Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Why the innocents always end up suffering???Sep 6t

Fazila~ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 11:33am | IP Logged


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lazylad8-FauZi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 11:35am | IP Logged
Great Episode...minus the snake!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tongue
Great post Fazi...ROFL
Cry My heart hurts for Arnav and Khushi, they are totally disregarded by the Raizada's.

I hope Nani does something for them and soon...send them away together somewhere far!!!!!!!

I loved the 3 scenes

the henna one, how they connect while apart
the vase one, he leans down to help pick the pieces and then says DONT GO!!!! Pulled my heart strings!!!
the living room kiss, so gentle yet so powerful!!!!!! Shows how much he cares for her.


If they had just showed these 3 scenes, I would have jumped up the TRPs to 5+

Love Arshi and their bonding, both understand each other so well.

Dadi, if looks could kill, I would have killed you  or maybe Arnav's eye contact.

Mamiji wake up, remember your Arnav bitwa was kidnapped, how can you lean towards the snake?????

Akash...I never had any hope from you, you can't defend your own wife, how can you see what Arnav can see!!!!!!!!!!!!

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naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 11:35am | IP Logged
that is why they are know as innocent. other wise they must be called clever or cunning 

loved your title 

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Fazila~ IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 16 July 2007
Posts: 32773

Posted: 06 September 2012 at 11:35am | IP Logged
Post by tia.o

Originally posted by tia.o

Today's thoughts:

The Zombie Night - IPK Isshtyle...

Dadi - She is hell bent on bringing Shyam home. The zombie like obsession Anjali was portraying today, the same zombie like obsession I saw in her... Shyam seemed to have suck out their brains.

Nani - The only sane one at RM barring Arnav. She is trying to keep calm but it's impossible with two zombies living at home.

Aakash - I can excuse his doubts because he has never seen Shyam's dark side. The Zombies getting to him because nobody put his protective helmet of the complete truth on his head.

Mamiji - I can't excuse her because she has seen Shyam telling Khushi that he will sign divorce paper and leave Anjali for her when Anjali was pregnant. He was not a baby to agree to whatever Khushi said unless he wanted that too. She had her protective helmet, but she took it out when Zombie Anji offered to comb her hair.

Arnav - The victim who is desperately trying to hold on to his protective helmet while Anji and Dadi are clawing at it from both sides.

Khushi - She took off her protective helmet to put it on Arnav's head for extra protection so Anji took a bite out of her brain. But thankfully Arnav plopped the helmet back on time to prevent further contamination...

Me - The other victim, clutching my protective helmet of sanity and fighting with CVs trying to lure me with cute Arshi scenes because I know, the moment I take off the helmet, CVs will chew my brain with nonsensical episodes...

Post By RareAngel

Hello Fuzzy Jee!!LOL Sorry i'm sooo latewa...the thing is while waiting 4 ur PM I fell asleepROFLROFLROFL
Ok down to businessLOL Fantastic postwa!!ClapClapClap
First of all balle balle no shyamooo...
As 4 that Anjali...oh my god I hate her sooo much!!AngryAngryAngryAngry If I were Arnav I would say fine u don't want to eat then don't and if u luv shyamooo sooo much then GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!
Oh and that Churail they call a dadiAngryAngryAngry i'm...
I don't think Arnav's dad had an affair I think it was all a misunderstanding which Churail fueled to the max...hence why Arnav's mum and dad killed themselves...and the reason why she spent 14 yrs in the ashram!
And to Akash all I want to say is...
U ungrateful twit!!!AngryAngry
Awww luved all of Arhi's scenes...
OK I'm done 4 now!!WinkROFLROFL

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boreddamsel IF-Rockerz

Joined: 22 March 2012
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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 11:36am | IP Logged
Pathetic Poojali is behaving like a baby.. just like I wrote in my OS.. throwing tantrums so that she can get her parents to buy her a toy.. bring back her Shyam.. and did you see how the whole family was trying to get her to eat.. you want her to eat .. ignore her.. keep the food there and leave.. she will feel hungry after a while.. she will eat... stop pampering her.. she is a grown woman.. I again think.. thank god that baby died.. how would she take care of a baby.. when she herself is acting like one.. I think even babies are better behaved! 

Dadi.. I have run out of words for her.. all I can say is she wants her Shyam.. yes.. her Shyam not Poojali's Shyam.. did you see her eyes twinkle at the mention of her lover??? and what I remembered was... 
"Tujhko dekh kar aankhein muskuaraane lagte hain.." but in her case, she didn't even need to see him.. she is so blind in love.. our Dadiji.. 

But the past.. does that mean Dadi is also under an MU?? But that doesn't give her any excuse to call Khushi the other woman.. Angry

Mami.. the way she said someone eyed Poojali's happiness.. she might as well said the name Khushi.. Angry

Akash.. CVs he needs a better role.. please.. I cannot stand this.. how can he doubt his brother.. yes .. he is in love with Khushi.. but did you ask him even once why he took such a decision..  did you not even think that maybe your brother did have a reason to kick Shyam out.. other than just blind faith in his wife?? Akash definitely needs a better role.. I would have loved for him to demand Arnav to explain why he is so adamant.. and then apologize to Khushi and act like her big brother, defending her!!! 

