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~ArHi SS-: Sensual Encounters~ (Next thread@Pg149) (Page 108)

stunning.ayesha IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 November 2012 at 4:38am | IP Logged
I just read your 2 SS only and only mine and this one and I just enjoyed each and every chapters fully...
Maza aa gaya
Well I am here to tell you please continue soon and PM me and if you can accept my buddy request that I had sent you
Please update soon

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msin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 November 2012 at 10:56pm | IP Logged
Where r ur updates..

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Xaffi Goldie

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Posted: 20 November 2012 at 1:46am | IP Logged
Awesome... Oved it sorry for replying so late...

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-Anu13- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 November 2012 at 8:56am | IP Logged
Nice part update soon

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-.Pearl.- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 November 2012 at 10:06am | IP Logged
Amazing! Continue soon..

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chulbuli94 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 4:22am | IP Logged
update karo na,Aashi !!!!! Big smile

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whiterose29 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 9:50pm | IP Logged

Hey friends! Hug Firstly, I'm really very sorry for updating late!! I guess you all know the reason behind this delay.. I'm still upset with whatever is going on around regarding Barun Sobti and IPKKND. Unhappy It's my favouraite and the only show which I watch regularly, so I'm really sad.

And because of it, I thought that the readers too won't have any interest in reading FF/SS, but thanks to my SS readers and friends who proved me wrong. Embarrassed I realized that with the mess going on in the forum, ArHi SS/FF are the only things which can keep the magical charm and essence of Arnav-Khushi alive in our minds. Heart

So here I am with the next part. Hope you enjoy it. Embarrassed


                                                        Part- 9



Even while Arnav was in office, he could hardly concentrate on his work. There was a bundle of numerous files lying on his desk, which were still pending for his signature. But boy, all he could think was of only and only Khushi. This girl had surely driven him crazy. And crazy to this extent, that he was almost speechless in front of a client during a meeting, as he could think only about her. Since she told him that she will be leaving the next morning, he could think of nothing else! Sweet Lord... How much he would miss her.. And damn, how much more he would miss teasing her and playing sensually with her, which had become an addiction to him now!

Arnav groaned in frustration, when he recalled the sad look on Khushi's face, and her tearful eyes. But somewhere deep in his heart, he had a fear.. Fear to lose her. He had already seen enough in his past, he had lost his mother, whom he loved more than anything.. But now, he could not afford to lose Khushi at any cost.. No, he would not let her leave so easily. She belonged to him only, and he would not let this girl go away from him just because of a little argument. Arnav will surely win his love, whether by hook, or by crook.






Arnav was back from office quite early, as he was highly into cajoling his Khushi by any means. He couldn't wait any longer. By each passing second, his soul shivered, thinking about Khushi leaving him. He felt as if this entire world would engulf him if she walked away from him. He had made his mind to talk to her straightly, but was annoyed to see that his girl was too busy in packing her stuffs.


Khushi was indeed busy in packing, and tried her best not to think about Arnav anymore. But she cursed him, as the more she tried to divert her mind, the more his thoughts disturbed her. His delicious thoughts... His dirty words... His naughty actions.. Well, she couldn't get enough of him!


It was time for evening tea in Raizada Mansion, and everyone gathered in the hall, while Payal was serving tea to everyone. Khushi came upstairs to call Anjali, and she was on her way back to hall, when she felt a strong grip on her wrist, trying to pull her aside, and before she could even blink her eyes, Khushi found herself in Arnav's room, stuck between him and the wall. Her eyes widened on seeing him, while he had an intense look on his face, and his eyes had the same hunger, which she was badly missing since last few days.


"How dare you.. Behave like this with me?" Khushi questioned, looking angrily at him.


"How dare I.. Really Khushi?" Arnav was highly amused to hear Khushi, who was slightly embarrassed after he spoke.


"Please.. leave me..." She begged, trying to escape from his tight grip, "Everyone must be waiting for me in hall.."


