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Arshi new S.S Game of destiny. Chp 15 upd (Page 49)

hemakalai Goldie

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Posted: 17 September 2012 at 11:00pm | IP Logged
hey love kushi what happened y no update till

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Khushi_Sarun IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 12:48am | IP Logged
Hello guys,
Thanks a lot for your likes and comments and special thanks to those who help me to reach till page 53...
Sorry for the late update, I was caught up with some important work...

Chapter 11

Next morning arnav wakes up and didn't find khushi in his arms' He thought she must be in the shower' He keeps laying on the bed thinking about their love making'. After sometimes when khushi didn't come out he thought of checking... He went to the bathroom and knocked but no answer' He turns the knob of the door and peeped in but khushi was not in'.

Arnav: Khushi'. If she is not here, then maybe at poolside' He checks her at poolside but no she was not there at the poolside' He thought of checking in the Mansion so he starts moving out of his room when suddenly his eyes fell on the Rose and an envelope kept on the table'.

He picks up the rose and thinks "Maybe khushi has planned some surprise for me"

He smiles and then picks up the envelope' He opens it and sees that there is a letter for him' He removes the letter and starts reading' But gets shocked'.


I am sorry' When you will get this letter mein tum se bohat dur ja chuki hogi'. But I wanted to tell you some things before going from your life'

Kal raat jo bhi humare bich hua that was the best thing I have experienced' I felt like a complete woman yesterday' I loved every touch of yours' I loved the way you kissed me you hold me you touched me'. I loved everything what you did to me' I have thought that I will never love someone after rohit'. But you have changed my thoughts arnav' I have started to fall for you from the day I fall into your arms in the kitchen'  (arnav remembers their kitchen encounter and smiles) But I didn't realized my feelings at that time'.

Then we went for our honeymoon and there, I experienced my first kiss with you' It was the first time someone was kissing me and I felt so good that that someone was you'. Then I fall sick and and you care for me like a best husband' I really liked the way you care for me' Then we shared some intimate moments in the hut'. There I have lost all my senses arnav'. I was having a fight within myself as I did not know what exactly is happening to me'. I realized that I love you but not ready to accept it and that's why I have given it the name of attraction'.

Then I saw you with lavnaya the other day' I really felt as if someone has stabbed me with something' I felt a sharp pain in my heart and at that time I felt that I want you to touch only me and I want you to be touched only by me and no one else but I was helpless as lavanya was your girlfriend' Every time I use to see you with her I didn't like it at all' I never liked when she hugged you' But then I realize that she has full rights to do that arnav as you love her and I am just your attraction' This was hurting me a lot'' But feelings for you were getting strong day by day'

Then came the samrat and you got jealous of him' I understood that there is something which is bothering you a lot' And in the night of the party you told me that I am yours only yours and that time I understood that you too love me and what we have between us is not attraction' It's a love' I really felt as if I got all the happiness of the world but the next moment I remember my promise to lavanya'.

I didn't want to be selfish as lavanya loves you a lot and she was moving back to US after you got married to me but I was the one who have stopped her from moving and gave her hope by filing the divorce case' So when I came to know about your feelings I decided to stay away from you and so I decided to come back to Delhi from manali' I tried to ignore you all this days but believe me arnav I too was going through the same pain'. I so wanted to touch you feel you but I controlled myself' But last night we consummated our marriage'And I didn't regret it a bit arnav' I will always cherish this night as the best night of my life for the whole life' You have given me the best memories in this 6 months and I am really lucky for that'.

 And also I have heard your confession of the last night arnav'. I was awake when you said you love me and you will never allow me to go away from you' Arnav I wanted to say this to you from a very long time' But I never understood my feelings for you but I will say it now' I LOVE YOU arnav' I LOVE YOU a lot''.. And you said it correct that I am yours and will be yours'.

