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M&G FF " MEET " updating (Page 59)

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          " updating "  

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love4all IF-Dazzler

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                    " Part 8 "   
          Adil lead maan to other end of ther vally where a man lying whose whole body almost burn but he is still alive and two men are treating him . His face is only part of body that is safe . The man open his eyes with noice of their feet created . He looked at adil keenely then at maan and plead of sorry escap from his lips / With great difficulty he rais his hand and joint them in fron of maan and saying sorry in his weak trembling voice . One of the man who threating him try to stop him from speaking but he send both of them away from him . They don't want to leave their Sardar their alone but can't disobary him either so they left him alone with Maan and Adil . 

          Maan who is looking at man from past five minutes trying to remember him is he ever meet him or is he know him but his mind is blank about him . The man looked at maan's face and smile a little clearely understanding maan's condition . you don't know me son and neither i know you we never met before Man's voice bring maan back he took a deep breath and asked him sitting near him Then how you send me meet's pic and how she is with you when no one know about her not even me Maan can't wait anymore he want know he has to know how meet is with this man why he kept meet away from him and away rom her own family all these years . He want to know what is his real motive behind a l this . And more importand thing where is meet right now . Is she here in this vally a mere thought of His being here shake his whole existence with terrore and he pray silently for her not being here at any cost . 

      Before maan ask more questions that he is going to man himself start speaking . Bety ye aj ki nahi 14 saal pehly ki baat hai lakin meri baat araam se sunnena please The man plead once gain he looked at maan's face who did not show any emotion his face is blank maan just blink his eye to signal him to continue what he is going to tell . The man took a long breath to sy the truth that he is hiding from last 14 years . 

          Ajj se theek 14 saal pehly mujhy pta chala k Mohinder babu ( Meet's Father ) HP a rahy hn apni family k saath . To main b unse milny chala gya kionky unka mujh per bohat barra Ehsaan tha . Lakin jab mn wahaan pohncha to main ne wo sab suna jis se sab ki zindagi bada gai . Jab mn HP puhncha to raat ho chuki thi lakin Mohinder babu se milny ki juldi mein main seedha Handa Haveily puhanch gya . Lakin main jesy ander jaany wala tha mujhy kuch awaz sunai di main ne thora ghor se suna to pta chala k kuch log Meet guria ko marna chahty hn Kon thy wo log Maan could not keep his calm any more he bark at the man who looked at him helplessly Main ne poocha kon thy wo log or agr tm ko sab maloom ho gya tha to papa ji ko kio nahi btaya bolo jwaab do mujhy ans me damit Maan is going to strangle this man but Adil held him on time but maan is going out of control someone really want to kill His meet the thought is enough to awak the bloody beast in him . How , Why all the question running in his mind but he have no answer like always , he is again left empty hand only with blankness . SPEAK UP Maan roared . 

           Main btana chahta tha mohinder babu ko lakin wo mujhy kabhi akely mely hi nahi mera yaqeen kro main ne bohat koshish ki uss raat unko btany ki lakin na bta ska . Phir wo din aya aj ka din uss din b main mohinder babu ko btana chahta tha . Btana chahta tha k ek baar phir unki beti ki koi jaan leny wala hai Maan looked at hin stunned he is chocked to bits Ek baar phir Maan repeat to himself and man took a sigh breath Haan ek baar phir uss hadsy se 8 saal pehly b Mohinder babu ki beti ko zehar de kr maar diya tha kisi ne . Lakin tab kisi ko pta nahi chala who did this . Or iss baar b unki beti ko maarni saazish ki ja rahi thi unse chup k . Lakin mohinder babu mujhy kahein b akely nahi mily or main ne app dono ko dariya kinaary ki taraf jaty huwy dekha app dono ko wapis lany k liye mn apki pass a hi rha tha jub wo sub huwa . Hab apko goli lagi to main ne ek admi ko Meet k saath driya mn chlang lgaty huwy dekha to apko chor k main b dariya mein kood gya . Main ne bari mushkil se guriya ko usky haathon se churwaya lakin unka dopatta usk haath mein hi reh gya . Main guriya ko hath mein liya jub pani se bahir nikla to Hp se door a gya tha . Guriya ki haalet b theek nahi thi to mein ussy kisi nazdeek k gaun mn ly gya or guriya ka ilaaj krwaya . 

