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~ArHi SS-: Sensual Encounters~ (Next [email protected]) (Page 100)

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Posted: 28 October 2012 at 6:27am | IP Logged
hey its awesome plzz pm me...

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shivi.10rocks IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 October 2012 at 8:25am | IP Logged
waiting for ur update
m missing it a lot

when r u planning to update??

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whiterose29 IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by shivi.10rocks

waiting for ur update
m missing it a lot

when r u planning to update??

Tonight! Cool

whiterose29 IF-Stunnerz

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Warning-: Mature Content Ahead. Blushing


                                                                Part- 7



Nani was highly baffled at Manorama's statement, while Mama ji looked at her as if she cracked a joke of the century. But she had the same horrified and suspicious look on her face, which she often had while being the famous 'Manorama Bond'.




Nani's one single word made Manorama even more horrified, as she widened her eyes out of shock, but the old lady had the normal look glued to her wrinkled-face. Mama ji too was surprised to hear this.


"So?" You're asking 'so' Sasuma?" Manorama questioned, "I thought you too will be shocked to know this! I still can't believe that…. Our Arnav bitwa… and that phatti-saaree…"


"Yeah, so what's there to be so shocked?" Nani asked with oblivion, "I know about this since many days…"


"What?" Manorama was astonished, "Sasuma, you knew this, and you didn't even bother to tell me?"


"Because we all will come to know about this officially on the right time!" Nani smiled slightly.


"I didn't understand what you mean to say…"


"Just have some patience and keep enjoying the party… And dare if you try to create some rift between them…" Nani warned her, to which Manorama kept a finger on her lips and obeyed her mother-in-law.






Khushi could feel Arnav's bedroom eyes lingering over her delicate petite form, as he slowly leaned over her and pinned her both hands against the bed. The passion and desire to have her became clearly visible in his eyes, while her breathing hitched, as she could sense that what was going to come next. Starting from her forehead, Arnav placed butterfly kisses all over her face, down towards her throat, and as he reached at her cleavage, he placed a moist kiss there, making Khushi arch her back in pleasure. A frown appeared on his face, when he noticed her upper half of the body still covered with blouse, and taking his hands slowly behind her, he untied the knot of her blouse in one go. As he slowly removed the silk material off her shoulders, he leaned over and let his mouth suck at the warm skin of her shoulders, while Khushi could do nothing except to obey him.




Khushi gave out a slight moan to protest, but it seemed to be faded, as Arnav ignored it and instead, discarded off her blouse and threw it. Highly surprised by this, she wriggled beneath his hard muscled body, but it only added to Arnav's desires. But that did not seemed to be enough for him, as his hands began to play with the thin straps of her brasserie and before Khushi could say something further, he had unclasped the material from behind and discarded that too somewhere on floor.


The sight presented before Arnav was unbelievable to him. Khushi was far more beautiful and sexy than his wicked imaginations. He gulped down to see her womanly assets, which were craving for his sensual touch. He left her hands and brought his own hands down to feel her soft mounds under his skin. He seductively took hold of her bosoms and massaged them, making Khushi lose all her control.


"Damn… So sexy…"


Arnav murmured, and soon his hot mouth replaced his hands, repeating the same actions on her breasts, sucking on them as much as he could. In between, he made sure to take notice of her expressions, as he wanted to know that how much she craved for him. Unsatisfied, he latched his warm tongue on her nipple and his other hand drew circles around her other breast, as if he would never get enough off her.


"Aa.. Aaarrr… nnaavv …vvv…"


Khushi shuddered out of excitement, when she felt his tongue creating havoc on her senses. Her hands found their way around his neck, but as Arnav bit on her nipple, she took a fistful of his hairs and pulled him wildly.


"You're loving this, aren't you?"


Arnav murmured in between, as he shifted his attention to her other nipple and his hands went somewhere down to unravel her silk saaree. A helpless Khushi moved her head from right to left, as if she could not bear his torture anymore, but that didn't stop him. Infact, once her peaks were swollen after he feasted over there, his hot mouth moved towards south and sucked hard on her navel, making her breathing shallower.


"Aah… rrnav…"


"What?" He asked in his husky voice, while his tongue ran all over her exposed flat tummy.




"You know….. You're more beautiful than my imaginations…"


He whispered, ignoring her sweet pleadings, which, ultimately turned out into a guttural moan as he continued with his seductive assaults. Khushi wriggled beneath him, but the more she did that, the more Arnav pressed his perfectly built-body on hers, making her to give in.




Khushi sighed, and a chill ran through her spine, when she felt his hard manhood throbbing against her soft skin, in between her thighs. She was highly surprised by this, and Arnav couldn't help himself but grin widely to see her reaction at his arousal.


"See… This is what you do to me…."


Arnav whispered hoarsely, and continued sucking deeply on her navel. Khushi's hands were sometime on bed, clutching the bed sheet tightly, and the next moment, her fingers clutched his hairs to pull him closer, as she loved the feeling of having him so close to her. So close.


"Khushi baby… I badly need you…" He said dangerously, as his hands begun to unravel her saaree plates.