"And what about me?" He asked, "I've been waiting for you so that I can have you in my room.. And spend some quality time with you..."


"Quality time?" Khushi looked at him with oblivion, as she very well understood what he meant to say, and thought that how shameless he could get. "After you yelled at me?"


"Listen Khushi..."


"No Arnav Ji.. I won't listen to you anymore." She cried, "I've been listening to you, and this is the reason why you put your point of view forward and ignore mine. But I'm also a human.. I also have a.."


Khushi could have spoke further, but Arnav didn't let her, as he was irritated of her non-stop complaining and immediately slammed his lips roughly on hers, making her completely silent. Shocked by this sudden assault, Khushi's eyes were widened and she tried to push him away with full force. But soon her self control became weak and she felt herself giving in, as the kiss turned slow, sensual and intense. Her hands, which rested against his chest to push him, were now around his neck, pulling him closer to deepen the kiss.

Arnav pressed his perfect muscled body against her tiny form, and his hands were now entangled around her petite waist, pulling her towards himself. Khushi moaned, when Arnav vigorously bit her lower lip, causing her to open her mouth. Sliding his warm tongue into her delectable mouth, he explored her taking his own sweet time, and soon, their tongues began fighting with each other for dominance. Few minutes later, they let go off each other unwillingly, as there was extreme need of oxygen after such a demanding kiss. Arnav smirked, and felt proud to see her luscious lips slightly swollen because of him, while she angrily looked at him.


"You know, you look very cute when you're angry..." He smiled smugly, caressing her cheek with his thumb.


"Leave me.. I don't want to talk to you.." Khushi said rudely, and pushed him aside, walking forward to leave the room. But she was stopped by Arnav, who held her hand tightly.


"You have to talk to me dammit.. Or else I won't leave you Khushi.."


He growled, looking angrily at her, waiting for her to speak something. But his anger increased to see her silent, not responding to him in anyway. Arnav always hated to see his girl being silent. He was damn used to her blabbering and now, when she was quiet, he flew into rage, and pulled her back towards him in such a way that she straightly landed onto his chest with a jerk.


"Speak something dammit.. I hate to see you silent.. Say something Khushi.. Talk to me.. Complain about me.. But please don't kill me with your silence..."


"I'm killing you with my silence.. Really Arnav Ji?" Khushi looked at him in slight surprise, "And what have you been doing since last few days? Every time I tried to talk to you, you yelled at me, threw hurtful words at me, without even thinking that what I must be feeling after hearing them.. I tried my best to lighten up your mood, to cheer you up, but you were the one who did not even look at me... You hate to see me silent, but do you have any idea Arnav Ji, that how much I missed you? Before that evening, you always stalked me, and no matter how the atmosphere was, you always tried to spend sometime alone with me.. You felt jealous to see me with Nanhe Ji, but since few days, you don't even take notice of me... I love to see your eyes only on myself, but you.. you don't even know that how badly I'm missing those days.."


Arnav silently looked at Khushi while she went on speaking. His heart felt proud on hearing that how badly his girl missed him. A part of him was upset to see her crying, and somewhere he cursed himself for being so much ignorant to her and that too purposely. His Khushi missed his mischief, she missed his devilish desires, and she craved for him. Love had so much importance to a girl like Khushi, that even after being right at her place, she was the one who took initial step to cajole Arnav, and not once, but she tried several times to talk to him, only being scolded by him badly. It was after that when she stopped talking to him or forcing him to think over marriage.


"Arnav Ji, I really don't have any idea that why you don't believe in marriages, but one thing I know for sure.. If you truly loved me, then you would have never.."


"Why do say this Khushi?" Arnav asked immediately, holding her possessively by her shoulders, "You feel that I don't love you truly, is it so? You are the one who taught me the meaning of love.. You are the only one who taught me to love... And how can I even think of hurting you?"