      To tum phir meet ko lyker waapis kio nahi aye kio 14 saal uss ko chupa kr rakha . with all the info maan is going mad so many questions running in his mind and he want all the answer right now . Main aya tha waapis lakin tab main ne Darji ko suna jo apny kuch logo ko hukam de rahy thy Meet ko dhoond kr maar deny ka . To main or darr gya or bina kisi se baat kiye guriya ko apny saath ly kr wahaan se bohat door chala gya . Guriya ki haalet theek nahi thi to main ne usska ilaaj kerwaya or 2 month baad main Dehli gya Mohider babu se milny lakin Mujhy maloom huwa k wo ye county hi chor kr chaly gaye hn . Main ne unka number b leny ki koshish ki lakin nakamyaab rha . aur Mohinder babu k ilawa mn kisi or per guriya ko lekr bharossa nahi kr sakta tha to mn chup chaap wapis a gya . Or guriya ko lekar yehaan apny Qabily mein a gya apni beti bna ker ussy yehaan apny paas rakha . 

       Kya meet ne mujhy kabhi yaad nahi kiya wo mery bina kesy rahi yahaan per Maan ask like young baby he is looking like so out of life like his life leave him alone app hi ko to yaad krtu thi wo her waqt . maan esa hai maan wesa she told uss your evey little detail and that is the only time jab wo roti nahi thi or khushi khushi khana b kha leti thi . uss ko pta b nahi chalta tha tumhaari baatein krty huwy wo khana khati thi . or usska wo larna about her name Meet . A small smile apear on Maan's face like he found his life back but heart ach with the thought of Meet crying no he never let this happen . Man remembering all old  days he took a long breath and agai start where he left . Meet ki haalet dekh kr main waapis dehli app k pass jana chahta tha lakin yehaan kuch dushmani ho gai humaari or mujhy yehaan se jana para . Main apni family ko ly kr Pakistan chala gya 4 saal k liye or jab hum wapis aye to main dehli gya lakin tab KP mein koi nahi rehta tha . App k baary mein pucha to pta chala ab b kahein chaly gaye ho aur main ek baar phir Khaali haath wapis aya . Mera yaqeen kro mein bohat koshish ki app se milny ki lakin her baar nakam rha . Phir mujy Apki Bejaan k baary mein pta chala to unse b milny gya lakin wo b nahi mili . Kal mery bety ne bari mushkil se wo tasveer bejaan ki car mn phenki thi . Main ne Apny RABB se bohat dua ki thi k ab to app hum ko mil jao . Lakin hum ko mauf kr dena hum apni jaan de kr b apki Amaanat ki hifaazat na kr saky . With that his breath become heavy he is crying for not keeping her safe at the cost of his on life he fail he fail mesirly . Only he know how much he strugle to keep Meet safe from all kind of hardship and danger . He never love his own daughter in a way he dose to meet . Tears flowing from his eyes his soul leaving his burn body the thought of his being fail kiling him or may he is just alive to tell maan all the truth of his side . May be thats why GOD give him this little life to tell maan all the detail . That he can . Now in a way he is free he is satisfied that maan is here to take care of his Meet . Now he can die with contentment in heart . 

    He looked at maan and try to tell him how is his meet how he keep his meet . 

Wo Suraj ki pehli kiran k jesy PAKEEZA hai 

Wo behti nadi k pani jesi SHAFAAF hai 

Wo phool ki kali ki trah NAZUK hai 

Wo bachon k jesi MASOOM hai

Wo frishton jesi PAAK hai 

Usky pass JAADU hai 

Sabko Khush krny ka 

     With that he close his eyes forever with a small smile spreading on his face . And maan Got up to Find his MEET his life again with more determination with more hope with more love . 

                                           @ - @ - @ - @   

        A man pull her out from other girl's hold and drag her towards the one room at the end of the line Followed by that girl who is hiding this girl in her embrace . He pushed her in the room where two men already present one caged in ropes and other who have ugly grin on his face . 

     She crawled back when she see the man advancing towards her ignoring all the pleads and yelling of her sister and brother . Every thing that is happening here is too much for her naive brain she become paralyzed with so much happening around her . Her innocent being stabbed again and again . Now only one thing she know she cant let anyone touch her . NO , NO Never she is only belong to him . He has only right to touch her only he No One else NEVER . 