But arnav my love is not selfish' I don't want lavanya to get hurt' She loves you a lot arnav'  And I don't want to be the reason for her sadness' I know what it feels to lose your love and I don't want her to feel the same' I know you love me arnav but it doesn't mean that we should not see the happiness of the other people' Mein khush hu yeh soch ke that my love also loves me a lot' But tum mere kabhi nahi ho sakte and I have promised lavanya that no one can take you away from her' tumhe meri kasam arnav  never tell her or anyone that you love me and not her' Please usse shaadi karne taiyar ho jao' I will be really happy if you will marry her' And please try to forget me and forgive me' Please don't ever try to search me' I have already signed the divorced papers and kept it in the closet' I wanted to tell you this entire in person but arnav agar mein ruk jati to shayad fir kabhi ja nahi paati'' Please divorce papers sign kar ke lavanya se shaadi karlena' I love you arnav'.

                                                                                                Yours and only yours


Arnav finished reading the letter' Tears were flowing continuously from his eyes' He was feeling as if his whole world has been crashed' Few hours before he was the most happiest person on the earth and now what happened he lost his life he lost his khushi' He know khushi will be also feeling the same while writing this letter as he can see the stains of tears on the letter' He holds the letter close to his heart and cried out loud'

"NO you can't do this to me khushi you can't '.  I will never let you go' I will search you and will get you back in my life' I am yours only yours' Tumne Lavanya ki khushiyon k bare mein to socha but what about me khushi' Tumne soch bhi kaise liye mein tumhare bina khush reh paoge' Mein ek baar pehle bhi tumhe kho chukka hu but at that time I knew that you were in love with bhai but ab nahi khushi'. Ab jab mujhe pata hai that you too love me mein tumhe jane nahi de sakta' I will find you khushi and that too very soon' he wipes his tears had shower and gets ready to go out and find khushi and also hire detectives... He hears the knock on his room's door'

He opens the door expecting Nani or mami but gets shocked to see'

Arnav: LAVANYA!!!!!

Lavanya sees him and hugs him tight and says'.

Lavanya: Yes ASR it me I am back and this time for forever'. Arnav didn't hug her back' He was still thinking about khushi'

Lavanya broke the hug and said'

Lavanya: Hey ASR what happened? Is everything alright? I mean you are looking so tensed'

For a moment arnav felt of telling everything to her but then he remembers khushi's words of not letting lavanya knows anything if arnav truly loves khushi'

Arnav: No I am ok I was just busy with work so didn't slept so I am looking tired' Come'

Lavanya moved inside and sits on the bed and asks,

Lavanya: ASR where is khushi'

Arnav: She left me'.

Lavanya: ASR'

Arnav: I mean she left as our 6 months got over'

Lavanya gets happy and hugs him tight'

Lavanya: Ohh ASR I am so happy finally we can marry now and we will be one forever ohh ASR I am so happy'

Arnav: WO actually lavanya I want to talk to you' It's really very important'

Lavanya: Please ASR not now' I am really very tired' I directly came here from the airport to meet and see what a great news I got' Bow I really want to relax for some time and I want you to tell everyone about us  as soon as possible ok bye baby with that she kisses his cheeks and moves out from his room'

"No I can't marry you lavanya I love khushi, I have to talk to you about this very soon'" arnav thinks'

After sometime, arnav left for the office' He wants to search khushi as soon as possible' He knows that khushi has asked him not to search her but he knows that ek baar khushi mil gayi to sab thik ho jayga'.

He used all his contacts'. He hired the best detectives to find khushi' but no one was able to trace her'. Arnav was disheartened and thinks ek hi din mein kaha chali gayi tum khushi'

He comes back home and sits on the bed lost in their memories of last night'. Please come back khushi I really loves you a lot'. He sits their crying and didn't know when he falls asleep'

Next day arnav again got ready to go but was again interrupted by Lavanya'

Arnav: Lavanya tum yaha itni subha'

Lavanya: Yes ASR you know jab se mujhe pata chala hai that you guys got divorce I can't stop myself from coming to you' Tumne ghar walo se baat ki'

Arnav: See Lavanya I am so sorry actually mujhe bohat urgent kaam hai will see you later' and he leaves from their'

He comes home at night again disheartened as he didn't have any clue about khushi's whereabouts' He was moving to his room when nani stops him'

Nani: Chotey'  Yaha aayiye...

