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Arshi new S.S Game of destiny. Chp 15 upd (Page 14)

Maithly Goldie

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 3:52am | IP Logged
Can u pls pm me when u update pls

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kaulpriyanka IF-Dazzler

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MissNadia Goldie

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hy plz update thiss ff dying to see wot happens nxt Smile

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Khushi_Sarun IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 5:56am | IP Logged
Hello guys...
Sorry for the late update but was busy with something...
Thanks a lot for loving this S.S and commenting on it...

Chapter 6 (Mature Content) Kids Stay away...

Arnav and Khushi broke the kiss as they were out of breath' They both looked at each other and that's when they realized what they had done'. They were highly embarrassed and they avoided looking at each other' Khushi was feeling better' She has stopped shivering'. Arnav started the car and there was silence in the car' Khushi was looking outside the window trying not to look at arnav and arnav was looking straight and driving'

After sometimes arnav broke the silence and said.

Arnav: Khushi how are you feeling now?

Khushi still looking outside said Hmmm I am ok now' thanks'

Arnav looked confused and asked thanks for what khushi'.

Khushi: Thanks for everything' I mean I know what you just done was to save me, to give me some kind of warmth' I am really thankful' I know it was not easy for you to do what you have done as you love someone but still you did that to save me'. Thanks a lot and I promise from next time I will never put you in such a situation'. She was still not looking at arnav'. She thinks in her mind' "Why it felt so good when you kissed me arnav' It was my first kiss and I really liked it' But I should not' Because arnav kissed me only to save me but why I responded to him'. What is happening to me?"

Here arnav was silent not looking at khushi at all and thinking "Was I really kissed khushi only to save her' Yes but after that it turned into something else' I was enjoying the kiss and I had kissed lavanya before but I never felt what I felt today'. I felt as if I was kissing someone for the first time'. What is happening to me why I am feeling like this'? I should not I love lavanya'. But why nowadays I like to be with khushi and didn't miss lavanya at all'.. Her thoughts were broken when khushi face touched her shoulders'. He looked at khushi who was sleeping on her shoulder' He cups his face with one hand and said it feels so good to have you in my life khushi'.

After few hours they reached their hotel and arnav picks khushi in his arms and moves to their room as he didn't want to disturb her sleep. He puts her on the bed and covered her with a quilt and moved on his side to sleep'. But he was getting images of their kiss' He looked at khushi and moves towards her holds her in his arms and slept'. He didn't know why he did that but it felt so good to sleep with khushi in his arms'.

Next morning arnav was the one to get up first' He saw khushi who was sleeping peacefully in his arms'. He moves his hands towards her face to put her locks behind they were disturbing her in her sleep' But as he touched his face he gets shocked as khushi was having a high fever'. He removes her from his arms and puts her on the bed' Khushi felt as if she was pulled apart from something which was very dear to her and she opens her eyes to see arnav getting out of the bed' She thinks' "Lagta hai again I slept in his arms and he didn't like it, Why I end up in his arms"' She starts getting up when arnav sees her and says'

Arnav: STOP!!!! Khushi you have fever'. So just be on bed' I have called a doctor'.

Khushi: I am ok arnav' It is just a fever and I have medicine for it so don't worry I will be alright'.

Arnav: Yeah 103 degree is just a fever; shut up khushi I have already called him he will be here in 10 mins' You were shivering a lot yesterday and now this fever' I will not listen to you so just shut up and be a good girl ok'

Khushi: Hmmm you know what arnav you are behaving like a typical husband' Lavanya is really lucky to have you as her husband'

Arnav: As of now I am your husband so you are lucky ok' with that he moves towards bathroom to have shower'. And khushi gets lost in his words'.

After 10 mins arnav finishes his bath and gets ready when he hears door bell' Arnav moves to open the door'. Doctor comes inside their room and moves to check khushi'. He checks khushi and says'

Doctor: Mr. Raizada I am giving some medicines and an injection to her just makes sure she takes it on time with proper meal' And also make sure that she didn't get wet now as it will be really dangerous for her'.

Arnav: Ok doctor I will take care of her and will make sure that she takes rest properly' With that doctor gives him prescription of medicines and gives injection to khushi and moves out'.

Arnav: So khushi just a fever right'.. Wait here I will order some breakfast for you so that you can take your meds'.

Arnav took good care of khushi not leaving her alone for a single moment' Next day khushi was feeling better so she told arnav'.

Khushi: Arnav I am ok now see I don't even have fever' Please let's go somewhere I am really bored'

Arnav: No khushi one more day you have to rest'.

Khushi: Please arnav I want to go out' I am really bore'. Please

Arnav: But khushi you are not well and doctor has said it's not good for you to go in snow'.

Khushi: Arnav I am alright now and arnav there are places other than snow mountains, we can go their please I promise I will not ask you to take me in the snow ok'

After lots of buttering arnav said yes to khushi'. In all her sickness they have forgotten their awkwardness due to kiss.

They decided to go to the woods which were near to their hotel'

Khushi: Wow it's such a beautiful place'.