  The man pull her towards himself when she speak with trembling voice " Please don't touch me please don't main sirf unki hun SIRF UNKI  " the man looked at her amuse he know this girl is special so he did not let anyone touch her and her sister . Acha esa hai to phir mn b to sunu kis k hai tuMan ask her smiling cunningly Bol kis k hai tu He shake her little scaring hell out of her MAAN ... MAAN Ki hun mai sirf MAAN ki she spoke trembling with fear . 

    MAAN man repeat to himself then in dangerous tone he ask her bring more close to him Kis maan ki baat kr rahi hai tu bol juldi his voice his more dangerous then before . Making her more terrified Wo M.. Maa ...MAAN Sss... MAAN SING KHURANA she speak in shaky voice . 

   The man looked at her top to bottom curiously tu geet hai kyaHe asked in totally different tone but she deny shaking her the man felt frustrated tu geet hai  this time he said emphasizing on geet . But the girl is not accepting this that made him angrier to phir kon hai tu bol ... bol kon hai tu he said shaking her in anger bol he roared this time Mmm main ... main .. Mmm MEET hun Maan ki geet MEET With that man leave her and she stumble back try to stand on her lifeless legs with little bit energy that left in her fragile body . 

    The man turn his back to her self he run hand in his hairs shaking his head and let out a small laugh . He turn towards geet laughing at her Meet maan ki geet MEET saying that his facial expression change into dark deathly expressions he took a step and held Meet from shoulders bringing her close to himself Maan The Great MSK you know what He is the one Lucky B******* and I HATE HIM He shake geet a little  You hear that I HATE HIM ,,,,,, HATE HIM TO THE CORE ... 

   he leave her with a jerk and meet fall back on the ground . She start crying more saying no her maan is not like that anyone hate never he is nice mane . How can anyone hate him " app Maan se nafrat kio karty ho wo to bury insaan nahi hn " Meet asked with so much innocenss the man looked at her for sometime then lean on her while she try lean back not wanting to touched by him again . Because of him my sister died my only sister he stand back with anger and speak and that day i swear i will never let this MSK happy never ever . He have to pay what he did to my sis He harshly pull her gain What my sis ask from him just love what else but he said no no to my sis and she died he glance at her teary face one more time before pulling her dopatta from her neck making her scream in terrore but he seem unefected like he did not hear any voice . 

       He looked at her neck keenly meet cross her hands over her chest to hide her self . Remove the chain from your neck he said followed by gasps of chock . 

Precap :- A journy Maan To MAAN SINGH KHURANA 

                    Part 7  -: prev :::: Next :- 

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 here is next part 
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 love u all 

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               " Note " 
    hello everyone i have updated next part of meet . I want to tell you all one thing that i am going to remove my buddy list because of less like and very less comments . I write this not with Meet update because i know many in my buddy list only like MEET so i deside to inform you guys here only . That no onw will blame for not informing them i know many did not even bother to open my pm so why to disturb you guys again and again . If you guys don't like my work then you have to do nothing but if you like my work any want pms then do press like button and leave your comments . 
I will surely added you who will like my work 

this note is not mean to hurt anyone 
if i did unknowingly then sorry 

love u all 

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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

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oh my god
who is he and how is maan gonna save his meet
damn damn and triple damn
what is going on here
things are becoming even more complicated than before
how where when and whats gonna happen
so she does remember him
well how can she forget maan right
and am sure maan and meet phir dobara milenge
so she was saved by that man then and he tried to keep geet safe
ufff so much confusion right
but who was behind this kidnapping of geet
was it his bua or was it someone else
and how is maan gonna get to his meet
so next we know the journey of maan to maan singh khurana

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amazing update

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ritzy09 IF-Rockerz

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Feeling really bad that Maan almost found her and then lost her again...very heart breaking...
awesome update dear...

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Awesome part yar.

So much has been revealed...

Nw whoz dis man who hates maan so much n omg geet is in his custody...

Wt will he do wid dat locket??

Conti soon.

N plz add me to ur pmlist.

Although i havn't read all ur works bt hav bookmarked it to read soon.

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