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||~HaPPiieee BdaY Veena Di~||

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There's a miracle called friendship

That dwells within the heart,

And you don't know how it happens..

Or how it gets its start...

But the happiness it brings you

Always gives a special lift,

And you realize that friendship

Is God's most precious gift

Welcome Friends 

Today is a special occasion... an occasion to celebrate birthday of a miracle.

There are so many people that we meet in our lives but only a very few will make a lasting impression on our minds and hearts. It is these people that we will think of often and who will always remain important to us. She is such a precious gift sent to us by God.

7th September 

marks the birthday of a person who's not just a loving sister but a very kind and wonderful human being too! 

She is a sweet heart of ours, her all the posts are beautiful and heart touching. She has always been logical and True to everyone. We all feel deeply attached to her. She is sweet, adorable, caring and moreover a very strong lady, we see strong characters in tv, magazines, movies but veena di is a lively example. i just want to salute you di for your strength, will power and optimistic attitude towards life. You have set an example for us. Thanks a lot di for being the part of our lives. 

As a person,  she is loyal and trustworthy and a good friend to anyone who approach her. Words to describe di are just too little she is precious gift to her friends.  She is one of the most fun loving people on this earth we can come across. She brings smile on everyone's face. She is a gem of a person who value true friendship. She can go any length for her true friends and stay by their side during good and bad phases.  She is honest and straightforward, and always wants the best for her friends. She is a good adviser and mentor who direct her friends to the right path and cares for them when they need a good friend the most to lend a shoulder on.

She is the biggest InShi lover followed by hiten-gauri and aditya natasha. Her user name Adinats is combination of aditya natasha only

Its none other than our own

Veena Di

You are always my friend.
When I am happy or when I am sad.
When I am all alone or when I am with people.
You are always my friend if I see you today or a year from now
You are always my friend...
and though the years will change
It doesn't matter.
Throughout our lifetime, you are always my friend. 

Di Lots and Lots of Love from your baccha party to you

May God gives you every happiness and makes all your dreams true, specially the wish you wanted this time Big smile

ay god bless you and let this birthday be a special one to you and
let all your dreams come true ..
let this bithday bring you joy and happiness
and filled with every thing that your heart desires
happiness,love and peace always

Welcome to the Most special Bday party of Veena di

Pari117 (Shreya)

Warz (Wardah)

-RaSu- (Simran)

Shona90 (Sneha)

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ShivuNozzie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 9:46am | IP Logged

30th august..!!!

Parii and Veena was having a conversation,
parii-- "hey dii your bday is cmg na, wat big plans do u have??"

veena dii-- "no nothing and no need of bday thread for me,
i m a normal person, itna mehnat mat krna plzzz"
parii-- "dont worry di, i will wish u on phone only.."

After 6days...!!!!

Its 12'0 clock late nite and veena dii in her bed almost sleep but suddenly her phone rang..
she sees shreya name flashes...
Veena dii never lifts the call, she cancels it and calls back again.so this time too she did the same..she cuts the call and gave a call back.. Shreya lifts the call..
"Veena dii aajke din bhii phne cut karna zarooriii tha??"

veena dii-- "parii its soo late what happend?? is evrything alright???"

parii-- "no nothing is fine isiliye call kiya na aapko itnii raat ko.."

veena dii--"parii m getting tensed jaldii batao hua kya??"

parii-- "veena dii mat puchiye mein bas ro rahii hun

veena dii getting more tensed-- "parii bacha bolo kya hua..??"

parii--"veena dii aap plzzz khidkii ke bahar aaiye mei bata ti hun..."

veena dii--"khidki ke bahar kyui aayun?"

pariii statrted to cry more louder and says-- "saare sawalon ka jawab aisa hi du ya aap aate bahar? "

veena dii saysok okk and comes near the window and was shocked to see parii downstairs..

veena dii-- "parii wat are u doing here?"

parii-- "aap apne sawal zara rok kar rakhiye aur pehle mujhe andar le aaiye bahut thand haii bahar..."

veena dii-- "okk wait i am coming.."

