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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 6:58am | IP Logged

Hello fellow Arshi fans:

 Words cannot describe this episode. Each of us walked away feeling something and having some kind of an emotion after watching this episode. Of course, the credit for that goes to the outstanding job done by the Cast and Crew of IPKKND. Most of us walked away angry at Khushi and Skunky, however some of us were left pondering what we saw. We wonder what the answer would be if we were to ask which scene in this episode impacted you the most. For us it was the Shyanjali Scene for the simple reason that it made something very clear and obvious to us. The theme of this episode was the Puppet Master pulling the strings on his Puppets and directing their actions. We will explain what we mean below:

 The Cradle Is Taken Away:

-Anjali sees the cradle being taken away, and she is still finding it hard to accept her child is gone.

-She turns to Arnav for comfort, he comforts her.

-Anjali asks the sex of the child and Arnav tells to her to relax ' we are not told the gender of the child or anything else.

 Daadi-Arnav Confrontation:

-Khushi comforts Arnav, she tells him that he can fix it all; that she trusts him that she knows he loves his sister.

Interesting, she is telling him that he is the one that can make everything ok; does this mean that he will be the one that will bring Shyam for his sister's happiness?

-Daadi enters, like the devil with its Axe, yup! "I can see how he fixes things, I just witnessed it." She knows it all. According to her, he is trying to prove something where there is nothing to prove.

-Arnav: "I am doing what is right and Di is my responsibility." Daadi's reply: "Shyam is Anjali's husband, she is his responsibility." ' Same old lines repeated; the woman just refuses to budge.

-Arnav repeats "I cannot forgive him for what he has done", Daadi calls him stubborn (hypocrite, he does take after you) and then hits below the belt, (doesn't exactly know how to be sensitive huh?) "What if she tries to do what your mother did?" Interesting question, if his mother killed herself because she could not accept that she was cheated on, then that means that her reason for suicide was the acceptance of her husband doing wrong.

If Anjali were to commit suicide, it would be because she is unable to accept he is wrong and is pushing for her husband to come back as she cannot live without him.

Arnav's mum was weak for leaving her children because of something that took place affecting their lives, however big the thing was, she had a responsibility she decked, but AT LEAST she did it thinking her husband was in the wrong.

Anjali, if she were to kill herself would do so on the basis that her husband CAN DO NO WRONG, so instead of trying to prove he is innocent, she would attempt suicide to take the easy way out. Technically that's what their mother did, but the mother had a lot stronger reason for the suicide, which could, given the disclosure of circumstances, be understood to an extent. ANJALI would be hard to understand, as one usually tries to stand up for and prove their husband right; as would Khushi if she were in her position.

-Back to Daadi, "will you be able to forgive yourself if your sister killed herself?" Not only did you just hurt Arnav, you just dropped a few inches in everyone's eyes.

-Khushi tries to calm him down, but he says he wants this dealt with.

-Daadi's next blow: "with what right are you keeping her husband away? No one can love her more than him"- a direct dig on Arnav that he cannot love her more than her husband. Sick cow! The day she realizes how wonderfully she stuffed up, most of us will be celebrating her pain.

-Daadi: "I have seen the love in his eyes" ' Arnav catches her out, "first time, and you saw so much love? You met him for the first time at the hospital. If you have not met him before, how come so much belief?" She answers that "he came to her; he begged for Anjali. I saw the love."

-Shyam has covered his ass well, sob story of his undying love for his wife; the fact that trouble (Khushi) had come and messed things up for everyone. Arnav was a lovely wonderful person but that he had got the wrong end of the stick ' so Daadi says to Arnav, "but all you do is make him look bad whilst he gives you all the respect in the world."

-Daadi says "he just wants his wife, the rest is all misunderstandings" ' Arnav flips, "there are no MISUNDERSTANDINGS. The guy is a JERK! He is CHEAP and he is PATHETIC."

-He reinforces that "the truth came out in front of everyone" ' Everyone backs him up but Daadi refuses to accept.

-He says he needs no proof, Daadi says she needs no proof. Daadi says "you have no proof, you are working on hearsay, he replies "you have no proof, you are working on hearsay." Both of them are at loggerheads, whereas Arnav is focused on the present, Daadi is focused on the past.

-He warns his Daadi not to make the same mistake that he has made, one he bitterly regrets.

-Daadi says she could not do something 14 yrs ago, but now she will fix it; she knows between right and wrong and that he cannot tell between it. He tells her "you were wrong then and now. You left us, and I was the one left picking up the pieces, not you. I can care for her, she is my responsibility. You left us, so why did you come back? You should have stayed in your Ashram. Uh-oh Daadi, you have just lost all the respect you had.

