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MG FF-VIVAH - Thread 8 (Page 37)

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This day is not a common day as it brought you with itself, I wish earth feel proud of you for your presence on it.

Heart Belated Happy BirthdayHeart

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Thank you friends for your lovely comments.


OMG…I loved the fact that you liked the last update so much. I always wanted an episode in GHSP, where Maan would have put his head in Geet's lap and shared with her how Samira betrayed him, how that made him bitter and alone and how he changed after she came in his life. But Alas, GHSP PH didn't have any money or vision to invest in their own baby. If only, they had stuck to their original story and given attention to detail where it was required. But last part was my ode to that missing episode and thanks a lot for liking it so much.


Thanks to all of you who wished me Happy Birthday.


I could not answer to all people but I did manage to reply to few of you.


-lakshmi  - pg25, Pg 29


tamanna1391, kawaii_geet, Shonameet, maansee, keerthi90, rashmi.vaish68,


AbbyluvsMaan – Pg 25


ruchshah, anuandavi, love2_soma, Cyberlife, sweetysaran, mishtiritu – Pg26


Remya_Pillai – Pg 26, Pg32


angelic_cute, tellyme, tushti-kiran, Diva7, crazydream, PrithviSanyo1,  - Pg 28


nostalgic_soul, ajenn, Mehek25, gudmeet, hermoso, shrutheAjay – Pg 29


Also, lot of you are asking me link to my first FF. Please follow the link in my signature to get it.


VERY IMPORTANT: Please add ritzypm as buddy to gets PMs for this FF


Chapter 52


Ab dil humesha ke liye unka hua

Is Vivah ka sahi mayino me shubharambh hua...

Dil ki baato ko alfaaz mil gaye

Tadapte dil ko aaj sukun mil gaye...


Meri zindagi bankar aaye ho tum

Yuhi saath nibhana har pal tum...

By Mishtyritu



Maan took her out of his embrace and wiped her tears. He leaned and pecked her cheek - "I had promised you not to make you cry and phir bhi rula diya tumhein. You must be thinking what kind of a date this is."


She shook her head in denial as spoke to bring back normalcy to a emotionally charged situation – "Nahi…though I have been on quite a good number of dates but this is the far the best"


She gave a wet smile at Maan's questioning expression -"What!!! I was quite a popular girl. Aur waise bhi Rahul ke bawjood jo ladke himmat karke confess karte the, ek date toh bant hai na boss…out of respect to their himmat."


[What!!! I was quite a popular girl. And moreover, for those who showed courage even after having Rahul around me, at least one date was deserving..out of respect to their courage.]




"But yes, don't worry…things hardly ever progressed beyond first date and I never kissed or let anyone else kiss me on first date itself. So you are an exception."


With that she leaned and pecked him on his cheek softly, She hugged him again and he held her tight in his arms, soothing his heart as if trying to take his all pain away.. Both just felt silent feeling each other's warm breath and thudding heart. Slowly passion got added to the mix increasing their heartbeats as they felt each other's physical presence as well.


They broke out of the hug at the sound of a passing by motorist. Geet blushed thinking how she kissed him while Maan was lost in the shy smile which adorned her face. How well she understood him. Some things he said and some things which he left unsaid. But she was always there with him.


Maan smiled and decided to bring her back from her la la land – "Waise Geet, tumne bataya nahi ki tumhin yeh bikes ka shauk kahan se laga. Was it Rahul or someone else? You drive really well"


[Well Geet, you never mentioned how you got hobby of bikes. Was it Rahul or someone else? You drive really well]


Geet knew he was just trying to lessen the awkwardness between them because of the personal moment they shared.


She also answered with full excitement – "It was just curiosity at first I guess. But we became crazy because of MASK."


Maan was surprised – "MASK?"


She giggled – "Yes my favorite driving duo. When I was in school, I went to watch this race for the first time and the winners were a teenager boy group named MASK. I still remember, how crazy both me and Rahul got. Wow, they had some magic. We even named our group like them "RAGE". They were our idols. That is when I started liking Honda Bikes because they always used them. And then as we grew, we both were ourselves into it too much. And you know, mom always said no for it…so as a teenager what more can push you to do something other than your parents denying you."


Maan smiled at her comments. "Acha…so did you meet them…your idol group "MASK""


Geet frowned – "Nah…they always wore helmets and were such a stickler for privacy that never met anybody. But that was also style. You know, at one point I had this huge poster of them where they jumped of a ramp and actually switched drivers while in air."


Geet suddenly stopped seeing incredulous look on Maan's face. She tried to do damage control by lessening the gap between her hands -


"Sorry…woh I got over excited. Itna bada poster bhi nahi tha. It was just a little big."


Maan chuckled at her bad attempt to curb her excitement - "Will you like to meet them?"


Geet looked at him now with the same incredulous look."Hello…I know you are the Maan Singh Khurana but no one know who they were, except for organizers and we already emotionally blackmailed them as much we could."


Maan answered straight faced - "Ok…well what if I tell you that I know MASK personally. What if I told you that MASK stands for AS in the middle of MK and that stands for Arjun Singhania and Maan Khurana."


