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6/9 Dragon Club :Aarti's Agneepath..

jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:32am | IP Logged

Credit for this brand new gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!

Here is last week  Trp breakdown (Credit to Poco Clap) which proves Aman's entry in last part worked .. but last week no AarYa scenes  shows in trps too Smile ..
Monday-2.5 (hospital filller episode ..worked partially )

Tuesday-2.7 (Yash says aarti gave dhoka ... worked well ...Yash kuch bhi bolta hai toh viewers watch it ..point to b noted..so make Yash speak TongueLOL )

Wednesday -2.5 ( Kids stealing money and Yash sees Aarti ka flash ..worked partially  )

Thursday- 2.6 (Daddy Scindia blasts Bua for accusing kids ..hmm worked well ..TongueLOL)

Friday - 2.8 (Teri meri song sequence and Aman ka entry got 2.8 ..worked the best StarStarStarStar )

So well to b honest even though avg is 2.6 last week  but what I can see is everyday got around 2.5 and more than that ...not less .. which means last whole filler week was watched by viewers to know the suspense Embarrassed ... this week if Yash speaks up  and we get one proper AarYa confrontation in present  then I m sure trps will show a jump .. Big smile
Dont forget to comment in new Kareena Kapoor Article .. it seems after bhaiyya Ranbir , its behna Kareena's turn LOLEmbarrassed


