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Crooner 1.33 : It was their story...UPDATED (Page 2)

Sunshine80 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:07am | IP Logged
What a beautiful songClap...

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writ_in_water Goldie

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:09am | IP Logged
ohh perfect perfect song for them.

was their story? ... it will always be.. even if the entire world around them cannot look beyond their noses. always the fate of those who know how to give. and give.


A wonderfully lyrical crooner Priya. ClapClap You have said everything that ought to be said and said it so beautifully. On days such as these, it is imperative to ignore the outside world. Outside of Arnav and Khushi that is. Will miss you and your thoughts! Come back soon!

This post is mushy, random and doesn't have much to say. Just me rambling. Tongue

The pieces had been that of porcelain than too. Then too, they had broken. And that day, she perhaps was more shattered than those broken pieces of his tea cup. That day too, she bent down silently to pick up the broken pieces, her delicate hands trembling in aftershock. He first stormed at her... not for disturbing his peace as he pretended to, (dekh kar nahi chalsakti tum?)  but precisely because he was thinking about her and there she was colliding against him... too much to swallow isn't it?

And her silence, like always, unwound him, sneaked into him and his voice. He kneeled down and gently, took away the pieces from her hand before they could hurt her. 'Khushi, Khushi, Khushi, Khushi'...myraid ways of calling out a loved's one name.. how much love, how much tenderness and how much concern were invested in those many utterances of Khushi. But he could do nothing more that day. Neither could she.

And yesterday, when she entered his space, the storm was already at its zenith. She once again bent down quietly to pick up the broken pieces.  And it unwound him yet again. A lone tear, wiped with the back of his hand and he had kneeled down  once again. They picked up the pieces together. How far they have travelled. Yesterday, there was no 'Khushi' either. It wasn't necessary. No words were.

And then the words came. Pulled out of his very being. 'Mat Jao'. Must have stopped Khushi's heart for a moment. It surely stopped mine.

And that is their story. A love that is a plea. A love that is beyond words. A love that will compel them to 'not go'. A love that can be spelt 'stay'.

That shot of them leaning on each other, giving and taking strength, with the calm waters and the sky above as their only witness etched in my mind. They have never had any witnesses for their deep love for each other.

Which is why, a wedding is itself unnecessary. And a grand wedding with a family that barely understands these two givers, let alone their love for each other, more unnecessary than ever.


1. Where on earth is Payal? Is she doing a mamaji on us? How difficult it is to include a dialogue for mamaji's absence or for Payal's absence for that matter??? How can a creative team so imaginative and so good in so many things ignore such little but important stuff? Beats me!! ConfusedConfused

2. Akash, please do not  use your brains. Better off like that. Good for you, Good for us. D'oh

3. It is jarring to see absolutely no mention of the glass shards. Either as lacerations on Anjali's feet or that carpet which was apparently full of the pieces just a night ago. Confused

4. Barun, absolutely magnificent in the individual scenes yesterday. And with their together scenes, both were sparking off each other. Fantastic. Clap

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mars80 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:17am | IP Logged
mat jao...haaye!! Arrite thats dead...waiting for priya's n all the other updates...just bookmarking ladies, just bookmarking :-)

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amisuv IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:17am | IP Logged
Priya, an emotional brilliant Crooner Clap Clap Two classical Oldies apt fr the situation & the one from the movie " Mamta " one of my Fav...
A day which highlighted the essence of IPK, the love story of Arnav & Khushi. Amidst all the chaos & turmoil, the husband & wife being the pillar of strength fr each other. Their silences giving away their true feelings, the eyes conveying the underlying message...As u said Priya, the agnipariksha was never meant to be easy...
Sorry Priya, par aaj mera Barun Appreciation post hoga. Koi naraaz hai toh usse manaye ka padi Wink
After that lone tear & the " Mat Jao ", I couldnt concentrate on anything else. Haan ek cheez pe kiya but woh nahi likh sakti coz uss se naraazgi aur badh jaayegi Confused
Barun, raising the bar in every single outing this week. Portraying diverse roles- the worried brother, the loving husband, the angry grandson...The bedroom shoot when he was sitting on the recliner. Luved the camera shot, panning from long to closeup. The intensity in those eyes, the boiling anger, that helplessness & finally that lone tear just took my breath away. Simply magical Clap Clap And then came the " Mat Jao " That husky voice but a different tone today Day Dreaming Day Dreaming
" Kyun dard jai itna tere ishq mein " A sign fr testing times ahead..

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--Nishita-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:20am | IP Logged

What a beautiful crooner Priya!!! Loved the songsā€¦so apt and my fav!!! Its beautiful and it fits them perfectly. Loved the title too...yes, it was and will always be their story! I will be more than happy if the writers continue to treat us with such beautiful scenes. Like you said, once you watch these scenes, all other scenes get wiped out...nothing else matters. It never has Smile

I just loved the episode Priya...those 3 scenes with Arhi tugged at the heartstrings. I cried for them today. Their love is being tested again and the trials are not going to be easy...the path that they need to tread will not be easy but at the same time it wont be impossible because they have each other for company. We were all confident of this bond na? We knew that the moments Arhi have spent in the last few months have only strengthened their bond. The only thing I could manage to say after he uttered "Mat jao" was an awww. My heart broke to see him in such a fix. Loved the way you have described the way both of them bent down to mend the relationship...the two protectors of the glass house. When there was darkness all around, they were the only source of hope and light in each others livesEmbarrassed.

