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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Crooner 1.33 : It was their story...UPDATED

honeypriya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:01am | IP Logged


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-Prashu- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 October 2010
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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:03am | IP Logged

Yayyy!! Im First.. Im First!!!Dancing *Jumps with joy*

Ok Ok… Im being childish now.. back to normal nwLOLLOL

Hiee Priyaa and My Dearest Croonies…Hug

That song Priyaaa!!!.. I have been in love with the song from past few months.. Thinking before which song could relate to them perfectly!! This was the song that came into my mind..

I told ya.. They will prove each and every word of this song.. Believe me Priya.. I was thinking same song when I saw the epi completely!! I was happy when they justified every word today…

Those 15 mins and the few minutes later on.. were just everything…

tere mere sapne abb ek rang hain

jaha bhee le jaye rahe ham sang hain


The time when he stood beside her and now she is doing the same.. Each saying to the other… Our Dreams are one nw .. The Dream right now is to fight for our loved ones nad bring back the happiness. However the way is, its bound to be bumpy, Ill stand by you.. We are together.. always. Even if we don't stay together. In our hearts, we are one.

mere tere dil kaa tay tha ek din milanajaise bahar aane par tay hain phul kaa khilana


They were destined to be together… They were destined to be in love and now are one.

tere dukh abb mere, mere sukh abb teretere yeh do naina, chand aur suraj mere


Today when he kissed on her forehead taking away her pain.. and when at night when he gifted her dream to her, the pearl necklace, he gestured that her pain is his now… Khushi when cried with him the night before this day.. They both said to each other.. from now on.. my happiness is yours, your sadness is mine.

Awww… the way he said today "Mat Jao"…. Telling her he needs her everytime.. She is his strength. His pillar. He needs her support to fight.. The words clearly defined he was so weak.. and just Khushi's simple words made him stronger.

lakh mana le duniya, sath naa yeh chhutegaaake mere hatho me, hath naa yeh chhutega


Priyaa.. so true you said.. In all this fiasco, they found time for themselves .. getting ready for biggest test of their relationship..Ouch

She is his courage.. Stitching his broken life .. He needs her.. and so does she. I saw that when they longed for each other in their respective house. Remembering the moments they spend on the same day and trying to think in one day, everything changed. A fear then develops in the mind. What will happen to them after all this??? What will happen to their love?? It's a long battle… They both have to take care of so many people… their loved ones.. This time loved ones would be bruised. They have to take care of it and same time take care of their relationship… Its long way… they have to fight together.. and I know and we all know they will…..Hug


Love them Always!!Embarrassed

Other thoughts:

A guy, a doting brother who doesn't go against his brother, goes against him today. Tells him, Im not with you today, Shyam should come. He was the person who believed his brother's words. Im surprised at his behavior. ShockedShocked

I don't want to talk about Anjali. She is throwing tantrums.. Im not against her character.. but worried for her now.. With all the love she is doing this, going against her family, her chote, to bring back her husband, but what will happen they day she realizes the truth.OuchOuch.

Daadi… Ohh God!! This woman is comparing the other woman with Khushi. She dsnt knw the story. The "story" she knows about Shyam-Khushi has been said by Shyam. Jumping into conclusions when she dsnt knw anything!! She will have a hard time when she knows the truth. Behaving as if Khushi is an untouchable is not doneAngry.

Im worried for the person the most is Arnav, offcourse. So many things happened this day. One night and everything changed for him. He is feeling guilty for not protecting his Di and add to it Anjali's demand from him.. I cant even express how he must be feeling.Cry. How to make everyone realize Shyam is wrong.. How to make his Di understand this.. How to control situation when everyone is against his decision… He is shattered. OuchBut one more thing I know is, that Arnav will do everything from right!! As Priya said .. Pheonix will emerge from ashes!!SmileSmile

It has been said in forum.. that Payal ie Deepali has quitOuchOuchOuch Oh No!!!! I dont want her to quit!!! Cry

Thank You Priyaa for the Outstanding CroonerClapClap

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Omoraboti IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 09 February 2012
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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:04am | IP Logged

Brilliant crooner - a fine piece of literarure you have produced today. "We part to meet" - that was indeed the essence of the episode for me. His "Maat jao" melted my heart but "main jaanta hoon tum ruk nahi sakti..." crushed it. I could sense a bad omen in the air, separation is perhaps inevitable but their soul will always be one .. They will unite. Loved how she stayed back for 1 minute - their moment of silence - their moment of silent prayer, understanding & respect.