Today's Episode Analysis
Ok I seriously dont want to guess about the reason anymore  because it will come out when it has to ..so no use banging your head LOL but in one word I loved the episode just for one simple reason and that is Yash Scindia's character is kept intact and he not only saves Aarti from any sort of agni pariksha but shuts Bua's mouth in style by calling it a choti soch   ClapClapClapClap ...
Two Reasons why I loved the episode Embarrassed
Reason 1 : Big slap to Bua and no Agnipariksha nonsense  : Well Bua thought all will go against Aarti and then she will b kicked out of the house but hats off to Gayatri for her maturity the way she questions Aarti and tells her that she fully understands her loneliness ,so even if she went wrong anywhere with Aman , tell it and she will support him fully ClapClapClap... I loved the fact that she was not shown like a typical Saas here but rather a matured women ... Clap
And Yash rocked for me in today's episode for a simple reason that he shuts Bua's mouth completely by saying that he does not hv such a small thinking where he will accuse her character ClapClapClap...I loved how he said that he respects Aman-Aarti's friendship and can never doubt it Embarrassed...So for once I m happy that the truth is not any cliched infedility track and Yash has no doubt on her character ClapClapClap
Reason 2 : Yash is indirectly saving Aarti from something big : What I can gather from Yash's confession is that he is trying to save Aarti indirectly .. there is something he knows (it could b divorcee truth or diary or combo of both ..I will come to this point later ) which he feels if it comes out ,she might feel humiliated in front of entire family and thats why he says that its better the truth remains with me only or else there will b disaster Ouch...He is even talking of separate manzil  as there is nothing left and then he talks of her mann ka paap Confused... So I feel it could b a combo of Diary + Prashant truth ... So I guess he feels if these 2 things come out together , Aarti might feel embarassed in front of all  and so its better she goes out of his life or keeps her  manzil separate Ouch... In short I loved the fact that Yash at least spoke something with a sane mind and made sure noone really points fingers on Aarti today  Embarrassed
Now about the reason , I wont predict much but I feel its related to a combo of Prashant truth plus Diary plus Aarti's ILU confession which she turned into a joke plus something which he felt in rain plus his own inferiority complex ...  Mann ka paap is related to  sexual desire of a woman  which means Yash too did loose his control ... There is something which involves only  two of them ... So unless it comes out fully  , we cannot really conclude anything  and so lets  just go with a flow LOL
Overall I m happy Aarti's character is not questioned ... Yash himself clears it to all and last but not the least no Agni pareeksha  nonsense plus Gayatri comes shining out ... For me these r enough to like the episode Smile
Did Yash know the Prashant truth and read Aarti's diary too ??
Precap suggests it could b the Prashant truth or else why will suddenly Prashant call in Dubey house and why will Ansh react in that manner  Ouch...Dint Yash and kids go for some party that rainy night when Aarti was stuck ?? Hmmm its coming out slowly now LOLTongue
If Yash came to know Prashant truth in Mumbai  then this  makes perfect sense why Yash is not ready to tell the truth  because I feel Prashant met Yash in that party in Mumbai where he had gone with the kids while Aarti went to the temple and there Prashant might hv told Yash he is still the husband of Aarti and I wont b surprised if Prashant even brainwashed Yash with few more nonsense like Aarti is so selfish that she snatched my parents and house from me and she might do the same with your family and thats why she had hidden this big truth from you and your family  and this way Prashant might hv took his revenge from Aarti  because if we remember Prashant told Aarti that he will make sure that she forever thirsts for love and she gets none from her current hubby  Ouch...So If Prashant met Yash in Mumbai  , then its a golden opportunity for Prashant to brainwash Yash nicely against Aarti and even Yash will be forced to believe Prashant since we cant deny the fact that Aarti made a big mistake by not telling the truth , thus giving scope to Prashant to take this advantage here OuchOuch..
So Yash is angry on Aarti for the lie but at the same time if he tells the truth to all , it means end of their Punarvivah since his family will never accept Aarti Ouch...He does not want this because he has fallen for her and so he just wants things to continue as it is but  he wants to keep her away from himself because her presense is reminding him of Prashant truth which he is not able to say it loud to all   as he keeps seeing Aarti in rain which is symbolic to the fact that he is in love with her Big smileBig smile
Also I think CVs showed both Arpita fire fiasco and this infedility fiasco just to  tell the viewers that these r worst possible reasons but there is a bigger reason than this too which is haunting Yash and thats Aarti's double lies  Ouch... I feel its a combo of both diary and Prashant truth ... Same night after coming home Yash must have read her diary too and so now Yash feels on one hand in this diary she is claiming to love me and on other hand she is hiding the biggest truth from me Ouch ... Why this double face and that defines why Yash says her mann ka paap Ouch..She lied two things from Yash ..one is she really loves him and two is Prashant truth Ouch .. Also Yash remembers how she turned ILU too into a joke and then he remembers Prashant spoke about her selfish and manipulative nature which all must hv jumbled up in his mind Ouch...Yash must hv actually developed feelings for her but her two lies r pissing him off and at the same time he is not able to tell anyone about it or else all will put an end to this punarvivah since they will never accept a divorcee girl  , so Yash wants to keep it to himself and wants Aarti to hv her separate manzil but let this marriage stay intact Embarrassed
Aarti today was the voice of the viewers in a way LOLEmbarrassed
I loved the way Aarti sarcastically thanked Yash for giving her a character certificate first and then questioned her what is the damn reason LOL... today I felt Aarti actually was the voice of the viewers when in the end she just out of plain frustration shouts and asks what is the damn reason Cry... In the end it seems even Scindia family is giving up out of tiredness ,..LOL...
My heart went out to Aarti today seeing her helplessness when she was almost pleading in front of Ganpati for peace CryCry... Hope Ganpati makes her find the reason soon Cry
Yash and Aarti both r longing for each other Embarrassed
I loved the last scene where Aarti was telling raja-rani story to the kids and longing for Yash and on the other hand even Yash was restless in his room Cry .. The background song was perfect there Embarrassed...whatever mayb the reason , one thing is sure , he just cant get Aarti out of his mind and heart .. he is trying hard , but failing to do so Embarrassed...He thinks by sending Aarti away , he can actually find peace , but even then he is not getting any sleep at night Embarrassed...
One advice to Yash babu , why cant he just speak his heart out to Aarti in private ??  Or does he feel Aarti needs to herself know the reason and give him an explanation  since one thing which we cant deny is that Aarti did a big mistake by hiding this divorcee truth Ouch
Overall it was a good episode since CVs made sure my faith on them remains intact and Aarti does not fall prey to any agni pariksha and nor Yash doubts her character ..StarStarStarStar

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:32am | IP Logged
For anyone who is new to the forum, or the thread, and wondering what we are all about, Dragon Club is an analysis, discussion, venting and general merry-making thread about PV where everyone is welcome and can just jump into discussion any time!