They keeps on walking in the woods and they didn't realize when they reached far away in the woods and now they were not able to move out'. They were deciding for the way out when suddenly snow fall started making both of them wet'.

Arnav was damn worried for the khushi as doctor has said that it is dangerous for her so he starts searching some place where they can hide from this snow'.

Arnav found a small hut so he picked khushi in his arms who was again shivering and moves inside and locked the door of the hut'. He puts khushi down and searches the hut for something and comes towards khushi gives her sheet to change as there was nothing other than that sheet' He asked khushi to change the wet clothes as it is not good for her'

Arnav turns around to face the opposite side and removes his jacket and t-shirt as they were all wet'Khushi changes her wet clothes and wraps that sheet around her' She then comes towards arnav' She was still shivering' Arnav saw her and gets lost in her beauty' As he was seeing her like this, for the first time' He thinks "Wow man she is beautiful"'  Khushi comes close to him and hugs him tightly saying arnav it's too cold... Arnav hugs her back' He can fell that she is wearing nothing inside that sheet'.. He was so lost in her that he didn't realize when his hands started moving upwards' He was caressing her back' He then breaks the hugs and looks and khushi with desire filled eyes'. He leaned forward and kisses her on her eyes then on her cheeks and then he moves towards her lips'

He captures her lips' He sucks her lower lip first and then upper lip' Khushi felt something inside her stomach' Her hands reached to his hairs and she starts pulling him more close to her' He then enters her mouth and sucked her tongue; she too did the same'. They both were exploring each other's mouth till they felt breathless'

They broke the kiss ' Arnav then picked her up and made her lay on the floor'. He moves on top of her'. He once again captured her lips and his hands moves downwards towards her breast'  He pressed them feeling it and then starts cupping them one by one' He broke the kiss and started placing wet kisses on her neck'. His hands were still cupping her bosom and khushi was moaning in pleasure' The pleasure which she was feeling for the first time' The pleasure which her husband was giving to her' He bites on her neck marking her as his'. He licks the place where he has bitten to soothe her pain'He then moved to her shoulders and kisses her their' Arnav then moved his lips towards her bosoms and kissed her over the sheet' He then loosened the sheet and moves it down from her shoulder exposing her bosom to him' The sight made him mad and without wasting more time he took her one bosom in his mouth and cups the other with his rough hands'"Ahhh arnav arrnnnav " Khushi was moaning in pleasure' She was all wet down' She started moving her hands on arnav's bare chest' She too started giving wet kisses on his chest and shoulders and captured his lips'.

Arnav slides the sheet more exposing her belly and bites her belly button and licks it'. He then moves down to her feet and started kissing her feet and then slides the sheets upwards exposing her legs'. Arnav started giving wet kisses on the legs and moves towards her inner thighs' Khushi pulled him towards her mouth and kissed him on his mouth' She wraps her legs around his waist and was pulling him more close to her'. She said " Please arnav I can't take this anymore" That was it for arnav he again moved downwards all the way kissing her and touched her core over the sheets which was all wet'. He kissed her their over the sheet and khushi moaned "Please arnav don't tease'. He was about to remove the sheet when suddenly his phone which was in his jeans pocket rang and they both came back to reality'.

They both looked at each other'. Khushi was lying only in the sheet above her core and arnav was about to remove the sheet' Khushi hurriedly gets up and wraps the sheet around her' She was breathing heavily' Arnav picks up the call without looking at the number as he was still lost in khushi's thought and what happened just now'

Arnav: Hello'.

The person on the other side: Hey A.S.R' How are you? Guess where I am?

Arnav comes back to senses when he heard the voice and said

Arnav: LAVANYA!!!!

Khushi looked at arnav with wide eyes'.

Lavanya: Yes it's me lavanya'. And where are you?

Arnav: Actually lavanya we are in manali' Actually nani wanted us to go on a honeymoon' So we came here for her'

Lavanya: I know that, Where are you now? I mean are you guys in your hotel room'.

Arnav: No we are at' Actually lavanya we got stuck somewhere in the woods'. So we will be returning to our hotel by morning'.

Lavanya: That's fine'. Ok I have some surprise for both of you' Call me when you both will reach hotel'

Arnav: Ok' With that he will keep the call'. And then moves towards khushi, wo khushi I think we should leave as snow fall has stopped and I think it's almost morning so we will be able to find the way to be out of here' He said all this without looking at khushi'

Khushi: hmmm I will get change' She then wears her clothes'.

Arnav too wears her clothes and they move out of the hut taking some unforgettable memories with them' They both were silent as they didn't know what to say after their act in the hut' They reached their hotel room and gets surprised to see the room already open' They move inside and get shocked'

Arnav: LAVANYA!!!!


Precap: Khushi is jealous after seeing arnav and lavanya together...

So guys how was it...

Hope it was worth your wait...

Please hit like button and do comment...

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Amanda.Lim IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 6:01am | IP Logged
Waiting for the next part!!
Can u PM me too??
dazzle4everr Senior Member

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Thanks for the PM.

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Khushi_Sarun IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by dazzle4everr

Thanks for the PM.

Hit the like button too... and thanks
Ayala Senior Member

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IM Dead. Plz update soon

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