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I'll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about."

- Rumi

I have always thought Rumi wrote these verses for these two souls .. I thought they would rise above everything & would unite in their own world. But today, I felt they have already made it. These two solitary souls have already reached their own field .. Away from everyone, away from the murky reality. Their one minute of silence together nourishes their life source .. gives them the courage to walk through the rocky roads. They do not need to rely on words anymore. They can see through each others' eyes, they can read each others' silence. No matter how stormy the nights are, they would remain each others' strength. No matter how much far they have to walk away, their soul will keep them together.

No matter how much they resisted, they have been together in good & bad since their paths crossed. They have known each other through extreme and delicate moments .. They have seen each other at their best & their worst. They have reached that stage in their affinity where they reflect each other. Together they have found their solace in silence where no one can separate them. If life breaks them apart, they will put together the pieces. They will not leave each other alone. Ever. It is indeed their story.

"Maat jao" did not sound like a plea to me. It was more like stating the obvious, the solution because Khushi also rather threw a question .. I am going? The background score, their posture .. Everything reminded me of Arnav's poolside kiss. What an amazing contrast! Budding love vs matured love, bangle for marriage vs broken pieces, water vs earth, dupatta vs hands, force vs emotions, challenge vs understanding, kiss vs togetherness, words vs silence .. They indeed have come a long way.

What must be going inside Arnav's mind right now?

His sister has asked for the unthinkable. He has already broken down thinking she is in emotional stress. But he has not given in. What will he do when he will learn it is her sister's conscious demand? Will he learn about her secret rendezvous with her husband over the last few days? He understands her trauma but he also has seen Shyam's true colours. What will he do now?

What he must have felt when she placed her demand? He has done everything for her - got married, killed his budding love, got kidnapped, almost got killed .. And finally he thought he has thrown the scoundrel out of the house. He did .. but Shyam is yet to be thrown out of Anjali's mind & only Anjali herself can do that. He has got it wrong .. All the sacrifices he made, along with his woman, he sees them gone in vain - the baby gone ... And his sister wants Shyam back.

How he must have felt looking at Khushi? Only he knows what he has made her go through for his sister though he loved her - all seems in vain. And still she is in pain .. Still he realizes how she is cornered at his home, how he has to let her go even though they are bonded forever. Will he stand up for her? Will he rise to give her the respect she deserves at his home? Will he let everyone know what Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada has really done for the Raizadas & the Guptas?

Random Musing:

1) Overall, I loved the episode.. A complete 10 for me. It had the right pace & elements, Arnav-Khushi being in key focus mostly but the progress in storyline was apt.

2) I was amused to see Anjali scheming with her husband. They are made for each other at certain levels. So, Anjali did not waste a second & got into work. One-point demand placed & backed up by action plan number one - hunger strike. Not bad Anjali Shyam Jha!

3) Akash surprised me! He is trying to have a say... Great progress. But against your bhai? I guess I will still have to stick to my bubble theory on Akash.

4) Apparently, Maami & Akash are not yet convinced of Khushi. It is time they hear Arnav's part of the story.

5) So the terrace flashback has been removed from Arnav's system. He rather remembers his confrontation with Shyam. But I would also love to see him have the terrace flashback with disgust for Shyam only.

6) Daadi continues chanting "woh aurat" & openly declares what she thinks of Khushi. She has placed Shyam & Anjali in place of Arnav's mom & dad while Khushi is the other woman playing with their marital life. It is guilt that has blinded her so much .. Guilt of not being able to fix things in the past and also the pain of losing the family. She is hell bent on saving Anjali's marriage because this will give her peace, will release her from some of her guilt. Only if she knew, she indeed is wrong .. This time too.

7) Barun & Sanaya, both were awesome. Sanaya finally has got her moments to excel. She was looking great & has done ample justice to portray Khushi's innocence & helplessness. Barun was fabulous with his range & fluctuations of emotions.

8) Again .. Where is payal?

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dennisdmenace IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 February 2012
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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:05am | IP Logged
@ priya, a classic croonerClapClapClapClapthe songs, d romantic can it get….am so proud to be part of this journey of love, celebrating love of Arnav and Khushi……proud to be a part of this crooner……

What a memorable episode…..StarStarStar

Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Kumari Gupta have reached that point in their journey of love…of life where they are true soulmates….they have evolved in their relationship….no longer they need to voice their pain, anguish to each other….they are completely involved in each other….they are standing by each other, holding and drawing strength and ready to face d world…

The journey from "get out" to "mat Jao"… they are indispensable to each other…the mat jao which spoke d unspoken don't leave me..i need you..i love you….