Geet looked at him with eyes as big as a saucer. Maan leaned closer and said huskily – "What if I told you that you own the Honda bike which inspired you and you also own the teenager boy whose huge poster you had in your room."


Geet blushed scarlet red and hid her face in his neck.


Uff…Maan was going fida over his Geet…his Jaan. She was his fan where he himself was under her spell.


As they started back Geet smiled - "Ahem Ahem…So Mr. Khurana, will I get a chance now to be a pillion rider of the Maan Singh Khurana, my racing champion."


Maan was bowled over the way she said 'my racing champion".


"Off course madam, at your service."


It had been long since Maan drove the bike but this time Maan felt the wild fire burning him for an entirely different reason. He was aware of her soft curves as they pressed into him and her one hand on his waist while other around his armhole onto his shoulder. He could feel her body molded to his and he drowned into the sweet torture of his wifey.


He stopped at Prince Paan Corner in one of the Delhi's happening market - GK and asked Geet if she will have barf ka gola. Geet was so excited and she took kala khatta.


They stood near the bike, leaning onto it as Geet enjoyed her ice candy.


"Mujhe nahi pata tha aap aisi jagah bhi jaante hain Delhi mein?"


[I didn't know that you know such places also in Delhi?]


"I used to come here often during college. Used to be our hangout place."


"Toh phir aapne kyon nahi liya?" asked Geet gesturing to her kala khatta.


[Then why did you not take it?]


"Nahi, I will have Paan later. It has been ages but today I feel like having it."


"Mujhe bhi chaiye."

[I also want it.]


"Ok..pehle yeh to finish karo"


"aap ek sip toh le sakte ho na?"


[You can take at least one sip?]


Saying this Geet forwarded her chuski to Maan. Maan eyes her cola colored lips and the ice candy where she had sucked. He held her hand sucked from the same place giving her a knowing look.


She colored seeing his intense gaze and realized how intimate their small exchange had been.  She slowly dipped the candy back into the syrup and took a bold step of sucking from the same place again. Maan just felt like crushing her into him then and there but then settled for holding her hand and sharing the candy in between.


He told her about his college life and friends. Geet pouted – "Mujhe milna hai…aur haan AS I mean Arjun Singhania se bhi."


[I want to meet them...and yes "AS", I mean Arjun Singhania too.]


Maan smiled – "Ya sure…btw he may be a flirt but he is firmly hooked up with Annie since college. Dekhne se lagta nahi hai."


"Oh my God Maan…come on mein toh aise hi keh rahi thi."


"What OMG…I just wanted to clarify that I was always a better biker….ok. So don't even think otherwise for a moment."


Geet laughed out heartily at his jealous joke and slapped his arm lightly – "Maan aap bhi na."


Later Maan asked for two Paan but looking at the size Geet chickened out. Maan bit half and gave the rest half to her.


Geet chewed and made a loud sound –"Umm…I just love gulkand"


Maan looked at her puffed mouth, red lips and little juice sticking at the corner of lips as she tried to tackle the Paan's size. She looked so adorable that Maan just wanted to kiss her senselessly drinking sweet juice from her mouth. Geet got conscious as he stared at her lips with naked desire in his eyes.


Along with her lips, red color tinted her cheeks now as she jerked him back to reality asking him to drive.


They reached home quite late and called it a day. As Maan slipped onto the sofa, Geet came and sat down on the floor by his side.


"Tum yahan kyon baithi ho?"


[Why are you sitting here?]


Geet stroked his forehead and hair gently. "I really had lot of fun today and thanks for sharing a part of you with me tonight. It was one of the best days of my life."


Saying this she bent down and kissed his forehead.


"Good Night Maan"


"Good Night Geet"


Maan saw her as she slid onto the bed. He closed the lights but she did not turn and closed her eyes still facing him. Her face had a sweet smile and he eventually dozed off with one on his face too.


Precap – She will be the death of him someday – Part written by Ash

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OMG... Today is my lucky day... I am first! @ Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY DI@ nd thanks for replying...i thought u didnt even noticed my nahi hit kiya tha na.____ Their date is the best date one can ever have...its far more better than any candle light dinner in the 5star hotel. Luv their cute moments, teasing... GETTING KISS ON FIRST DATE ITSELF...not bad... MSK HAI AAKHIR! ___JAANE ANJAANE... GEET CAN ONLY BE MAAN KI DIWAANI... @ Wat if i tell that U ALSO WON THE TEENAGER BOY WHOSE HUGE POSTER U HAD IN UR ROOM@-- luvd it.
___Maan got to he was torturing geet eariler. SHARING Gola nd paan. MAAN IS JELOUS --' I just wanted to clarify that I WAS ALWAYS A BETTER BIKER...OK. SO DONT EVEN THINK OTHERWISE FOR A MOMENT.___ Oye hoye possesive+jelous maan..., marjawan! @ perfect Date ending..,GOOD NIGHT KISS... Humari neend udake!

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wow di me second... just awesome update di loved it very much..

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