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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Do Artists only want to hear their laurels...

-DKS- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 11:24am | IP Logged
I have been reading repeatedly as to how the channel, PH and the actors or their representatives visit forums to judge fan's reaction how much of it is true is anybodys guess..

So when they visit us do they only want to listen only to nice and goody goody stuff like wow the show rocks, the actor is exceptional and so on and so forth. Are we as a loyal fans doing justice towards them...

The forum must reflect the reality of life any opinion which is biased or based out of  blind love is only misleading and makes a false impression. Have we learned nothing from Anjali???

Stating the wrong facts will only bring a bad name to the forum and its fans as some one is depending on us for a honest feedback...

what Say???

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Ni1234 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 11:25am | IP Logged
AngryLook I am commenting in my style today..all you people have already written what was supposed to be written. 

What no difference between Criticism and Bashing ? On India Forums right ??

No It can't happen. How come Criticism and bashing is the same..

Are you kidding me ??

There is a wide difference between these two DKS...

These days I have just one thing to do -

after the episode.

After every poojali scenes 


After STOPWA's brainless bhashan/speech -

My mind goes...BHOOOMMMAngryAngry

Where is my OLD IPK gone dammit ?????

So I am left with nothing but my emotions for the show.

Cv's please do take care of my emotions for the show..

Dammit following it from DAY 1 for god's sake..

Please atleast try to understand the EMOTIONS of Loyalty...


Gift nahi toh TIP samjhke OLD IPK de do vapas..

Gift nahi toh TIP samjhke Lalit Mohan de do vapas.

Gift nahi toh TIP samjhke INTENSITY de do vapas..

Enough said..Angry

Cut it..Angry

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vijji12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 11:25am | IP Logged
DKS bang on

there is nothig wrong in constructive is jus well reasoned opinion about actors and whole teams work.there is no hard and core rule that it should have 90% of positive and 10% negative points.
why would an actor feel bad when those inputs are giving a chance to improve  their perfomence
i dont understand why do they have to make requests  give us only positive viwes.and we are not gonna take negative views.then that is the case we have to be delusional like  Anjali and say 'wow mind blowing track is going in IPKKND now'

as u said being in  acting profession they are bound to take both positive and negative views.if the person becomes more aggressive  for negative response it is better for them not to seek any feed back from viewers.this is what happend recently on twitter.finally that person had to leave the twitter

i dont believe in any representatives  making requests on public forums please dont bash the is everyone's choice.unless and untill it reaches actor's personal life  it is fine

how much ever they try they should accept that present track is not working and it is very visible lead actors are not up to the mark in their performence these days. b coz of this DI saga.and actors are not kids they cry to some people and say 'save us'

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OnepoundChic IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 11:26am | IP Logged
res! Star

edit! 3 cheers 4 dks!

i always ask this nd m repeating this again, pple who make such posts,can they plz define the word loyal, what i have understand is stay silent ,keep praising,keep drooling, keep defending, keep enjoying no matter what , keep claiming as best ,never accepting flaws ,ignoring the _ve points ,pretending to be +ve ,making mahan posts is defined as loyality toward ipkknd!   here a person will telk about realty there he 'll get a oh so reality chek telling him that u r not cvs .cvs know their job they know better!

lemme tell again my mom is loyal with me ,nd she never praises me when m looking a complete disaster before going out ,coz she knows if she'll pretend to be blind pple will make fun of her own daughter!

barun sanaya nd rest cast nd DB(specially) r not children, if sarun think they r true professionals( which i think they r) ,they should br ready for both types of criticism , nd if they actually visit the forum nd according to some oh so intelligent pple they were hurt reading the comments nd they should simply stop coming here if they cant understand the love /respect we give to them ,nd we take out the time from our real life to talk about their reel life characters ,nd about their excellent points most of the time!

nd if barun actually visits the forum then he'll be must aware of the drooling nd appreciating posts made on him,!   

m laughing over a awesome co-incidence ,when ever barun visits he finds pple bashing  his skills ROFL ROFL  ,oh so funny! 

edit ..m not going to show any sympathy for barun! coz he's doesn't need sympathy ,he is a top class actor, better than many nd not batter than many!  i dont sympathize with barun ,i respect him nd as a teenage fan i love him!  m sure he is aware of every thing! 

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OmNaMaSteOm IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 11:27am | IP Logged
How much ever any one comes says stop negativity the CV's know better blah blah at the end of the day its the channel & trps call.

They cant dish out rubbish & say that dhamaka will come its not a 3 hours movie etc etc. Since one year there was no problem now we have a problem right ?? So what went wrong then eh ??

People need to accept that we are not fools to accept stupid stuff. We have brains too & we know how to differentiate between the right & wrong ?? we dont want lectures & bashans on it.

Actors have to accept if they are going wrong by feeling sad they will not gain anything specially DB !!!

Im sick of people saying be LOYAL to the show Loyal my foot !!!!!!

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RickyBahl IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 11:29am | IP Logged
sorry didi ki saut 

I dont like bragging , neither iam desiring to be a star in india Forums
 but Iam from this Film and Tv Industry, mumbai  itself.  I cant name my sources here as its unethical..So whatever i know  is that
Journos from India Forums visit  IPK sets like rangmunch , n telly tadka does.
India Forums Journos give them a brief  idea about his popularity and in front of him they show him some selective posts made in the forum. thats it in their Tablet.

Barun is too tired after reaching home to go through post.. I dont deny  that he might not see but its not that he wakes up daily  with a excitement to see whats written about him. He is not that type of Guy.

