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~ArHi SS-: Sensual Encounters~ (Next thread@Pg149) (Page 16)

Crazy_soul IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 10:23pm | IP Logged
Wow!.excitd for the sequel.

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barbie984 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 11:55pm | IP Logged
pls continue fast and pm me the updates

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kammy63 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 September 2012 at 10:39am | IP Logged
Waiting update dear...
Please Smile

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dazzle4everr Senior Member

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Posted: 11 September 2012 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
Wow!!This is awesome.
I loved Only & Only mine!And now it's sequel.Dancing
Pls PM me when u update it.

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SansShyam Senior Member

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Posted: 11 September 2012 at 9:45pm | IP Logged
when will  this 'soon' come? ...LOL.loved the previous thread...

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whiterose29 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 6:47am | IP Logged

I'm glad to see such a huge response to my SS! DancingDancing Your comments are really very precious and they mean a lot to me! Heart Some of you even give their suggestions, which help me to improve further! Embarrassed Thanks a lot guys… Tongue I love all my readers! HugHug





Arnav was on cloud 9, after Khushi confessed to him that she belonged only to him and only he had right over her. He was in a happier mood, which was highly surprising everyone except NK, Anjali and Nani, who very well knew the reason behind his happiness. It was simply the last night's encounter in his car that he could not get off from his mind. Arnav could still imagine Khushi standing in front of him, wrapped in that sexy white saaree, and his hands running all over her skin in a teasing way. Oh sweet Lord! Simply the thoughts of this girl turned him on to this extent… what would he do with her if he got some more time to spend with her in alone? And he felt highly aroused on thinking that he would surely get enough time to spend with Khushi in privacy, as she would stay in Shanti-Van for some days once Akash & Payal are married.






And after that hot & sexy confession, Khushi's mind too was flooded with sinful thoughts. Today, her sister was getting married and she had a bunch of pending work to finish off, but even then her mind was diverted towards the last night's incident, when Arnav teased her to limits, only to make her say that she belonged to him. Buaji and Garima were pissed off at Khushi, but who would explain them that their innocent daughter was getting desperate and impatient to have a glimpse of Arnav, especially after their last meeting in his SUV!


"Hai Devi Maiyya… Please help me out… Why these kind of shameful thoughts are coming in my mind…?"


Khushi shut her eyes tightly and exclaimed to herself, every time a sinful thought crossed her innocent mind. But she also could not deny the fact that she too felt turned on after recollecting that sensual hours spent with Arnav in his car last night.






If Arnav and Khushi were lost in their own blissful world, Payal and Akash were extremely happy that they would be married to each other. Finally, that hour was here when they both will tie the knots and become husband & wife.

They both were seated in the mandap, as Panditji chanted the mantras and along with the family members, all guests and relatives were too present there to shower their blessings on the couple and wish them a happy married life.


But as the wedding was going on, the groom's brother and bride's sister were busy playing hide and seek with each other! Ever since that hot confession took place between the two, Khushi has been trying her best to avoid Arnav and maintain distance from him.

Arnav's eyes were strongly fixed on her, as if no one was present around him except her, and his eyes clearly conveyed that what devilish desires were going on in his brain. But making lame excuse of some or other work, Khushi managed to stay away from his heated gaze.


His anger was high on peaks, as Khushi's ignorance was affecting him badly. Through out the wedding ceremony, she did not even bother to look at him, forget of speaking even a word to him! Damn… How badly he hated to see Khushi ignoring him, and instead, gossiping with NK as if he was the only person present with her. Well, little did she know that the animal inside Arnav was awake after seeing her avoiding him.


As Panditji went on chanting the mantras, Payal and Akash stood up to take the seven rounds of fire. A cheerful Khushi came out of the crowd and went behind to take a handful of flowers to shower on them. Finding this the right moment, Arnav too came out of the crowd behind her with an intention to take her to a secluded place, where no one could disturb them. He caught hold of her wrist and pulled her way from there, making her gasp in surprise.


"Arnav ji…. Leave my hand… Where are you… taking me…?" Khushi screamed in a low tone, looking all around in fear as if all were noticing the two going out from the crowd.


Khushi was surprised at this behaviour of Arnav, as he took her out of the crowd without even caring about anyone. Well, he was always like that! She questioned him and pleaded him to leave her, but it seemed that there was no affect of her pleadings on Arnav. He simply walked forward, holding her hand possessively, as if she would run away from him.


"What's wrong with you Arnav ji? Why have you brought me here… What if anyone sees us here…?"


Khushi asked desperately, as Arnav brought her to the poolside and pushed her carelessly towards the wall, making her slightly trip, but she managed to stand properly. She could clearly witness the anger in his eyes, as he stared at her without saying anything. She asked the same thing again, to which, Arnav moved closer towards her and put his both hands on her either sides, pinning her to the wall.


"Shut-up Khushi… You ask too many questions... " He grunted his teeth.


"Because you… don't reply to me…" Khushi gasped at the proximity between the two.


"Do you think I'm a fool? Can't I see that you're avoiding me after the last night?" Arnav asked straight away looking into her eyes.


"Who… said that?" Khushi tried looking away, "I… am pretty busy… You can see that today is my sister's wedding… and I have so many things to do…"


"Yeah, I can see…. Gossiping with NK is the only thing you're doing since afternoon!" Arnav groaned in jealousy, "Why the hell are you avoiding me?"


