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Do Artists only want to hear their laurels... (Page 26)

FairyLiquidSoap IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 4:18am | IP Logged
Gosh I know i have reserved somewhere as I did not want to lose track of this post but am posting my reply here

Great post DKS and thank you for making it

Sometimes I think some of these so called 'know it all In House Experts' flatter to deceive us They like to play with the emotions and loyalty of some of the really young ones here who cannot differentiate between real and reel and end up showing a herd mentality whether it be criticism or praise. I really do not appreciate the blackmail behind the words. They make the mistake of thinking they are most wanted by all , believe all the adulatory words written about them and end up going on a power trip

Some people lie so much they begin to believe their bullshit Some one should throw some cold water over them and show them the reality of the law of life- If someone comes in tomorrow with even more personal access and inside information then it will be hello hi bye bye to the old to be left to rot in a corner

As for the PH Channel Makers if they really did then I do not see it reflecting on the serial tracks so I have serious doubts they do take advise

So what if an actor gets criticized?

Any actor worth their salt should be mentally strong enough to accept all that comes their way whether it be mindless adulation or needful criticism When iconic figures like Mother Theresa MK Gandhiji and Anna Hazare can be equally revered and scorned what why should actors be spared When even the God's themselves and I mean the spiritual kind for those of you who know only one sort, can be subject to debates discourses and at times even anger then why should mere mortals be spared Is an actor above God?

Unless their fragile egos can't take it in which case they are in the wrong business


Gosh when actors of the stature of Tom Hanks  Helen Mirren or Amitabh Bhachan can be told off by fans and movie critics and mark you they have decades of a distinguished body of work to their name why is it different here? Part of life is the negative and positive yin and yang how else is a person to grow evolve and change if the only thing that will be tolerated is praises You do disservice to the person and make them complacent So for all those who go berserk you are actually hindering a growth

The difference between lunatics fanatics and the sensible viewer is that the lunatic will not see any better the fanatic will not see any bitter and the viewer sees both and thankfully does not froth at the mouth but I doubt people will get the true meaning

The only way I will go crazy over an actor is if I am personally involved with the person or financially invested or their agent else I really don't care what they do No skin off my nose as there are plenty of things happening in my life without having to go kamikazi defending some one who has no clue or couldn't care less about what i say or think of them

Finally expect the bullshit but dont accept it




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-DKS- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 4:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by princessunara

well i think if anyone claims Barun has so much time to come in here and loiter in the forum and actually find a post bashing him i just want to laugh!!LOL
an Arnav bashing post he might find...but very rarely do we get a Barun bashing posts!! But either way being the busy man he is it is a laughable fact to think he has the time to spare for such trivial things like raiding a forum!!

anyway if the Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani r the awesome 2 people i have come to realize they r during my observation in the past 1 year, they will not care a damn to be so upset about what we say!! those 2 have much better things to do!
and if it is actual criticism that would help them they r actually humble enough to accept it! they'll appreciate the fact that we pay so much attention to them!!

that is who they r!! two amazing people!! not like idiots who claim to be bringing messages from them without an iota of proof to prove it!!Angry

DB cannot take criticism and we already know it thanks to her direct whining video..

BUT Barun and Sanaya r not immature idiots at all!! those 2 will always be much above than that!!

So in the 1st place i don't at all believe that SaRun have any problem with our criticism
2nd I doubt they even see/know about individual posts
3rd and most important they'll take something valuable out of a criticism post and try to improve based on it if it is a valid concern!

So that says it is utter nonsense to say that those 2 actors cannot take criticism! oh phulease don't give me that crap!!

And basically if u r going to work in the public eye, then criticism goes hand in hand with it..therefore asking IF members to not to tell the truth is simply unprofessional and childish!
grow up CVs and related sources!! instead of pulling ur act together taking something constructive out of the criticism u r still hell bent on justifying what u r doing which IS NOT WORKING!!
they should be thankful to us for devoting this much time and effort to actually provide them with minute to minute advice! we pour our hearts n souls in to this fictional thing simply out of love! We don't get a damn thing monetary or otherwise bu doing it! therefore they should be thankful for us for giving them a proper insight of what will work! cz unless the TRPs pick up they r not going to last long. And if they remains so stubborn the day will not be too far away!

well done DKS and all the other posters who have realized it and commented thus!Clap

this was more than needed!!

Thank you princess for your appreciation...

It is funny indeed if he is so free to visit the forum and brag about criticism posts..

They are lovely human beings there offscreen conduct tells us about them...

DB is indeed a melodrama queen both on and off the screen..DB needs to learn how to handle criticism and stop complaining and whining... she lost all respect in my eyes after viewing that video..

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-DKS- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 4:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by naddiya26

we are the one who love them the most , when they hurt us with few thing it disappoint us & we say we didn't like it , its is for their betterment. we want them to be on top, we are not at all their enemy. 

when we don't like some one at all how can we see her on screen for 20 mins, we don't want to waste our time, we just said what we had in our hearts 

personal life should not be discuses times members do that. 

Agree dear..If our parents scold us doesn't mean they hate us..we feel like commenting as it affects us..

Hame farak padta he Dammit...
-DKS- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 4:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MrDarcyfan

Yeah some people on this forum think that we are only loyal fans if we say IPK rocks! It is stupid the current track! Showing a dumb women's obsessive love for a criminal!

Her emmotionally blackmailing her family to bring Shyam back! A hypocritical old women coming back after 14 years and expecting everyone to tow the line to her!

Sick of the idiots in the house thinking Shyam is good? Pathetic! So we are supposed to Enjoy this track? Like ASR says... You've gotta be kidding me!

yes if loyalty means being blind to reality of life then we can be proud even if we are disloyal...

