Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

M&G FF " MEET " updating

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 hello guys i am here again with a new FF of Maaneet . This story is really close to my heart I am thinking about this story from last one year . But never felt its complete some part of this story come in my mind now and . But when i sit write most of thing again left so i give my good time to this story . Now i hope u all will like it . Its my humble request to you all please please tell me should i continue or not 

  This story is about a man . A man's love , passion , obsassion , craz what ever u can call . But no one knew the depth of his love . The wait he did for his love no one can do , His whole life is base on his love a love who is not with him yet and no one know is she alive or not . But his each breath is just for her . He is a man of power . World rolled under his feets . He is a mysteriouse man .A Man whome no one can understand . He is total anigma . 

    One time he is a DEVIL and the same time he is an ANGEL .
    One time he is RUTHLESS and the same time he KIND hearted man.

            HE IS ARROGANT , HE IS NICE  
            HE IS TERROR   HE IS SAVIOUR    
       his presense make people shiver to death and his presense secure people from death . 

     Iff some people want to take his life 
    the same time there is thousand of peoples who is praying for his long life . 

He has only one moto of life to be a powerfull persone of the world .
        He never smile BUT make people happy   
        He never stay in his house BUT give people their own home   
        He never cry BUT make people cry to death   
        No one want to be in his bad book BECAUSE he don't have any 
        His men did not obey him BECAUSE of his terror 
        They obey him BECAUSE they can give their life 
         Even before he ask them to die for him 
        He is in pain  BUT  cant see anyone in pain     

               HE IS NONE OTHER THEN 
                  THE ONE AND ONLY 

Gurmeet Choudhary
  waiting for your response 

 love u all
  seher Smile

 Part 2 

 Part 3 

 Part 4 

 Part 6 
 Part 7 

 Part 9 


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love4all IF-Dazzler

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            Character Sketch   
 Maan Singh Khurrana :    
 Gurmeet as Maan in Geet Hui Sabse Parayi
     He is a ruthless arrogant business man . He has his own rules that he follow . Highly unpredictable . In age of 18 he move out from his own house and never go back just in any important function he visit his family . From last 14years he is waiting for his MEET . His Whole Family try to tell him understand him that she is no more . But he refuse to listen even after they show him all proves they got from police . He never listen anyone except his Be Jaan . He is a man of power . He never show his emotions to anyone except his Be Jaan . His love is insane . No one can believe that a man like him can love someone insanely . He is the founder of MEET Organisation . MEET organisation is India's largest organisation . A organisation that have no political agenda its motive is to serve people .  
 Meet Hanza : 
      An Angel who can spread happiness in everyone's life . She is innocent like a child . She is far from real world living in her heaven . She is living in a valley near Ladakh . She is too naive according to her age . Her only best friend is her elder sis Zeenat Hanza . She is younger daughter of Ameer Hanza . Meet has complete her school and now living with her family . No one every see her face she always travel in tight security only male she meet is ameer hanza and his son Arman hanza Meet's big bro . She is waiting for the day when she will be able to meet her MAAN . Her life's each breath take his name her heart beat only for MAAN . A name She WORSHIP her whole life .  

 Maan's BE JAAN : 
   A lady in her late 50's . She is with maan from his first breath . She always did his all work . She is his morale sport who gave him strength to fight . Fight for his life his MEET . She is with him in his worse state . She give him sport to become what he is now . She made him Maan Singh Khurrana from MAAN . Her each prayer is for him and his MEET even she never prayer for her own son the way she did for MAANMEET . She is the one with whom Maan never speak in rude voice infect when she come Maan's anger vanish . Maan love her more than his own mother . 
  Adil Shah : 

  He is BE Jaan's son and Maan's right hand . He is with Maan from childhood . He is his personal guard . Maan's each detail he know even better then him. Maan never need to tell him what he want . He is his shadow . Don't go on his looks . He is dangerous more then when its come to Maan's security . 