He knows she cant stay back, yes priya they part to meet, they will …they have to…

The scene where both Arnav and Khushi looked at their mehendi…made me cry…kyon dard hain itna…

Waiting for d blast from d past with bated breathe…I know they will face d storm together, and their love will emerge victorious but still….to see lovers going thru so may trials and tribulations  is like agnipariksha for us too.



Standing ovation to Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani….no superlatives are enough for your performance….ClapClapClapClap

And a biggg huggg to Nani…at least she is never losing her faith on Chotey and Khushi Bitiya….Hug


Things I chose to ignore….

1.Dadi cringinging everytime Khushi is close by…..any skin disease…fungal or bacterial…question is who will pass onto whom?DeadDeadDead

2.Dadi referring to her grand daughter in law as dusri aurat?????  AngryAngryAngryAngryAnybody care to explain this….or I maintain my earlier agenda to sue the ashram……

3.Aakash completely losing it…after payalia vanishes into thin air he too lost his marbles…

4.Jhooti Anjali….if she has always abide by Chotey's decision then how to explain those secret rendezvous with Snake….AngryAngry

My wishlist: now I don't want Arnav to explain anything to his DI about Shyam…she should get exposed to the truth of her husband's character on her own….


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..mrinalini.. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 May 2012
Posts: 9323

Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:06am | IP Logged

I am your moon and your moonlight too
I am your flower garden and your water too
I have come all this way, eager for you
Without shoes or shawl
I want you to laugh
To kill all your worries
To love you
To nourish you.


Will update later tomorrow...If my tight college schedule permits me!!Big smile

Pic Credit:ipkkndfanforeva and BidzTongue

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beena14 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 09 September 2006
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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:06am | IP Logged

"We part to meet " Priya  dear Hug  BRILLIANT crooner one of your best Clap Clap The visual and lyrical treat is breath taking . Priya will miss you and the crooner good luck .  

Mere Jeevan Saathi


Mera yaar tu mera pyaar tu, 
Dilbar mere mera deedar tu, 
Yaadon mein tu waadon mein tu, 
Har dhadkan mein basi bas tu hi tu, 
Mere jeevan mein mehakti mehak hai tu, 
Mere jeevan ke bhagiye ki bhagbaan hai tu.

Mera rab hai tu mera shab hai tu, 
Mere zindagi ke safar mein ab sab hai tu, 
Mera subah tu meri shaam tu, 
Mere neendh tu mera khwaab tu, 
Kaise jiyunga mein tere bin, 
Mere dil mein dhadakthi dhadkan hai tu.

Tera dukh mera tera gham mera, 
Mere jeevan ki har khushi bas hai tera, 
Meri zindagi teri tera zindagi mera, 
Har pal mujhe rehana hai sang tera, 
Tujh se hi chalti hai saansein mera, 
Tujh bin nahin hai ab jeevan mera

Humeh   hamare  pati  lauta doh , I need him now . Arnav is shocked to hear his Di asking for the man who  has  cheated her . Dadi  the only happy person in the room hearing this . Arnav started of saying aap  emotional  hoke'''.. Anjali  making  Arnav feel guilty saying she has always listened to him now he has to listen and do what she wants. 

 Loved  Arnav for standing up against  Dadi with a flat NO saying Di is not in a condition to make decisions .  Anjali's tantrums worked on Aakash and Mami . Disappointed  with Aakash  , your brother  is the one who helped you and Payal then again amidst all the Shyam fiasco asked whether things are alright between the couple Today when he needs your support  to  doubt  his decision.  

Dadi  telling Nani that Arnav doesn't  understand Anjali pain. Nani defending Arnav   , saying Arnav has always tried to keep his Di happy and the decision today also is for Anjali's good.  Dadi disagrees  says her son made the same mistake 14yrs ago , Arnav is on the same path. Everyone blaming her son  but not the other women , today history is repeating the other women is Khushi  and she has to pay . Nani defending  Khushi   and says she trust Khushi  just like she does Arnav. Dadi  has made up her mind '.Khushi  is the other women the price had to be paid be it Khushi or the other women. No redemption for Dadi can't wait to see her reaction when he figures out she was just a pawn in Shyam's game. 