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From now onwards everyone in this DC post who r commenting ,liking or stalking ...plsss make sure u hv done your daily 2 comments quota in these following profiles of GC and KS Embarrassed...

It will b better if we can comment on every actor's profile at least twice in a day so that all PV actors rankings can go up but make sure we r doing it regularly on GC and KS's profile at least Embarrassed...

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skanda12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:32am | IP Logged

Today's episode may not yet have cleared what IS the issue that is making Yash so angry with Aarti. But at least it has cleared what IS NOT the issue with Yash!

After leading us viewers twice down the misleading tracks, the Creatives have finally shown that Yash's anger was NOT because of these two things:

a.       It was not because of the fire episode where we all thought he was upset that he had saved Aarti and not Arpita's memories!

b.      It was not also about the Aman episode, because today Yash showed that he did not even mistrust Aarti's loyalty to her marriage!

There were three things in today's episode that I want to analyse:


1.       I was actually quite happy that the anger issue of Yash was neither the fire not the Aman entry. All this while I was constantly asking myself "How could Aarti forget such big issues like a roaring fire in the house and then the arrival of a friend after so many years?" I was finding the whole thing so unbelivable that I started even suspecting the Creatives of making Aarti forget such huge events just for the sake of dramatic effect. Thank God today my faith in the Creatives has been restored!


2.       In the scene where Gayatri, Bua and Vidhi are all staring at Aarti in disbelief as she says she is telling the truth before God that she had no relations with Aman, another part of my mind's mystery clicked for me. I was thinking to myself: "How much more are they all going to torture Aarti for the faults of Yash? If he is angry surely the family should be grilling him and not Aarti? And indeed, what more can Aarti say in her defence, except repeating over and over again that she remembers nothing and that she surely did not have illicit relations with Aman?"


Gayatri today was superb as she told Aarti that as a woman she would be able to understand and forgive if Aarti had indeed had some physical urge to have a one-night stand with Aman. But it was not even Gayatri who was able to gave the exact explanation why the family was torturing Aarti to "tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth". The Bua let slip the real family position whe she said: "If you are so truthful Aarti, then  how come Yash is so angry and does not even want to see your face?" So there it is … the family has not even an iota of suspicion that this whole issue could be a figment of Yash's imagiation and has taken Yash's angry rants as the gospel  truth. They are taking Yash's position as stable and therefore see Aarti's position as shaky. It is not the family's mistrust of Aarti, it is the family's blind trust that even in his maniacal behaviour and loss of reason, Yash must be right! That is so unfair on Aarti!


3.       Now here are two possibilities for the real truth tomorrow based on the sentence Yash said to Aarti today that: "Let this be secret between us, for if the truth comes out this marriage will have no standing! This marriage has no destinaton, understand that! Better we let the matter stay between us and go our separate ways!"


The first possiblity that occurs to me: Yash has read the diary and knows Aarti has fallen for him. This may have made him feel betrayed that Aarti is not keeping her side of the bargain they made at the time of the Punar Vivah that they will make no emotional demands of each other and will marry only for the sake of the children. Maybe Aarti's love is complicating life for Yash who does not want to reciprocate and lose his loyalty to Arpita? He does not want to see her face nor even be gentle with her. He wants to erase the love she is developing for him, and nip it in the bud with hatred from his side. Could that be why he says  in an indirect way: "Let this diary business and all that love-talk be secret between us, as this marriage has no ultimate "love destination". So better we both don't fall for each other and thus go our separate ways?"


The second posiibility that occurs to me: It comes from the allusion to Prashanth in the precap. How did Ansh get to know about Prashanth? And if Ansh knows of his real father's existence, does Yash also somehow know about it? Did Aman spill this info? Aarti never told Aman not to tell, right? Could it have just slipped out in conversation between Aman and Yash? If that is the case then maybe Yash's anger is about Aarti not telling him about this "big lie". Maybe then Yash's dialogue today had this meaning:"Let this Prashanth business be secret between us, because otherwise our marriage will not have a standing (meaning the family will close out Aarti). Our marriage has no destination as a result of this big lie you have placed between us, so better we go our separate ways hereafter for you have betrayed my trust, and this truth is too hard for me bear."


