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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Director's Cut - 6th Sept 2012

meghavn Goldie

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 9:18am | IP Logged
Welcome dear friends for another edition of Director's Cut...

Lets start with Kuchh Meetha... Kuchh Khatta...Kuchh Teekha ...

Pic of the day



Meetha Moment of the day 


Arnav & Khushi being there for each other always. Khushi comes to their room to talk to him but sees the broken vase & starts picks up the pieces seeing this Arnav's anger cools down & he also picks up the pieces along with her.

Arnav makes her sit on the recliner & sits next to her...K tells she came to say she is leaving now... Arnav says don't leave but I know you have to... so K says she can sit for sometime... & both share a wonderful moment ...a silent hug... a silent giving & taking of strength from each other.

Cute moment of the day



Khushi seeing her mehandi which has A written & remembering all the sweet moments of mehandi function. At the same time Arnav also looking at the spot of mehandi on this hand thinking about Khushi.

Rabba vey moment of the day


This was the most touching moment of the episode for me - Arnav knows Khushi so well now that she doesn't need to tell him anything - for him to know that all is not well with her & he is able to catch her lies just by one look.

Arnav understanding Khushi's pain & giving silent comfort by kissing her forehead assuring her that he is there for her.


Khatta moment of the day


Anji asking for Shyam & throwing tantrums that she will not eat nor drink until her wish is fulfilled.

Adding to this is Akash & Mami supporting or giving in to Anji's demands.

Dabba vey of the day



Past comes knocking - the secret meeting between Dadi & woh aurat



Teekha moment of the day


Dadi telling Nani she hates Khushi & bringing in past again & terming Khushi as WOH AURAT of the present who is responsible for all the wrong happenings in the family.

Hypocrite of the day

(NO PIC - didn't want to add another pic of Dadi.)

No points for guessing - yes its Dadi again.

Who doesn't want Khushi to be anywhere near Anji & also ensuring she butts into everything Khushi wants to do.

That's it from me today friends... catch you all tomorrow same place until then - take care, Good Day!

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redwine1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Dearest reader .. am suffering from a huge case of the writers block .. i loved the episode to bits .. it was a very important episode .. so please do excuse me tonite from a detailed analysis .. i know i know lazy to core .. 

the episode opened a lot of ques .. i am hoping a lot of these ques are running in ur minds as well .. so .. i took the opportunity to pull out 3 which were upfront in my mind tonite .. 

rest assured .. will be back tomorrow with a more detailed fare ...


                          KO NIBHAANA 
              BADI BEHEN KO NA RULANA ..



A sister asked the "impossible" from her brothers .. she asked the ONE GIFT .. which he could not give her .. SHYAM MANOHAR JHA...

The brothers looked on .. 1 who knows .. a part of the truth of  
NK : he knows how low Shyam has gone .. he knows .. who Shyam truly loves ..
Akash: the brother who never questioned a brother .. today .. there are questions galore running in his mind .. a brother who cant see his sisters pain .. 
Arnav: the brother plagued by shadows of the past .. but whats more ... the brother ..who nurtured the sister .. promised to take care of her .. promised to fulfil her every desire .. but this desire he cant fulfil .. cause this is the DESIRE ..  if fulfilled .. brings out his worst nightmare ..

MY QUES TO ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA ..  whats holding u back .. why dont u come out & speak up .. ?? how long will aspersions be cast upon u & khushi .. ?? How long will this shadow be cast on ur relation ?? & with this attitiude of dadi .. what quagmire are you bringing Khushi into ??? How long will this family be swayed .. by shyam .. with his false comfort ??

             RAAZ KI BAAT KEH DO TOH 




The curtains from the past are being slowly unveiled .. the "WOH AURAT" ..  the other woman .. is standing in the curtains . waiting for her call to come forth .. & let loose the drama .. of the past .. 

2 matriachs sitting .. 

