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M&G FF " MEET " updating (Page 88)

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Posted: 27 January 2013 at 8:43am | IP Logged

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              " Part 9 "  
                                " 14 years back "   

        With the sound gun shot all run towards area where they saw maan lying on ground with blood coming out from his wound . Raaj and mohinder run towards maan Priya faint at the spot she is not able to see her son's condition . Rano and SD held her to sport lifeless body . All are so worried about maan and in panic no one notice that Meet is missing Its then when maan Meet's name in his unconscious state . Raaj try to see meet every where but she is no where in the site . Raaj pick Maan in his arms and run tiwards car asking mohinder to look for geet . 

       Meet is missing a new panic run in everyone who is present there . Mohinder ask his men to jump in river and find meet there . But the is deep and full they try heir best but no one able to find her Mr Khurana call police and ask them to find meet at any cost . with each passing minute worry begun to engulf everyone Rano is cryig like hell . With in few minutes every thing got riuned . Their happy family become sad drenched in pain . No one have clue how time have passed . 

      Police come with divers for search of meet but they also not able to find any clue about meet . Sun set and night darkness start spreadig every where engulfing all light of the day . Defeating light with darkeness like their life is going to be . They search at large scale and they through net in river to find any thing , any clue of meet . But no one able to find any thing . They send some of their men on other side of river to search for meet but tey also come back with empty hand . Mohinder's condition is not discribeable no one can imagine what he is feeling right now . He try his level best to protect his angel but he fail , he fail miserably . He is hating this place he swore that once his angel come back he will never come here never in this life . 

      All hopes are dying but mohinder put a brave face trying to control his bleeding heart don't want scare rano who is not ready to move from river bank she set their with longing inher eyes praying for her angel she breaking bit by bit but a thin thread of hope she is still holding very tightly don't want loose her hope at any cost she praying for her for her safty for her long life . Priya also stay with her even maan is in hospital his condition is not safe yet because of heavy blood loss . But raaj asked to stay there as he is here and can handle hospital situation . Their both children are in grave danger but they are helpless . They have everything in this world but still they have nothing now their children fighting with death or may be with destiny also but they can't do anything . 

      After sometime police inform them that they find something from river far from HP all run towards the destination holdimg their breath . Praying for a good news But today destiny is not kind enough to grant them their wish . Today destiny playing her own crule game leaving them helpless . When they reach their the inspector who is present their lead mohinder and Mr khurrana at side telling women to wait . Mohinder looking at inspector trying to find any hope that is not present their when they reach near a tent inspector asked his men to bring body here listening about body mohinder stambe on his feet but then he have to in control . the police men bring body and something rape in white cloth . Inspector remove the cloth from body's face and asked them to recognize the person but mohinder did not know him and more over he just want to see his angel here who is this person what is his motive all this is secondery thing nor first is where is his angel . 

      Inspector then forward the white cloth in white cloth there is a red cloth that mohinder recognize in frection of seconds yes it is his angels Batta how can he forgot that she specialy come to him to show him her fav batta how her eyes twinking with this new piece of cloth her BATTA . The last thread of hope slip from his hands but he again looked at inspector with such pleading eyes that make inspector to looked at other side but he is not going to believe this carp no his angel can't leave her papa ji never he shook his head saying no , Inspectoor kept his hand on his shoulder as he is trying to tell him the burtal reality " dekhiye sir this river is too deep and this whole area is famous for crocodiles . and the girl is too young so there is high chance before inspector speak a word more mohinder hold his collore asking how dare he say like this how dare he . But they all left empty handed . 

       Every one is in deep pain a pain engulfig everyone but still they dreading the moment maan gain his conscious . From last two days he is unconscious bu when ever he gain his sense only meet name eccape from his lips slitting their heart . Maan gain his concsious and the first question he ask is where is his meet . But he did not got any answer his dada ji come to him his mom come his Dadi maa come but all kept quit and he use to see their faces in hope that may be today they will bring his meet . Today his wait will end but no its not . After few days they come back in KP Still maan's wait did not come to an end . He leave takiing his meals if anyone ask him he simply ask one question that make them mum . 