Thankfully we may have to wait just 24 hours I think to know the truth. Maybe at Shobha's house when Ansh mentions that he knows Prashanth is his father, Aarti may get her revelation from Ganpati as to the real reason for Yash's anger. Maybe she will come to know that Ansh came to know of Prashanth from Yash - or in Yash's hearing.


Maybe this "big lie" has come full circle to roast not just Aarti but also all the viewers. After all when the Creatives had that survey and asked if the lie should come out the majority seem to have said "No"!


I personally now feel that it would have been better for Aarti to tell Yash the truth then, rather than have Yash find out the truth by himself now, like this!

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Zetter IF-Rockerz

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It was a bittersweet episode CryCry

Episode stars with Gayatri bringing Aarti to the mandir in from of the Ganesh idol and tells her that she understands her loneliness and that she won't blame Aarti if she did what she did with Aman because is the one at fault for not her ShockedShockedShocked so tell her the truth, she'll support her...Wow G3 left me speechless with her dialogues today ClapClapClap

So Aarti continues to plead her innocence and agreed to do do whatever test they would give her to prove herself just Yash comes and asked them how dare they questioned Aarti's character...He goes on to say that he isn't so narrow minded, Aarti is pure...He respects her relationship with Aman  so please stop this non sense and don't blame Aarti Thumbs UpClapClap...Yash was about to leave when Aarti stopped him.

Aarti tells him thanks in a sarcasm way for clearing their doubts about her character but now she wanna know the reason why he hates her so much...while she's questioning him, Yash has the FB of Aarti playing in the rain before they left for Mumbai ...Vidhi also insists that Yash tells the reason why he's so mad at her...The same FB occurs.

Yash says that he can't tell anyone the secret...It shall remain with him only cause if he tells, their relationship will be ruined and that they should both walk their own paths...Aarti tells him that she didn't do the Punar Vivaah to go her own way...Darn it Yash the woman loves you, she did the Punar Vivaah for her son but along the way she fell for you, how can u ask her that? OuchCryCry

Yash walks away leaving a devastated Aarti with more questions than beforeBroken Heart...Gayatri is feeling really bad for Aarti...I felt like  Hug Aarti and i know G3 did as well but she didn't...What can't the Scindias show some affection when needed? <_<

Shobha aunty is praying to god, asking him to save Aarti and that if she facing trouble in her Punar Vivaah then noone will ever think of doing a Punar Vivaah Unhappy meanwhile Aarti is praying to god as well asking him not to forsake her in her time of need..she asks god to tell her what she has done wrong, why does Yash hate her so much she even goes on to promise to leave Yash's life forever but not before finding out the truth OuchOuch

It's nighttime...Aarti is on the bed with Yash and Palak with their heads resting on her legs...she telling them a story and you can hear how sad she is...she also flashes back on why Yashbabu is mad at her...At the same time Yash is restless in AarYa's room. 

I loved the look Palak & Ansh gave each other before they fell asleep...Too cute Embarrassed

There's a very nice/sad montage of AarYa yearning for each other with the song kyun roothe mohe mohan kyun playing in the bg OuchCryCryCry

Precap: So Papa Dubey is back...he says that Prashant has called and Ansh says that he knows who Prashant is...He's dad leaving Aarti, and the Dubeys shocked Dead

EDIT: Sorry for all the crying icon, let's just say that was me today while i was watching the episode...An emotional wreck EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Pearl_27 IF-Dazzler

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Ranbir and Priyanka's preggy suspense...I surely think that Ranbir asks for preggy PC to Aarthi to which she answered...See the CV's never knew that Ranbir is going to make his entry and why will Ranbir disclose truth if their is.Its in Bhopal.i.e present.

Kareena coming as heroine...its gonna be a Mumbai flashback...cause right now their is no reason for them to celebrate something.So,I think here they got drunk..rest is...(I don't want that to happen).

AarYa and kids ka essel world tour is another Mumbai story suspense as per TC article...this can be...cause why will they show something like this specially...if this is not related to that raaz...but Aarthi's POV is over ...maybe its Yash's.

Yash will clear some air as per spoiler...I hope so...maybe he speaks up..but I think its gonna be like this...he'll just say no need to do that and walk away...his hobby.

