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Love or Obsession... See page 16 ;) (Page 7)

iqbals4ever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 July 2006 at 7:16pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by *Izzy*

Originally posted by iqbals4ever

ok... i guess now the 200 age thing makes senses now that i know angad may be a vamp and just mite eat kripa up when he meets her (hope not... ur not going to make that one of ur twists r u???? r u??) Confused LOL anywayz awesome prologue cont soon plz!!!!!!! Clap

?.  Angad eating KRipa? LOL that's hard to imagine.. Ha Ha. yep the big twist is about to come. Wink Big smile

ohhhh i feel srry for angad...LOL

-Rose- IF-Dazzler

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 Chapter one

Kripa woke up shaking, it was the same dream she has been having recently. What were the dreams trying to say? Were they trying to alert her? But of what, Vampires? They were not real; they are just part of comics. She thought. She reached for a glass of water from her beside table and drank it.

'Did you have a dream again? He asked

Kripa shook her head, 'No and if it would I won't let it affect me' Kripa lied to her best friend Prithiv. She knows it's wrong but she wasn't mad either. She knew prithiv would go that far to get help for her, he could do anything for her as if she was his real sister. He treats her like her sister and best friend.

'That's like my Kripa.'

'Prithiv, I need to go to library' Kripa said as she was reminded of her dream.

'Come again?' he asked not sure whether he heard her right.

Kripa smiled knowing what he is thinking. 'I am going to library!'

'Kripa, are you sure you are O.K' he asked feeling her forehead against his palm.

Kripa twisted her lip, 'I am fine' she insisted. 'Besides you've got a lesson with Hitler!'

'Don't remind. Aren't you coming?' he asked

Kripa shook her head, 'No I am going to library, I can't face her. She gets my head in and I'll just make an excuse that I was in library.

'Now I get it. Why would Kripa want to go in library by her will?' he mocked

'Prithiv' she wined. 'I am going. See you later'

'Yeah later!'

Kripa turned around and walked to wards the library. As she entered the library to find it empty, 'thank God' she thought. 'No one would see her!' She looked around the library to look for reception help desk and finally she spotted it.

She went to the desk and saw no one. It was same like it was in her dream and there was a door behind which said,' only staff'. After few minute the man came out of the door, adjusted his glasses and looked at her.

'May I help you?' he asked in deep British accent.

He must be British, she thought, 'Yeah, I need a book' she replied

Before she can go explaining what book she was looking for, 'A book, I know why exactly you came here. Please bear with me for a moment' he disappeared back in the door.

'Wait' she called after him but it was too late. She sighed. He came back holding a book, an old dusty book. He hands the book to her.

'Oh, I am sorry, it's old' he said.

Kripa was getting anxious and nervous that hoping it wasn't the same book. She rubbed the book between her hands to remove her hands. Her eyes were froze when she read the black bold text, 'Vampyres'

Kripa dropped the book in the ground and looked at librarian with wide eyes; she backed away and run fast, for her life.

'Wait, I can explain' she heard him call after her.


'Kripa' prithiv snapped his at her. 'Hello earth to Kripa!' he called.

Kripa snapped out of her thought and looked at prithiv annoyed. Why anyone wouldn't believe her and what was the librarian trying to say to her, she thought. I have to know it.

'What' wrong with you? You seemed disturbed.' He asked

'Prithiv please, leave out of it. It's my life.'

He was surprised at her reaction; he was only trying to help her. Something is definitely wrong. He thought. Kripa looked at prithiv guiltily, 'I am sorry prithiv, and I don't know hat came in me. It's just no one believe me and what I will tell you won't believe it' she confided in him.

It's O.k and Are you still on about the dreams or something else'

'It's real and somehow it is connected' she told him. She got up quickly, I will call you later on, I have to go'


Kripa walked back to the library. She came to the desk and saw the librarian doing some work. He looked up and smiled politely at her. 'Ah, I have been expecting you' he said.

'Why did you give me that book? I didn't ask for that and how did you know it was the same book th…' she paused

'in your dreams?' he asked

Kripa looked at him shocked, 'How did you know?' she muttered.

'Long story, Are you free now?' he asked


'I want to tell you something and this may help you with your dreams you have been having? Believe me I know it's difficult when no one believes it.'

Kripa thought he is a mind reader. 'No, I have lessons but I can skip that' she thought happily as she have a perfect excuse for that Hitler.


The professor;

'Why don't you go sit there and I'll be there with you in a seconds' he said in his true British accent.

Kripa sat on the chair that over looked the huge collection of history books, she was sitting in the history area, she thought. After few seconds he came and sat opposite to her.

'Do you want some to drink'? he asked

'No, it's O.K'

He adjusted his glasses, 'before I continue it is important for you to know that No one would believe you if you are saying about monsters or Vampires, they'll simply think you are crazy'

'I just realized that' she laughed.

'Well, yes I am sorry for that, the dream you had, you saw vampire in it didn't you and this book' he pointed at it which was in his hand.

Kripa nodded, 'How did you know I had the dream?'

'ah, I knew you would ask. The thing I am about to tell you is very confidential, others won't believe this. You see in every world there are demons.

'Demons?' Kripa asked confused.