-Arnav's final decision: "Shyam will not enter this house, there will be heavy security and a restraining order against Shyam will be taken out tomorrow." Mate you still need to find out that a lot of your security has already been breached. Oopsy daisy!

 Shyam The Manipulator:

-Shyam and Anjali convince the nurse to leave and spend time together.

-Shyam has 10 minutes to get his work into motion.

 The gist of Shyam:

I moulded you,

I shaped you,

I put the thoughts that

You think in your head,

I make you say,

What I want,

When I want,

I make you laugh,

When I want,

I make you cry,

When I want,

I make you run,

I make you break,

Whatever I want and

Whenever I want,

You are nothing,

Without me, for

I am your Puppet Master,

And you are my Puppet.

 -He feeds her and helps her.

-He says how he wishes he could help her and make everything better.

-"Promise me you will take care of yourself" ' she replies "I need you. I also cannot live without you." His reply, "without being with you I cannot help and take care of you. I need to protect you. If you became stubborn you would never listen to anyone."

-"I always listen to you" she moans.

-He says "what if I am no longer around? I love you so much but he hates me more than I love you."

-She begs him to stay, she says she will not eat or have medicine from anyone but him ' "and then they will call you." He pretends to be worried for him, she says "don't worry I can deal with it."

-Shyam's job is done, as he leaves he says that he loves her, and that is why he is doing this. That is why he takes so much risk, even if he were to die; sending her overworked mind into overdrive about his death!

 What a first class jerk, he always pulls her strings left right and centre, he has no conscience and he is enjoying the fact that she is putty in his hands. But we wonder, what are the CV's aiming for here? We are all disgusted by the way she is behaving, but what if this is what they want? We think they want to literally strip Anjali naked; break her like the tiny pieces of glasses that she stepped on. Anjali needs to be taken apart completely, it is only then that she will rise up like the phoenix and come up, strong and powerful. This woman is weak, she is fragile, she is completely blinded by her self-obsessed love, and there is only one way out, and that is the truth coming out in its entirety. Only that will allow her to rise up, as currently there is no existence to Anjali, and she is what her master makes of her.

 The gist of Anjali:

I Say what you make me,

I say when you make me,

I laugh when you make me,

I cry when you make me,

I dance when you make me,

I run when you make me,

I breathe when you make me,

I do when you make me,

I do what you make me,

I break what and when you make me,

I have no thought of my own,

I am nothing without you.Arnav And Khushi:

-Khushi takes the medicine, and when he refuses, tells him "Do it for your Di" ' do you still not think he would take it for you? You realize Anjali is still the centre of the world for him.

-She gives him the water, realizes he is getting angry, and puts her hand over the glass he holds. He says he hates that man, and she takes the glass away worried he will break the glass in his hand and hurt himself.

-She then tries to explain to Arnav that maybe they should let him meet Anjali once. Arnav gets angry and tells her did she not hear what he has already said?

-"I know exactly how smart he is now"

-Khushi: "you know people can change after losing a child. We should not do injustice to someone" ' Arnav"you are right, we cannot do injustice in this house."

-She relents saying "you may be right", she says "I am worried about Di's health" ' ta-da Di walks in and rocks the foundation he is surviving on: "I want Shyam back in my life."

 What We Are Thinking/Considering:

-We are fervently hoping that Arnav has now made the link that Shyam has also got to his sister.

-We are hoping that Khushi is clued into the fact that Shyam can never change, why? Because when Daadi was saying all that stuff, it seemed like Khushi's brain might be working. Why do we think this?

-If Arnav clues into the fact that Shyam has gotten to his sister the way he got to Daadi; he will now know what kind of player is on the other side of the table.

-Arnav is still unaware of Shyam being behind Kidnappping -- yes he believes Khushi, but the entire truth will be out from Shyam's mouth the day he is exposed- either through his arrogance or his anger.

-What are Shyam's plans? Looking at the way he played Anjali, it seems his aim has now become the disintegration of Arnav and Anjali's relationship. His intention is to cause a rift between these two by making Anjali stand up for herself, and once she faces Arnav, a rift will form.

-Will Arshi work together to expose Shyam and bring his reality forward?