Loved the Rabba Ve yesterday...amidst all the tension, pain and grief, the two lovers took few moments off to look at the Mehendi on each others' hands. I again cried when Khushi remembered his mat jao...she knows how much he meant it and it breaks her every time she cant be with the man Disapprove

I am all for the past coming out in the open. Just as Arnav wiped out her pain by giving her a kiss, he will continue to do his best by standing by her becoming her strength. They dont need words to express their pain. The very thought of a probable separation scares me but I know after the initial jolt, Arnav and Khushi will come back together and fight...the King and the Queen cannot be apart. They need to be together to fight the war.

Other thoughts:

1. I am 100% certain Garima is not the other woman. The other woman who had come to the funeral had seen Anjali so it is impossible that Garima does not recognize Anjali. Plus the woman Dadi was talking to is different from the other there are two women whose truth needs to be revealed. Again this mahan Dadi has misunderstood the whole thingAngry

2. Hated it when she kept calling Khushi the other woman...Does she remember that Khushi is married to her grandson? Who calls their bahu as the doosri auratAngry Let her open her mouth in front of Arnav...he will pack her off to the aashram Angry. I have zero respect for this woman. I want her to regret it big time.Dead

3. Payal kahan gayab ho gayi? Ouch

4. Anjali is most welcome to get Shyaam back home. Let her face the truth, let her get a big jolt. She will learn it the hard way.

5. Loved it when Nani defended Khushi. She will never give Shyaam a second chance.

Brilliant performances by Barun and SanayaClapClapClap Loved the way they complimented each other. Barun has been giving brilliant performaces this week.ClapClap

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-Anku- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:27am | IP Logged
Love those lines ;$ beautiful

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jakhushi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:27am | IP Logged
Not sure if I can update my post tomorrow Priya.
But will look forward to your thoughts!
So no reserve Smile
A beautiful song chosen by you as the first thoughts... but in my humble opinion, that shot  (in the picture posted) outshines it. Absolutely LOVED that shot! Lyrical...
Ok I had every intention of not updating since tomorrow is going to be grueling day. And then I read your Updated Crooner and couldnt help myself.Embarrassed. will keep it short though.
To put it briefly, it is beautiful Priya. A very Classic Crooner if I may say so.
Truly, the episode has moments of brilliance. The Arnav Khushi scenes were etched enchantingly.
His pain makes him react the most natural way he knows...and she knows & understands that. The silent picking up of the broken pieces of glass...that was an ultimate gesture of love & understanding.
We can fall in love in split moment but understanding your soul mate... now that is the most glorious part of the journey in love! And today, our protagonist took a significant step towards it. And together they sat down to help each other gather their broken hearts, broken dreams with the hope of rebuilding it someday, as long as they are together. If that wasnt a silent promise... I don't know what is.
Their need to spend some stolen time to draw strength from each other, spend a few more moments with each other to share their common grief. It was a  poignant, heart wrenchingly beautiful moment.
I loved what you said for this scene Priya... "part to meet" indeed.
The scene where they sat together in the room was one of the most aesthetically captured long shots that I can recall in recent times. Thank you so much for posting that pic dear. I cribbed about Arshad & camera works yesterday... happy to say I eat my words today Tongue.
The longing when they are apart... the acknowledgement that amidst all the pain, there was a moment of hapiness... the mark of each other on their hands! They were not in the same frame in that shot, but my eyes almost teared up at that. It proved how impactful screenplay can be when it is good.
Arnav understanding Khushi's pain and recognizing her grief, perfectly done. A single tear that sneaks out of her eyes, he instantly recognizes the underlying pain behind it. He is her man and he is by her side and he will kiss her pain away ( I can almost see Mou, Nishi & Sunshine smirkingWinkLOL), but I mean it in the most innocent possible way. That gesture of protection and love... Siggghh.
Yes, I was upset with Dadi today. During the 1st watch and seeing the pain in Khushi's eyes... my heart went out to the poor soul. But I guess they do want me hate I am fine with that.
The episode gave me enough to focus on Arnav & Khushi and I am truly grateful for that.
Some quick points on the rest of the episode :
Fantastic Camera work and very good direction today. A sisterly hug to Arshad.LOL
As for Music, it was perfect..even in the non Arnav Khushi scenes.Clap
DB's acting was quite well executed... I am gald she kept the tempo going from the beginning of the week.
Finally they show ASR remembering Shyam's words to him on the wedding night. For an average non IF viewer, that is a good FB to explain why the man is adamant and worried for his sister.
Did I say...I love Nani!! Heart
Akash...Dude.. D'oh... Not Cool!!
Loved Barun and Sanaya's acting... oh they made my heart ache today. At the beginning of the scene in the room, I got worried by both of their acting for like the 1st 10 seconds! But they just took it to a different plane after that. Barun continues to excel... he has grown so much as an actor!
Sanaya especially was brilliant when she remembers the most heart tugging " Matt Jao" and clutches her hand with the 'A' to her heart.
Can I say 'Matt Jao' to you too Priya Smile... Naaahhh...wont do that you! Enjoy your break dear.  HugWill wait for your comeback.
This was supposed to be a short post!!!!! Ermm Let me slap myself now before I hit the bed..

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shybabe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:30am | IP Logged
Priyaaa..what a beautiful crooner u have put up there darling...will miss you..but stay in touch...u know howWink's their love storyyy...Arnav and Khushi scene touched my heart today...sometimes...things unsaid is the best way to express our will leave it..that way

I have always loved reading the thoughts here..will continue to do so..

But this is what I do best and i give it to you all..Embarrassed

A man in turmoil...who can do justice to this..other than this man..

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