I really don't which raat what happened...But surely it was a dooms night.

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:36am | IP Logged
Here's a prediction from serial world! 

Aarti came home in the rain, shivering and very very cold...Yash needed to warm her up and while heating her, he was heated himself and with Aarti out of her senses  and being his wife, he just couldn't "CON"trol himself and they did the do and now preggy preggy preggy! 

Now my head hurts again! ROFL

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Zetter IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:38am | IP Logged
Well today is my lucky date, finally made it back to the front page Tongue LOL I should thank my mom cause today is her birthday and while on the phone with her she asked for the time and then said it's nearly time for PV see you in about 2-3 hours haha 

BTW great tittle Jyo and thanks for the TRP breakdown Wink

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smileymj10 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:38am | IP Logged
(Okay, will just repost it here)

I'm back!!!

I'm so glad my hubby allow me to join you at this time!!! Big smile
Silent treatment works for me I guess... So, Ms Smiley is again Happy!!!

Well, I still have lots of takes to read on the last thread, but I didn't make it anymore... Lack of time for me... I'll just give my short comments for some...

@Jyo, Samana and Indu You three are totally awesome!!! DC wouldn't be like this if you're not here... I always love to read your takes!!! Full of sense and very powerful!!! You're of the same wavelength as always..

@Naeema and Deepti
  Yeah, I guess we're on the same boat..  True, admirable jealousy it is LOL

@Raveena Where the hell you get ur sense of humor Angry, you always cracking me up buddy!!!
 I always love ur jokes   LOLLOL

@Pearl Thanks dear!!!

@Zetter  You should be. I don't' want missing your takes anymore... LOL
Thanks again babe!!! Embarrassed

@Jyo  Hilarious A/R dear!!! ROFL
Thanks for the TRP breakdown and the other updates...

@all  Great takes and discussions everyone (sorry couldn't mention other names now, you know who are) Big smile

Waiting for the next episode... Embarrassed


Like what I've said,

HeartDay Dreaming

Though Yash haven't said about anything and don't know if he will for now, at least they gave us some hint about the reason. Whether it's about LOVE(Aarti) , the TRUTH (Diary) AND the LIE (Prashant).  Whatever it may be , I'm sure, we will all love it in the end!!!
I'm still trusting CVs and never giving up waiting to know the real reason.. A piece of advice, Just be PATIENT!!!

I don't blame anyone for being harsh or impatient of knowing the truth. But hey this is just a serial, and this is what's the serial is all about.
Lucky we are, cause even if they dragged it that much, we still have lots of reason to watch it. They still give us some moments or scenes that surely we can be satisfied at. Lots of interesting stories to talk about, which made us stick to this show.

I don't care if they dragged it that much or, giving us some filler episodes. As long as we enjoyed the show and give us just a single smile from it, is okay for me. And it's all that matters.Embarrassed

Funny isn't it, that even some here, will say that  "I'm pissed off to this show", "disappointed to this character" , "I'm tired of giving some predictions etc etc, and "I will never watch the show again". But look, they are still here. And they keep coming back. LOL

This is the magic of Punar Vivah, it has a unique concept which give us lots and lots of thinking. They never give us just one answer to every problem or every question we want to ask. They keep us guessing, predicting, and giving some thoughts. But look, do we always got what we want? Not at all!!!
EXPECT the UNEXPECTED is what they always gave us.

And please, stop comparing PV to other show, this show is totally different from them...

Just wondering what would be DC look like when there's nothing to discuss of, BORING!!! Sleepy But because the show is so interesting to watch and to discuss, this thread is always active and alive..

Having two strong, gorgeous and brilliant lead stars like KRATIKA SENGAR AND GURMEET CHAUDHARY, plus a very well-written script, I don't think of any reason to skip this show.
I love, love them even more!!!

HATS OFF to THEM is what I always said...ClapClap

And I'm proud to say that I never regret being addicted to this show (even my hubby get mad at me LOL ). I'll never get tired praising Kratika and Gurmeet. They really deserves such compliments like this... 

That's all I can say for now...

Have a nice discussions everyone!!! Embarrassed

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