Arnav  in his room reminiscing  the hysterical Anjali in the hospital and her plea to bring Shaym back.  Rani Saiba hamre aur Khushiji ke beech mei khadi hai   things have changed noticed Arnav remember s  Shyam's  confession  nad  not  the ugly  hug.'''''''..Arnav in a fit of rage and frustration  throws the vase is when Khushi  walks  in seeing  Arnav  distraught.  Khushi  sees the pain in Arnav's eyes   doesn't say anything  slowly  starts  picking up  the broken  pieces  , the pieces of their life which have to be put together. Arnav sees his wife's support  goes down on his knee to help her scene.  Just a beautiful scene so well enacted the display of emotion by the leads had  goosebumps  watching the two  .

She has come to let him know she is leaving " Muth Jao"  , a beautiful  poignant  moment  , he is at  his lowest  she is his ray of light who gives him strenghth , hope . Their bodies maybe  apart  but their souls are  one  the bond strong  ''.hum ek minute toh baith sakte hai na ''''..She leans on him  he holding her  close each deriving  strength from the other,  reliving the others pain.  She has become his shore the ocean will always return  to even  after all the  trails and tribulations  they will have to go through.

The scene where Khushi / Arnav looking at their  hands with Mehendi  thinking  of  the  other  ''''..the BS was simply  superb  .

Next day  Dadi makes Khushi  cry , Arnav  sensing  something  is wrong  asks Khushi .  Khushi  knows  she  can't  lie  to him  they  don't  need  words  to communicate  , Arnav  just  kisses  her forehead  saying it all.   WOW ''''''''   their silent  communication  just  beautiful  so  lyrical  just like  a  poem.

Notes :


Don't   like  Khushi  being called  the other   women   how  much  more  humiliation  does the  girl  have  to take  .  I  want Arnav  to  shout  out  loud  his reasons  for  marrying  her.  Shyam  has  filled  Dadi  with  lies  about  Khushi   probably calling  her  a gold digger.

Nk  and  Khushi  are  both  outsiders  who  have  seen  the  ugly  side of  Shyam. 

Aakash  grrhhh  Angry what's  with  the  CV's you  don't get a dialogue  in  days  when you  get one hmmm

Anjali , my days for feeling sorry for you done with  '''''' are manipulative , selfish  blackmailing the entire family by not eating . How I wish  Arnav  could tell if you don't eat I won't eat  would love to see how she would respond. I so want to old Anjali back '..the one who  loved her Chote and his marriage was everything to her .

Barun / Sanya  take  a  bow  guys  FANTASTIC  job  today  you guys  looked like the Jodi of Ram / Sita.ClapClap

Barun  you have raised the bar not only for the other Tele actors but for yourself. What a week  .StarStarStar

Here is the uncut of Khushi and Arnav's scene from the episode.


Pic credit : Shallu Hug 

                       Chowna  Hug

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tennismaniac19 Goldie

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:07am | IP Logged
archanan14 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 May 2006
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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:07am | IP Logged
Tere mere dil ka... tay tha ik din milna...
Jaise bahaar aane par... tay phool ka khilna...
O mere jeevan saathi...
Tere mere sapne ab ek rang hain...
Oh... jahaan bhi le jayen raahen hum sang hai!

Haye Priya I'm already in love - just the title, the lines and the picture! Embarrassed Can't wait to read today's!


Priya, honestly when I read Crooner this morning, I was left without words... Such poetic beauty that just oozed out of every word... and "Rahen Na Rahen Hum" - one of my absolute absolute favourite songs! You reduced me to tears darling!

"It was their story" and it always will be - won't it. If you see the uncut video (and I did last night and cried buckets once again!), you will realise that the actual Arnav Khushi moments were about 7 minutes long. But they were such beautiful 7 minutes - the heart just stopped when he said "Mat Jao" to her. And that forehead kiss - such a poignant moment. After all, this is all we were looking for from this show - today brought back the magic and the moments of love that we so desperately needed!

I loved the contrast especially between the strength of ASR, ready to go up against Dadi to fight with her and with the world if needed... but the beautiful helplessness and vulnerability that he was so ready to display in front of Khushi - his soulmate, who just completes him. It was such a wonderfully done moment. And in return, Khushi has someone who can finally see through her smiles, and understand the person she is. Oh lord - this episode just brought back a reminder of just how much I love these two together!

Barun and Sanaya just killed me with their acting yesterday. Oh my God, the way expressions change on Barun's face! Unbelievably good he was - I was just floored!

Priya - I know you said "they part to meet" (what a sentiment!) but I hope they just are together for sometime... Let that beauty remain to give us just a little solace in times of distress and pain... And let us remain as moved by this love story as we always are.

Here's to romance and love - and nothing else today!

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