Khushi's Methods:

We wanted to remind everyone that Khushi thinks and works differently from everyone else, we have always seen examples of this however the one that is most synonymous with the current situation is the Sethi Brothers scenario. In that episode, we had scene Khushi acting strangely from the beginning, with Arnav discounting her suspicions and doubts about the Sethi Brothers; because on the surface and face of it the Sethi Brothers looked legit. It was not until the end that we found out that Khushi, who had followed them outside, had stumbled upon their truth and then set about to expose and hold them in the office till the police got there, who she had called. When we had seen that episode back then, we had even mentioned it in our view's that that episode was a prelude to what might transpire in the battle against Skunky.

Right up until the police came, and the Sethi Brothers were exposed for the frauds they were, we saw Khushi acting weird, where everyone, including Arnav and Aakash were mad at her as her actions made no sense. We would like to say at this time, that while all of you are busy being mad at Khushi today for what she said, please do think back to that episode, or better yet, view that episode again, and then watch this episode, and think if we are not just arbitrarily judging her. Aakash summed it up best at that time that there is always a reason for what Khushi does, whether we understand it or not at that time.

Also, when she wanted to expose Shyam she was the mastermind behind the entire plan to bring forward what he was planning.

She has also said herself clearly that people like him never change.

Finally for your thoughts, on the following:


We do believe that Aakash is a representation of the viewers in the show, and their reaction, as despite that episode, Aakash has misjudged Khushi again, just as we are doing now and have always done. In the show Aakash is shown not really participating in any of the situations that crop up, we have NK involved, but not Aakash. He is almost as if a third party who is viewing all of this unfold in front of his eyes, with an impartial view and from afar. He finds out things happened after they happen, is not involved in the resolution of any situation. He is not informed of everything that happens or does not happen. He is not the person that anyone goes to for help either. He is not always there, when certain situations happen, and does not show up until they have already blown over, we are not even shown sometimes, where he has even been made aware of what has been happening. He is, almost at times, shown to be occupying and living in his own world, with no knowledge of what has been going on in the world outside his own. 

Finally we leave you with the following poem by Pepper. Yes, Pepper, and no this is not a typo:

I loved you with all my being,

I did what you wanted,

When you wanted,

I laughed when you made me,

I cried when you made me,

I walked over shards of glass for you,

I even gave up my own thoughts,

Only thinking of what you wanted,

I listened only to you,

I believed only you and in you only,

I let go of my other relationships,

Including even the one,

Most precious of all,

With my one and only brother,

Who has always been there for me;

I gladly did all this for you,

And in return you gave me nothing,

And left me with nothing;

I gave you my all and everything,

In return you destroyed my very existence.


We apparently did not get to see a Pre-cap, probably because we might get to see something dramatic tomorrow. Anjali has let the cat loose among the chickens today with her demand at the end of this episode, and we are left wondering about everyone's reactions to this, especially Arnav.

Thank you for reading our post, and please press like, or reply to our post. We welcome all posts, whether you agree with us, or not, whether you liked our post or not. We love compliments, but we also love critiques, as that lets us know what our readers expect from us.

 Till the next time'


 Arshi Advocates

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Jai.Mata.Di IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 7:36am | IP Logged
 AA...Wonderful analysis as always!! Star  and Clap Clap to Peppy for the wonderful poems!!! Skunky, the "sutradhar" has almost won round "one" courtesy his ever-faithful "katputli" Anji. Anji has surely learnt the art of "emotional atyachar" to the core courtesy her "sutradhar" pati!!  All ready to enter ASR's courtroom today.

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 7:41am | IP Logged
Well written as usual - well done girlsClapClap

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 1:16pm | IP Logged
Clapfor the read and  superb poems too! Pepper, lovely poems!  Want to see the day the self righteous Dadi falls flat on her face! I guess i am waiting for that more than Shyam falling down!

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sandyyy

 AA...Wonderful analysis as always!! Star  and Clap Clap to Peppy for the wonderful poems!!! Skunky, the "sutradhar" has almost won round "one" courtesy his ever-faithful "katputli" Anji. Anji has surely learnt the art of "emotional atyachar" to the core courtesy her "sutradhar" pati!!  All ready to enter ASR's courtroom today.
Hi Sandy,
Thank you for your wonderful reply and we are glad that you liked our view as well as our poems.  Yes, she is enabling her own destruction at the hands of her husband.  We have ringside seats at this courtroom.
Hugs and Kisses,
Arshi Advocates
11714daughter Groupbie

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Posted: 07 September 2012 at 6:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by uktamil

Well written as usual - well done girlsClapClap
Thank you uktamil, for your kind words.
Hugs and Kisses,
Arshi Advocates

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