"I never saw my parents' happy after marriage Khushi..." Arnav admitted, as he left her and lowered his gaze in slight embarrassment, "My father had an extra-marital affair.. And when Maa came to know about this, she couldn't bear it and committed suicide... Followed by which, he also did the same out of guilt..."


Khushi was astonished to know that Arnav had gone through such a horrible past. He couldn't say anymore, as tears formed in his eyes and he turned his face away from her. Shattered to know about this, Khushi tried not to break down in front of him, and she walked forward, hugging him lovingly from behind.


"I'm sorry Arnav Ji.." She whispered softly, "I shouldn't have forced you to say that..."


"Khushi... You don't need to be sorry for that..." Arnav turned towards her, and took hold of her face gently in his hands, "Whatever happened was destiny... And you shouldn't feel sad for it..."


"Why? We love each other, right? So if something makes you unhappy, that will make me also unhappy..." Khushi replied, and leaning forward, kissed his tears, "But don't you ever think that your sad past will affect your future... Of course you can never forget it, because it's a part of your life... But you know, your pain will lessen if you share them with me..."


Arnav had a slight smile on hearing this. Khushi let her soft lips linger on his eyes for a long time, letting him know that if he can love her immensely, then she'll always be there to lessen his pain and grief. She threw her arms around his back, and hugged him in such a way that his head rested on her chest, making him feel relieved.


"You know Arnav Ji.. If a pain is shared with your loved ones, then it decreases, but happiness is the only thing in world that increases if shared." Khushi smiled, kissing his temple.




Arnav took a deep breathe of relief, as if his each and every pain had vanished within seconds, after Khushi gave him a soulful hug and soothing kiss. And indeed it was right; Never in life he had felt so much relieved as he was feeling at the moment while being in her loving hug. He moved more close to her, as if he needed only and only her. Khushi smiled on seeing this child in the mighty ASR, and lovingly caressed his hairs.


"Khushi... This makes me so relaxed.." He whispered, "I want to live my entire life with you jaan... I want to cherish every second with you... I.. can't stay away from you any longer..."


"I promise you Arnav Ji.. I'll never let the sorrow of your past to affect our future..." Khushi smiled, and then thinking something, she let out a slight laughter, which distracted Arnav from the romantic hug.


"What happened? Why are you laughing?" He broke the hug, and looked at her in slight confusion.


"I've always seen in films, that it's a hero who takes the initial step to propose the heroine' But in our case, it's completely opposite..." She laughed.


"Because in our case, you are the heroine.. My pagal Khushi..." Arnav smiled slightly at her.


"You're making fun of me, aren't you?" Khushi innocently pouted her lips, hitting him slightly on his chest.


"Well, everyone does that!"


"Arnav Ji!"


"But everyone can't love you the way I do..." He winked at her, and holding her wrist, he walked out of the room with her, "Come, I have a surprise for you..."


"Surprise?" Khushi exclaimed out of happiness, "What's that... Please tell Arnav Ji..?"


"Just few seconds honey.. Till then keep that delectable mouth of yours shut... Or else you know I can shut you up by myself!"


Khushi blushed fiercely on hearing that, while Arnav gave his signature smirk to her. She still wondered about the surprise, but the moment he came with her in the hall, her jaws dropped widely open in shock on seeing each Raizada member seated there.


"Nani, I want to say something to you all." Arnav spoke, "I and Khushi love each other, and we've decided to marry as soon as possible."


The moment Arnav finished speaking, each and everyone had different reactions on their faces. Akash, Payal and Mama Ji were shocked to death, while Manorama dropped her cup and saucer on floor out of shock. And Khushi stared blankly at Arnav, and felt as if she'll faint and fall on floor. But amongst all, only Nani, Anjali and NK were the one who had normal looks on their faces like Arnav.




PRECAP-: Umm... Last Part! :P LOL


Comments pilleej!! Embarrassed And One more note please, that since I'm having my birthday in the coming week, so I need good comments, whether you like the update or not! ROFL Kidding! You can comment & encouraging criticism is also welcomed. Embarrassed

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Loved it

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