veena dii ran downstarirs opnes the door welcomes parii

parii-- "with a cake in hand wishes her 'happy birthday veena dii happy birthday"

veena dii-- "Oh my God parii u cme all the way from kanpur to just wish me..."
and give a big hug to parii

parii-- "picture aabhii bakhii haii meiri dii aage aage dekhiye kitne surprises haii"
parii goes inside the house,

veena di-- "thanks for the cake parii chalo lets cut it..
parii-- noo dii not soo long with a evil smile.."

veena dii confused

parii--aap pareshan mat ho, abhii toh aayi hun, thdi der batein karenge phr cake shake kaat lenge

veena di gave a convinced look and they both sat in the living area and were having a general talk then cmes the door bell.
Ting Tong..

veena dii--iss waqt kaun hoga???

parii trying to control her smile with a shock expression arrey dekhiye kaun haii, itnii raat ko kaun ho sakta??

veena di open the door but find no one.veena dii looks here and ther bt cudnt find anyone.she was abt to close the door and suddenly she sees
simran in front of her shouting
"happpy Birthday veena diii..."

veena dii--OMg simran its you.. how cme u are here?? and wat a surpris..

simran-- "actually was on a vacation to india and wen i cme to knw abt ur bday then cudnt stop myself from comg here "

simran comes in and hugs parii

parii and simran looking at each other giving mischivious smiles

veena dii--acha toh yeh baat haii, isiliye cake nahii kata haan simran ka wait ho raha tha???

simran--haaan aisa hii samajhlijiye

parii--simran aap toh khali haath aa gaye kya??? no gift for our dii???

veena dii--arrrey parii wat gift, simran is here thats the biggest gift, cant ask for more..

simran--awww thats really sweet of u dii o say that, but m sorry aapka gift mei akelii nahii hun, koii aur bhii haiii...

veena dii--oh yes i knw parii and u simran both are my best bday gifts ever...

simran--aap phr galat samjah rahe haii diii zara peeche dekhiye aapko aapka jawab miljaiyega..

veena dii turns aroun to see what simran was saying and to her surprise s
he saw her fav celebrity hiten and gaurii walking towards her hand in hand annd
wishing veena dii a veryy happy bday ...!!!!

Veena di still hadn't recovered from the surprise
Of seeing one of her favorite pairs- hiten & gauri!

hiten gaurii aaplog yaha mere ghar par???

hiten-gauri--birthdayy giril ko surprise karne aaye haiii pasand nahii aaya kya surprise??

veena di---This i really a biggest surprise thanks for coming here m soo happy...

parii and simran whispers --surprises abhii aur baakhii haii diii

Hiten Gauri--can we go to the terrace, raat meii khulii hawa meii aur bhii maza aayega

parii--oh yes of-course we can doo a lot of fun ther come dii lets goo..

All 4 goes to the terrace and opens the light but lights not working..
its utter darkness and nobody can ee anything..

veena dii--lagta haii lights kharab haii will go inside the house only...

then there comes a voice-- kisiko koi zaroorat nahii haiii aapke andhera meii roshnii karne
hum aaye haii..

a girl lights the candle and in the flame we see its Wardah and shona standing right in front ..!!

veena dii--Oh my god my wardah and shona you two are also here wat a big surprise all of.

wardah--happy bday veena dii, surprise abhii pura nahii hua haii...

veena dii--plzz don tell me u have more surprises..

shona--veena dii janam din ki bhadayii..
aap sonchiye mat bas surprises enjoy kijiye

shona and wardah leaves saying will b back...

veena dii asking asking simran and parii

what is all these???

parii and simran smiling and saying bas dekhte rahiye veena dii

The lights are turned on and then you two come out Rolling a cart with a huge birthday
cake Placed on it.

As everyone sings happy bday & veena di is about to pick up the knife to cut the cake.
The top layer of the cake suddenly bursts open & two people pop out!
And not just any two people but another two of veena di's fav celebs!

veena dii as usual shocked to see her fav's Aditya and natasha...

Both come up and wishes veena dii...