Dadi : The first matriarch ... one who has without trial .. condemned the victim .. one who .. without reason . on a hunch has hung the victim to dry .. one who .. without PROOF .. has found the VICTIM GUILTY .. 

what is this past which casts such deep shadows in the happiness of the future .. what is the past . which puts one woman in angst & scare .. & one woman to bray for blood .. 

Nani : The second matriach .. the gentle stern one .. even when there was cause she stood behind the victim .. wanting to know the truth .. the one who resolutely stood in support of the victim .. the one who today .. is the strength & backbone of the 2 lovers .. the matriarch who bleeds when her kids cry

My Ques to you Dadi .. the old school of thot .. always condemns the "other woman" in your tunnel vision u to condemned the other woman .. & absolved your son of the blame .. BUT .. the old school of thot .. does not teach a woman . a grandmother .. to abandon her orphan grandkids .. what is the reason u abandoned ur grand kids to go live in a aashram .. ?? perhaps .. somewhere u know that there was SOME MISTAKE OF THE SON ??? 


                    TERA MERA PYAAR AMAR
                   MERE JEEVAN SAATHI BATA



 "Kyon dard hai itna tere isqh mein .. RaBBa Vey RaBBa Vey" .. their love defines who they are .. their love . which just blossomed a little while back .. will it flourish in the storm which is at their doorstep .. or will it wither .. will it destroy the tender buds .. 

The love story of arnav khushi .. 

When they first met .. Arnav made it impossible for them to be together .. he crushed not only her feelings .. but his own as they started developing between them .. 

Then circumstances .. made them both realise that the feelings were there to stay .. & would not crush so easily .. so between the acidity .. dhak dhak .. & the farak padta hai .. their love story progressed only to be brought to a HALT .. once again .. BY ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA .. who on that fateful day of February 10th .. watched a scene on the terrace .. & he pronounced Khushi guilty .. the VICTIM .. was condemned without a semblance of a trial .. 

Then they overcame all odds .. the budding petals of their love .. flowered .. they despite all odds finally succumbed to their feelings .. they said . " i Love you dammit" Arnav .. realised HE was the reason they were apart .. & set about to right that .. he promised her her dream wedding .. all was well .. when tragedy struck .. ONE KNOWN TRAGEDY . .. WHICH HAS STRUCK .. ONE UNKNOWN TRAGEDY .. WAITING IN THE WINGS TO STRIKE .. 

My Ques to You Arnav Singh Raizada .. what will you do .. when the past strikes .. will u stand tall with the woman who u vowed to love .. & protect .. or will u once again .. condemn the victim .. without a fair trial .. will u sentence her to a LIFE TIME OF LOVE .. or LIFE TIME OF BEING A VICTIM .. ????




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IllGetOverIpk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Kyu khamoshi hai zubaan teri...
   ashkon sey keh paau naa...
kyu dard hai itna tere ishq mein
  Rabba Vey...Rabba Vey...


she is going home comes to check on him before leaving..
[finds him in pain and anguish..]


He breaks the vase.. she picks the pieces up.. he wipes his tears and gets upto help her..[ they will pick up the pieces and move ahead... they have each other..]

She wants to be with him but she is still not sure if she should... so she decides to give him some space.. he stops her..[ he needs her..]

He makes her sit..and sits beside her [she is his equal, his partner]


He requests her to stay back... and she also hates to leave him.. [she wants to be there for him.. with him..helping him.. healing him.. because she knows he gets his strength from her..]
but she knows its not right.. he understands her condition... so he doesn't force her...

She knows she has to leave.. but not yet.. she wants the clock to stop.. she just wants one more minute..she wants to be with much as he wants to be with her.. so  that they can lean on each other..[ for strength, courage, love and peace..]

she is in her room.. thinking about him and the happy memories they shared just before the tragedy struck... [how much they yearn to be with each other...]    

he knows something is wrong he sees her pain...
she wants to hide it..[she doesn't want him to go through more pain because of her..]