Arnav comes to his nani and says'

Arnav: Yes nani you called me'

Nani: Chotey where is khushi beetiyan I have not seen her for 2 days'

Arnav: Nani wo actually wo khushi...

Nani: She left you by signing divorce papers right'

Arnav gets shocked and thinks how his nani knows about this'

Nani: Chotey aap yahi soch rahe hai na humein kaise pata' Actually before leaving the mansion khushi beetiyan aayi thi hum se milne' She told me everything about the divorce and about six month's time' How you and lavanya still loves each other and she wanted that you and lavanya should get married' So I have already called Lavanya's parents tomorrow for talking about the wedding'

Arnav who was listening all this gets shocked as how khushi can says like this to his nani'.

Arnav: Wo nani actually I want to talk to you about this actually'. (but nani cuts him off)

Nani: It's too late Chotey I think we should sleep now and we will talk about this tomorrow' And you are at home as Lavanya's parents are going to come' Saying this she moves to her room'

Arnav thinks "I have to tell nani the truth and also that I love khushi and not lavanya but what about khushi's promise' I have to find a way soon before it gets too late' I can't marry Lavanya no never'. With that he moves to his room and sleeps.

Next morning again he went for searching khushi but again gets disappointed... He came back at night totally forgetting about Lavanya's parents' He was going to his room when again Nani stopped him'

Nani: Chotey kaha the aap. Humne aap se kaha tha na aaj aap jaldi aayega' Lavanya's parents had come and we have fixed your wedding for day after tomorrow'

Arnav: What!!!! How could you nani I mean how could you do that without asking me?

Nani: I had already informed you about that' and you love lavanya so I think koi problem nahi honi chahiye and waise bhi aap ne aur khushi beetiyan ne bhi divorce lene se pehle kisi se nahi pucha tha'

Arnav: But nani' But nani went to her room without listening to him'.

Arnav thinks "I have to do something soon' But kya karu khushi k promise ki wajah se I can't even tell them the truth'. Kya karu mein' Khushi ye kiya tumne please come back to me'."

Next day also passes with arnav searching for khushi and wedding preparations in RM'.

Day of wedding'.

Arnav was still lost in his thoughts how to get khushi back when nani enters his room'

Nani: Chotey aap taiyaar nahi hue abhi tak Lavanya and unke parent's aapka wait kar rahe hai jaldi chaliye'

Arnav: Ji nani 2 mins aap chaliye mein aata hu'

Nani moves out of the room and arnav thinks "Sorry khushi but you didn't leave me with any other option and I have to do this now'''." I am so sorry'''.


Precap: ?????

So guys how was it...

Hope you guys will like it...

Please hit like button and do comments

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Olicity2124 Goldie

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 12:58am | IP Logged
awsm prt & very intrsting in this story , now aftr they confes thier luv 4 each othr  , it getting damn intrsting.

felt very bad whn khushi left arnav & hr msg is heart touching Cry Cry Cry

now Arnav cant live without khushi & cant find her , poor arnav.

wht gonna happn next , wht will he do yarr ?? abt his marriage with Lav , he cant married hr .

plz continue soon.

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danisharamasawm Groupbie

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 12:59am | IP Logged
Awesome updateClap

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MissNadia Goldie

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 1:04am | IP Logged
Hy loved the update poor arnav hop he finds khushi soon n cant wait to see what he dose
Update soon

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Ayala Senior Member

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 1:08am | IP Logged

I got tears in my eyes while reading letter by khushi to laad governer.

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bewakoofLadki IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 1:08am | IP Logged
img...wat vl arnav do...cont soon

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Amti4u IF-Rockerz

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Unexpected yaar...waiting for the next

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