Veena dii was soo happy seeing her stars coudnt say much out of
excitement more than a Thanks...!!

hiten and gauri-- i guess we should cut the cake now???

aditya and natasha-- yes ofcourse i think sab toh agaye haii so we can
proceed with the cake cutting...

veena dii was ready and she was looking for parii as she was not there..
she called her name but din get the response..

veena dii asked evryone--

where did parii goo???

all pretending they don knw and started calling parii's name blinking at each other

Simran-- hey ther comes parii...

veena dii---kya bacha kaha chal gaye tum chalo will cut the cake now...

pariii--dii just see whose behind m..

everyone turned around to see including veena dii and we see
our IF-members too joined us for this big Surprise for our dear
veena diii...

apoorva,clara, akansha, sonie,riddhima,shalu,eman, mithsi, mona,
conny dii, sonia, mels,gayatri,Shruti riddhima sumbal, malay, ashish, dhanya...

All singing the birthday song...

veena dii was totally shocked never expected that she will b able to see
all her admires gathred at one place to make her day the most special one for her...!!

simran come on friebds let the party begin...


har party music k bina adhoorii haii lets play some music...


haan chalo MJ kii music play karo will dance on that track...


arrey nahii yaar kya hamesha badhkile gaane sunte humna koii sad wala song play karenge..
wait hamare playlist meii hai will play one emotiona one Oye rajuu kaisa haii bajayun???


haan shona thoda emotional song sunte haii i too love emotional songs lekin woh wala mat koii aur
dukhii jaise tanhayeee song...


are u guys fine??? aaj bday haii veena dii ka aur tum sab
rondhu songs kii baat kar rahe hoo??


rite akansha dii hum na koii funny song play karte haiii like
chinta ta ta...

conny dii--

hogaya tum logon ka, jiskii bday haii zara unse bhi puchlo kaunsa gaana chahiye
bas apne hii marzii chala rahe hoo woh b kaise kaise gaane bol re tum log..

boliye veena aapko kaunsa song sunna haii...

veena dii--

arrey mei kya bolun tum sabne itna sab kiya oh tumharii marzii ji pasand haii play karlo..

conny dii--

nahii aap bolo aapka hi fav song play hoga...
everyone there tells dii to tell her fav song so that can play..
before dii could say we hear someone singing that song..

Dhaage Tod Laao Chandani Se Noor Ke
Ghoonghat Hi Banalo Roshini Se Noor Ke
Sharma Gai To Aagosh Mein Lo
Ho Saaaso Se Uljhi Rahi Meri Saasein
Bol Na Halke Halke
Hooth Se Halke Halke

everyone looked around to see the person singing and she is dii's fav ratii pandey
coming along with Sumit

Both comes in and wishes our veena dii ..

veena dii -- ek ke baad surprise, ek surprise se nikale nahii ki dusra surprise

veena dii thanks RaSu for coming and making it a special one..
RaSu on the other hand thanks veena dii..
veena dii--

thanks mujhe kyui??


woh aapka swayamwara wala advice tha na uske liye

veena dii smiles and say-- jo b haii, sahii kaha na love your jodiii
you both look adorable with each other truly a perfect match

veena dii sees everyone smilig, having fun enjoying the party and
we could see some drops of tears coming from her eyes but then aditya/ natasha,
hiten/gauri and RaSu comes to her and says--

this is your time, enjiy the most don waste it o ur tears..
your frnds did a lot to make it a grand one for you so you should be happy and
enjoy every moment of it...!!!

veena dii cheers up and says--yes u all are right i too should enjoy this moment though m soo touched byther love i have to be in this celebration and enjoy this veryy moment...!!

All the couples gave her a hug and shouts--

chalo cake katte haii abhiii

Everyone gathered for the cake cutting and enjoyd the party wich was going till early moring...!!!

All the guest celebrities left the house wishing veena dii bday again ..

veena dii hugged all her friends for making this bday the best and the memorable one

Happy Birthday Veena Diii...