He is so sorry that indirectly because of him she is hurt..
[they dont need to talk to each other to see what the other is going through.. they are just meant to be...]

Rabba Vey...
caution:- a very very upset fan here.. i am not responsible for anything that i write today!!!Censored
i am so mad at both of them!!! Angrytoday's post/rant/ bajao session/gaali galoch will have 2sections!! and a small p.s. for that good for nothing raizada nutwitt akash too!

Anjhalli Nikammi rothlu blackmailer Jha
how can anyone blame shyamji for trying to kill anjali?? imagine being married to such a lady!!!

"Aaj tak hum ne tumara her faisla pathar ki lakeer ki tarha mana hai.." did she really say this? #$%@@$&*@# liar!!!! you sneaked out to meet my shyamji!!!AngryAngry was that obeying pathar ki lakeer??  i am sooo fed up of u today!! i wanted to feel sorry for you. hell,  i even made a post explaining everybody why you are such a drama queen!!!! CensoredCensoredCensored
you lost a child i really do wanna feel sorry for you!! but u leave me with no other option!!!! stop fainting every 20seconds!!!! CensoredCensored
when i heard ur humaarey pati lautaado chant!!! i wanted to stitch ur lips together!!! AngryAngry i ve never been so angry in the history of ipk!!!AngryAngryAngry

You really think my shyamji loves you?? will feed soup to you??? if not 4 your chottey.. i would ve loved to see you kicked out of ashantivan for good!!!!
go and stay at your new house which is under construction from 4years!!!Angry
i bet you wouldnt even last a week there!!! this is arnavji's house.. if u want my shyamji go and stay at his house, hole or sewage pipe.. n cry for attention there!!!
"humey kuch theek nai lag raha!!!" my footAngryAngryAngry

  Subhadra stopwa brainless mallik

You have lost the remaining half a spoon respect that i had for you today!!!!!
you must ve gone through a lot but how dare you judge khushi???? just how dare you hurt her!!!
what were you doing in that asharam??? did u bunk all the seminars??? why did you come back?? why o why?
go away!!!! take your filthy expressions and thoughts with you!!! my shyamji doesnt need you to get inside!!!
a black blouse will not make u different!!! AngryAngryAngry
daamadji daamaadji daamaadji!!!! i felt like stuffing cotton in your mouth!!!
i really want arnav to kick you out!!! go and stay with your daamadji and anjali bitiya in the same under construction house!!!!

p.s.- Akash- i was feeling bad that u never get any dialogs!!! i was so wrong!!! just shut up!!! one more word against ur bhai n it will my fist n your face!!!Angry
i am giving mami benefit of doubt just for today!!!Angry

arnavji where is your mauli?? why did u remove it ? how will i differentiate between u n ur body double now

note to the cvs

1. where the hell is payal??? forget it!!  she would ve just cried  some more.. i cant take more tears.. so keep her away no problem..
2. when you ve already released the spoiler pics with young dadi n an ever younger garima.. why all this fake suspense??? dint you inform your director abt the pics?? AngryAngryAngry
3. are we celebrating maha shukravar or not?? everybody else is!!!
4. has that nurse also joined anji's troops... ???

pps- missed you shyamji but koi nai i saw ya in the FBHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart
                                    ------- jai daiyya ho!!!EmbarrassedHeart

thats it guys... my rant over i am shant now!!! i ll sleep peacefully tonight!!!

c u tmrw same time same place...

P.S.-  U are listening to radio DC
 this is RJ Saru with RJ Aditi...enjoy!!Wink


                        LOL nazar na lagey mere ipk ko!! LOL


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paayaal Goldie

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 9:19am | IP Logged
                    We are a family that's been through so much pain,
                     We stand together through sunshine and the rain,
                        We fuse and fight but we love each other so,
                    When in trouble on our knees we go we learn that,
                        A family that prays together will stay together...