"No… Arnav ji… I'm not… avoiding you…. It's… just that… I… I…"


Khushi tried to answer his question after seeing immense anger in his eyes, but shyness took over her and she failed to answer him, her gaze lowered down in embarrassment, as she recollected their last sensual meeting. Initially, Arnav desperately waited for her to answer, but seeing her reddened face, he understood what the matter was, and smirked to himself, wondering that his little actions had such an affect on this innocent girl… How would she react if he showed her the animal inside him?


"What Khushi?"


"I… feel… shy… around you….!"


Khushi answered, giving a shy smile to him, while her eyes were still lowered down in embarrassment, but they twinkled with shyness towards him. Arnav raised his left eyebrow in surprise, and tried to keep a control on his grin, which involuntarily appeared on his face after hearing her reply. She was the same Khushi, who loved to argue with him, and left no chance of irritating him by talking too much. And now, she is the same Khushi, feeling shy around him!


"But why Khushi? Why do you feel shy… around me?" Arnav questioned, making an innocent face to her.


"As if you don't know…" She frowned.


"I really don't know…" He replied in the same tone, "Oh, lemme guess… You're feeling shy… because of whatever happened between us last night… in car..?"


Arnav smirked, looking at Khushi, who blushed furiously at the mention of sensual hours of last night. Her face was clear evident that how much she enjoyed those hours in his car, and how much more she wanted from him. And the same was with Arnav, who grew more desperate for her, and badly wanted to pleasure her, after which he would demand pleasure from her!


"Arr..nav ji… let me go…" Khushi asked in a low tone, still not looking at him.


"Do you expect me to leave you Khushi…. Especially after that hot confession?" He asked, looking keenly at her.


"I… Well…" She stammered, though she was enjoying the moment, the closeness between the two.


"And do you want me to leave you my love?" Arnav asked, giving more emphasis on the word 'want'.


"No…" Khushi replied in haste, without even thinking for once.


"I knew it!" He leaned towards her and whispered hotly into her ears, sending shivers through her spine.


"I…. didn't…. mean that…" She stammered again, clutching tightly onto her lehenga to keep her self control strong.


"Then what do you mean…?" He moved closer, while his hands rose up to feel the soft creamy skin of her bare arms.


"I… mean… I… Aaa…"


"You look beautiful Khushi…" Whispering seductively into her ears, he placed butterfly kisses along her arm, and his palms snaked around her neck possessively.


"Arnav ji…"




Arnav gently pulled her towards him from her neck, and sealed her trembling lips in his rough ones. He teasingly sucked on her lower lip, earning a soft moan from her. Khushi had lost control over herself, and soon gave into the hungry kiss, while her hands slowly went upto his shoulders and clutched there tightly. She moaned in anticipation, as Arnav teased her by still sucking her lower lip, and in return, her hands crawled upto his hairs and taking a fistful of them, she pulled him closer towards herself. This surprised Arnav, but at the same time, he felt aroused and kissed her more wildly, pressing his hard body to her perfect slim one.


Khushi kissed him back with equal passion, while Arnav bit her lower lip, which caused her to open her mouth in the sweet pain. Finding a right opportunity, his tongue made way inside her mouth and explored in, taking his sweet time. Khushi moaned at this unfamiliar feeling, but enjoyed it.


Both had completely forgotten that there was a wedding going on, and they kissed each other as if there was no tomorrow. The need to breathe caused them to break the kiss unwillingly, or else they would have not left each other.


"You taste awesome Khushi…!"


Arnav commented, while his fingers ran through her silky hairs. She blushed to hear this, and felt shivers through her entire body when she saw his eyes constantly fixed on her pink luscious lips. He brought down his hand and seductively ran his thumb on her trembling lips, which became hotter on his touch. Khushi closed her eyes, feeling the pleasure of his thumb on her lips.


"Strawberry flavor, isn't it?" He smirked, as he wiped off the remaining lip gloss from her lips.


"Arnav ji… leave me…" Khushi pleaded in a sweet tone, trying to avoid his question.


"I love this one…  Strawberry is my favorite you see…"


Arnav said, while Khushi still blushed to hear him saying those things. She too loved the feeling of his manly lips on her soft ones, but how was she supposed to say that in front of him? Her shyness simply turned him on, so how much more he would be aroused if she expressed her own feelings to him!


Khushi managed to look up at him after a moment of silence, and blushed even more furiously to see his lips smeared with her shiny pink lip gloss. She immediately rose her hands and using her forefinger, she gently rubbed off the lip gloss from his lips. Arnav had a strong urge to take her finger in his mouth and lick it seductively, but before he could do that, an irritating loud voice disturbed his wicked thoughts.


"Khushi ji… Where have you gone…?"


NK called for Khushi, as he searched her everywhere in the Mansion. Hearing his voice, Arnav was pissed off, and felt like punching NK to ruin such a romantic moment.




Arnav muttered to himself, while Khushi giggled to see him irritated. He stared at her angrily, after which she tried her best to control her laughter, but in vain. Hearing NK's footsteps nearby, Khushi stopped laughing and immediately pushed Arnav aside, walking few steps forward with an innocent face. Arnav stared at Khushi in disbelief and anger.


Do leave your comments & hit the 'like' tab. Embarrassed

@Silent-Readers-: Please comment after you read my update, whether you love the update or not. Big smile I'll try my best to write more interesting in the future parts! Embarrassed And commenting will also help you to increase your number of posts! LOLLOL



P.S-: Index prepared on the first page. Embarrassed

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Downhill IF-Addictz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 7:06am | IP Logged
simply brilliant..loved it..

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NestleToulouse IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 September 2012 at 7:20am | IP Logged
Loved the update sweetie !! It was really a nice read !! Star Cant wait for the next part and thanks for the PM hun Hug

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