Credit: Shona & I

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ShivuNozzie IF-Sizzlerz

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Name: Pari
many many happy returns of the day di Hug words fall short when i start to define how close you are to me Heart i really wanna say a big big thanks to you di always being at my side, when i was wrong you corrected me, when i was right you appreciated me, when i was hurt you cheer me up, when i was broken, you mend the broken ends, when i was happy, you laughed with me though you were sad within but you always smiled for meHug 

its not that our relationship is ideal but it is special Embarrassed i know di i've hurt you a lot, i think very badly too Cry but you accepted me whether i was right or wrong, you held me Cry di i feel sometimes very bad that how stupid i'm that every now and then i make mistakes Ouch but your love always makes me feel so special Heart Heart 

all the time after our conversation i end up with a big smile Embarrassed you have always made my life bright Big smile di this thread is a really really small token from us to you Embarrassed life is so unpredictable, kal ho na ho, pr ye words hamesha rahenge, so for every coming years you will read my this msg and smile Embarrassed di i just want to salute you for ur strength and power. Proud that i'm ur lil bachhi Hug 

i know ap k phone pr bill bahut ayega so maximum bat yahi keh dala maine LOL ap soch ri hongi b'day mera h to bill kaise mera ata ROFL call to mai krti pr waise b call back to ap hi krti na, mera call kaat k LOL by god di Big smile well i wish your day will be pretty gud Embarrassedenjoy, have fun. Keep smiling always Big smile once again happy b'day didu Hug 

Happy Birthday Graphics

Birthday With Flower Cards

thank you di for everything Hug may you get every happiness of world Embarrassed aur jaldi jaldi shadi karo di, tabhi to mera number ayega LOLLOL dont forget to share ek saal old ho ke kaisa laga LOL Love you loads di Heart

A sister's love is special
in oh so many ways
miles stretch between us
and minutes turn to days.

We've shared so much as children
the tears, the joys, the pain
A lifetime spent together
those memories remain.

In times gone by we've pondered
the paths our lives have taken
Knowing that in spite of this
our sister love unshaken.

A sister's love is special
in ways that are unspoken
Still that binding force exists
our sister love unbroken.

Love you so much di

Happy Birthday Pictures

Gifts, made on request(credit- Faiza-) 

Name: Simran
Msg for her:
Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug
Silly Party Dancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing Silly
Silly Party Dancing PartyDancing PartyDancing PartyDancing Silly
Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug

I hope you have a wonderful, fantabulous, spectacular (insert more adjectives hereLOL) birthday!!! May God bless you & you get health & happiness always Hug
Thanks for being an amazing friend & big sis! It's always fun talking to you, & you are really kind & supportive. I really appreciate that.
I love our weekly pms convosEmbarrassed Their so much fun. Whenever I first check IF in the morning, I look forward to getting a pm from you; giving me an update of everything & letting me know if there was a segment/or article, & your thoughts. I love how you care to send that to me, its so much fun chatting with you about HD & many other thingsWinkLOL I never even have to check the forum when I first check IF, because you let me know what's going on, & then I know if there is any topic worth checking or notEmbarrassed 
Thanks Veenie di, for that Hug
Where did you met her: HD forum
Why she is special: She's a gem! So much fun to talk to & such a sweetheart.
 love you di!
Few questions you want to ask her: Why the username Adinats07?  A favorite memory? How many languages u can speak, name them. From the forum, who do you believe is the most: (- talkative? -cutest? -sweetest? -most helpful? -most funny? -most shy? -most romantic? -most intelligent? -most creative?) And last question: a few words on me?

siggies/avis/FF/OS/SS/cards/videos you want to dedicate her:
Credit- Sadffi (Sadaf)

 Name:  WardahLOL atleast i remember my name..hahahaROFL
Msg for her:  Happy Birthday, veena sisPartyDancing. May u get every thing you wish for.
Where did you met her:  I don't remember exactly..but we were talking to each other on some random inshi topic.  n through pm's we got to know each other even more personally.  n she calls me her bacha, which i find very sweet of her.Embarrassed

