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M&G FF " MEET " updating (Page 19)

swetha10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 September 2012 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
wow nice start...
luved it..
continue soon

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love4all IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 September 2012 at 11:20am | IP Logged
           " updating "    
love4all IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 September 2012 at 12:55pm | IP Logged
             " MEET "  
                Part 2         

    Arpita in her room passing back and forth in tension her husband looked at her for sometime . He got up and held arpita from shoulder asking her what is bothering .Arpita held his hand and told him " wo rano app ne suna uss ne raaj se kya maanga hai " Shekhar arpita's husband did not get her meaning so ask her " Haan main ne suna lakin iss mein tension wali kya baat he ye to khushi wali baat hai " But arpita cut him in anger and she sit on chair controling her anger " Tension wali baat hai , hai baat tension wali . Agr uss ki beti ki shaadi Maan se ho gai to ye sab kuch uss ki beti ko mil jaye ga aur wo iss state ki Queen ban jaye gi , Aur main ye brdasht nahi kr sakti " Arpita is in full anger the thing is rani's daughter will be next queen did not leting her in peace . She is again burnning in jealousy . Shekhar is sttuned with the relivation that arpita has so mush hatred for her sister . Arpita never show her this side to her husband knowing he is not that kind of person . So she fake in front of him that she love rano . But he did not said a  word thinking its her temporerly anger that will ended soon and left her in room alone . 

                       @ - @ - @ - @   

    After that day rano request zeba to take care of maan like she did her when she is little . More over rano don't have trust on any srvent about maan . She want him in front of her eyes so she ask zeba for this which zeba agreed happily and she become MAAN"S BE JAAN . Days passed and after one year rano give birth a baby boy . They named him brij . 

  Everyone is so happy in their life little maan complete khurrana family . His cute antics always kept everyone busy . He is life of everyone . In early morning when he woke up zeba got him ready for his grand parents who are waiting for there prince to awake and start their day with smile . In this everyone witness a sight no one can imagine Mr Khurana riding Little Maan o his back and savetri devi holding him protecting him from falling . Little adil also play with Maan . He never feel jealous sharing her mother's love with maan. Even sometime zeba forgot about him in taking care of maan but he never complain . He is so understanding child always a strong sport of his mother .

   After 3 years rano come in Khurrana palace at the event of holly . Maan is now 4 years old he is become so naughty now days . He and adil are team now when they both are togather they can make anyone's life hell . Rano is expecting now days and she is so happy knowing its baby girl . She is 5 months pregnant . Maan called priya as mom and rano as MAA he come running to her with happiness . Everyone always give gifts to maan but rano never give him any gift on any occasion saying her gift in more precious then everyone have and she will give him on time . He met with rano and ask her " Maa app mera gift laye ho " Rano noded in yes smiling . Maan looked at her sides and then at mohinder who is holding brij in his arms but he also have nothing in his hands . Confuse Maan looked back at rano with a sad face " App gift nahi lye " and he try to left but rano held his hand and put it on her stomach " There is your gift and i will give u this gift after 4 months " Maan looked at rano confuse then at evryone present there he did not get what rano said  He looked back at her tummy and he touched her tummy once again and asked " But maa yehaan kya hai " Rano smile at his innocent question then she sit on sofa and make maan sit beside her she touched her tummy and told maan " Yehaan per ek angel hai jo app k saath hamesha rahy gi she is your's only your's " Maan jump in happiness " Sirf meri na or kisi ki nahi " He asked in happiness on which rano noded her head in yes smiling . Maan run from there happy he is very possessive about his things from beginning never share with anyone . 

   But their happiness did not live long and next day when everyone is celebrating holly a dreadful moment come and take there smile away . Rano who is coming down from stairs she slipped don't know how and fall in her pool of blood . They immediately take her to hospital but its too late for them doctor come out of OT and told they are not able to save baby and its a baby girl . Whole khrana and Handa family are in dilemma no one know how to react on this news and they also worried for rano knowing very well how much she wanted this child . Every one is present in hospital room but the silence is like no one is present here and then an angel inter in room obvious to the Strom that take their life . He come close to rano's bed who is  sitting like dead body with blank face . He try to climbed on bed but bed is high zeba move forward and make him sit beside rano . Maan slightly touch her flat tummy and then looked at rano whos blank face start filing with pain and emotions " Maa my angel kehaan hai  " Rano could not take his innocent face looking at her questions she hug him tight and broke down completely saying sorry to him again and again . Everyone have tears seeing rano's condition . No one know how to comfort her they are loss of words but this problem also solve by their prince . When rano broke the hug and sit there in hiccups Maan move forward and wipe her tears with his tiny hands asking her " Why are you saying sorry don't worry when you come next time then you will me my angel ok I will wait for my angel " Maan said in his baby voice telling her clearly . After that maan jumped down for leaving . When he reached near door he again turn towards rano . Maan point a finger at rano and speak " Its MAAN SINGH KHURANA's order  " He mimic just like his grand father . Maan leave after that from their leaving everyone so shocked and baffle with his little Khurana attitude . Maan don't know what his little demand did . Its give a new life to everyone especially rano who is some time ago thinking her life is end but now she know Her maan will wait for his angel .  