'Demon are like vampires, dummies and monster, who are evil, they are evil, you must know that no matter how good they are trying to be, the fact remains a fact. At the end of the day they will fool you or trap you in their plan. Demons are not like humans, however some will present itself in human form that will be very difficult to recognize.'

'Like vampires?'

'Yes, they are dead; they don't have a soul like us which means they don't breathe. So we have to have balance of good and evil in the world. To destroy the demons, only person is chosen to dust all the demons, away. That person has special physical strength to do that. It's like a gift. They are called slayers. When the slayers die, the new person is selected who have the potential gift.'

'You mean they are like muscles and like wrestlers?

'No, they look very normal from outside, it's like they have got the magic in it. I know it is unbelievable but that how it is.'

'How do you know all this? Kripa asked

'I am the watcher of the slayer?'


'I am the one who trains the slayer and gives them information about the latest mission they have to do.'

'Wow, you don't look like that and who is the slayer?'


'What!' Kripa exclaimed, not sure if she heard it right.

'This is why you were having dreams, to awake your slayer strengths. Have you ever why were you chosen to have those dreams again and again because they have been given warning of the upcoming Evil spirit, who can destroy the world. It's the slayer duty to do all this.'

'You got it all wrong, you see I can't be strong and to fight this. I don't even know how to fight at first' Kripa said. 'I can't be the chosen one!'

'I know how it feels' he replied calmly.

'I can't be slayer for god's sake, I am only 19!'

'I know it's young, believe me you can even fight 10 cops at one time'

'You got it all wrong' she laughed as she got up to go.

As she was about to turn away, they heard some noise behind the bookshelf. The professor gave a look to her and quickly went to the bookshelf to see who heard their questions. He came out with some boy having an embarrassed look.

'Prithiv!' kripa cried in surprise

'You know him' the receptionist asked

'Yeah' she said eying prithiv

'Were you following me and have you heard our talk!'

Prithiv looked at her embarrassed. 'I can't believe it you were actually following me!' kripa cried

'I thought something was wrong, I am sorry' he insisted. He then looked at the librarian, 'What ever you were saying was true?'


'Oh my god, I don't believe this, I thought it was all comic, How do we believe all this, you got some proof!'

'It's very dangerous!'

'I am sure it is' prithiv rolled his eyes sarcastically. 'you could come with us and show us'

'Sure if that's what you want. Care for a walk down in cemetery at night'

'That's cool, Today at nine/'


Kripa and prithiv left the library and walked down the corridors. 'what happened to you prithiv, you weren't believing me and why sudden now?'

Prithiv looked at her with sorry eyes, 'Kripa I didn't know what to think and beside it will proved how was wrong. You being the "great chosen slayer" prithiv laughed

'What's so funny about that' Kripa replied slapping him on his arm.

'Ow that hurts!' prithiv joked. 'You can't even wrestle me!'

'Oh yeah, we'll see about that'

The moon was glistening over them as prithiv and Kripa walked towards the cemetery silence. They both were nervous and scared from inside but didn't show it.

'where's the old man?' prithiv asked suddenly

'you mean the librarian, I don't know he told us to be there by cemetery at nine.'

'What time is it?'

'I don't know, haven't you got the watch with you?'

'I do, but I can't be bothered to look at the time. Why don't you tell me?'

'Prthiv' she sighed. 'I feel sorry for that girl who'll marry you!' she took his arm and looked at the watch, 'It's nine'

As they reached the gate, they looked at the cemetery in silence. Someone tapped both from their back and they both jumped and screamed.  'Aaargh'

'Someone's jumpy?'

It was the librarian. 'Don't you ever do that?' Kripa cried.

'I am sorry, before we go in, Take these with you.' He handed them both a wooden small cross and wooden stake that has sharp pointy needle at one end.

'Wow, these are real?' prithiv asked

'I don't if you believe me or not but it is!' he said.

They walked in the cemetery in silence. They kept an eye everywhere as if someone's going to jump up on them and kill them. As they walked ahead,  they heard saw a group of five men in circle doing something.

'Be careful' the librarian whispered as they got close.

'That isn't any vampires' prithiv cried. 'You're playing with us' prithiv said louder this time and unfortunately they got the men's attention.

'Ah oh' kripa cried.

'We got company?' one men said, walking towards them as the trio walked backwards.' 'What are you doing here kid?'

'I ain't any kid, this man' he pointed towards the librarian, 'Told us vampires are true' he laughed.

Kripa and librarian tried to shut up prithiv but it wasn't working. The five men were heading towards them. Suddenly their faces changes into demeanor face, showing cat eyes and their fangs. Prithiv and Kripa watched them with wide eyes, in horror and blinked and suddenly they creamed and ran for their life. The librarian had no choice but ran after them. They quickly got in the librarian car that was parked outside the cemetery and drove fast.

O.K That was the first part. I am sorry it was late because I have been going out a lot!

Coming up: Kripa accepts her duties of being a slayer and meets Angad aka Angel.




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fab part!!!! Clap Clap Clap
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omg awesome storyline LOL
pleaaasse continue soon   Tongue
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Clap Clap
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that was afabpart!!!!!yo have me hooked!...cant wait till angad comes into the story Big smile cont soon
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awesome plz cont soon. Clap
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