Why she is special: hmm she is special coz she is like my sis. n those who have some kind of relation are VERY special to me. I mean it.  and veena sis means alot to me.Embarrassed she is a guardian to me.  Protects me like m a real bacha.LOL  i hope to chat with you more.Hug

Few questions you want to ask her:  Your Favorite Color?
     Favorite Holiday destination?
    Who is most important in your life?
    Who will you chose, if given choice , Family or love?Wink
   Inshi or Amir juhi???LOL sorry for tough Question.Embarrassed

siggies/avis/FF/OS/SS/cards/videos you want to dedicate her:
Time for Gift! you favorite couples, Inshi and Amir JuhiWink

I hope u liked your gift sisOuch
Happy Birthday Again jiEmbarrassed Enjoy your Day!!!Big smile


Msg for her:

Manyy Manyy Hapyy Returns of the Day...!!!

On your birthday, special one,
I wish that all your dreams come true.
May your day be filled with joy,
Wonderful gifts and goodies, too.

On your day I wish for you
Favorite people to embrace,
Loving smiles and caring looks
That earthly gifts cannot replace.

I wish you fine and simple pleasures.
I wish you many years of laughter.
I wish you all of life's best treasures.
I wish you happily ever after!


Where did you met her:

Sumit Vats AT..!!!

Why she is special:

Veena dii is really special to me, i admire her the most..
she is like an elder sister to me in the forum...!!!
Really like her straight and forwards answers...!!!

Few questions you want to ask her:

I know you are a big RaSu fan so i wanted to ask you, what made you fall for RaSu??

siggies/avis/FF/OS/SS/cards/videos you want to dedicate her:


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..Bebolove.. IF-Addictz

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Creations By ME (Warz)

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..Bebolove.. IF-Addictz

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Amir And JuhiBig smile 

I bet this is one of your Fav scene Veena sis.Embarrassed

I Love this song, shayad tumhara bhi hoga sisWink

This one tooTongue

InShi Wedding Scene, GOD one of my favorite..i know its ur fav tooBlushing
InShi scene in RK's houseLOLEmbarrassed
InShi Fuse and Candle Scne

InShi Confession SceneEmbarrassed

InShi Holi Dance SequenceLOL

Rishi Propose Indira, Indira rejects himEmbarrassed

InShi spend the night outside the hotel in MacaoEmbarrassed

Rishi kidnapped IndiraROFL

Indira's makeover for RishiEmbarrassed

InShi rain danceEmbarrassed

Rishi acts Dead, Indira slaps himLOL

InShi VM'S 
Credit = Flyawayformat
when it comes to vm, "flyawayformat" is my favorite. She is the BEST!Embarrassed

Piya o re Piya Day Dreaming

Haan meine bhi piyar kiya haiEmbarrassed

Jaoon kahanStar

Tere age peecheTongue

Dekha tujhe toh
(love this vm!)Big smile

Zindagi do pal kiEmbarrassed

Kaisa yeh ishq haiEmbarrassed

Hona tha pyarWink

Ishq sufiyana
   (My Favorite)Embarrassed

Suno toh diwana dil
(funniestLOL n cutest vm ever!Embarrassed)

Jhak mar keLOL
(luckily we got this song in HD tooWink

Veena sis, i myself make lots of vmsEmbarrassed. i had them in my youtube account (28847dd) but as u know it got deleted.(someone reported it) otherwise mein tumhare liye zaroor upload karti.Ouch

Anyways Happy Birthday Again Veena sis.Hug

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Pari117 IF-Stunnerz

Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap Banner Contest Winner
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~~~Party Time~~~

Birthday orkut scraps
Ice Cream

Cup Of Ice Cream

Ice Cream Dessert

Scoops Of Ice Cream

Enjoy the partyyy...!!!!!

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shona90 IF-Rockerz

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Partyy Time Party Dancing

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shona90 IF-Rockerz

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Happpy Birthdayy veena Diii ...!!!!

A special relationship that only sisters enjoy,
Is a bond that is hard to destroy.
We shared our innermost thoughts,
For none to hear but we had lots.
For a person like you so great,
Needs several more birthdays to celebrate…
Happy Birthday Veena Dii...

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