                                            or is it???


A family standing on the verge of divide, one siding with a broken daughter and another with a righteous son...20-20 brings to you today the dialogues from todays' episode, that may or may not shape the future of the characters of IPK Land, in the times to come...



1.Humey hamrey Shyam ji lauta do, humarey pati lauta do, hummey unki bohot zaroorat hai chottey...

(please bring back my husband Shyam, I'm in great need of him...)

2. Aaj tak humney tumharey har phesley ko patthar ki lakeer samajh key mana hai...

(I've always accepted your decisions)

3. Humey na kutch khana hai, na peena hai, humney kaha na, hummey bhook nahi hai...

(I don't want to eat or drink anything, I'm not hungry)

Aakash & Mami ji:

3. Aaj tak mainey bhai ke har faisely ko aankh band karkey sach aur sahi mana hai, lekin aaj phir pata nahi aisa kyun lag raha hai, bhai ko Di ke liye...hummey bhi yehi lagta hai...

(I've always accepted bhai's decisions without question, but still today, I feel that he should...for too...)


4. Itihaas phir sey apney aap ko dohra raha hai, 14 saal pehley bhi yehi hua tha...sirf humarey betey ki galti sabko dikhi, lekin uss doosri aurat ko kisi ney kutch nahi kaha...aur aaj, aaj iss ghar main jo bhi ho raha hai sirf uss Khushi ki wajah sey...aaj woh doosri aurat koi aur nahi...woh Khushi hai...

(history is repeating itself, then, no one questioned that other whatever is happening in this house is because of that other woman is Khushi)

5. Khushi kasoorwar hai, kyonki Khushi ki aankhon main bhi humney wohi dekha, jo 14 saal pehley uss doosri aurat ki aanhon mein dekha tha...

(Khushi is guilty because I saw in her eyes what I saw 14 yrs ago in that other woman's eyes)

6. Cheen liya usney humsey sab kutch, nafrat kartey hain hum ussey, itni nafrat humney aaj tak kisi sey nahi ki...

(she took everything from me...I hate her...I haven't hated anyone that much before)

7. Galti ka harjana to chukana hi padega, chahey woh Khushi ho ya woh aurat...

(the price for the mistakes have to be paid, whether it's Khushi or that other woman)

8. Aap chinta maat kijiey, anjali bitiya ko hum sambhal lengey...

(you don't worry, I'll take care of Anjali)


9. Par hum e baat janat hain ki chottey aaj tak jo bhi kaam kiye rahey, Anjali bitiya ki khushi ki khatir kiye rahey, aur aaj bhi woh wohi kar rahey hain...hummey unka saath dena chahiye...

(I know that whatever Arnav has done, has been for his Di & whatever he's doing today, is for Anjali only, we need to support him) 

10. Aur e mamley maa hum Khushi bitiya pey utna hi bharosa karat hain jitna ki chottey pey...

(in this matter, I trust Khushi the same way I trust Arnav)

11. Tum Khushi bitiya ki tulna uss aura ke saath kahey karat ho...

(why are you comparing Khushi with that other woman)


12. Di kutch chahiye aapko?

(do you want something Di?)

13. Di iss waqt aisi halat main nahi hain, ki apney liye sahi faisla ley sakey...

(Di is not in any condition to take any right decisions)

14. Main Di ki zarooratey acchi tarah sey samjhata hoon, aur Shyam Di ki zarooraton main nahi hai...

(I understand perfectly what Di wants & Shyam is what she doesn't need)


15. Maat jaao...

(don't go)

16. Kya hua hai Di ko?

(what's happened to Di?)

17. Aap khana lagaiye, main leke aata hoon Di ko...

(you set the table, I'll get Di)


18. 1 min beth to saktey hain...

(I can't stay, but I can sit for 1 min here)


19. Di ne jo khoya hai, uske baad to log zindagi sey thak jaatey hai...humari thakan to unkey samney kutch bhi nahi hai...