 These are most important characters for this story . 
Rest will show u when they needed . 
Tell me u all like these characters or not 
love u all  
seher Smile    

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                 " Prologue "      

   Its 11:20 at night a 28 years old man is sitting on the hieghts of the city . He is a man of power . A man who can b a death for someone and a life also . He is ruthless arrogant and heartless bussiness man . He is a tarrore himself . He is an enigma for whole world a mystery that can never be solved . No one is his friend but have many enemies who don't have guts to speak a word against him . He is a king of the world not only outer world but also under world . He did not speak much but his choclate brown eyes speak volume . But what is store in those big brown eyes no one can understand ever . Even big pliticion are faild to understand him what is he . He possess the power that is hard for any politision , any bussiness man, any gangester . peoples are ready to die for him even before his one simple nod . There is no MASJID , No MANDIR and not any CHURCH there did not pray for him . Each person who have any identity any religion they are to gather for him . They pray for him for his happiness for his long life for his MEET . No one no who is meet what relation he have with her they never see her but they daily pray for him and her .  Even before him they pray for her . 

   The whole room is pitch dark only moonlight is coming from the window . A window that he never close . The clock struck 11:30 and the whole room become alive not even room infect whole building turn bright with lights . And a movei start playing in main room on big screen . Its not a typical movie . But its movie is someone life line . This movie have a magice in her , those lips who never smile curved into a breathtaking smile . A smile no one see from last 14 years . But this movie always did her magic and a smile play in those perfect M shape lips . And in this movie there is no one except one little angel . In this movei there is a girl who is wearing sometime frock some time fairy dress. sometime she angry sometime she is smiling sometime she laughing but only repeating one line a line that only possess for her . a line that made for her . THE LINE IS 

               " GEET GEET MAAN KI GEET MEET   

   Maan stand up from his chair and start walking to wards the screen . He is no longer 28 years olde Maan Singh Khurrana infect he is only 14 years old maan . Maan who live happily with his angel . Who love to pamper her , protect her . Who use to feed her every time . He very lovingly crases his Meet's face again and again he is smiling gigling . He is living these few minutes with his Meet . Remembering every scene that is playing in movie . That what she did that moment everything . 

   But the bittre reality never leave maan in peace so here come the bitter reality again when clock struck 12:00  O Clock and the system of building speak the time and date telling Maan the day again come in his life from last 14 years this day gave him immense pain . But its never change . Maan look back at the movie and the face who is making him smile letting him forget who is he start mocking at him telling him again and again that he is weak he is a looser . Who lost most precious person of his life and till date he is not able to find her . And he pick a vals and though at the screen and  screen come on floore in milion pieces shattering every where like his life . With the screen whole building bath in darkness telling to world that the demon is alive again . The devil is here to take the charge of the world . 

   But in this darkness a light inter without any fear any hesitation and start moving toward demon who is ready to kill the person who have try to inter in his dark world with sacred light . Before he turn and kill the person right there a voice stop him . The voice always sooth him always give him a new energy to to believe on that truth . A truth no one is ready to believe but he did and the person did with him . 

               "  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAANMEET  

    There is a lady in her late 50 standing with a cack in her hand and a candle lightning the Cake and whole room . Maan notice the candle that lit first time in 14 years before he could say something the lady move towards the table she put Cake on the table and call him . 

      Come maan cut the cake  . But Maan held her hand and speak in immense pain . "     Be Jaan app mujhy keh rhy ho for cutting cake . U know i never cut cake then how can i do this and u lit the candle also . U know there is no candle on My cake but why today  " . Then turn to other side  not able to bear this pain . the only person who is with hime al the way long today ditched him how can his Be Jaan do this to him . Be Jaan the only person who knew maan inside out . who live with him her whole life from his first breath to till now .  He again turn towards her and held her from shoulder shaking her asking his question . 

    Be Jaan do you forget "  before he speak further . Be Jaan put her hand own his cheeks with love . and told him 

       Today is the day when you first time see her    Maan speak in responce 

       Today is the day when I lost her      . this time Be Jaan give him answer 
     Today is the day when you again bring her back in your life for eternity . Because after today no one can apart you from her never   . Maan looked at her all confuse but she only smile in responce and she kiss him on his forhead telling him its the truth that he is going to bring her back in his life . 

     Go and bring her back here in her real place . She is waiting for you . YOUR WAIT IS END  Today is your day No one can snatch her From you . She is yours only your  .  

   Maan blow the candle after 14 years and cut the cake he fed first bite ti his Be Jaan like lways . And she hug hime with happiness praying for their bright future .    
  Hi guys here is prologue 
please do tell how is that 
do you like it or not .
I am really very nervous 
please like and comment 

  love u all 
    seher Smile             

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maanluver Goldie

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amazing start 
maan's character in this story is just a total enigma 
update soon 
waiting eagerly

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sounds interesting !!
cnt. soon !!

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interesting, continue soon n thanks for the pm

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