste more of him.


"No worries honey... I'll surely give you a proper kiss... or more than just a kiss before you go to sleep.."


Saying this shamelessly, Arnav smirked and went in to join his family, leaving an aroused and a bit embarrassed Khushi behind. Like he said, he'll have some more 'nice time' with her before she goes to sleep... How was she supposed to be normal? Her mind was filled with erotic thoughts, wondering that till what extent can Arnav go to be with her!




PRECAP-: Do I need to give that? WinkLOL


This was quite a short update as compared to before, but the upcoming updates will be longer enough for you guys...Wink So keep commenting and liking.Embarrassed

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I was goingto write update soon but saw thatu had just updated so thanks
Coming to the chapter it was very well written and showed the turmoil of khushi exactl

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yay!!!! i'm second
well i read this before getting a pm
man these two are just tooo hot to handle
i wonder what her stay will be like and how enjoyable arnav will make itWinkEmbarrassed

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OMG wonderful update! and Oh la la totally looking forward to the next part! haha :P
Do update soon :) please :D

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nice update...Big smile
yay third to comment Dancing

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Wow!! Big smile

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