(my tiredness is nothing in comparison to the loss that Di has suffered)  


20. Mujhey na bohot tension ho raha hai, Di na kal sey kutch nahi khaya hai, nothing...

(I'm tensed because Di hasn't had anything since yesterday)


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GirlOfFire Goldie

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When you're on the street
When evening falls so hard 
I will comfort you 
I'll take your part 
When darkness comes 
And pain is all around 
Like a bridge over troubled water 
I will lay me down 
Like a bridge over troubled water 
I will lay me down 
Sail on Silver Girl, 
Sail on by 
Your time has come to shine 
All your dreams are on their way 
See how they shine 
If you need a friend 
I'm sailing right behind 
Like a bridge over troubled water 
I will ease your mind 
Like a bridge over troubled water 
I will ease your mind
 - Bridge Over Troubled Water, Simon and Garfunkel

Rabba Vey

What more could go wrong in Arnav's life? The odds continue to rise against him. His newphew/niece is gone. His sister - his Di - the one to whom he looked up and the one whose support system he had become, today wants the one man back in her life who can ruin their family completely. Yet now she wants him back. At any cost. She will go on hunger strike. No food or drink till my husband is back with me. 

His one solace, Khushi, is unable to stay with him, much as he needs her, he understands she has to leave.

Dadi. A woman with a heart in which hate festered like a poison for fifteen years. Fed by the lies and deceits of Shyam, the poison was waiting to bubble up, and it is starting to boil over. She finds her easiest target in Khushi. Ignorance and Ego is a toxic combination. It blinds her to the agony in her grandchild's eyes. Blinds her to anything but what she believes in to be the truth. Deafens her to the reason of her best friend. Fourteen years ago, she was unable to lash out at the other woman. Today, she is heaping fourteen years of suppressed hatred on an innocent. At what price? For a man, who has already seen her worthlessness and would no more think about wiping her out than an insect. 

Anjali. A woman who forsakes her brother for a man who tried to kill him. She always trusted her brother and never questioned his decisions. But now she does. For the first time, and for all the wrong reasons. The only person she loves is herself. Her happiness is foremost in her mind. She doesn't love Shyam, he is a drug that she needs to have. Her brother is trying to wean her away from it. So in her mind, he is now the one keeping her from him. She is in the right, and he is wrong. Anjali still has some use for Shyam. 

Khushi. A woman in love. An innocent pure heart, bleeding for the man she loves and those whom he loves. She loves Anjali like a sister, and for a moment she is weakened by Shyam's acting. But then, she has Arnav to bring her back to the reality that they both know. Shyam is a danger to their lives, and he always will be. All she can do is support him in his hour of need, be there for him, when darkness falls, she will spend just one more moment with him to give him the solace that he needs. She will be his bridge over troubled waters. Her mehendi is just a day old with his name on her palm. His is just a touch, but both the colors are deep - as deep as their love for each other. 

Nani. A grandmother, aching for both her grandchildren. She is given no chance to grieve for her lost great grandchild. She trusts her grandson and she trusts his choice in a life partner. They had her blessing before they even started to realize what they meant to each other. Yet here they were now, slowly being torn apart by a woman who she thought she knew, but is someone that she realizes has come here with an agenda all her own. An agenda that does not include a happily ever after for her grandson and his love. She is appalled at this duplicity in her friend's behaviour, but even more at the hatred in her eyes for someone she only met a few days ago. I hope Naniji realizes that the friend she knew fourteen years ago is now a bitter old woman, ravaged by the hate that runs in her veins. Her other grandchild, a victim of the same man who has poisoned her friend, lies in bed, without a baby to look forward too. Nani is torn. The happiness of one grandchild, could mean tearing apart the life of the other. Like the woman in Solomon's court, she would rather not have to choose a side. 