Nani.. i love love loved her.. for defending both Arnav and Khushi!!

Shyamu wasn't there today .. yay.. but Payaliya is missing tooo.. someone call the cops!

Now Arshi scenes.. were beautiful today.. I didn't even notice the rabba ve in the background.. I don't need to see cute happy Arshi scnees always.. as long as they are together.. and in love.. I dont mind.. 

Today when Arnav looked at Khushi pick up the glass pieces.. the emotion on Barun's face was amazing!
Then he helped her pick up the broken pieces.. its like he is fixing things.. both the scene and the message behind it was beautiful!
Then the mat jaao.. was so amazing .. so beautiful.. sigh! Like I said in my post, if it were me.. I would have jumped up on his lap and hugged him tight and never let go!
The whole scene reminded me of Holi.. and this time they weren't drunk.. it was perfect!

And then remembering the happy moments during mehndi.. sigh. that made me sad thinking about my argument about Never Khushi Always Gham in Arshi's life!!!!

But then again lets see.. what will happen..

At least we know now khushi wont insist on bringing Shyam back again.. thankfully her brain has found its way back.. so that means it will be Arnav.. who finally gives in to his Drama Queen Di's demands.. I just hope he says if you wnat Shyam, then I want Khushi.. I want to get married to her.. or even better he says.. if Shyam comes to this house.. I'm leaving.. and then he grabs Khushi.. calls Nani and Payal and goes to a nearby temple, finishes the pheres and shifts permanently to GH! and that day I will be really happy.. Dancing

But given its IPK, that won't happen.. 
Shyamu will come back.. 
one day he and Dadi will manage to kick Khushi out.. I'm just praying that even that day Arnav will be on Khushi's side.. 
Garima and Dadi's secrets might be the reason for another separation.. but this time from Khushi's part .. Arnav might still support her... but being the sacrifice queen, she will push Arnav away.. when she finds out that Garima was the other woman.. and how she was the reason for Arnav's mom's suicide.. 

Sigh.. if only they all realized that there is only one solution to all of their problems.. 

Tell everyone the whole damn truth always .. stop hiding stuff!!!!  Angry Sometimes telling the truth then is better than hiding it for sake of someone else.. 

and please please please stop sacrificing for that Di.. she cares about no one but herself.. today I wanted to murder her when she said she loves her Chotte.. she loves no one.. if she really did love her family.. she would have stopped all this drama seeing how much everyone else in the family was upset.. she only thinks about herself.. when she is happy, she expects everyone else to be happy.. when she is sad, she expects everyone else to be sad.. so now she will agree to Arnav's marriage after Shyamu is back!! 

Anyways.. sigh.. nothing much we can do.. but sit back and watch the show! Of course we can write stories.. and that's what I'm doing to cheer me up! 

Fuzzy, how you holding on babe??? 
Love you a lot hon.. ping me if you are upset.. I wil be on Skype! Hug

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Punkin22 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 20 February 2012
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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 11:44am | IP Logged
Wonderful honest post Fuzzy, there is so much going on above and below the surface in IPKKND now.  What is not being said is just as important as what is said.  The storm is getting stronger and the black clouds are rolling swiftly in and there is no escape for anyone in GH or RM.
Shyam is a master at conning other people especially person's like Anjali and Dadi.  Anjali is like a dumb child that only see's with her eyes never with brain and heart.  Dadi is much the same but with her it is judgmental.  She only sees black and white through HER standard.  Shyam plays them like a Violin.
Dadi has a martyr complex, she couldn't save the situation 14 yrs ago but by god she will save the family this time by bringing in Saint Shyam and getting rid of Evil Khushi.  She is blind to her judgmental hate and NOTHING that is said will change her mind.  Only when it is in front of her face will she realize what she has done and Anjali will be the same.  Unfortunately, by then everyone will be battered and bruised.
Each day ArHi grows stronger together, they will weather this storm Fuzzy and one day soon will stand in the light together unconditionally.
Marvelous read dear...StarStarStar

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smrite IF-Dazzler

Joined: 29 August 2009
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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 11:49am | IP Logged
i know it's sad to see always arnav and khushi  sacrifice their happiness for anjali and what they get in return is just pain and blaming and feel so sad for khushi that she does so much for raizada family but in return she get's only humiliation still she doesnot look like mrs asr she looks like earlier khushiji who use to just work there,don't know when they will get their happiness and khushi will get her right

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boisecrazy Goldie

Joined: 20 November 2011
Posts: 1233

Posted: 06 September 2012 at 11:55am | IP Logged
So it really is Garima who had an affair with Arnav's dad!!! I was hoping that he had an accident w Khushi's parents and after they got killed, Garima went to him for the upbringing of Khushi...monetary help...Now I hope that they show that these 2 were in love with each other and Dadi separated them and got the dad married to Arnav's mom...I was sad to see Arnav being blamed by Anji and the family...Only Khushi was by his side..That too...Dadi pushed Khushi to the outer circle today!!! I hope Khushi does not quit because of all this and leave Arnav's side thinking that she is doing a favor to him..

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