But before he could do that, he felt a soft hand on his, trying him to stop from whatever he was about to do. Arnav slightly moved up his head in confusion, only to see a nervous Khushi looking at him in such a way that he left her saaree and his hands gently cupped her face.


"What happened Khushi…" He asked affectionately.


"Arnav ji… I…"


"Tell me Khushi?"


"Let me go Arnav ji…"


Saying this, Khushi pushed him away slightly and stood up, wearing her pallu properly across her chest. Arnav was baffled at this, while she stood at a distance from him, facing her back to him.


"What's wrong Khushi…?"


"Whatever… we were doing… was wrong…" She replied nervously.


"I didn't get you… What was wrong in that?" Arnav asked, coming in front of her, "I was…"


"We… aren't married… yet…" Khushi stammered, "And… I don't want…"


"We aren't married?" He exclaimed in surprise, "You mean to say that I need to fulfill those silly rituals only to love you?"


"Arnav ji… Why do you think that?" Khushi took a step towards him, "What I meant to say is that… we should…. Know our limits…"


"Limits? Seriously Khushi?"


Arnav barked in anger, as he flew into rage after realizing what Khushi said just to him. He couldn't believe that the girl, who was moaning out his name in pleasure few moments ago, was now teaching him the limits! No, he could not let this go so easily. The argument had started, and it has to end somewhere.


"Arnav ji…"


"So you're telling me to stay in my limits, are you?"


"No, not at all Arnav ji…"


"Then what do you mean? I shouldn't touch you, kiss you, right?"


Arnav growled in frustration, and turned his face aside, as if to make Khushi realize that she had hurt him by her words. Seeing him upset, Khushi's heart cried out, and she cursed herself in her mind for making him angry to this extent. She slowly took another step towards him and brought up her hands to his face, cupping his cheeks in a sweet way.


"Arnav ji… you took me in a wrong sense…" She said softly, "What I mean is that… until we get married, we should control ourselves…. That means, even I need to stay in my limits…"


"But why is there any need to do that?" Arnav questioned, pushing her away slightly. "You very well know that I don't believe in these marriage rituals and all… and even after that you're forcing me to marry?"


"Because I believe in marriage and rituals Arnav ji…" She replied with a slight smile, "And I'm saying this to you, because I know that you love me and you cannot deny me…"


"So getting married is more important for you than love?"


"Arnav ji… I wish I could have a proper answer for this…" Khushi replied, "For me, your love is more important, but society will…"


"Khushi I really don't care about what the damn society thinks… All I know is that we love each other and can't stay away anymore…" Arnav said firmly.


"And our family?"


Arnav turned behind slightly and looked at Khushi, who had an obvious look on her face. There was silence for a moment in between the heated argument, but before Khushi could break that silence and say something, they both heard a call from outside.


"Chhotey… Are you there in?"


Anjali had called from outside. At this single call, Khushi became alert, and adjusted her saaree properly, and her next attempt was to hide her disheveled state, which was a result of Arnav's wild assaults. She went inside washroom without uttering a single word, while he angrily walked forward to open the door.


"What happened Di?"


"What happened to you?" Anjali looked at him in slight surprise, "I mean, the party is still on, and you're supposed to be there… What are you doing here?"


"Nothing Di… I made here to make an important call…" Arnav replied carelessly.


"Fine. If you're done with your important call, then can you please come down with me? I've to introduce you to some of my friends…"


"Ok Di…"


Anjali smiled and walked forward, while Arnav closed the door slightly and walked behind his sister, thinking that now it was time for Khushi to show some action. And there, Khushi stood amazed at Arnav's reaction, thinking that how she should make him agree for the marriage! But while she thought of some way, her mind flashed the memories of their latest encounter which happened few minutes before, and she blushed hard, thinking that how wild was Arnav on bed, and now, she had started loving this new level of wildness!



PRECAP-: Arnav is angry with Khushi. Ouch


Do leave comments, and yeah, Claps for me please, as this time I've written the precap! LOLLOL

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1stly a big sryyy 4 nt editing my rp d previous tym n also 4 being late dis tym

well last update ka toh maine tjhe chat par bata hi diya tha..
wel cmng onto dis update-it WAS HOTTT...wel i hv followed all ur ffs...n u hv wrtn sch stuff 4 d very 1st tym...n belev me.,.u wrote it very nicely
i toh LOVVVED IT...lolzzz
bt yes...arhi ka kaam khtm kaha hua, i wud day picture abhi baki hai...haina??LOLWink
bt yes d end was full of drama...
lets c hw dis thng takes a turn..
waitng to read ahead...
thnx 4 d pm...update sooonnn...

P.S-yipppeee i was 1st agn..LOLDancing

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wow...great update... waiting for next chapter

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Kookiemonster IF-Sizzlerz

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lovers tiff.
Arnav angry.

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again an awesome update Big smile Big smile
i m totally blushing while reading their intimate moments Embarrassed Embarrassed
but precap was Ouch Ouch
hope khushi manofy him with her sanky ideas LOL Big smile
update soon.
i hv commented b4 ur pm. Star Star

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