Arnav and Khushi. Just a look between them and he knows she is hurt. Just a word from his Dadi and he knows who hurt her. He will kiss away her tears, comforting her in her pain, just like she had done the night before for him. He will be her bridge over troubled waters. 

All of them, being drawn inexorably into a vortex, created by Shyam. His fingers are everywhere, his puppets - Anjali and Dadi dancing to his tune now. His vicious need to hurt Arnav and Khushi, bearing fruit with his well-laid plans. Is it time for Shyam Manohar Jha to finally get lucky? Things seem to be going his way, as the Raizadas and Maliks take their places one by one on the battle field. Who will stand by Arnav and Khushi? And who will stand by Anjali? or will Arnav and Khushi have no one standing by them as they finally face Shyam?

A gut-wrenching episode, calmer than the explosions that went off yesterday. It is the calm before the storm, and this one is coming with hurricane force winds. Get ready for some really rough weather in Raizada Mansion. 

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Lizzy2012 IF-Rockerz

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The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life
Richard Bach..

Is Blood thicker than water?Really?Is blood the ultimate tie that stands by you through your difficult times..?very tricky and challenging question needs to knock the doors of our hearts to know the unperjured answer..The answer is  that there are relationships and bonds which are kept at a higher pedestal than  those connected to us by blood..those which are called Une alliance de le coeur...translated alliances of the heart ..that is what this episode of IPK talked about..the beauty of the relationships that the heart chooses for us..

..yesterday i had speculated on how long the relations that are behind ASR that day would remain that i got the answer from akash's and Mami's mouth..for the first time ever they are doubting ASr's decision ..that too for a scoundrel who was responsible for kidnapping AsR and who cast his lustful eyes on the DIL of the family.. They are blood relations to ASR and if you go by the saying that blood is thicker than water then they could asked ASr the logic behind his decision but instead started doubting him but the dil ka ristha that ASR chose with DM's help stood by him..even though she wanted give shyam a chance..she decided to abide by ASr's verdict on shyam..this is the matter of trust that khushi's  year old relationship that has taught her..where has the trust gone between the blood bonds at shanthivan?NK the Brother of heart (both ASR and Khushi) stood up to Dadi saying that arnav and khushi are right in their stances..though he was thwarted by Dadi using her stopwa signal..he chose to stand up for the DIl ka ristha bond..he chose to stand for the trust ,honesty and love he saw in the other DIL ka ristha bond..when will the real blood ties  stand  with ASR against a rank scheming outsider like shyam?

another une alliance de la coeur is the relationship between Nani and Khushi..The dadi-Nani conversation told us on how nani supported khushi and told Dadi that she is not the other woman in anjali's life..but will Nani change stance when the garima past revealation explodes on face?..interesting wait and watch that would be..

The weak blood bond between arnav and Dadi...this is the first ever Dadi i have seen  to take the side of the outsider rather than her own Dadi you mean that you share a dil ka ristha with shyam..i am amazed at what you have to set to achieve at shanthivan by insulting your Granddaugther in law,not trusting your grandson,by not trusting your old friend..but by wearing shyam blinkers and take his side because he panders to your ego..amazing is the word  for the intent with which she has come to shanthivan in the name of restoring her granddaughter's life ,reinstalling her favourite damadji back in RM to leach at your GDIL better than before..amazing is the word that can be used for all the wrong deductions u have made ..and for leading your blood tie anjali in the wrong path while berating the other blood bond arnav's good Dadi do you know what your DIL ka ristha shyam would do now that you have have not served his purpose..i guess you want to end up the same way as shashi gupta? that will probably put a stopwa signal to all your misguided intents,,what will u do now if u confront the past in the form of garima who u have judged and found guilty ..will u break the heart of your blood arnav's heart in the name of correcting the past tells tells dadi

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chowna Goldie

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Eps 336

Arnav and Khushi moments

Do give likes and comments and come back bookmark for images

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rashika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 9:28am | IP Logged


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