This is one of the worst tracks ever...Anjali is behaving like a psycho...we have every right to dislike what we are seeing
-DKS- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 May 2012
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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 4:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sonapari's hard to digest that Barun will be sad because of so called criticism...
He is way too smart & nice yaar...
He won't do such a thing...I really feel he  or Sanaya won't act like this...
They are way too cute for all this drama sensation technique...
May be a frantic attempt to stop constructive criticism by PH...
Emotional blackmail...LOL

Yes emotional blackmail to stop us from ranting...but we are sharper than harvard brains in deciphering the hidden meaning...Wink
-DKS- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 5:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by .A.l.i.a.

nice post dear ..

I wonder why they( actros/CVs) don't use the criticism ,positivity! .. they should think about what have changed , why people are criticizing now, while they were praised previously .. so that they can improve their performance .. rather than showing their annoyance , and justifying for no reason..
I'm talking in general not specifically about Barun, his reaction is not confirmed from any valid source ..

For the actress that she tried to justify her stupid character .. It would be better if she learned from Barun .. I remember in one SBB/S interview that he said , I know that people hate Arnav's character and he said that he don't blame them .. he didn't try to justify his character's actions .. It made me respect him more ..

and for Actor/actress/CVs that they don't like the criticizing on their performance and consider it as bashing .. It will be better if they start to learn from Sanaya ..
Her acting was criticized , specially in romantic scenes .. and some people said that her relationship with Mohit ( Personal life ) was the reason ... but I never heard her comments or shows her annoyance from that .. Instead, we noticed a huge improvement in her acting in her romantic scenes.. and people appreciate her for that ..

I think they are tired of hearing the fans complaints..they need to start realising that they cannot shut their doors..

The stupid character need to learn alot from Sarun and Abhaas...she need to concentrate on her onscreen performance...
-DKS- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 May 2012
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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 5:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sarunfan4ever

Bang on post buddyClap
Sach hamesha kadva hota hain but it doesnt mean bitter pills cant be swallowed.

Its democratic world and every one is free to express their views. It doesnt mean if u like something, even I should like it. In any field, or any profession or in real life too a person gets criticized. And in a filed like this where there is huge limelight no one can escape it. Even legendary actors  like Amitabh, Kamal Hassan are criticized in their career. If they had taken it too personal, would they have been what they are today? Criticism is something which should be taken in a positive way. No one is perfect in this world and there will room for improvement always. So if a teacher criticizes a merit student for failing in an exam and if student sulks who will be at loss? Even the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar had to face criticism to such an extent where he was advised to retire. But what happened next? Didnt he prove what he is? Every parent will be loyal to their kids. So if a kid robs or does some mischeif, what a responsible parent is supposed to do? Should he praise and bestow him with gifts for doing a commendable job?

I have been a silent reader in this forum from the first day of the show. I havent seen this uproar among fans in the forum eariler? Why only now? Doesnt it mean the present track is not at working with the viewers? So being loyal means we shouldnt have brain? We shouldnt think? We should praise even if something is going wrong? How can that be being loyal?

Wasnt this show supposed to be a love story of star crossed lovers? Weren't we promised for an intense redemption track for year long atrocities ? Werent we promised for grand wedding of the leads?  Did we get any?  So are the PH being loyal to the viewers?

Fans have been very very patient even during the misunderstanding track expecting redemption track, remarriage with contract being out? So what did we get for being loyal and being patient?

Show is not working because of multiple tracks which is creating lot of confusion. Leads and their tracks are totally being sidelined to accommodate some supporting actor's demands for screen space.Characterization of the characters is not the same anymore. There is no essence that was there one year back. There is no consistency,over night track changes, no logic, many things are forgotten, many bloopers, bad editing, even bad screenplay, direction not up to the mark. So why wont fans criticize? Why didnt the same fans criticize pre-misunderstanding track? What triggered fans to react like this now?

Instead of saying how fans should react, what should be seen and not, better try to focus on what your showing and do that whole heartedly without bending to some supporting actor's demands and losing the essence and the USP of the show.  Then see how will the same fans react.Smile

Yes truth is bitter and very difficul to swallow...democracy does give us the right to exercise our freedom of speech...criticism is a part of professional life..

No redemption and proper wooing and now no grand marriage it is the height of stupidity...the show has become a bro-sis show with too many parallel tracks running at the same time

The PH needs to revert back to the show will make every one happy..

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ranjitha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 5:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Delicious_BS-

now coming to actors!! i highly disagree when it come to criticize Barun and Sanaya.. call me biased or whatever!! making thousand post about a person's hair walking talking and yes i have seen ridiculous comments on his personal life too which is a shame!!  its only them who keeps me hooked to the show till now and when we attack we attack with dill aur jaan.. Barun Sobti is probably the one who has got the most bashing as a gift from this forum! thats is the truth and yes if he feels sad for that its totally right! we even spared Abhas.. undertood that Shyam and Abhas ar different but we forgot that Arnav and Barun are not same!
i am sure that man is sensible enough to understand the criticism but yes personal comments are not right and now pls dont tell me that there was not personal remarks about him! Smile

BANG ON !!!!
People need to understand that  Barun is just an entertainer and not a prop to be used by people to increase the TRPs of their posts...
Bash Barun, Mock Barun have become the agenda of a certain set of people here...
Barun and Sanaya are not kids.. they do understand and respect criticism, but mocking somebody's walking and talking style or discussing their SEX LIFE surely doesnt fall into 'constructive criticism' category!!
And yes, for some odd reason, Barun is their favorite punching bag...

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