   After that incedent their life become normal onece again Maan start going to school . Raaj admission adil in same school as maan . So there also adil and maan are friends . After 2years when maan is 6 years old rano give brith to twins a baby boy and a baby girl this time she did not come in dehli she spend whole time in her in laws . She gave this news to priya and savtri devi . All are so much happy priya and savetri devi left right way and but maan and all cant go with them so they said they will come on weekend . In Handa haveli everyone is so happy but this happiness also leave them soon . The morning when naam kaarn cermony took place everyone is so happy Raaj and Maan also arriving on NAAM KAARN ceremony but destiny again play a game and baby girl suddenly start crying loud and with in no time she leave them alone again . Once again GOD take her back . But something caught mohinder's attention and he pick his baby angel and leave from there . He leave everyone yelling behind . He drove fast and as much he can . He bring baby's dead body in city's hospital . He ask doctors to do her post-mortem and give him reports . And when reports come its leave him shock his doubt is right his pricess did not die a natrul death but someone give her poison . He don't know what to do whom to blame . What his baby did with anyone wrong why anyone killed his little angel . He want burn whole world right that moment . He held reoprts in his hand and he looked at his baby angel and then at reports . He is going mad with revelation . How can someone is so cruel that they killed his princess . After sometime he felt a hand on his shoulder ho looked back and see raaj standing there he have tears in his eyes . Mohinder could not control himself anymore he hug raaj tight breaking in his arms letting his pain out screaming for this betrayal  . He give raaj report and raaj is also stunned with result . He cant believe someone can do like this but why the only question running in their mind and they dont have any clue about all this . 

   They come back with the body everyone one asked questions but they dont have any answer . They did not show anyone her report . This time rano is in dilemma nothing is effecting her she sit there like a statue . Everoyne try to make her cry but she become stone her ear felt deaf where no voice reach in her mind her eyes on the cradle where her baby is sleeping at morning . Khurrana family live there for three days and in three days there is no one who did not try make rano cry but seem nothing is helping her . This time Raaj and mohinder send Maan back soon and no one tell him much and with him zeba and adil are also back . Raaj in so much pain seeing his little sis whom he always try to protect is left like this . He inquire pariya about baby . On which she told him she is the one who is with baby at last time and she just leave her for five minutes as someone call her and when she come back baby's condition become wors . Raaj could not suspect priya knowing her but then who is the one who want baby's life its all left him and mohinder entangle . But they don't have any clue . 

   After that Mohinder move to london with rano arjun and brij as dotors advise him to leave this place and move to somewhere else far from here for rano's health . That is becoming worse day by day . They start living there and it effect on rano's health and she start recovring again that is good sign for them . Raaj always stay incontect with mohinder . Maan is 8years now but he still wait for his special gift that will give him her maa . Arpita some time try to divert his mind but maan did not pay attention on Arpita's talk . Arpita have 4 children 2son and 2 daughter her one daughter is younger then maan she always ask maan to play with her but one day maan tell her clearly he dont like girls . So he always play with boys . In main time Raaj and priya have 2 more sons DEV Khurana AND Vikas Khurana . 

   Rano is expecting again and this time she is so much scared and so mohinder . The fear of loosing her child again did not leave her sight for once . When mohinder give this news to raaj he is so happy but mohinder ask him not to tell anyone . So raaj did according to mohinder's wish . Rano want to celebrat Maan's brithday in london as she expecting in those days so she cant travel . So raaj priya and Maan come London leaving everyone behind . A day before Maan's birthday at night rano's labour pain start they bring her in hspital and she give birth a beatiful angel almost at the same time when maan is born after bearing so much pain . Everyone is so much ahppy . They shift rano and baby in room the baby is so much beatiful like maan . When maan is woke up in morning priya tell him that his rano maa is calling him at hospital she want to give him his gift on his birthday . Maan is so happy he come hospital with raaj he run into room . Maan looked at the baby rano is holding he is very curious to see the baby . Maan move forward and try to hold baby but rabo stop him mid . Maan looked at  rano hurt and said " Maa she is my angel My gift give her to me " His big brown eyes start filing with tears . He is hurt very hurt . Rano held his arm and make him sit beside her . " I will give my life my angel to you But you have to promise me that you will protect her till your last breath . You will never let her cry . You will make her with your love . You will not let anyone harm her remember anyone . Promise me then i will give you your angel " Everyone have tears in their eyes knowing why she is taking promise from maan . Maan shake his head promising her about everything . At that moment he don't know why his maa taking all promise from him but he feel responsible about his angel whome he did not hold yet . Rano put her hand on his cheeks telling him one last thing " 

  You know na Khurana never break their promise . Promise me you will love her your whole life " Maan shake his head in yes and rano put her baby in Maan's lap . The baby move a little in his arms then settle again . Maan's happiness know no bound he is feeling on top of the world . He is so excited holding little life in his arms then he turn towrds rano " Maa she is mine na only mine hai na maa " He just want to confirm that this little doll is his now . Rano node in yes maan slowly and very caefuly touch baby for the first time " She is so soft " He told everyone as its something new . The baby open her eyes for the first time to see the world . She smiled a little at maan he is so happy everything is feeling so diffrent to him . Its his best gift he ever recived from any one . Yes his Maa is true her gift is more precious then anyone's in the world . That is the best birthday he ever have and many more to come . 

  Hi guys 
i complete 2nd part of meet 
hope you all will like it 
please do comment and press like button 
and do ask me if you find anything missing 
or you fell confuse with any part 
do let me now your views 


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geetsrir.maan IF-Dazzler

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Wow lovely ud dear...Clap

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-BlushaLicious- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 September 2012 at 1:11pm | IP Logged
That Was Superb !! Big smile !!

Awwhh Maan Had To Wait For His Gift !!

Poor Rano !! :( !!

Now The Baby Is Only Maanz !!

Awesome !! Big smile !!

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lehr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 September 2012 at 1:14pm | IP Logged
awesome update dear.

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--Fairy-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 September 2012 at 1:21pm | IP Logged
Awesome Update ...poor rano ..ohhh yes its only maan angel ..

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Mina420 Goldie

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Posted: 23 September 2012 at 1:26pm | IP Logged
wow, wonderful how things developed... it is not hard to guess that arpita is behind rano's previous misfortunes... I hope her sick act is caught soon 

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