      Its had been 2 nights and one whole day pass maan did not eat anything when raaj come in his room asking him to eat something when again he ask same question on which raaj told him truth She is no more she is dead maan stop waiting for her Raaj said in heavy voice but maan had lost his everything no in can't be its not true . No his meet can't leave him never its a lie its not true Nooo . Maan throush the tray of food on floor screaming Raaj try to hold him but he is not in control he is just screaming no no it not true as much raaj try to tell him the more he scream . Maan some how free himself from raaj's hold and run down he see rano sitting in the haal like zombie maan run to her he kneeled down in front of rano Maan held her hand crying Rano who never speak a word from the time she got her angels Battta Looked at maan with blank eyes try to understand why he crying what he want to ask and when he ask Maa meri meet kehaa hai With so much pain rano's eyes that are still blank til now start showing emotions Maa bolo na meri meet kehaa hai Maan again ask shaking her crying like baby Bolo na maa Bolo k baba Jhoot bol rahy hein ye such nahi hai Maan shake rano with more power trying to get his disiring answer But he don't know that his angel his meet is not with him then how can he get what he want its her luck that make his life heavan . Now when she is gone her luck gone with her . Meet kehaa hai maa Maan's question broke the ice that is freezing rano's emotion and with a scream rano broke down crying like hell . she hug maan tightly saying sorry to him again and again but their is no one at fault whome to blame . Raaj and other who come there when they hear maan's scream also cried in pain . Raaj have no guts to face his youger sis he hide his face in shame for not able to protect anyone in his family from the grief .

     Mohinder come forward and he hug both crying with them . He held maan close to him who is crying like anything he never make diffrence in maan and brij and with Meet relation maan is close to him . Papa ji Meet nahi ja sakti she can't leave me please app bolo na she is alright please papa ji app to bolo Maan ask his papa one more time but he did not get anything return just more tears more painful cries . All come and sit beside them and once again they cried feeling helpless . 

     Maan refuse to have his meal all tried there level best but no use everyone come defeated He become atone . One day when maan is sleeping due to weakness come faint noice reach in his ear like his meet's voice and he jerk up running down towards the voice he stamble and fall in his way but he did not stop . When he come down their is lights of and on big projector a video is playing video of his meet where she is telling him singing her fav line . Geet Geet Maan Ki Geet MEET Maan smile with her and sit down near projector trying to feel her presense forgetting about his srounding its when raaj ask priya to go and feed him his food . Priya very cearfully sit beside him and start feeding him maan who is so engross fully in movie did not notice what is going on and he finish his food silently . After that this become their roteen if they want to make him eat anything this will be only option . 

      All try to make maan understand the reality but he is not accepting this bloody truth . No he can't how can he when his heart is telling him that his meet is alive . Even he did not let any put garland on meet's pic and the violent reaction they got from maan shake everything . He naver behave bad with anyone but that day he destroyed everything that come in his way . Scaring everyone to death . That day he told everyone that his meet is alive and dare anyone try to called her dead . The anger the madness they are witness that is too much that no one can dare him again . 

       One night maan is in his room when Be jaan come to him he is crying hiding in blanket when she put her motherly hand on his head maan looked at be jaan and hugged her tightly crying more Why be jaan why my meet leave is she never come back to me as everyone said Maan ask his misery to his be jaan who lovingly crass his head and said Why will she not come ,, she will come to her maan she will She said looking straight in maan's eyes Then why she leave me Maan voice his pain Because now you are not strong enough to protect her you are not old enough to hold her She looked at maan's eyes then continue She is your's but to get her back you have to be power ful man of this country you have to b strong you have to old enough to het her back but remember she is your's and will be only your's . You just have to made your self capable enough to be with her Be jaan end with a smile when she see a detemination in maan's eyes a believe that is most needed for his survival . If all this stay like this then he will loose himself in his misery . To make sure he did not choose wrong path for himself you have to make sure to guid him towards right paath . 

    And next day come with lots of changes maan who use to cry whole day and he leave all his activities come back to his rotine but their is one diffirence that this maan Did not know how to smile the old maan lost in this . Mohider told his decision to everyone to going back london Mr khurana want to stop them but seeing rano's condition he got agree but the surprising thing is maan did not object for once on this decision it seem like he have no intrest in all this . He bearely set with his family is humbleness got replace rudness that is never a part of his personality . His kind self change with shear anger . His eye become blank he never cry in front of his family . He start hiding his every emotion in anger or in silence . Raaj try to talk to him seeing his change behaviour but no use . It seem like they also lost their son with the happiness of their house . 

   Precap :- same Smile 
                          Part 8  -: Pre  :::::: Next :-
will update soon 

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love u all 

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honeygrape IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2013 at 11:41am | IP Logged
Nice one...fiinish off this past soon ...eager to c maaneet meeting...eager to c maan saving her before she removes her chain

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lehr IF-Sizzlerz

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lovely update dear

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kavya.sravya Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2013 at 11:45am | IP Logged
nice update ! did we near the end of the past ? bejaan must have somehow saved geet and bring her up secretly . who else helped in this... waiting for present... how maan meets his meet...
thanks for the pm !

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Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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maan changed for his meet only...

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waiting to see maan saving geet before removing her chain.

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