I know him from ppl on sets. He is such fun loving bindaas person. He hardly cares what ppl say to him. 
Well yes if they read post they shud know that what the actual situation is but they may be given to read some selective posts..the drooling posts.

ITS IMPORTANT CREATIVES READ THE POSTS . So u see barun' doesnt pay attention to who ever whether a married women with kids, or  a young teenager fantasizes him. He is very hardworking, loving husband, honest actor on sets. His life is not depended on Posts.

But Cv's need to read the posts and the true posts..
they will get nothing reading Barun-sanaya drooling posts.LOL

and yes they shud read the real reflection of India Forums that is totally angered.
the majority speaks that . Out of 10 posts daily  8 posts are about dissapointments.
that speaks enough,

but i can proudly say i dont mislead neither lead about IPK information. 


posts criticising barun sobti's acting and all have been over long time back wen he used to shoot for films and IPK together and look tired on screen.

Since Kidnap ended people have been so angred that they have no time to look at acting , persona life and all of barun -sanaya.




2. All crticisms  on Cv's way of story telling .the Didi ki saut angle

3. The famous  twitter kaand of Gautam Hedge( it continues even till now)

4. arnav shouting at Khushi on 12th july outburst

5.THe illogical track like  blackmail, Forceful things, Maha distasteful maha episode.

6 dadi episode

7. not enjoying arshi chemistry due to lack of arnav repentance scenes

8. Shyam kalaakaris

9. Upset with hurried remarriage

10. disruption of remarriage due to multiole tracks running.

11 miscarriage.

Crticisms were on ARNAV singh Raizada not barun sobti.
Barun knows what character he plays. he is no baby to get offended to read i hate ASR. If that was the case AAABHAS mehta playing a villain must be offended by hate mails. But he knows ppl hate SHYAM not aabhas..
Barun himself dislikes ASR( know dont tell me who told, i cant say). he loves  shravan jaiswal on sony. 
So since kidnap ended all were busy wth the plots criticism. NO Time to bash his acting. Bashing  was on ASR. and Barun is nOt ASR .

hardly there are posts on sanaya. Its mostly on KHUSHI the charcter,, while we know how our sanaya darling is far far away from Khushi at many levels.

If there were posts crticising BARUN   might have been 1 or 2. 
99 % ppl out here  adore  SARUN  for their personality  even if they dislike the story  track. 
Liking an actor and crticising the story n characters  are poles apart

Its wrong to fool people with misguided info. thats what i think atleast. . 
Anna hazare righty says desh gaya kaaam se. evry where corruption.

For me targetting posts in Forum is doubting  our moderators. Thats not correct. Our moderators are aware who visits and who doesnt. Our Moderators cant be harassed with such thinking. Its very shameful.They are doing their Job pretty well.

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..-IronyDied-.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 11:30am | IP Logged
you know what they can see that we criticize but they cant see the reason behind this.. what have i actually got after waiting for more than one year from this show.. nothing except disappointment,,   from the past feb i have got only and only frustration.. nothing else! and why it hurts the PH or CV's to hear the truth! they didnt see the appreciation we did till we were happy!
i am not bringing other shows but lastly i saw 4lions post in Arjun forum saying thank you! they had come here to say thanks too! but now when we want them to come here they dont! if they actually get sad or feel bad that we talk bad about them why dont they just sit and try to understand that what will we actually get by doing all this for a fiction!!!
forget it! they just cant understand the sentiments of fans!! they can never! its us who knows that how pathetic we feel to see the state pf the show like IPKKND which has everything but still nothing!! when i say say they ruined everything am i wrong? dint they ruin the hate marriage track and wated 6 months,,.didnt they ruin the redemption track..!! if that was not enough.. the re-marriage also turned out to be like this.. after waiting more than one year as a viewer not a fan since fans cant criticize what i got? not even a proper marriage of the leads! *sigh* what can i say !! but yes i learnt my lesson.. wont watch any show by this PH anymore!

now coming to actors!! i highly disagree when it come to criticize Barun and Sanaya.. call me biased or whatever!! making thousand post about a person's hair walking talking and yes i have seen ridiculous comments on his personal life too which is a shame!!  its only them who keeps me hooked to the show till now and when we attack we attack with dill aur jaan.. Barun Sobti is probably the one who has got the most bashing as a gift from this forum! thats is the truth and yes if he feels sad for that its totally right! we even spared Abhas.. undertood that Shyam and Abhas ar different but we forgot that Arnav and Barun are not same!
i am sure that man is sensible enough to understand the criticism but yes personal comments are not right and now pls dont tell me that there was not personal remarks about him! Smile

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Kookiemonster IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 11:30am | IP Logged
I fail to understand how few people make this kind of mayhem in this Forum by  giving this kind of statement.

First of all what proof do they have of their authenticity?

Secondly, even if we believe their half truths how much can we trust them on their information?

Thirdly ,if the IPKKND team visits this forum on regular basis then they are not seeing anything new.
This kind of stuff has been going around for almost 3 months since DB negotiated and all her negotiation info was outed by her in a video.

Professional people know how to handle criticism.
They are not wimps ,nor wussies.
They wont go and cry Mommy.
If this would have been the scenario then so many actors and directors in our Bollywood fraternity would have stopped making movies because of their fear for criticism and failure.
For god's sake they are not some 14 year olds.
By now ,all of them know how to handle criticism.
Those who dont know they can always make a video and beg for love and sympathy because their spouse is out of town.

What is the point of creating such ruckus?

Scotch on the Roxxx.
TRP jaaye tel lene, 
But IPK Roxxx.
Roxxx karte karte ek din paani mein gir jaana hai.

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